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Sep 06

Sep 06

PlayStation 3 System Software Update v3.42 Now Available

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Hi everyone! A minor update to your PS3 system is now available via system software update v3.42 that includes additional security features. For more details and instructions on how to update the system software for the PS3 system, please visit the PS3 System Updates page.

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ProjectInfiniti said:

September 7th, 12:26 am

It only does 10 minutes to an hour long update download + installs.

It’s going to truly suck for those constant updates and people already annoyed by the updating process XD

S_Y_N_1_S_T_3_R said:

September 7th, 12:32 am

@Guatemal yeah it shows a lot of intelligence calling another person a moron with no backing. Not everyone wants to spend a week in a half downloading a PS3 game from a torrent site just so they don’t have to spend $60. I can only speak for myself regarding what I will do with the ability to jailbreak the PS3. And I don’t have to convince anyone because your opinions don’t matter to me. Let me guess I bet you believe everyone who has a rooted Android or jailbroken iPhone are pirates huh? Shows how small minded you really are.

PhilRiverBR said:

September 7th, 12:33 am

Oh Sony… You forgot to kill the old 67.XXX.XX.137 Update Bypass DNS trick, just tested, and it’s still working…

So, again… Pirates are still on the loose…

C’mon… Where are the mass bans? What’s the hold up? Just an update won’t cut it, since pirates are still using 3.41.

Oceanborn712 said:

September 7th, 12:37 am

Oh great another minor update with a “security fix”. Should I really install it? It’ll probably stop my PS3 from working for week once again…
Sony stop those stupid featureless updates. The people who want to use the jailbreak won’t update anyway and with your record of broken firmware updates you really should only release updates that do something for the players.

KazeEternal said:

September 7th, 12:51 am

You know the sad part about this update is if they had just left OtherOS alone. It wouldn’t have drawn such negative attention to the PS3 and caused these individuals to turn their eye towards cracking the hardware in the first place.

Erasure242 said:

September 7th, 12:52 am

LOL at people who still say we do not need Cross Game Chat… I want it… and judging from people on the Sony forums a ton of people want it as well. And most of you that say “we do not need it” have never even experienced it… So how can you even babble on about not wanting it?

maddymad said:

September 7th, 12:58 am

A huh, a useless update to get rid of jailbreak.

AnthonyTonyMagic said:

September 7th, 1:06 am

This update really left a fairly good impression with me.

Firstly, it came down in an automatic download, therefore no waiting.

Then, when I went on the internet the fonts on my PS browser had changed, and were really clear. If that was part of the update then THANKS SONY… I really appreciate actually being able to read text on the internet properly.

After playing around on the internet I finally managed to crash the browser (still not hard), and I was redirected to a lovely crash report screen on reboot.

The PS3 was even kind enough to remind me of PSN maintenance :)

Despite all that, I’m still really happy with the font rendering because I use the PS browser a lot

MikeHockHugh said:

September 7th, 1:09 am

Thanks a lot for banning me Sony! Too bad I got anothr console and i wont update this sh** now… If ur using PSJB do not update!! This updates checks for the Backup app, and insta-BAN!


estoc1 said:

September 7th, 1:12 am

Thanks but no thanks, Sony. I perfer Custom Firmware/Jailbreak.

AnthonyTonyMagic said:

September 7th, 1:14 am

@MikeHockHugh (~104) – Did you seriously buy a $100+ jailbreak and then get sniped by Sony in the first FW update just a few days later???

Did your PSN get blocked or your console bricked?

Karma’s a [DELETED]… I know I shouldn’t laugh, but it is quite funny.

Dbzlotrfan said:

September 7th, 1:15 am

I hear the next ID they use might be that of Modern Warfare (2). . . . . .

AnthonyTonyMagic said:

September 7th, 1:15 am

@MikeHockHugh (~104) – Did you seriously buy a $100+ jailbreak and then get sniped by Sony in the first FW update just a few days later???

Did your PSN get blocked or your console bricked?

Karma’s a b*&^%… I know I shouldn’t laugh, but it is quite funny.

[My previous comment probably won’t post because I forget to sensor my karma comments]

ffrulez said:

September 7th, 1:16 am

Thank you Sony for plugging up the security threat through jailbreak. I refuse to hack my PS3.
That said, I really hope that those spicy updates that you guys promised will come soon!
I want that new web browser! Hurry Sony! =)

PhilRiverBR said:

September 7th, 1:17 am


LOL! Know what? You’re an idiot.

Too bad only idiots like you are getting pWned right now.

Jisatsu_Kiddo said:

September 7th, 1:17 am

cry shadow, squirt some tears.


September 7th, 1:24 am

A lot of posts on this board seem to be on either sides of the fence with these “Security” and “Piracy” concerns. The truth is that Sony has a contractual obligation towards it shareholders and other investors to protect their products. i.e. Games.

I’m taking a pretty well educated guess in assuming that anyone within Sony understands the pros and cons of modifying the system from a technical standpoint. Home-brew applications and system modifications on Playstation 3 should not only be allowed, they should be encouraged.

This would create a huge amount of high level functionality that no video game console so far will ever see.

This is how we innovate.

This would be an IDEAL place to pick up ideas from it’s fans.


September 7th, 1:24 am

Now “Jailbreaking” enables two main features;(the features everyone’s talking about anyway)

1. Homebrew application capability, as well as third party unlicensed software. (GREAT! FUN! AWESOME!)

2. Ability to back up games to your hard drive or other disk, or play burned copies of a game which may or may not be pirated depending on if you actually own(ed) the title in question


September 7th, 1:25 am

If Sony could guarantee me some form of indestructible media that would never be lost or destroyed, I wouldn’t be too worried about backing up games.

Anyway, if you walk into a grocery store, there’s items on shelves that you can purchase. You can also steal those items for whatever reason you choose to justify it with.

It’s your decision to make.

If a grocery store corporation acted more like Sony is acting right now, ALL the merchandise available would be the store brand.(Ralphs/Albertson’s brand. Depending where you shop haha) Oh and you also wouldn’t be allowed to actually enter the store solely because if you go in there, you have the capability of stealing.

I feel like trying to ban jailbreaking before the masses can even get their hands on it is like accusing me of shoplifting before I even get through the front entrance of a store.

My words to Sony: Trying to stop homebrew is terribly reactionary towards what you and the rest of this industry is all about: Innovation.

Trying to stop Piracy is admirable but impossible. THEY WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY.

Trying to stop both because us clever programmers have killed two birds with one stone? Simply asinine.

TogusaRusso said:

September 7th, 1:27 am

Way to go, Sony! But how about to close PSN for guys with old firmwares and proxies? Right now it open wide for who not updating their PS3.

AnthonyTonyMagic said:

September 7th, 1:30 am

I also forgot to spell the word censor with a “c”

I digress:

I totally get how Sony want to protect their console, especially when they make almost nothing on the hardware itself, and make profit on software. But the loss of OtherOS did leave a bad taste in the mouths of people who wanted to use the PS3 as a computer, as it was first marketed as.

I suggest that Sony further update the browser to something more standard like Chrome. We can do so much with online apps now that there’s really no need to use Linux to make the PS3 into a computer… a good browser will do.

Offline apps would be good too, as it would be easier for third parties to add features that some people want, without bogging down the firmware

Then the only people really complaining would be Mr Jailbird (#104)

PhilRiverBR said:

September 7th, 1:36 am

@111 thru 113

Man… I’m all for homebrew too… But from an official standpoint. i.e. – Sony releasing a framework or a lite SDK for the masses, like M$ did to the 360 and XNA.

People in the so called “Scene” have the same speech, but in fact, what they really want is open the platform for piracy.

I mean, look at the X360… You have XNA, allowing you to legally homebrew. And so what? X360 is pwned anyway.

Look at Android, a way more open system than the iPhone (which BTW, is probably the only device I’m a truly advocate of jailbreaking), but still, people are still rooting it.

Homebrew speech? Pfft… Doubt that.

I’m a part-time hobbyist Indie Game Developer myself. And XNA is cool for me, does the work nicely (though I don’t concur with their pricing for devs)

If SONY releases anything like it, free to the public and indie devs alike, that will be the end of all this “Homebrew” speech nonsense of those likes of PSJB and stuff, that in fact are only aiming at one thing, and one thing only: To Enable Piracy. (Oh, and for fame also, Attention Wh**es like GeoFa***t)

VestiaryDark said:

September 7th, 1:41 am

@104 xDD u r losser…

now i play ModNationRacer :D

and SONY can combat thit TERRORISM! easy. Ps3 never loss if exist update.

AnthonyTonyMagic said:

September 7th, 1:42 am

Homebrew sounds great in principle, but if I were running Sony I’d be very cautious about opening the platform.

Think about it, they gave us OtherOS, and some idiot hacks the hypervisor. They talk about being able to fully use the device that we paid for, but that argument doesn’t hold water when people break through security systems that are designed to protect the whole PS business model.

If Sony sold the PS3 at $500 a piece, then their shareholders might not be so worried, but we get our PS3s at cost, and Sony can’t afford to let us get away with Nintendo levels of piracy.

If Sony made it easier for small devs to use the SDK, created a more open market and apps store a la Apple iEverything, then we’d get a more dynamic platform without the risks of opening up the platform completely. I know the homebrew crowd would still want more, but I’m sure you’ll get over it.

triple_lei said:

September 7th, 1:44 am

Take no prisoners, Sony!


September 7th, 1:46 am


I’ve come across a lot of kindhearted homebrew speeches as well. I’m not covertly speaking on behalf of piracy. At this rate we’ll never see something made by Sony to help that. Even if we did, who’s to say it would be any good? It’s arrogant to treat users who are attempting to better the psn experience to an unconnected console. Leaving them with basically no one to share their work with. However its a crippling blow to pirates. Still doesn’t seem to weigh out right yet….

AnthonyTonyMagic said:

September 7th, 1:48 am

Bricking consoles is such a theatrical way to deal with pirates though.

It’d be cool if Sony faded the XMB to blood red, and displayed a skull and cross-bones before the PS3s in question died

Destiny89 said:

September 7th, 1:49 am

Thank you sony and always keep the PS3 safe

lillington said:

September 7th, 1:55 am

awesome! keep the hackers away from psn :)

lillington said:

September 7th, 1:56 am

now all we need is the 3d bluray update :)

CsMisi said:

September 7th, 2:05 am

would it be hard to include something useful in this “additional security features”? If you would give DivX HD support (MKV), the possibility to copy full games to the HDD (of course, disc would be needed to start up the game …) and maybe give us back OtherOS (secure it so it does not compromise the systems security) there would not be need security updates to patch security holes … Or at least give us some fun stuff, like a facebook browser or somthing with this small updates …


September 7th, 2:07 am

serious they need to stop with this firmware update to hopefully stop hackers doing what they do. It’s really not gonna happen theres so many ways that can by pass things through ps3. Theres illegal ways and legal ways of bypassing things. They really need to just create only one huge firmware security update on the ps3 and there games. coding and programming is pretty easy and if a hacker knows the things and what there reading and dealing with they can do whatever they please. COD MW2 has horrible security features. Plus with the mod chips anyone can fool around with the ps3 with no problem . Ps3 isnt doing a good job in security at all.

yume_2501 said:

September 7th, 2:14 am

I bet an homebrew for cross-game chat will be out before sony will do it… XD

RoyalGard said:

September 7th, 2:14 am

Great Sony, Will update after Work :D

S_Y_N_1_S_T_3_R said:

September 7th, 2:24 am

@post 113 well said!

PhilRiverBR said:

September 7th, 2:27 am


Sorry for being rude bro, but I guess you don’t know what you’re talking.

1- coding and programming is pretty easy

Whoa man, then you gotta teach me this easy way… I program (or code) since the Zilog days, went from ASM to C++, and still, I find coding tough. And no, hackers can’t do what they please, they only can do what the system aim to please (a potential hole to be exploited).

2- Ps3 isnt doing a good job in security at all

Let’s see… PS3 launch date 11/11/2006. PSJailbreak launch date: around two or three weeks ago – Being nothing more than a cheap-a** Heap Overflow exploit that puts the PS3 on Service Mode (which SONY in turn can easily fix it, and also they can require service centers to adopt new procedures/FWs and/or issue new Jigs).

In fact, I’m pretty sure this update is a lazy one, and they just removed the Jig code altogether (until they fix for good).

But anyway, almost 4 years have passed. If you name a console with a security record anywhere near that, I’ll give you a cookie.

3- Plus with the mod chips anyone can fool around with the ps3 with no problem

Just look at our friend #104 and tell me if you really think ANYONE can fool around.

BTW, #104 = Ship it to Failblog

marcus_h_1995 said:

September 7th, 2:28 am

Come on! useless updates are really annoying, you could at least give us people who dont mess with our consoles something good in the update

Carl-G said:

September 7th, 2:52 am

LOL i love reading the moaners on this :D makes my day. Good 1 SONY;)

Pepto_ said:

September 7th, 2:52 am

First, you take away features that people love (ps2 backwards compatibility, installing a different OS) then add a stupid thing where you walk around a virtual mall and buy clothes for your virtual guy, THEN you keep blocking the people that want to add the useful features back?? Unbelievable. We all spent our money for the ps3, let us use it how we want. All you babies out there crying that people hack in COD MW3, give me a break and start playing REAL games. All the COD games are like the [INSERT CURRENT HIP HOP SENSATION HERE] of video games. They aren’t bad, but they just keep adding ‘BADASS GUNS AND EXPLOSIONS AND EFFECT OMGXORZ!!!!11!!11ONE!1!!’. Lame. Anyway, thanks for the worthless update. When can I play my ps2 games on my ps3?

MachineZeit said:

September 7th, 3:06 am

Lmao !

It took a good few years for the hackers to sniff out the loop holes for the ps3. 2 Thumbs up for Sony being able to withstand a constant barrage of attacks on the security system of the ps3. And I must say that the guy who figured out how to trick the console in “spreading its legs” Thumbs up as well. It’s just a shame that obviously it’s been utilized for copy right infringement.

Having said that, I personally think this new patch’s credibility is on borrowed time. I think Sony is using this “Quick patch” to stall the ongoing community hacking ,whilst Sony is working on a better bigger improved patch that might hit us before or during December(festive season when a lot of ppl have a lot of time to do a lot of “things”). They have already proven themselves as not stupid,so working on a better more secure patch which will last longer seem to be a good idea. but in the meantime the hacking community won’t give up the fight this easily.

It just feels right to own a collection of original games and Blue Ray dvd’s,well that’s my take on it.

zombie9 said:

September 7th, 3:19 am

This update just fixes last months update.:) The Games are why I own a PS3

defjedijam said:

September 7th, 3:27 am

When are you people going to learn that cross chat is never going to happen… Sony is going to just do what they’ve been doing and ignore us no matter what we, their paying customers want. How’s that for service with a smile? At least Microsoft and Nintendo at least pretend to listen to their userbase… Sony just ignores us on their own blog unless the opportunity to plug something by responding to someones post presents it’s self.

BigRon3400 said:

September 7th, 3:32 am

Please tell me this will let me join my friends online to play Castle Crashers.

darktorns said:

September 7th, 3:33 am

keep fighting piracy Sony.. its ruining games, developers especially small companies.

xLuCkY_S13x said:

September 7th, 3:57 am

Wow whats up with this update now everytime i turn my ps3 on i don’t see anything on the screen and none of the controller lights light up. This is so messed up.

kdsx2000 said:

September 7th, 4:00 am

This patches the incredible efforts of the PS3 hacking community. Sad.

Tebeau23 said:

September 7th, 4:00 am

RIP Hackers

Sony just shafted you

*For real give us something useful. Oh, i don’t know…look at the share


Kamiboy said:

September 7th, 4:08 am

The crippling lack of sense for finesse, pomp and smarm that prevents Sones from realizing why the small obnoxious spurt update strategy makes them looks like amateurs while benefiting no one is now the number one reason why Sones is and will remain in last place this generation.

Enforcer_X said:

September 7th, 4:09 am

HAHA! Why not just say it blocks PSJailbreak?
Maybe Sony you should focus on what we want and ask for … PSBlog Share seems like a good place to start with these updates.
“It only does everything”
Prove it!

SergioDaly said:

September 7th, 4:12 am

@people giving the homebrew excuse… if you want homebrew and open devices and platforms go buy a HTPC and do with it what ever you want… chat with friends, MKV playback (sony will not support MKV since that would cripple BD sales) and what ever comes to mind… when you buy a PS3 you know that is a closed platform and that sony will do everything to keep it this way…
@people saying that sony is to blame because the other OS episode, PS3 is in the works to be hacked since the day it saw the light of day… lots of forums and sites about it and proving this statement. this is a completely different hack and it just happened because someone stole some passwords and those are wanted since 2007…
i leave here a question for all… if you were sony, would you let others get the possession of your system and losing lots of money because of it? i for once, wouldn’t!

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