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Aug 27

Aug 27

PlayStation Move: New Tech Demo Video Tour

Rey Gutierrez's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist

Anton Mikhailov has become a rockstar of sorts, headlining a global tour with his favorite instrument — PlayStation Move. Armed with a collection of new tech demos, Mikhailov and our Research & Development group have spent the year demonstrating the technology and precision behind PlayStation Move to developers and the larger gaming community.

With camera and PlayStation Move controllers in hand, Anton and I locked ourselves in a room and captured a new peek at what you can expect to see from titles on the PlayStation Move. You may have seen PlayStation Move tech demo videos before — including the PlayStation.Blog’s three-part tech demo tour from E3 2009. But you’ve never seen them like this!

PlayStation Move: New Tech DemosPlayStation Move: New Tech Demos

You’ll notice that Anton was comfortably sitting on a couch when using the PlayStation Move controllers and the PlayStation Eye never reacted negatively to its reflection from our wall of monitors. These aren’t gesture triggering animations, folks, but true 1:1 gameplay.

With Killzone 3, R.U.S.E, Dead Space: Extraction, Tumble, and The Fight: Lights Out already using some of the tools shown in these tech demos, developers — and gamers — will have plenty of high-tech new toys to play with.

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Arthael_ said:

August 27th, 3:03 pm

“You’ll notice that Anton was comfortably sitting on a couch”

I see what you did there … :D

nsnsmj said:

August 27th, 3:05 pm

Question: The move looks great and all and I want one, but why didn’t you guys decide to drop the nav controller and just add an analog stick to the move or add motion to the nav AND an analog stick to the move?

I think with that control scheme, the player would be able to move around the game character, the ingame camera, and still have motion in both hands.

Just an honest question from a fan.

    Rey Gutierrez's Avatar

    Anton Mikhailov said:

    August 27th, 3:41 pm

    Its a reasonable design, really. We tried it during prototyping. Once you try it though, you find that using an analog stick while you’re moving in 3D is actually not very intuitive. Its also hard to make a comfortable stick while keeping the controller more motion friendly. A quality stick also adds quite a bit of cost to the device, and since it wouldn’t be used often that might not be justified. We weighed all these concerns and doing the nav just made more sense.

D-Squad3 said:

August 27th, 3:07 pm

LBP soundtrack FTW

ForgiveMyAim said:

August 27th, 3:07 pm

Any chance we can get our hands on the tech demo via Playstation Store when the move comes out? :D

ForgiveMyAim said:

August 27th, 3:09 pm

Can sphere turn to darker colors (Black, Brown, Grey, Dark Green,)

    Rey Gutierrez's Avatar

    Anton Mikhailov said:

    August 27th, 3:44 pm

    The unlit sphere is white, so its hard for it to do dark colors since the LED is emitting light. That being said, the LED itself can do “True Color” or 16,777,216 colors, not all distinguishable by the human eye of course :)

chubigans said:

August 27th, 3:14 pm

Anton, big fan of Move and I love your enthusiasm and vids. Keep up the awesome.

Llave said:

August 27th, 3:17 pm

Does Anton come with my PlayStation Move bundle?

colonel007 said:

August 27th, 3:22 pm

Why was it decided to not include motion technology in the Navigator?

I know that having two Move controllers makes a better experience overall, but for the games that require the Analog Stick would be nice to have the extra motion, if necessary.

    Rey Gutierrez's Avatar

    Anton Mikhailov said:

    August 27th, 3:49 pm

    As with a lot of other things, its a combination of factors. We felt that to be completely compatible with the dualshock (which the nav is if you didnt know!) we shouldn’t allow motion, since you might not be able to do it holding the dualshock in one hand. Also, with just accelerometers and gyros you wouldn’t be able to do as much as the move can, so its a bit of an inconsistent experience. And of course, it makes the nav cheaper while having room for other features like the rechargeable battery and wireless.

StargamerX said:

August 27th, 3:22 pm

Will Move be compatible with the XMB in anyway? Not that it really matters, but it would be cool. :)

    Rey Gutierrez's Avatar

    Anton Mikhailov said:

    August 27th, 3:50 pm

    Yep, the XMB is fully controllable using Move.

Gnubberen said:

August 27th, 3:22 pm

Seems pretty awesome… Have you been blown away yet, by any of the devs. doing some crazy stuff with the controller, that you didn’t think of?

ZaZeeMan said:

August 27th, 3:25 pm

“You’ll notice that Anton was comfortably sitting on a couch”

Wow, just like the Wii-mote!

But how does the skeletal tracking for your legs work? :P

colonel007 said:

August 27th, 3:28 pm

Extending the question from StargamerX

It was showed in some videos (I don’t remember the site), that you can indeed use the Move with the XMB, but it is pretty basic.

Are there plans to implement the Move, taking advantages of its capabilities while in XMB? (Scrolling, Pictures, Movies, Web Browser, etc)

AngelofDeathLoki said:

August 27th, 3:31 pm

I love everything about the Move. I do own a Wii, but the Move seems to be more toward appealing to everyone; it’s something that I would play day-to-day, not every few weeks.

Anton I must say you have one of the best jobs. To be working with such new and exciting technology must be so much fun. You also remind me of one of my old grade/middle school friends. You look like a guy who is super easy to get along with and can carry on a great conversation about technology. I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Move but no events ever come to Wisconsin (aside from us hosting the Midwest Gaming Classic). Sept 19th can’t come soon enough! Thanks for the video Rey/Anton! Keep up the great work, both of you.

SyphonFilter- said:

August 27th, 3:36 pm

Try and get RE: Zero like Wii did.

Ghost_Shrimp said:

August 27th, 3:44 pm

Why do the tech demos look so much more fun and innovative than the actual games coming out for move?

NeoHumpty said:

August 27th, 3:47 pm

I REALLY just wish Sony would make a Move/Nav/Game combo. A lot of people like me already have the eye. I’d even go for a Move/Move/Game combo. I got the eye years ago.

remanutd5 said:

August 27th, 3:49 pm

i have pre ordered Playstation Move ( both controllers ) , The Fight : Lights Out and Eypet but i think i will get Sports Champions too

Mercerius said:

August 27th, 4:01 pm

The more I see Anton demo Move the more I’m impressed with the tech. That and from past demos, Anton said he worked in a pet store, and he’s also into pottery, fencing, and develops games. Perhaps he’s next in line for VP of everything? Look out, KB!

Winterwolf2010 said:

August 27th, 4:08 pm

I so can’t wait for the Move to be released. I pre-ordered it myself. I wonder If the PS3’s GUI menu can be navigated using this. What would be really neat, is if Sony could Take advantage of the Move and 3D TV technology, And redesign The PS3’s Menu interface to a 3D Interface that can be controlled with the 1 or 2 move controllers. Further more, you could even use the move as a tool for social interaction, for example, (A dad can video call his little girl, from ps3 to ps3, and they both can use the move with the video call application to interact with each other in extremely fun and unique ways.

forzanerazzurri said:

August 27th, 4:09 pm

Anton, you are the man. Thanks so much for bringing this out. Me and my girl are going to have fun with this.

spoptinator said:

August 27th, 4:13 pm

I’ve seen that pottery tech demo before and I have to say I’m looking forward to seeing how developers will use that. Is there any possibility that we can see a simple tool like that hit PSN? Maybe a suite of sculpting tools to go with it?

Winterwolf2010 said:

August 27th, 4:16 pm

Oh, and to add to that last post of mine, you could call it, Eye-Chat. With Move Support. :)

Roxas598 said:

August 27th, 4:16 pm


Quick question from someone across the pond ;)

1. do you need to calibrate the controller when starting up every game every time?

2. What’s the minimum distance you can be for the move to respond accurately?

3. Most Move demonstrations have the TV and Playstation Eye at shoulder level and even eye level. but what would happen if the TV is below you when standing up?

this would cause problems when using Move wouldn’t it?

    Rey Gutierrez's Avatar

    Anton Mikhailov said:

    August 27th, 4:36 pm

    Hello, let me start off by commenting on your icon: Akuma > Ryu :)

    1. This will vary depending on the game, but you’ll need to calibrate at least when the game starts. This takes care changes in your environment (eg. if you moved your camera, lighting, your position) and its only takes 0.5 seconds.

    2. The minimum is something like 50cm or 1.6 feet. Its not very practical to play that close to the TV though :)

    3. As long as the camera can see you the Move should be fine. In games that show video, it works best at shoulder/eye level since you can clearly see the person. But for games that don’t show the video, it matters less.

    Still, some configurations arent so great, like camera on the floor, for example. In these cases your “working volume” for the controller is a bit skewed. Try to keep it the camera above your waist and adjust the tilt so that it can see you.

    So far we’ve demoed it in quite a few strange configurations and never had any real issues.

Mercenary09 said:

August 27th, 4:17 pm

Hey can I get a list of launch titles? Lil bit confused as to whether The Fight is coming on day one or later

Electric7 said:

August 27th, 4:23 pm

I have a question about the Move Bundle.
Why doesn’t the Navigation controller come in the Move bundle?
I really wanted to try it out, but I think I’m getting ripped off.
That “hold the DS3 in my left hand” crap does not work. Maybe for the original Sixaxis controller, but the DS3 is to heavy.

    Rey Gutierrez's Avatar

    Anton Mikhailov said:

    August 27th, 5:02 pm

    Not many games use it right now so it doesn’t really make sense in a bundle. I think holding the DS3 in one hand works ok when you’re sitting down and rest the other half on your lap. Most the games that use it so far are games you’d play sitting down anyway, so we felt that it was a good alternative.

Exalted_Knight said:

August 27th, 4:28 pm

Day one purchase for me! @Anton great work! Just a side note, but ive noticed the Playstation Nav is pretty much Dualshock 3, however is SixAxis gone from the Nav, since the MOVE is what sixAxis should’ve been. I know its fun with both controllers, but with the Nav controller having “tilt” function that would add to the motion gaming. I’m buying the Sports Championship bundle + another PSMove controller. Thanks

kdiep said:

August 27th, 4:34 pm

WHAT! Jet Li visited you guys? How long ago was this and what did he do there? Please tell us a little bit more? I loved Rise To Honor despite its flaws lol.

Anyway, medium excited for Move. Just waiting for that one game that’ll “Move” me. I already have the PSEye so Kung Fu Live is mine but what I really hope for is the EA Sports games to take off. Imagine being able to pass the ball to the exact player or the exact spot that you wish for in Fifa, Madden, NBA or what have you. I’m mostly a soccer fan (PES fan actually) but I’d get excited for that stuff. Also, they should do HD Remake of Okami. Ahh the potential just screams at me and so I’m sad that I’ve yet to see too much of it in the announced games.

loadstone007 said:

August 27th, 4:35 pm

Very nice.
Still need to see solid games that work great with the Move. Till then, I won’t be buying this.

The future of the Move will be determined, for me at least, by the first reviews of the hardware and games. We’ll go from there :)

DMPrince said:

August 27th, 4:35 pm

Wuv u Anton ;3

zekececil14 said:

August 27th, 4:36 pm

That window thing should really be a feature!

hellsfire532 said:

August 27th, 4:40 pm

jeezzz!!! I’m only 16 and most people my age would say “wow thats cool” and thats it and not realize that HOLY CRAP look at all the amazing stuff you can do now. Sony fan ’til the end, no doubt. Great job to everyone that’s been involved with the Move, way to set the bar 50000 ft above where the competition is.

@11 stfu plus, nintendo can’t even think about doing what is shown on this video without the little white gloves or swords shaking and moving in opposite direction of where you move the controller.

GJ Anton, I hope you get a raise for standing up to the trolls.

agood said:

August 27th, 4:41 pm

I’m naturally optimistic about anything Sony develops…but this is mind-blowingly awesome. Good work fellas.

jdneul said:

August 27th, 4:47 pm

I have an awesome move idea Anton, and I’m hoping it will get noticed.
Have you ever thought about using the magnet functionality within the move, imagine you are in an open world game, and you have to navigate by using the move as a compass, as it can tell which direction the move is facing!
Loving the move so much when I tried it out at psn Beta Birmingham, I can’t wait to get my starter kit and sports champions, thank you all for bringing this brilliant tech!!

fortune0116 said:

August 27th, 4:51 pm

Anton God has blessed u seriously dude this is the new dualshock but. Everyone nd i mean ALOT of people are asking for a hard core bundle eg timecrisis move eye motion controller nd navigation for 100 or heavy rain move bundle or a 300 move bundle lol u no wat i mean?? Please answer nd ur the best mate.

jdneul said:

August 27th, 4:54 pm

Also hope you don’t mind but I’m throwing my own move party in my hometown in the uk to help spread the word, thanks all the great years of gaming Sony have given me, ps1-ps3, good times:):)

Roxas598 said:

August 27th, 4:54 pm

oh, I agree Anton, but we don’t have akuma on the UK store yet *sad panda*

oh 1 last thing, what’s the expected battery life?

Thanks a bunch for answering my questions :)

    Rey Gutierrez's Avatar

    Anton Mikhailov said:

    August 27th, 5:06 pm

    About 9 hours of typical usage (periodic strong rumble, motion, LED to full blast).

TheUndertaker85 said:

August 27th, 4:55 pm

I’m really amazed by the Move. The more and more you all show off new tech demos and show what the Move can really do the more it makes the product shine.

One question though: With the Move release upcoming, will we start to see more Move commercials or advertisements going on? Playstation Move is an amazing device that could really get more people on board the Playstation family so leaving it a bit in the dark for the non-internet crowds could be a bit of a mistake.

shdwz said:

August 27th, 4:57 pm

Oh wow. Anton has been quite busy answering comments.

So, can we expect any special treatment (posts) for the EU Playstation Blog. I mean, the MOVE was originally concepted by SCEE right?

    Rey Gutierrez's Avatar

    Anton Mikhailov said:

    August 27th, 5:08 pm

    It started as a joint effort between all the territories, actually.

    Just tell me where to post or ask here :)

cobrafang said:

August 27th, 5:02 pm

What, besides graphics, will set this way apart from the Wii as we know it today?

S-E-G said:

August 27th, 5:06 pm

my gf would like to know if move has force feedback

Llave said:

August 27th, 5:11 pm

hahaha @ S-E-G

also which territories will have Anton in it? Russian territories?

RussianDrink said:

August 27th, 5:22 pm

Does anyone know if Resident Evil 5 (Gold Edition) will support dual Move co-op? That is: 2 players both using a Move + Navigation controller. I only read about 1 player using Move + Nav and the second player using standard controller. Can anyone confirm or deny?

Tlubacker said:

August 27th, 5:23 pm

Already got 320GB bundle pre ordered(giving my 250gb to my dad) with 3 additional move controllers, 2 navs, and 2 gun grips. Move is going to be EPIC!! Exactly 21 days and counting!

ZekeXenu said:

August 27th, 5:28 pm

Wow! Very impressive tech demo. Great work, guys.

Electric7 said:

August 27th, 5:30 pm

@ Anton
do you think there will be a bundle with the Navigation controller later on, or maybe before Sorcery?
and please tell someone to make Folklore 2 just for Move.

    Rey Gutierrez's Avatar

    Anton Mikhailov said:

    August 27th, 5:46 pm

    A Navigation controller bundle is always a possibility of course. It would definitely be good for Sorcery since you might be standing playing that game.

SSJNeBiRoS said:

August 27th, 5:35 pm

I can not wait to try MAG or Ruse with Move next month, but seeing that Anton is here I would like to ask some questions:

1. Could you make the Move function as pointer in the internet browser and the virtual keyboard on the XMB? Would be a great improvement in my opinion.

2. Could you make some kind of basic code and pass it to the Thirds Partys to add the Move as optional control in all their games without many problems, something like a “copy & paste”, I know it’s not that simple, but I guess you understand what I mean.

That way we could see games like Crysis 2, CODs, Brink, Rage, Portal 2, etc, basically any FPS on the market with MAG controls for example, not only the Sony exclusives, I’m sure that would raise a lot of sales for the PS3 version and for Move. The same goes for third-person games. I guess that can actually be quite difficult, but in my opinion it would be very profitable.

3. Could you tell us some of those things that you have seen that blown you away, you, the creator of the chameleon’s demo? XD

Oh and before I forguet, have you seen this video:

It has some awesome ideas.

epiphaniesarefun said:

August 27th, 5:42 pm

Cool Video :)

I think you have, quite possibly, the coolest job in the world.

Keep bringin the awesome ^_^

dragon_frost said:

August 27th, 5:42 pm

Please go to blizzard entertainment & show them what’s possible with rts & rpgs games on playstation 3 with playstation move so they bring over some of their great games to playstation 3?

danboly said:

August 27th, 5:47 pm

@ Anton,

Nice tech demo, it would be cool to see games utilize the move and at the same time use the PSeye to head/body-track players and also implement PSVR – voice recognition.

Is there any word on PSVR being implemented into the PS3 (and not just certain games)? It would be cool to talk to the PS3 whilst on the XMB – “Play Blu-Ray Game”, “Go to friends list” “Shut down PS3” etc.

2. also, I’ve seen a video on youtube with a guy browsing the XMB with move and it looked good. However, when he browsed the web browser with move, the cursor would just jump hyper-links. Will the browser be updated so that move would work more like a mouse?

    Rey Gutierrez's Avatar

    Anton Mikhailov said:

    August 27th, 6:18 pm

    I can’t comment on this simply because this isn’t info I have. I work with the core tech, rather than the XMB. The guys that developed the PSVR tech sit nearby, but again, they’re not the ones that integrate it into stuff like XMB…

srmej said:

August 27th, 6:03 pm

Dude the Move Rocks first day buy for sure, also my girl loves this she says its better then the Wii.

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