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Aug 23

Aug 23

Shank on PSN Tomorrow, Costume Unlock Code for PlayStation.Blog Readers

Jamie Cheng's Avatar Posted by Co-Founder, Klei

Hello again, everyone! I’m Jamie, co-founder of Klei, doing one final PlayStation.Blog post before the game launches on PSN tomorrow! You can see my previous articles on the PlayStation.Blog, and watch the Shank launch trailer below.

Over the last few days, we’ve been announcing the Shank Costumes over at the official Shank blog, and divulging how to unlock them on our Twitter account.

Jeff asked if I could divulge one unlock criteria especially for PlayStation.Blog readers, so obviously I complied. The costume I chose was one that’s close to impossible to stumble across.

So, today’s special is costume number 8 — the ANY-S costume!

Unlock Criteria

After completing the single-player campaign, input a slight modification to the classic Konami code: up+up+down+down+left+right+left+right+circle+x.

As you can guess, these outfits are odes to our own geeky fantasies. Naming them was a fun little exercise. Did you know that “Droid” is trademarked? I didn’t.

And with that, I’m off! Enjoy the launch trailer and let me know if you have any questions! As usual, I’ll lurk in these forums as well as the official Facebook page.

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bearwitness said:

August 24th, 4:37 pm

I’m downloading shank at this moment, you have to go to playstation store, click on,click on the search tab,and type shank into the search bar. After you hit enter you will see the shank demo and game available for download.

bredbury said:

August 24th, 7:42 pm

i bought this i still need to finish scott pilgrim im on the last boss but when im done this is next

drdre74 said:

August 24th, 9:20 pm

Is there anything you can do about the servers for this game? I’ve been downloading for over 3 hours and only at 40%. This sucks that people that are only downloading the demo are slowing it up for the ones that paid 15 bucks for the game that i cant get to download. I haven’t had to wait for a 3 hour download on PSN in along time. I’ve paused it and started it back up a few times to see if that would help and its not.

Agent_Arenas23 said:

August 24th, 10:11 pm

I beat Shank!!!!!!!!!

PunchoThaBoss said:

August 25th, 7:40 am

I hope there is future DLC for this game i love it.

Sneakhouse said:

August 25th, 3:59 pm

great game, controls are sumtime frustrated but this game is defenitly good :)

GhostX1984 said:

August 27th, 9:14 pm

Aww yeah! I beat it on HARD tonight and unlocked the Wolverine costume! Love this game.

The only frustrating part was the level where Angelo is shooting rockets. Perhaps it would have been better if the rockets had some type of pattern so you could learn to avoid them better.

Now I just need to find someone who lives nearby in Illinois to do the co op. Wish i could play it with my online friends.

ddamien1717 said:

August 30th, 1:26 pm

At what point do you enter the code? I tried on the hit start to continue screen and the main start up screen and in actual game play. It is not working for me. Any advice on what I am doing wrong?

After completing the single-player campaign, input a slight modification to the classic Konami code: up+up+down+down+left+right+left+right+circle+x.

Butterknife09 said:

September 4th, 4:46 pm

Good game but not worth $15. Should be $9.99 but you’re cheap so w.e.

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