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Aug 24

Aug 24

Coming to PlayStation Plus: Discounted PlayStation Protection Plan

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Earlier this year, we introduced the PlayStation Protection Plan, an extended service plan for the PlayStation 3 and PSP system. This service was introduced to give gamers peace of mind by providing an additional one or two years of coverage on top of their one year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Some of the plan benefits include free shipping, no hidden fees or deductibles and utilization of OEM parts and service technicians…PS3 plans are now available for download directly from the PlayStation Store. However, in continuing our goal to provide PlayStation Plus subscribers with exclusive offerings and even more value to their entertainment experience on the PlayStation Network, we are now offering the PlayStation Protection Plan to subscribers for a discounted price.


PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to purchase a two year PS3 plan for 25% off (PlayStation Plus price $44.99, original price $59.99) Considering the PS3 one year plan is $44.99, PLUS members get two years for the price of one! In order to qualify for any of the plans, your PlayStation 3 must still be within its one-year original manufacturer’s warranty.

We are happy to continue to offer new features to the PlayStation Plus subscribers. With a little less than three months in the books, PlayStation Plus continues to evolve giving gamers an excellent set of content and features for their PlayStation 3.

Additional information on the PlayStation Protection Plan can be found here.

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JiggaSam said:

August 24th, 3:11 pm

Fail to Sony on this nothing

ztheskater said:

August 24th, 3:12 pm

Wow those of us that supported Sony in the launch days are now being kicked out of getting this. Instead you just give it to the new people instead of those long time supporters. I’ve just about had it with Sony.
But the best part is they don’t even stop there they say if you become a Plus member you will get first picks for betas then today they send beta invites for Dead Nation to random people who didn’t even purchase Plus.
So far Plus has been the worst waste of money I’ve spent on Playstation because so far they have only offered services and games that either I already owned or are of no use to me. I will not be purchasing Plus again if this continues and may even reactivate my account on that other console and begin purchasing games for that system again since they at least know how to treat their customers.
Then to make it worse Sony is now planning on charging people to play the online portion of a game after they purchase the said game. It will be a monthly fee and as soon as this starts I will be finished with Sony all together for good.

RoboCop2010 said:

August 24th, 3:16 pm

What if our ps doesn’t fail within the two year protection period and suddenly fails right after the protection warranty is up? That leaves you with $50 in your pockets and leaves us another broken ylod ps3. You should really lower the price on this because this is redonculous.

Mosh_Pit said:

August 24th, 3:18 pm

Playstation plus in the U.S. only?

FawkePhenix said:

August 24th, 3:19 pm

Yet again when it comes to PS PLUS …… we get no replies from SCEA. SONY still seem to be confuse with what they should offer for the PLUS service .


August 24th, 3:19 pm

i got my betas and i had cancelled my playstation plus subscription and i got this beta this morning around 3 i was like whaaat…alright i’ll try it…lol

Uraizen said:

August 24th, 3:20 pm

“your PlayStation 3 must still be within its one-year original manufacturer’s warranty.”

Aw c’mon, I paid 600 bucks for this thing at launch. The least you could do is allow me to extend my warranty as long as mine is still working.

RoboCop2010 said:

August 24th, 3:20 pm

btw you should be sued for your ylod defect. Thanks for selling me a $600 piece of garbage. Good job on your new system though. I took in my broken ylod ps3 and got $50 from gamestop -_-

JKar275 said:

August 24th, 3:22 pm

@Grace: I’m very pleased to see that you’re offering this discount on the PS Protection Plan to PS Plus subscribers. However, I firmly believe that in order to make PS Plus have further real value – you must also offer discounts on subscriptions to the upcoming MMO games such as DCUO and The Agency. You also need to ensure that PS plus subscribers receive guaranteed access to upcoming betas for Killzone 3 and DCUO.

curtmcgirt said:

August 24th, 3:24 pm

thanks sony! i’m on my third 60GB for which i paid $600 at launch and paid $150 to fix (read: send me a refurb). twice! thumbs up!

IceCold said:

August 24th, 3:24 pm

This is decent stuff. Sony will need to do a little more to pull a launch customer like myself onto Playstation Plus.

The_Rick_14 said:

August 24th, 3:29 pm

I kind of wish I could of rated this lower than a 0.

TheWarOrphan said:

August 24th, 3:31 pm


Tondog said:

August 24th, 3:32 pm

PlayStation Protection Plan aka “We know YLoD is problem so we’re gonna charge you for fears rather than be like MS and admit the problem”

SilverPR said:

August 24th, 3:34 pm

And now the D’bags will come out of the woodwork asking for the Update on the last article. Relax, there’s more than a update you can do while you wait.

Shakeyp said:

August 24th, 3:36 pm

Umm I have a small question for you guys how is it your killing your PS3’s? I have one of the originals actual its number 634 that was manufactured and it has not died just curious?

El_Hoardo said:

August 24th, 3:36 pm

@ 156 (OTCHILL)

How do you cancel your PS Plus subscription? Or are you talking about turning off the auto-renew thing?

RoboCop2010 said:

August 24th, 3:46 pm

I dont think you can cancel your subscription unless if you call Sony. But you can turn off the auto-renew option. Sony’s Number: 1(800)-345-7669

Sarno1605 said:

August 24th, 3:58 pm

Store Update Please!!!

OldKai said:

August 24th, 4:03 pm

I don’t care about this as my system is over 3 years old but I would just like to say that I am pissed that me, a loyal Sony customer and PS+ subscriber, didn’t get into the Dead Nation BETA when people who don’t even have + got into it. What the **** did I pay $50 for? Seriously, I wanna know. Can you say ‘c a n c e l’?

wolfzero1 said:

August 24th, 4:06 pm

wow a useless warranty plan (unless you have a console bought within the last year & usually you would get an extended warranty from the place you buy it from)discounted for Plus members. Sony just doesn’t get it, if you want people to fork over $50yr there needs to been a reason to do so, & I’ve yet to see any reason.

PhillyTheCat said:

August 24th, 4:09 pm

psp3000 owner here. bought the assassin’s creed bundle, wanted the crisis core one but its all good. since purchase for UMD’s I have bought~ dracula X chronicles & silent hill origins, & some movies. from the store~metal gear solid, castlevania remake, legacy of kain: blood omen, final fantasy vii & viii, resident evil 1 & 2. I was tempted to get the pspgo because it seemed like a convenient system…happy I did not, after reading many posts about it. I am thinking about getting the ps3, but with all the hardware issues just shortly after a year, does make me a bit hesitant. nevertheless I do strongly feel that sony playstation is the best company out of all the competition~ ya gotta love it or leave it alone.

DTXSFC said:

August 24th, 4:10 pm

Where’s the update? I’m ready to play Shank!

TUSTIN1 said:

August 24th, 4:11 pm

Yeah, enuff of this lame extended warranty nonsense – where’s the store update?

DeadCell34 said:

August 24th, 4:12 pm

LOL, people are now finding out what I already knew…. PS+ is a waste of money.

RoboCop2010 said:

August 24th, 4:12 pm

4:12 in Sunny California, 6:12 here… no update. Give it a few more minutes


August 24th, 4:14 pm

Just like sony as usual, copy a Microsoft idea. Now that everyone knows that the machines are faulty but exclude thoses of use who pissed away hundreds on these ticking timebombs.I guess you got away with the PSP Go ripoff with the free games and all so why not try this BS also,you guys need to set up your own bank as you are pretty good at pulling the wool over peoples eyes.

koma1tose said:

August 24th, 4:14 pm

waiting in moderation . thanks sony 4 hitting me in the head. with your cowardness


August 24th, 4:17 pm

UPDATE the #*(&^(*^# STORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nemesishunter420 said:

August 24th, 4:17 pm

How about just making the ps3 last longer? Better thermal paste and solder is badly needed. Not extended warrenties for which we have to pay for.

RoboCop2010 said:

August 24th, 4:18 pm

*Waiting for the next PlayStation Update blog so I can complain to sony more* xD

SpyDudeFX said:

August 24th, 4:19 pm

Noticing a trend on PlayStation Plus blog posts…

6/16 440 comments 0 replies
6/24 652 comments 7 replies
6/29 361 comments 0 replies
7/16 115 comments 1 reply
8/3 239 comments 5 replies
8/17 127 comments 0 replies
8/24 177 comments 0 replies

Out of over 2000 Plus blog comments, only 13 received a reply. Disappointing :(

John-Shooter said:

August 24th, 4:26 pm

PS+ isnt entirely a waste i just want to see some of the other things we were shown through adverts

the games that they offer now are cool but i want to see some beta invites surface and more game trials

its stupid to have to go through the trouble to get a access code for a beta now .. especially ones that are suposively “public”


August 24th, 4:26 pm

@167 168 yes you can cancel your subscription and have a full refund because its prepaid but since it been a month or two i don’t think you would get a full refund but you can at least try just call the number on the ps store customer contact and talk to sony that you are not satisfied and that you would like a refund i got 6 of my friend already cancelled their subscription and got a full discount but it was within the first month…hope it help

lyfestory said:

August 24th, 4:26 pm

how am i supposed to sign up when my PS3 doesnt work??


August 24th, 4:27 pm



August 24th, 4:29 pm

and ps3 jailbreak mod is finally out for those who don’t know yet… and sony will start charging fee to play online used game…so go ahead and complain

agood said:

August 24th, 4:31 pm

I am a PS+ subscriber, and I still have my working Launch 60GB PS3 no need for this. (My old phatty isn’t even covered anyway)

RoboCop2010 said:

August 24th, 4:31 pm

Sony is a money whore. -_-

TwinDad said:

August 24th, 4:32 pm


I get what your saying it doesn’t seem like the answers are there. But did you expect a reply to every single post? The majority are people who want to see a feature, the others ask the same questions.

Now if you wanted to say compare the posts from SCEA to say Atlus, then I think you have something. But i think it’s clear that Sony does read this blog and will respond when warranted. The majority of questions are answered by the blog readers among themselves.

RoboCop2010 said:

August 24th, 4:33 pm

*edit @188 …and lazy You can count on what I am saying. I have been with sony at the dawn of ps1

John-Shooter said:

August 24th, 4:34 pm

i dont see this online fee bs happenin cuz theres many games that are gonna be sub based and no one will pay 2 fees to play games

dc universe is gonna be 15 a month and i think ff14 is gonna be 13 + whatever character fees they get

ForgiveMyAim said:

August 24th, 4:35 pm

Take out that sign that says “FREE TO PLUS SUBSCRIBERS” It’s not free, and the “free” games are inferior to the discounted games

RoboCop2010 said:

August 24th, 4:36 pm

@192 That is very true. Time to call the attorny general’s office. lol

phinnv8 said:

August 24th, 4:39 pm

Hahah Sony your really not doing much to make me wanna spend $50/year on PS Plus here.

Where are things like:
-Cross game voice chat
-improved web browser
-built in Netflix, Internet radio streaming, and ESPN.

Do some of that, and I’m sold.

Jeigh said:

August 24th, 4:43 pm

That’s fine- not going to get it, but a nice offer, I suppose. The bigger (or I suppose one of the big) question is, are we sent a refurb, losing ten, hundreds or even thousands of hours of gameplay, or do you actually FIX IT!?

Seriously, when I sent my PS3 in, only to find I had “lost” my Lv 3000 Mao from Disgaea 3, my 200 hour-FFXII save file, and every single other game file, I was P*S*ED!

SuperTiso said:

August 24th, 5:12 pm

Is the discounted Protection Plan for Plus Subscribers price point a limited time offer or will I be able to get 2 years in November at $44.99?

fuzzyclutter said:

August 24th, 5:21 pm

meh … atleast your trying to add some value … not significant enough for me to resubscribe in about a month … LOL yeah … i just knew the beta thing was going to be a once in a blue moon deal from the get go … early access ? everyone else gets it next week , QORE , everyone gets to see it for free next month . GAMES ? that are well beyond release date and tired . exclusity ???? where ? where is the elevate ? if you throw in .

1. the ability to designate any download as a scheduled download .

2. team up with a developer to make brand spanking new games . EXCLUSIVELY for PS + MEMBERS only .

now theres a product worth its weight … untill then im just going to elevate my game and spend the money on more valuable items at the ps store .

Jeigh said:

August 24th, 5:25 pm

@ Robocop (191)

They’re a BUSINESS… -_-

FredNation said:

August 24th, 5:44 pm

Sound’s great, glad about this.

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