Gran Turismo 5’s gamescom Announcements

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Guten Tag Gran Turismo fans! We’re coming to you semi-live and sort-of on-location from ze lovely German city of Cologne, site of this year’s gamescom, with a quick update on the latest news on Gran Turismo 5 and some of the features we’ll have ready for you come November 2nd. Below are some brief notes on these features, but for a more detailed break down, brand new screenshots and some cool historical bits, visit the official Gran Turismo website.


Single Player Career Modes: A-Spec and B-Spec
In A-Spec, you are the driver and it will be your driving skills that decide where you stand on the grid.

B-Spec, you are the Team Director, and your job is to study the competition and properly play to your driver’s strengths to come out on top. Winning will be a team effort, with every race a chance to improve your driver’s technique and help him develop into a top-tier driver. This is a brand new style of racing.


Garage: A Virtual Rolodex for Your Rides
Gran Turismo 5 gives you the chance to own over 1000 hyper-detailed cars, and the Garage section will be their home, complete with numerous easy-to-use categorizing tools that would make Melvil Dewey rethink his system.


Your personal collection will come from a couple of different areas, two of the main ones being Dealers (for new cars) or Used Car Dealers. But regardless of where you purchased, every car will be more than welcome to enter the Tuning Shop for body and suspension kits, exhaust systems and more performance parts than you can shake a stick at.

My Lounge: Virtual Track Days, Anytime, Anywhere.
Gran Turismo 5’s new revamped online system takes the essence of spending a day at the track and recreates the same level of excitement and competition in your game room (minus the smell of burnt rubber and bald tires).


Course Maker: Unleash your Inner-Architect
Be inspired by Gran Turismo’s 70 track variations to generate a super-hybrid course or come up with a dream course the likes that no one has ever seen before …

PiazzaDelCampo_PDI RACINGKART100_002_1080 PiazzaDelCampo_PDI RACINGKART100_010_1080

Kart Racing: A Pro-Driver’s Training Wheels
A large majority of real-life professional drivers had their start on karts, as they are a perfect way for first time drivers to learn racing theory and seasoned pros to hone their skills … and the same goes for Gran Turismo drivers. Gran Turismo’s Kart racing mode gives you a chance to experience this kind of training (virtually of course ) … click here for a preview of what is in store for you.

The items above are brief blips on a much more robust breakdown (complete with screenshots) available on the official Gran Turismo website.

See you online! Tschüs!

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7 Author Replies

  • From now till the end of the year, there are just too many great games coming only on the PS3, and PSP!! Thanks to Sony, I will be broke! ;)

  • wow…. nice

  • GordoJones88

    Forza > Gran Turismo

  • XxGhOsT13xX

    This game looks unreal…cannot wait for November 2nd!

  • I read on G4 that the 3D for this game was only in the photo mode. This is untrue, right?

    @GodrdoJones88 Lol, and Gobots>Transformers :D

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda
      Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Nope, this is not correct, you’ll be able to race in 3D as well.

  • the B-Spec career mode and course maker have renewed my interest in this

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda
      Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      What about Kart racing and the all the new online features? It’s all a racing fan could want in a perfectly donut shaped package (ie, a disc).

  • The interface design looks stunning. Apple eat your heart out!

  • jimmyfoxhound

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Cannot wait! (Still bummed about the 800 standard cars with no dashboard view though but this kind of news really makes up for it!)

  • :DDDD this game will DESTROY halo reach and all other racing games!!! cant wait!!!!! i might go broke buying all of these ps3 exclusive titles!!!! (suck it xbox)

  • I want this game so badly….oh….man…



  • I want this game NOW!


    my mouth is watering… and let me just say that car fanatics will LOVE this game, and not just kids or people who generally like cars and racing.

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda
      Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      … or kids who are fans of creating your own course, or kart racing, or watching online-races (live), or (insert more features that we still have not announced).

  • I have to agree with DZORMAGEN – there are at least 12 games due out between now and next March that I want. Very expensive time ahead!

    I wish devs would shake off this idea that ‘no-one buys games in the summer’ and release top games all year round. Having them all hit from October to March inevitably means that some will not do as well as they should.

    Not that that will affect GT5… I’ll be gobsmacked if this doesn’t shift a gajillion units on day one.

  • Track maker? Holy crap

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda
      Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      Not only that, you can also save your favorite creations and either share them with your friends or use them in on-line competitions. How perforated is that?

  • Hey CHM,

    I just went on the official GT Website and the stuff that you said was going to be on there was not there. WTF is up with that?

    And also, when are you going to upload the 2010 24 hours of Nurburbring 3 part special onto the US GT website? because it’s already on the EU version.


  • AngelDust87

    My lord, this game will be breathtaking.

    GordoJones88= Butthurt Xbot.

  • I still don’t belive that it will make it out this year.

  • ForgiveMyAim

    This has to be the most realistic racer ever created.

  • The new details are up on the EU site already:

  • This game looks amazing but I’m still incredibly disappointed in its third-person chase camera. Polyphony nailed it in GT1-GT3. The cars were free to pivot without the camera jerking side to side with every little yaw movement, but from GT4 onwards they used a new system that’s almost unplayable.

    Example –>

    I understand that people in Japan have different preferences in this regard, but PLEASE give everyone the option to choose for themselves–just put a toggle button in the settings menu for ‘Rigid’ or ‘Loose’.

  • @GordoJones88

    Your just mad that forza just got beat out by this. and to think, Forza 3 still has nothing on GT4!

  • fantastic job devs…

  • awsome_robot

    My pants!

  • Sony stop making good games plz i dont have enough money! release one at a time (per year)

  • can we get a PS+ demo please? =D

    not because I have any doubts about the game, but because I can’t wait to play it =D

  • @GordoJones88
    was that suppose to be a lame attempt at trolling?

  • Holy moly! Day 1.

  • Man, did PD ever waste a lot of time on unnecessary things in this game. It took them so long and they could even model some kind of interior for almost 800 cars. Come on!

    That said, I am still anxious for this. Although I’ll have to play it to see if it can draw me away from Forza because I only have room for one racing sim in my life. Will GT5 be the homewrecker? ;)

  • BurntOrange32


  • This is actually a real game? Wow! I thought it was just something to spam up the gaming world. Maybe you guys should delay it a few more years. Or better yet, make the damage more realistic. If this is a supposed “real driving simulator”.

  • im a go bonkers, have Collection edition preorderd since announcement! Loving gt psp too! update for that?

  • @#28 twooh:

    F*** you, troll!

    If you don’t have anything nice to say about GT, then don’t come on these fricking forums!

    Plain and simple.

  • Wow this is fantastic!! I can’t wait for November 2nd!! Thank you Chris and everyone at Sony! :)

  • theassassin800

    Just preordered my copy yesterday… And that was before I knew about all this…

    • Chris Hinojosa-Miranda
      Chris Hinojosa-Miranda

      … and now you will pre-order more for your friends so you can all race online? You know you want to…

  • @32.

    Troll? Nah, just stating truth. Can’t hurt to much unless you’re a fanboy and are butt hurt by the truth.

  • Game of the decade?

  • Can’t wait to tune up a Hybrid, or an Insight, or some other non racing car.

  • day 1 please dont 4get custom soundtracks

  • Create your own track and personalized car!?!?

  • That game is so huge! its going to be awesome

  • @ no1dejfan

    Honestly, your post makes you look just as foolish as the xbot troll. Of course Forza 3 will not be as good as GT5….the latter has been in development for FIVE YEARS! lol Both are great games in their own right. GT5 should be better and I’m sure it will be but there is no need to bash FM3 just because you are a PS fanboy.

    Oh and FM3 versus GT4?? Gimme a break. I like the GT series too but that is ludicrous. FM3 beats the pants off it in nearly every area (as it should being a much newer game).

  • Maybe I’ll get this for Christmas

  • How About A GT5 Demo Soon

  • This game looks great. I have to laugh at the silly Xbots posting on here talking about Forza. Forza is for losers. GT is for people who are into real racing.

  • All I have to say is…. I…I… I’m lost for words on this one.

  • Nice. What a spectacular game. I can’t wait to buy it later this year!

  • footballrule

    This is just great!!! Thank you for the great release date! :)
    Once I get this, I can sell all my other racing games! :D

  • WOW awesomesauce , now if we can get a Paint/Decal/Liveries(sp) Shop?? any word on these items??

  • only a few more months!

  • @zazee man.

    There are interior views of all cars, however 800 of them are generic and 200 of them are hyper realistic. Your information is incorrect.

    And there is only ONE simulator on consoles and that is GT…not sure why you think Forza comes even close.

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