Castle Crashers on PSN: Any Minute Now

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Happy release day everyone. Today we can finally say that Castle Crashers for the PlayStation Network is here! Well technically it comes out in the next hour or so, but that’s good enough. Today you have the opportunity to join a community of over 1.8 million strong. Even more importantly you are the first to get your hands on the brand new Volleyball and Team Arena modes. Working with the entire SCEA staff in getting this game out has been a wonderful experience for us all, and we are very fortunate to have been able to bring this title to the PlayStation Network.

Castle Crashers for PS3

Of course we wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for the continuous support from all of our fans. We meet all of you at various shows, talk to you through emails, forums, comments, and the one thing that always remains the same is you are all very awesome.

Castle Crashers for PS3 Castle Crashers for PS3

Tomorrow we are on a plane to Seattle to attend the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). This will be our largest booth at PAX ever and we’re bringing everything we possibly can to make the experience great. Castle Crashers Arcade Cabinet running on a PlayStation 3, BattleBlock Theater demo, new merchandise (yes this means a PAX Exclusive T-Shirt among other things), and the list keeps going on. If you are in the area, or even if you’re not, come on by to Booth #3102 and say hello to us and play our games. We hope to see all of you on PSN later tonight attempting to rescue some kidnapped princesses. They’re all tied up on posts and everything, won’t you help them? They need your help!



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4 Author Replies

  • Yes, finally!

  • Awesome. Any plans to add Castle Crashers dynamic themes? avatars? PlayStation Home content?

  • Here waiting! =)

  • Yoooo hooooo! I’m getting this on friday!

  • RyuuNoSekai

    my money is ready, give it to me!!!!!

  • Behemoth should organize a “play with the developers” event.

  • I have this for the other system, but it’s such and awesome game I will be buying it again for PS3! Thanks so much Behemoth for such a great game!

  • That’s really awesome.
    I know there’s Tom Fulp (creator of Newgrounds) and Dan Paladin in The Behemoth, so it is great!

    But 2 years after its Xbox release, I hope it will be as popular on the PSN as it was on the Live!

    Oh and, will there be a demo? :D
    If there’s not, whatever, you guys rock, if all I’ve heard about this game from Xbox players is true, then there’s no need to think about buying the game or not, it’s an instant classic!

  • jonathan_val

    I CAN WAIT :)

  • OmegaThousand

    I keep refreshing the page only to see if at last my dream of playing castle crashers in my ps3 come true. Now… I can almost touch it…
    Thanks to you Emil, and the behemoth team..

  • I been waiting all day for the PStore to update so I can get this game!!!!

  • i have my wallet ready, come on sony, update the store now :D

  • will it have custom soundtracks through the xmb I cannot wait till the update the store

  • truesnake21

    Por fin, can’t wait anymore, must buy this game, come on PSN update now

  • PuppetShoJustice

    I’m downloading this the minute it goes live. If you want to play alongside me feel free to add me with “CC” or something to that effect in the subject line. I usually dismiss blank friend requests.

    That being said; glad to finally get a chance to play this. Thanks, The Behemoth!

  • jonathan_val

    PS3 READY…

  • Any min. in Sony talk is about 2-3 hours! Thanks for the Blog post, we just want the dam game! Update the store SONY!!

  • ProjectInfiniti

    already had it and got all achievements when i had a 360. i’ll wait for the price of this to drop or gets a discount on PS+

  • Finally!!!


    lol thanks for the very specific update

  • Can we please get Alien Hominid on PSN next!? :)

    I have it on GameCube and all, but I haven’t hooked that up in years, and my Wii has a scary blanket of dust on it.

    What if I beg? Would that help?

  • Great. Another blog post please when it is on sale for $10 or less.

    thank you.

  • Buying it the second it’s up! Any plans for future dlc for the PS3 version, Emil?

    • Emil Ayoubkhan
      Emil Ayoubkhan

      There are always future plans, nothing I can elaborate on at the moment though.

  • crazy_e_123

    ummmmmm….. you guys i cant find it on the store any updates?>????????

  • Can’t wait for the store to update so I can buy it!!!!!

  • P.S. When will Alien Hominid HD coming to the PS3?

  • titles like this with a ps plus discount might get me to subscribe and purchase. i own too many psn games at the moment. :(

  • jonathan_val

    Alien Hominid PLEASE !!!

  • *come to the PS3?

  • Awesome, Cant wait to fire this game up.

  • I’m definitely getting this today once they finish updating the PS Store today. My friend and I have been looking forward to this for a while now. If you guys haven’t thought about it yet, can we get some Castle Crashers support for Playstation Home. Stuff like Knight Costumes, Statues, a Personal Space etc…

  • Ozmafire101

    I cant wait to play it. I don’t get why people are complaining about the 15 dollar pricing, this game is worth every penny and then some!

  • Cool, it’s been a long time coming (2 years?) and glad it’s finally here. This is one of the few XBLA exclusives I’ve ever cared about.

    Hopefully it’s a solid port with tweaks, improvements, and no bugs… Here’s to hoping your other games make their way to PSN too.

  • jeffsmither

    I cant wait any longer. Come on PSN, Update!

  • saw this and got excited because I tought it was released :(, oh well still waiting patiently

  • For everyone that wants Alien Hominid as next PSN game from The Behemoth, just simply reply with Alien Hominid PLEASE!!!…Let’s get a lot of reply so it gets done!!

  • Can’t wait until the store updates. Thanks Behemoth!

  • Alien Hominid PLEASE!!!

  • 2 years late and still $15? I will wait for a price drop. Already have this for the 360 and would like to buy it for the PS3 also.

  • is the blocker game coming to the ps3 too? No word on this?

  • Bye, going to target right now for a PSN card.

  • That would be cool to have Alien Hominid HD on PSN. Alien Hominid is on PS2 if anyone can find a used copy in Gamestop/Ebgames.

  • I used to have this on 360, but gave 2 my nephew. Cannot wait for PSstore 2 update!

  • YAY finally i cant wait! THANK YOU!!!!

  • Woot that means the other stuff will be here soon too!!

  • Oh yeah, and my PS3 is on, the money is ready, now the PStore needs to update! And then AWGH! Yees!

  • Alien Hominid PLEASE!

  • Airwalkinman17

    I’m about to buy this game!
    The wait is agonizing!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This game + Vanquish demo= best UPDATE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SS_keyblade

    Finally some Castle Crashers on PS3! I can’t wait to play this. The Anticipation is killing me! (well not really ;)

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