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Sep 06

Sep 06

PlayStation 3 System Software Update v3.42 Now Available

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Hi everyone! A minor update to your PS3 system is now available via system software update v3.42 that includes additional security features. For more details and instructions on how to update the system software for the PS3 system, please visit the PS3 System Updates page.

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VampireWicked said:

September 9th, 12:48 am

I know that you fool You hack ps3 so you can get games free because ur to cheap & lazy to get off your ass & go to a game store & buy them So you rather spend time hacking your PS3 or paying someone to do it instead of renting the games -_- ..l. so sony has 2 stop lazy asses like u with the update which it looks like they found a way around 3.42 update by screwing with your primary & secondary DNS, but sony will stop that 2 Then you’ll find ways through that Why not take all that hacking intellect & go work 4 a software company that way you’ll get paid & your lazy ass won’t have 2 hack a ps3 2 play games But i guess your to lazy

SykKnyght said:

September 9th, 1:05 am

Sony can find the time to stop jailbreaking but won’t give us backwards compatibility?

DashLektrik said:

September 9th, 1:17 am

Sony doesn’t want homebrew on their systems unless they can profit from it. Same with any other console maker. And this isn’t because they’re greedy: it’s the only way they turn a profit at all. Console makers get a cut for every copy of every game sold for their system. This has been the case since as far back as the NES, and this is how it will continue to work, or consoles will have to be priced to make a profit, at which point they will no longer be competitive with PCs.

The Wii is unusual in that it actually sells at a profit, most consoles are sold at a loss. Sony doesn’t want to sell PS3s to people who aren’t going to buy enough games to counter the loss already incurred by selling them a PS3.

Each of the major players in the industry has a way for indie developers to get their work on the consoles, while allowing the company to get their cut. WiiWare, XBLA, and PSN. However, Wii dev kits are far cheaper, and XNA is free until you want to publish, and still cheap when you do. There’s a lot Sony could do to compete, if they wanted more third-party support, which they really need. That’s what was strong about the PS1 and PS2. The PS3 is the best console on the market, but it doesn’t have enough games.

DashLektrik said:

September 9th, 1:17 am

On another note, do any of you really thinks Sony cares about the Share Blog? Oh yes, maybe SCEA, or SCEE, but SCEJ? Sony Japan? The ones who make the hardware, the firmware, the decisions? No. They primarily care about what the Japanese developers and Japanese PS3 users want. It doesn’t matter what you want, unless the Japanese want the same thing. Few Japanese companies are really aware of the global market, or even care. Hopefully that will change, and if it doesn’t, they’ll fall behind while the rest of the world moves on without them.

ballhawk18 said:

September 9th, 11:07 am

thank u thankt u thank u for adding adobe flash player to the update…

burningwind said:

September 9th, 11:11 am

I see the same few different comments throughout here. Go Sony kill the hackers. Go hackers kill the Sony. And then some bizarre off topic ones or people trying to find the update.

First: Do we really need a few hundred people all reiterating the same arguments over and over?

burningwind said:

September 9th, 11:12 am

Second: Why doesn’t Sony listen to us? The developing primarily happens in Japan. A country that obviously has completely different wants than we do. Look at some of their shows and you will understand that very quickly. Yes, they should do a better job at listening to what all of the other countries want but if I were Sony I would probably stop reading your posts too. People complain about all the things they don’t have. Then when something good does come along they complain that is not good enough and there should be more coming with it and that it should have been done faster.

burningwind said:

September 9th, 11:13 am

99% of gamers are never pleased with anything game companies do…EVER. I would get sick of people saying nothing but bad about every bit of work I put into something too. Is that a good enough excuse for not listening to some of the largest requests? No. But we have to remember system updates are a non essential part of what Sony does. They do not have to update anything. They update a lot more than anyone else does though so we should not be surprised that sometimes the updates have less substance. They update frequently for a reason. So that they can patch small things and then when they have something big ready that is a major update.

burningwind said:

September 9th, 11:13 am

Don’t complain about an update when it goes from 3.41 to 3.42. It was not going to be anything all that useful and that is why it is only 3.42 and not 4.00. They have updates like 3.41 and 3.42 to fill the gap between 3.40 and 3.50 and they have updates like 3.40 and 3.50 to fill the gap between 3.00 and 4.00. These updates are not always of note and that is why they are labeled as such. Deal with it. When you think of complaining just think back to your system software when you first got it. For some of you that was 1.00. Just think about that for a second and realize how much better things are now. Now shut up unless you can say something of actual importance. And if you really want to be listened to try talking to someone of importance and not posting on a blog cluttered with (based on spelling and grammar) eight year old mentally handicapped children.

lochoko said:

September 9th, 11:59 am

@burningwind (406-409)
Actually, when I got my PS3, I could also run Linux. Now I can’t. Seems to me things /aren’t/ better now.

themaniac27 said:

September 9th, 1:07 pm

Truthfully, I don’t care. What I care about is Backwards compatibility. PS2 emulations is already out there. Sony has it for the 1st generation of 80GB units. There is absolutely no reason backwards compatibility isn’t possible for newer models.

burningwind said:

September 9th, 1:33 pm

Linux was removed. Oh well, it is gone. Not coming back anytime soon. Everyone complains about Linux and backwards compatibility and cross-game chat. Get over them. Backwards compatibility is not necessary and neither is Linux or cross-game chat. Those are what are called optional in what is still primarily made to play Playstation 3 games and Blu-Ray movies. They have not done anything that prevents us from doing either of those things. They may have advertised other things and it is their right to remove them if they wish. It may annoy but that is how it is. If we get them then we get them. Just quit whining. For now we can keep asking them but when you whine or talk like a 4 year old it undermines the rest of us that know how to speak like adults and who have legitimate arguments.

burningwind said:

September 9th, 1:34 pm

Such as people saying that the technology is there among other things. The truth is that they do what they have to do as a business and that is not always best for the consumer. I am not arguing for them. I am merely stating that the whole industry is a broken system that we all have to live in. I am sure many Sony people really want a lot of these features everyone craves but there are technological restrictions, monetary restrictions, licensing restrictions, security issues, etc. that will always be around preventing some things from being done. We only know our side of the story more often than not. Few people in these forum settings have any real information about the company itself and why/how it’s decisions are made. They just want and they do not KNOW.

CrystalMalius said:

September 9th, 1:53 pm

seriously sony? That one guy is right though “You know it’s never gonna end, right? Firmware update, gets cracked, firmware update, gets cracked”
Just give us important updates, ignore the useless like 500 hackers.

wolvesrainkid21 said:

September 9th, 8:03 pm

I bet every one of you pirate haters are pirates in and of yourselves. Its only economical to want to play games for free. I myself don’t pirate ps3 games, but at the same time I don’t hate on those that do. Plus $60 a game, come on they are ripping us one for real. Buy 4 games and you basically bought another ps3. Anyways Sony should spend more time and resources making better features rather than spending time on hackers that can’t be stopped.

FormerPSfan said:

September 10th, 9:58 am

LOL. Sorry cant help myself. When I see the SONY sanctioned trolls repeating the same marketing garbage ad nauseum I cannot help but wonder how do they not know they’ve been outted a long time ago? Do they think maybe one or two people in some out of the way place might still believe them. If only those in SCE got to doing some real work instead of all this foolish trolling against their own customers maybe they would not be in such a desparate situation.

DarkOne_PR said:

September 11th, 5:22 pm

Cross game chat anytime soon?! AT LEAST A QUICK ITS IN PROGRESS!?

robson_freitas said:

September 12th, 4:11 pm

COME ON !!!! Why ??? Why Sony doesn´t spend their time in developing a new cool interface for Playstation 3 ?? Look to your rivals ! Playstation have the same PSP interface, since it were born… I hope see a usefull interface using, for instance, a PC mouse ou better, the new Playstation Move, why not ?

I love my PS3, but… come on, let´s do some usefull !


EagleEye15 said:

September 12th, 4:44 pm

good on ya Sony for patching this. Sick of all these hackers

epic_josh91 said:

September 12th, 10:02 pm

I am sorry to post at this, but I keep laughing as I read through these posts. It’s an update that is meant to close the jail again. It happens. But posting hates at one another won’t make any difference. I see it as the people who do “Modding” and “Homebrew” (Hack is such an off word and the people saying hackers are ignorant), won’t do any more than that. I personally have a jail broken ipod and love it. It provides features “fruit” won’t. Also just so you know, jail breaking is legal. Research it. Not enough code is altered to make a difference. I think everyone here needs to do some research before posting.

Thrill_Kill said:

September 12th, 11:59 pm

update the PS3 with something useful please, like fixing some PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility so I can play my Silent Hill PS1 disc again in my PS3 without any sound fx issues.

If you guys can get it working with the PSN, then it should be working for the original disc. Please Sony listen to your customers.

xXBaTAXx said:

September 14th, 7:18 pm

how come my wont up date?????

borje2 said:

September 15th, 7:52 am

When will we be able to move the subtitles when palying Blu-ray and DVD. An easy fix for Sony and a big help for all that uses PS3 as Blu-ray player. Especially if you have a Sony projector.

vishresh said:

September 15th, 2:43 pm

Oh, come now. At least be honest about the update. We all know it’s the first of an expected hundred-plus firmware updates to block the Jailbreak. Now you’ll be doing these every day like with the PSP instead of actually taking the time to give us updates we actually need or working on making the system/service better. You know it’s never gonna end, right? Firmware update, gets cracked, firmware update, gets cracked, awesome.(my reply)u r so right

Spacerac said:

September 16th, 6:46 am

@415 “Plus $60 a game, come on they are ripping us one for real.”

that’s why you don’t pay $60 a game. Wait a year, it’ll still be the same game at half the price. It’s called finding deals. I’ve got 6 games and in total come out to $100 (for the sake of argument, I included one of the games at a value of $5 as it came with a Dualshock 3 which is priced at $55 by itself).

Twonorth69 said:

September 17th, 10:48 am

WOW!!!! I updated and now my system locks up when I play a Bluray DVD. My system worked fine prior to updating. This is not a coincidence!!!! Help!!!!!

X_FURY_KID_X said:

September 17th, 12:40 pm

ever since i did the update, my ps3 has been freezing up when i play games. i can play demo’s w/o it freezing but when i try playing disc games such as Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, my ps3 would completely freeze when the scoreboard comes up. is anyone else getting this problem?

etlgfx said:

September 19th, 8:51 am


I’m having exactly the same issues as you are with bttlefield bad company 2 playing online. Game freezes when the scoreboard comes up. I’ve done some poking around and these issues appear to only be affecting old fat ps3 owners. And only since fw update 3.42. I hope Sony looks into these problems before the next update!

Mike01919 said:

September 19th, 9:22 am

i dont know if anyone else is having this problem but for like the past week or so, my ps3’s resolution seems to be down. it seems like while i still have the hdmi cable hooked up, i’m not getting hd. the picture doesn’t look nearly as good as it should. it seems like everything has this passive look to it rather than being sharp. everything has this gray cloudy look to it. hope someone can help.

Banaan0202 said:

September 20th, 8:08 am

nicee, are all hacks impossible now?

gavster177 said:

September 29th, 5:24 am

how do you download this??

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