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Sep 03

Sep 03

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo for Spartan Army, God of War Live Recap

Ken Chan's Avatar Posted by Product Manager, SIEA

Spartan Army! Disappointed that you couldn’t make it to God of War Live?

Unable to attend the PAX PlayStation.Blog Beyond meetup in Seattle yesterday?

No worries! We’ve got you covered on the God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo for PSP

We know our Spartan Army members are true die-hard God of War fans, so it only makes sense for us to grant our opted-in registrants all premiums and first access. As part of a ‘thank you’ to our hardcore Spartan Army members, we are emailing out demo voucher codes to each and every and registrants today, Friday, September 3rd at 2:00pm Pacific time.

So be sure to check your email inbox for your own access to the God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo experience.

All we ask is that you’re within the United States, Canada or Mexico. You must also be a or registrant on or before 08/01/2010. For European residence, please check with PlayStation.Blog.Europe for more information.

For those that couldn’t attend, God of War Live on Wednesday was absolutely incredible! Thank you again for all that attended and making the event a huge success. Over 150 of our PlayStation.Blog community was treated to an unfiltered, non-censored, no-holds-barred discussions with the entire cast of God of War Game Directors. Those who attended could tell you that the responses given by David, Cory, Ru, Stig and Dan were honest and totally unscripted.

God of War: Game Directors Live

God of War: Game Directors Live

Three very fortunate attendees won our raffle prizing at the end of the night, including the God of War: Ghost of Sparta Entertainment Pack, Franchise Bundle, and the mystery prize… the first and only print of the official Art of God of War III from Ballistic Publishing — a 272-page book revealing more than 100 pieces of artwork that didn’t appear in the game. Best of all, it was signed by each of the five God of War game directors, and he took the ONLY public released copy home the same night. Visit Ballistic Publishing for more info.

The Art of God of War III cover

To witness the recording of God of War Live, be sure to pre-order God of War: Ghost of Sparta at any of our participating retailers to secure your six-item pre-order bonuses.

Every End Must First Begin.

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Dragonzblaze said:

September 3rd, 6:11 am

by the gods i need a psp ASAP Every End Must First Begin

Cyb3rfr34k-iso said:

September 3rd, 6:15 am

GOW dont need demo. ;)
It’s a MUST!

SpyDudeFX said:

September 3rd, 6:20 am

PSP GO owners, purchase the digital edition between 11/2-11/9 and you will get all the preorder offers, in case anyone does ask. Sounds great, can’t wait to get my code!

    Ken Chan's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    September 3rd, 8:27 am

    hahahaha… thanks for covering!

alfian2 said:

September 3rd, 6:30 am

i leave in japan, if i buy gow:gos between 11/2-11/9 from US store, am i still gonna get those pre-order bonuses?

CDubyahS said:

September 3rd, 6:31 am

does the demo work on PS3 to convince me to get a PSP?

PhillyTheCat said:

September 3rd, 6:31 am

good morning Kratos fans! @Dragonblaze~ are you going to buy the GoW PSP bundle? I would if I didn’t have a PSP3000. @Ken Chan~Thanks for offering the demo to us. Unfortunately, I just signed up days ago…maybe I will get lucky and receive a voucher. :)

Dragonzblaze said:

September 3rd, 6:38 am

@phillythecat yes the god of war bundle is a must have for me im a huge god of war fan

toasty_hoodie said:

September 3rd, 6:40 am

I’ve been signed up since GoW3 was released on

ciardulloj86 said:

September 3rd, 7:05 am

all great games have not tried a game that i did not like

rollotomozi said:

September 3rd, 7:13 am

this was being advertised as a bonus release for PS+ members.
I wonder how they feel about this.

Lithium_Bebop said:

September 3rd, 7:26 am

Are you guys going to release the pictures/videos you guys took?

    Ken Chan's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    September 3rd, 8:35 am

    We’ll be sharing teaser highlights of God of War Live through the PS Blog shortly. To get the full video, visit any our participating retailers and pre-order Ghost of Sparta to get the 6-item pre-order bonus.

Vincent_Kavaldra said:

September 3rd, 7:26 am

I could’ve sworn I signed up for the site. But no email. if anyone got a code for downloading the demo but doesn’t want it/doesn’t have a psp, could you send it to me? Email is [DELETED]

KazeEternal said:

September 3rd, 7:47 am

As a PS+ Member and a Spartans Stand Tall registree. I feel just fine about this lol.

I would have been fine had I not signed up and PS+ got me a demo had I forgotten to sign up at Spartans Stand Tall. I’m sure those individuals are giving a sigh of relief that they will only be getting the demo 4 days after true god of war fans.

I think that’s all PS+ members care about really. The rest of you knuckle draggers with failures to commit to either got what was coming to you. Not to say there is any reason to be concerned as eventually everyone will get a crack at this demo.

remanutd5 said:

September 3rd, 7:55 am

YES!!!!!!!!! this is much much better marketing than PS+ sony , even though im a playstation+ subscriber , its better to give the demo to the true God of War FANS !!!!! but hey sony we all know that Ghost of Sparta is the biggest psp game this holidays (and my most anticipated psp title EVER ) so why dont you guys let as many people as you can enjoy this masterpiece ? come on , let everyone why a psp enjoy the best of the best
Every End Must First Begin
thanks a lot SONY , at least you did this right , hope to see the same treatment for LBP2, Killzone 3 betas and Motorstorm Apocalypse multiplayer online demo !!!!!

Heisem said:

September 3rd, 8:10 am


crowsticky1234 said:

September 3rd, 8:20 am

I just registered. So do I get today or wait for the next day?

    Ken Chan's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    September 3rd, 8:45 am

    Unfortunately, you must be a or registrant on or before 08/01/10 to be eligible. The good news is, you’ll now be included for all Spartan Army bonuses moving forward. There will be much more to come!

Jeigh said:

September 3rd, 8:34 am

So apparently because I didn’t sign up for a website, I’m not a “true” God of War fan. @13, 14 et al, shove it. I’ve PS+ so I’m still getting the demo, but I sure as hell won’t be spoken down to because I didn’t throw my name in with the league of nerds on a fansite. I prefer my gaming experiences (ESPECIALLY God of War) as fresh as possible, sans spoilers or foreshadowing. If there were a way to separate reliable previews from the games’ actual content, I’d be all over it.

gdogg666 said:

September 3rd, 8:41 am

yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay now hurry up and send that code i want to play god of war ghost of sparta

spartan5585 said:

September 3rd, 8:51 am

FREAKN SWEETTTTTT!!!!!, dude thats so mathmatical, all though im stuck with the pspgo( stupid me for gettn all giddy for new sony stuff) but its ok for now until i can get the 3000, anywho the santa monica and PSN for giving us the chance to try out this EPIC OF EPIC EPICNESS!!!

PS fan for life!!!

OnesOwnGrief said:

September 3rd, 8:58 am

Man, as a PS+ Member I would seriously enjoy a demo for this or Infamous 2. I mean, I’m totally area its not a representation of the final product but I’d gladly love to see where its currently going in development. The want to play Infamous to is just multiplying, almost as bad as Arkham City.

OnesOwnGrief said:

September 3rd, 8:59 am

ARG, post and can’t delete. :(

OnesOwnGrief said:

September 3rd, 9:00 am

Anyways, :O Yay for being able to slap this onto my PSP next week for the PS+ demo!

chaoszero14 said:

September 3rd, 9:03 am

Thank you Ken and everyone for opening the doors to the public for an awesone taping David Jaffe was hilarous! It truly was an awesome night. Will all the photos taken of the crowd be released?

    Ken Chan's Avatar

    Ken Chan said:

    September 3rd, 9:10 am

    It was great to have the PS Blog community members at the event. We’ll be releasing more photos / video clips shortly

gema11981 said:

September 3rd, 9:22 am

damn so we could have just registered on some website to get the early demo access, rather than paying 50 dollars for ps plus for early demo access, ps plus sucks.

jazzyrider said:

September 3rd, 9:23 am

Very cool. I would’ve preferred to be at this versus the playstation blog + ign meetup but no worries. Pax is this weekend so more power to us! ;-)

thanks to jeff & crew for an awesome event in seattle. love the new gow:gos demo!

BigBangBear said:

September 3rd, 10:16 am

Great work again Ken. Pretty sure I signed up a long time ago, so I will be looking forward to checking this out.

Kirkpad said:

September 3rd, 10:31 am

As a PS+ PSPgo owner, you guys are really making it worth having! I may end up buying the game when it comes out to get the bonuses.

BanhiDancer said:

September 3rd, 11:07 am

Anyone know if the bundle will contain the actual PSP case with box art? Or is it like other bundles that just get a UMD in a cardboard sleeve? The picture of the bundle on the blog an on amazon show full cases for the movie and game…so I’m reaaaallly hoping to get the case with it! Can someone please clarify?

QCVic said:

September 3rd, 11:08 am

Ken you always seem to make my day with god of war news

Enigma777 said:

September 3rd, 11:37 am


xsilentangel said:

September 3rd, 11:37 am

Damn, I didn’t even know about the site :(

Guess I won’t be getting a demo unless someone wants to be a good guy/girl *wink wink*

Atleast I’ll get my most anticipated psp title on tuesday (kingdom hearts bundle), sorry gow but it’s true. Hopefully I can get some money before the Nov. to get this one.

Fenrir2606 said:

September 3rd, 11:38 am

hmmm So it looks like Plus is going to be a waste for me this week lol

T3mpr1x said:

September 3rd, 11:42 am

It was a great time, to be sure. Hopefully I’ll see myself in the documentary! Waiting on those pics/videos too. I just wish I had been able to get my question in, I think only three people got to ask at the end, such a shame!

worldagainstjose said:

September 3rd, 11:55 am

AHHH, i was theeeeeeeeere! and managed to take a picture with Cory, Stig, and Ru during their cigarette breaks lol

Wipeoutt31 said:

September 3rd, 12:08 pm

Where did you guys find Cory hiding?

dragonleader33 said:

September 3rd, 12:16 pm

Is this the same demo that PS+ users are getting next week?

renlucas said:

September 3rd, 12:47 pm

Who wants a demo code?

HFMC-AQBJ-2A34 <<< Have you get it? .. congratulations!

Platinum_Parker said:

September 3rd, 12:55 pm

Funny, somehow I ended up with 2 demo codes. Who wants it? Hit me up on PSN (same user name) and I will give it to the 1st that responds. Honestly!

angelspawn77 said:

September 3rd, 1:23 pm

YES!!!!!!! Thank you guys soooo much!!! I was kinda bummed that I wouldnt get to play it because im not a PS+ member, but thanks a lot for giving us big GOW fans that signed up early access as well :D I signed up a few months before GOW3 released and still post on the forums from time to time, its great community to discuss GOW. Thanks again!

angelspawn77 said:

September 3rd, 1:28 pm

Oh and that artbook is absolutely awesome! Lucky guy who won it, wish I could have been there :(. I got my GOW psp bundle pre-ordered! Cant wait till November when I get it :D

Maximusdesmus said:

September 3rd, 1:33 pm

Download does not work! I can view the promo graphics, and then I select the game. It then goes to the PSP logo, then Ready At Dawn logo, then Santa Monica Studios logo, then screen goes black, then after about thirty seconds, I hear a loud pop or crack, and my PSP shuts off, WTF?

PhillyTheCat said:

September 3rd, 2:06 pm

@ Maximusdesmus~ what code did you use? they wrote they would send codes out @ 2pm Cali time. any other code you tried may be a gag.

IceColdKilla44 said:

September 3rd, 2:23 pm

Is there any way for us to check whether or not we’re Spartan Army members?

I definitely remember signing up for the Spartan Army WAAAY back when the Blog was giving a bunch of God of War 3 coverage. But…no demo?

I would just sign up again but would that somehow cancel out the last time I signed up, making me still without the demo at the end of the day?


KBK11 said:

September 3rd, 2:26 pm

Ken, its 500 Eastern time here. I registered at back in May…But still nothing. CAn you please tell me whats wrong?

IceColdKilla44 said:

September 3rd, 2:53 pm

Yeah KBK11, I’m in the same boat. 5:00, registered way before August 1st, still no demo.

gdogg666 said:

September 3rd, 2:54 pm

i think wwe just gatta sit back and wait remember they r sending out 1000s of emails in waves most likely so if it isnt in ur email by lets say midnight est then start complaining thats what im gunna do lol cus i remember signing up ages ago

Horrorzombie66 said:

September 3rd, 2:58 pm

i didnt get mine and im regestered

PhillyTheCat said:

September 3rd, 3:02 pm

go to the website, people are giving codes away.

jshebib said:

September 3rd, 3:03 pm

super cool, thanks for doing this. will be looking for my code … or hoping to get one from someone giving away. i am registered on

jrivera0108 said:

September 3rd, 3:05 pm

Got the demo code in my email today. Thank you! Can’t wait until this game comes out! :D

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