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Aug 23

Aug 23

Beta Feedback: How You Helped Shape Medal of Honor’s Multiplayer

Matthew Pruitt's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, EA

The Medal of Honor beta is now closed and we want to thank you, PlayStation fans, for supporting us! The turnout was tremendous and we could not have asked for a better experience.

Medal of Honor for PS3

It is always great to do a true beta like this, because at the end of the day, this game is for you, the gamers. We received some amazing feedback and opted to extend the beta to make sure that we were able to hear as much of it as we could. Twitter, Facebook, and our forums have been blowing up with comments and we have been taking many notes.

We have learned a lot, and we wanted to take this opportunity to run down some of the major changes/fixes we have made to the game as a direct result of your feedback.

Improved Hit Detection

This was a very big issue and came up many times in the forums. We are glad to say that hit detection has been vastly improved. We really tightened up the mechanics and essentially, wherever the bullet hits on the body — that is where the hit registers. It is even possible to shoot and have the bullet go between someone’s legs – it is that precise!

Weapon Pickups

Out of ammo? No longer do you need to find an ammo crate. Find the nearest dead enemy/friendly and pick up their weapon. And remember, the knife knows no ammunition, so if you really want to be Tier 1 — pull out that bad boy and start slashing your way to victory.

Medal of Honor for PS3

Support Actions Balanced

We heard the outcry and we have made adjustments. The support actions were tweaked and are now more difficult to achieve. There is always a fine line between what is too hard and what is too easy, but we think we have balanced it pretty well. It is just not fun when you are getting nailed with rocket and mortar attacks every 20 seconds.

Unlock Tree Expanded and Balanced

Your ascension to Tier 1 status will now be even more eventful. The unlock tree has been expanded for every weapon, providing an extensive series of choices.

Crash Fixes

Every beta has its crashes and the Medal of Honor beta was no different. We know it is frustrating, but it is all part of the beta process. The good news is that we have fixed the crashes and resolved a number of connectivity issues.

Major Graphic Overhaul

The graphics have been overhauled and upgraded. We are happy to report that the game looks even more spectacular than before.


The weapons are essential to gameplay, obviously, and we made sure to concentrate on getting them right. The list is long and the changes are many. From zoom spread to damage inflicted, rest assured that every weapon has been modified.

These changes and fixes are just the tip of the iceberg. As we move toward the game’s release, we continue to improve the game every single day.

Make sure you follow us on Twitter, fan us on Facebook, and visit us at the official website for up-to-the-date Medal of Honor news and information.

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hellsfire532 said:

August 23rd, 2:10 pm

pull out that bad boy and start slashing your way to victory.

No! don’t encourage the noob runners that kill the game!

anyways.. Will definitely get limited edition as soon as I can!!

hellsfire532 said:

August 23rd, 2:16 pm

For the people complaining about the control problems (knife when you aim), of course it was fixed, how the hell do you expect a game like this not to have that fixed??

and @49 wow.. just wow… have you ever heard of different games that provide different gameplay for different people?? Be more biased next times will you…


August 23rd, 2:33 pm

AWESOME! thanks alot guys I actually really liked the beta and was on it more than any other final build game,the graphics were stunning,the gameplay was great!now I trust it will even be better!
with better hit detection and no 1-second lag when getting killed it will be perfect I am really thankful and happy for the work of art u guys are letting us experience.

StarvedSanity said:

August 23rd, 3:16 pm

i haven’t had the chance to play this but honestly i don’t need another FPS right now. unless the single player is the most epic thing ever and the online is must play i won’t be getting this any time soon. besides i think without Destruction 2.0 it’s going to get real boring real fast just like Call of Duty. i’ll stick with BFBC2.

wocyob said:

August 23rd, 3:17 pm

what about the death animation?

dangerclose1982 said:

August 23rd, 3:20 pm

I am so stoked about this game that I bought a PS3 just to have THE best version of this game! Sounds like the devs take feedback to heart and actually care about making a killer game. Any chance of some pics of this updated graphic overhaul Mr. Pruitt?

xNemesiSx said:

August 23rd, 3:30 pm

That is nice to hear, the beta was ok but needed a few fixes. I see most of the issues I encounter are been solve. Also i notice in the beta that the game need like background noises, more environment and soldiers talking it sounded too boring. But we’ll see if I have the money for the game, because so many games are coming and now im not having my best economic time lol.

ShadowLarenz said:

August 23rd, 3:32 pm

I Never Got To Play But Watch Vids On Youtube But Look Interesting :(

ppbobby said:

August 23rd, 3:47 pm

Lets be honest here dice, youve never been very good at making troop combat, the only reason battlefield is so popular is the vehicles, and the squad play..

NOT the troop combat. Having played the beta since the release i would like to thank you for letting me play it, as it takes some stones to let people play a broken mess before the game comes out.

I have no doubt that you have fixed some of the smaller issues, but i think the problem is much deeper than just the coating, i think the core of this shooting game is bad.

I cant help but think these “day 1” people are paid or…well i guess some people can like bad games.

Heres hoping the SP is decent.

lenandude said:

August 23rd, 4:27 pm

I would like for there to be another demo or at least some new multiplayer gameplay so I can see how improved the graphics are. That was my main problem. How the multiplayer looked like complete crap compared to the single player.

footballrule said:

August 23rd, 4:35 pm

Wait, so is the knife gonna be something you can carry? I would rather it be like it is in the Beta, just easier to hit.

SalvoStorm said:

August 23rd, 4:53 pm

When Islamic propagandists light up the airwaves decrying how evil Americans entertain themselves by killing Afghanis in a popular video game, the Politically-Correct Left will launch a crusade in Congress that will make the Hot Coffee mod outrage seem mild. Then when it gets out that Islamic Fundamentalists are using the game as a tool to train insurgents on killing US troops the Conservative Right is going to jump in with both feet. There’s a media-s**tstorm headed EA’s way, and I have no sympathy for them.

HitMAn4457 said:

August 23rd, 7:44 pm

Nice to see a developer interacting so close with the community. Based on the improvements on multiplayer and how great the single player looks, I think this is a day 1 purchase :) .

natescottphilips said:

August 23rd, 8:27 pm

Please, for the love of god, fix the issue that makes the game pause for a brief second when you die. Maybe somebody has mentioned this or maybe it has already been dealt with. Hell, maybe I’m the only person that it even bothers. It just really starts to get on my nerves after I’ve been playing for a while.

jut22 said:

August 23rd, 9:11 pm

I was so excited to play the Beta and so disappointed when i did. It’s as if your trying to be both BF:BC2 & MW2 that it’s become a medicore version of both.

i.e. u removed destruction for “fast & infantry based mp” but you have to at least have wall destruction to stop camping…just inhibit buildings from falling down. it won’t slow down the play.

micco12 said:

August 23rd, 11:43 pm

So I read somewhere that every pre-order gets the L.E things. Can somebody proof this because I pre-ordered “Medal of Honor” and not the same prized L.E.? PLEASE ANSWER!

    Matthew Pruitt's Avatar

    Matthew Pruitt said:

    August 24th, 12:39 am

    If you pre-ordered Medal of Honor, you will get the Limited Edition.

KojimaYi said:

August 24th, 12:47 am

Game was Awesome and i really hope we can play some Singleplayer befor its out.

tosun01 said:

August 24th, 4:30 am

Please, about map packs, don`t do like Bad Company 2, or worse, like Activision.
DICE called VIP Map Packs what we players calls MODE PACK. Basically you made people wait to unlock modes for the same maps. No new maps whatsoever. Only new modes. It was just a way to prevent people from selling their copies instead of increasing the players base or making the game last longer.
On the other side, we have Activision, charging 25% of the game`s full retail price for 3 new maps.
Industry is getting to agressive with their politics, no wonder people are not buying as many games.


August 24th, 6:53 am


Whatsurfantasy said:

August 24th, 7:17 am

love the beta im glad u fixed everything cant wait to play the game so so so badly and seeing we get it the 14th over in austraila and everywhere else the 12 ill have to wait but im really really looking forward to seeing more single player :)

but im glad u fixed alot of things cant cant cant bloody wait

cheers guys for a awesome game :)

GrayFox5 said:

August 24th, 7:23 am

I disagree with the necessity of vehicles, CoD has yet to add vehicles and still sells well.

And, correct me if I am wrong but there were tiny bits of destructible environment in MoH, it was just tougher to break it. (Which was realistic considering in BFBC you could knife a fence down).

What I am looking forward to is a gripping singleplayer with hopefully a SOCOM-like command to your teammates and a more battlefield 2-esque unlock system…and a map like Strike at Karkand!

The3D-Artist said:

August 24th, 7:40 am

It was great being a beta tester. The company I work for had a booth next to the Medal of Honor booth at the San Diego Comic Con and it was great to see the PC version and PS3 version looking so close in terms of quality. The gang at Dice did a bang up job on the multiplayer and from what I’ve seen of the single player (a story that makes sense…gasp!), I can hardly wait for release. Did you guys use Mudbox or ZBrush for the high poly work? I ask because I’m hoping someone posts some of the art that went into the game after it’s released.

Jaeger186 said:

August 24th, 7:52 am

Loved the beta! Glad to hear that many improvements have been made. Sadly I can’t be day 1 because I will be off doing some more training with the army for a while, but i’m sure it’ll make a great christmas present!

LeAtWaOnK said:

August 24th, 9:03 am

I hate to sound like a pessimist – and I really love DICE – but will all of these fixes make the game fun?


natescottphilips said:

August 24th, 12:29 pm

Thanks! I wish more developers were like you guys!

JanuaryEmbers19 said:

August 24th, 1:04 pm

I’m one of those stuck up conservatives I guess, but I still feel weird about being the Taliban in the multi-player. I may still get the game for the single player aspect but I’ll likely stick with BFBC2 as my multi-player game of choice.

PushinNshovinMe said:

August 24th, 2:11 pm

I cancelled my Pre-Order after a week of this beta.

It is trying to be too much like MW, which I don’t like. I was hoping for a Battlefield style MP since DICE is doing it.

Single Player looks great but not sure it will be like MoH or like MW2 SP, which also sucked. I loved MoH on PSone, but I don’t think that’s enough to get me to pay $60 for a game that shows little originality so far.

If you go the Tier 1 route in trying to be authentic then why do CoD style MP? CoD is far from believable, and the MP makes me feel like I am fighting on a hollywood set, all boxed in.

Wait and see for me.

one__eyed__snake said:

August 24th, 2:35 pm

My major concern with DICE games is the button layouts i loved the look of Battlefield etc but the one main reason i didn’t like it (worth paying money for!!) was the button layout. I’ve always found that L2 + R2 were primary and secondary for shooting a weapon on many or in fact most shooters or even have the option to change the layout.
I’ve always loved MOH so please please please add a custom layout for controls or even just put a layout for L2 + R2 for shooting and i will purchase this game on day 1.
i have seen this question pop up on forums and comments but never seen anyone answer to it.
could you please inform us will there be any option to have L2 + R2 for shooting your primary and secondary??.

John-Shooter said:

August 24th, 2:58 pm

sadly i wasnt involved in this because your so called “public beta” wasnt really public

so far the best beta i was ever in to date was uncharted 2 because i didnt have to drop $5 on a pre-order or recieve some stupid-*** code to get into it.. i could get to it right from the xmb!…

betas lately are becoming such a joke anymore .. i filled out FF14’s beta app w/ the code i got from ff13.. nothing.. pay 50 bucks for ps+ .. didnt get into 1 beta yet

Frizz15_ripper said:

August 24th, 3:47 pm

Hey matt has the white weapon glitch been fixed because it’s
annoying and i saw in a late demo from gamescom hope it’s

Sassen said:

August 24th, 7:09 pm

How about that recoil?

yang4200 said:

August 24th, 11:17 pm

I kinda wish you can blow hole in wall and house like in battlefield 2

U_A_E-SNIPER said:

August 25th, 2:33 am

co-op plz ;)

Unseen_Soul said:

August 28th, 9:59 pm

Hey EA dude. Did you guys fix the glitch that when you die, there’s a split second of freeze before you see your body drop?
I’ll explain. You and someone are having a fire fight and you lose. Well instead of instantly dropping your body, the game seemed to freeze for a second then showed you dead and it was very confusing and caught me off guard a lot when i kept thinking my PS3 was freezing. I really hope you fixed what i was talking about just to it all flows better. :)

Unseen_Soul said:

August 28th, 10:00 pm

Well i feel stupid. I post and scroll up on page 2 to see you already commented on how you fixed it. Good job and thanks :)

Enigma777 said:

August 28th, 11:02 pm

My problems with the MP were too severe to be fixed here, and although the changes are admirable I have canceled my preorder and I have no plans to pick it up.

whiskey2-5 said:

August 29th, 4:12 pm

Can’t wait for the game, Beard is going strong!

DopeBoyGhost said:

August 31st, 12:17 pm

am i the only person who think its hard to your enemies from a far range in the beta?

kabulujug said:

September 1st, 10:26 am

I loved BFBC2 and hoepfully MOH doesn’t stray away too much from it. I’ve been playing the MOH series since I was in Grade School so I take my MOH experience seriously. Though I wasn’t able to play the beta I’ve seen videos and the changes you’ve made with the game have been absolutely fantastic! Seeing the maps, I feel like its way too much like how the competition makes them(too many tight corners). Hopefully you guys don’t go that way since we the fans are expecting a lot from this.

Shhpanky said:

September 3rd, 1:38 pm

I think the number one thing that will still lose a LOT of buyers, and the one I am most surprised that the game didn’t add on (at least post-beta) was the DESTRUCTION 2.0! I must say, after playing battlefield bad company 2 a lot, and then going to MOH, will induce withdrawal from the destruction of the level. It helps so much to create my own routes, knock down a wall and destroy the guy behind it, or collapse a building for fun. So much havoc, and without it, I am feeling MOH will give me, personally, the COD feel. If there was destruction of the levels, I would feel that amazing balance of all the old Medal of Honor games I used to play, but the spectacular environment of Bad Company 2. I’m still buying, but i know a lot of others wont simply for that fact.

Captain_Osterman said:

September 4th, 7:30 pm

These fixes are awesome. for me the only main fix needed was the crashing and hit detection. THIS IS AMAZING. I knew this game was gonna be sick by the first trailer. First Chance i got i Pre-ordered this game. I LOVE THIS GAME and i cannot wait for the release!!!!!!

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