NBA 2K11 for PS3: Michael Jordan, PlayStation Move Details, and Much More

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Hi guys! Ronnie here from 2K Sports. I am the Community Manager here and the point person for our fans. Have feedback on a feature for NBA 2K11? Want to get an idea in the game? You have my ear and can always reach me on Twitter. Drop me a line anytime!

You probably remember me from my PlayStation.Blog posts on NBA 2K10 last year. This year, we decided to blow all the doors off and introduce MICHAEL JORDAN to the 2K Sports family as the cover athlete for NBA 2K11 (in stores everywhere 10/5/2010). Like most of you basketball fans, Michael Jordan is my idol and synonymous with basketball greatness. You can read about how you will get the chance to relive his career in 10 of his most iconic games in The Jordan Challenge.

Michael Jordan in NBA 2K11 for PS3 and PlayStation Move

In MJ: Creating a Legend, you can put Michael Jordan on any modern team you want! Kobe and MJ on the Lakers? Teaming him with Wade and LeBron on the Heat? Putting him on the current Bulls with my buddy Derrick Rose? You can build his abilities (the killer instinct that came later in his career over his always brilliant athletic ability) as well as the chemistry with that team in this mode.

But NBA 2K11 also has an exclusive PS3-related feature and that is, of course, the use of the PlayStation Move motion controller. Recently, I got the chance to interview one of our engineers, Mark Horsley, to provide some exclusive info to those that follow the PlayStation Blog. Mark was influential in getting this feature to be a thing of beauty for the game and in no other game is PlayStation Move as fitting. After Mark gives you some background on the use of PlayStation Move, I will share some other features to be unveiled in NBA 2K11. So without further ado, here are highlights from our conversation:

Slam Dunk Contest with PlayStation Move

Mark Horsley, Gameplay Engineer, NBA 2K11: It was critical for us to showcase the full range of abilities of the PlayStation Move motion controller, so we started with the Slam Dunk Contest. The dunk contest input interface was significantly revamped for PlayStation Move, allowing the ability to pull off dunks much easier than in years past. When you get your hands on this mode with the PlayStation Move, start by pulling and holding the T button to pick up a ball from the ball rack. As your player runs towards the basket, start the gestures for the dunk you wish to perform. For analog-stick-based controllers, the input is done by twirling the stick. The stick commands translated naturally to gestures using the Move controller. A counter-clockwise circle on the stick translates to moving your hand in a counter-clockwise circle, and similarly translates for other commands. By completing a gesture while running towards the basket, and then quickly completing another gesture prior to takeoff, you choose which dunk you wish to perform. To complete the dunk, simply release the T button to time the release of the ball. Props are placed on the court by pressing the Triangle button on the Move controller, just like in years past with the standard controllers.

NBA 2K11 for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Gameplay with PlayStation Move

For regular gameplay, we started with the single most important aspect in basketball: shooting. Our goal was for fast, responsive shooting, with no lag. All of the different types of jumps are in there: drifters, leaners, and fade-aways. Based on how your player is moving, simply flick the PlayStation Move motion controller up and you’ll spot up and shoot the appropriate jump shot. Similar controls are done for dunks and layups. Running towards the basket while holding the T button results in a dunk, as opposed to a layup if the T button isn’t pulled. Unlike the analog-stick-based controllers, you get flashy or power moves based on what is happening. Kobe running free on a breakaway? Pull up on the Move controller and witness an amazing flashy dunk. Garnett in the paint? Flick the PlayStation Move motion controller up and unleash a crushing dunk.

Here is the breakdown in more detail:

With the T button pulled, flick the PlayStation Move…

  • Up = Smart Dunk
  • Right = Power Dunk
  • Left = Flashy Dunk
  • Down = Reverse Dunk

Without pulling the T button, flick the PlayStation Move…

  • Up = Smart Layup
  • Right = Hop Step Layup Right
  • Left = Hop Step Layup Left
  • Down = Spin Layup

For Passing, we wanted to make sure the gesture was as intuitive as possible for the sophistication of the PlayStation Move motion controller. Pressing the large Move button, in conjunction with pressing the left stick in the direction of the intended receiver, will result in a quick pass. Holding both L2 and the T button while passing will throw a devastating alley-oop pass. You will find that passing is quick and accurate with this method.

NBA 2K11 for PS3 and PlayStation Move

Dribbling using the PlayStation Move falls into two categories: standing and moving. Holding the L2 button, flick the PlayStation Move to perform many different dribble moves to blow past a defender. If standing, you will receive a variety of Sizeup moves, based on the direction of the motion. If dribbling, here is breakdown:

While dribbling towards the basket, hold L2 and Flick the PlayStation Move…

  • Up = Behind-the-back dribble move
  • Right = Crossover if ball is in right hand, an In-n-Out Move if ball is in left hand
  • Left = Crossover if ball is in left hand, an In-n-Out Move if ball is in right hand
  • Down = Stepback

Successful defense relies on quick, decisive action, and so the PlayStation Move defensive controls were designed for quick, simple motions. Flick the PlayStation Move up for a block; flick it right or left for a steal. Player swap is an important aspect of defense, and the Move button is perfectly positioned for this. Setting a pick is assigned to the Circle button: it’s easy to access but not something that you’ll press by accident, making it perfect for picks.

I want to thank Mark Horsley for taking the time out of an insane amount of game engineering to give us insight on how to get the most out of using the PlayStation Move motion controller. I gave it a whirl last week and I had a great time playing with PlayStation Move. It worked smoothly and seemed to do whatever I wanted it to in the game.

Now I do want to mention a few other features that are making waves in the gaming industry. I discussed the use of Michael Jordan in our game at the beginning of the blog and there are many features (a few still undiscussed) that will be a great showcase for the world’s best player. In the meantime, here are some other things to look out for when the game hits stores October 5th (make sure to click the links for even more information):

NBA 2K11 for PS3 and PlayStation Move

My Career Mode – Live the entire life of an NBA star. Get drafted into the NBA, fight for a roster spot, work to get minutes, fit into the team, and emerge as a starter, perhaps even a player that will go down as one of the greats. This year, however, your accolades go beyond the court. Participate in Press Conferences, sign Endorsements, be on the cover of magazines, and create Signature Shoes that can be worn as kicks by other players in the league.

Historic Chicago Bulls Teams – Ever wondered how the Lakers of today might fare against the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls? Get the chance to play as some of the greatest teams in NBA history like the 1985-86, 1989-90, 1990-91, 1991-92, 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97, and 1997-98 Chicago Bulls squads. These teams along with several other historic teams, are put at your fingertips in Quick Game mode.

ALL-NEW IsoMotion Dribbling Controls and Shot Control – Delivering the most realistic feeling and reacting dribbling system to date with seamless transitions between ankle breaking moves coupled with an all-new gesturing system allows users to intuitively translate thought to motion and dominate, like Michael Jordan, from the perimeter to the paint. Take your offensive game to the next level with an unprecedented amount of control via the enhanced Shot Stick. Dozens of new shot types, from layups to jumpshots to dunks and everything in between, are completely under the user’s control with the flick of a stick. The new Shot Branching system also allows the adjustment of shots on the fly in mid-air.

Look for more news soon about great enhancements coming to other core features like Online Mode, Blacktop, Association mode, as well as one of my favorite modes from last year, NBA Today. In this mode, audio was given context to real-world NBA happenings. All of these features packed along with the NBA 2K realistic simulation that you all love.

Well, I have probably gone on way past my time! I want to thank the people at PlayStation for giving me this time to tell you about NBA 2K11. Let me remind you to follow us on Facebook to see what’s the most new and exclusive info on the NBA 2K Franchise. As an added treat for you Sony fans, I would like to announce that the demo release date will be announced on the FB page tomorrow! So look forward to that! Until then, feel free to drop me a line below or on Twitter and I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP. Thanks for reading!

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30 Author Replies

  • ToneSkrull, maybe I stole him from you! Actually, that’s my man Erick Boenisch of the NBA 2K dev team.

  • Ronnie,

    I still haven’t seen mention of Custom Arena Music for PS3 2k11. I was very jealous of the 360 guys last year for having this feature.. will it show up on the PS3 this year?


  • SpyDudeFX, any chance of a what? Sorry didn’t understand…

  • hey Ronnie, will the PS3 version be on par with the 360 version this year, we understand that the game is ported from the 360 but there have been games ported that did not lose any feature and graphics

    • Ronnie Singh
      Ronnie Singh

      I don’t think this is a fair comment. We strive to have the games have the same features, and this year we have Move and 3D along with every other feature the 360 does. So not sure what you are referring to. I don’t really want to get into a console war because you’re preaching to the choir. I have both consoles and I like to play different games on each of them.

  • Custom Soundtracks are in on PS3 btw per the Dev Team. AWESOME!

  • TwinCitiesJHawk, yes the sickest dunker ever (respect to everyone else) Shawn Kemp is in the game. He was a legend.

  • Ronnie Singh
    Ronnie Singh
    Ronnie Singh

    Hey guys, had to switch accounts for AUTHOR privileges. Back!

  • HEy Ronnie

    were the servers fixed for team up and league games?

    • Ronnie Singh
      Ronnie Singh

      The simple answer is that all signs have shown a dramatic improvement and that we made a MAJOR effort to make this a focal point this year.

      There will be Insight on this eventually.

  • Ronnie Singh
    Ronnie Singh
    Ronnie Singh

    I totally agree Carrington with your Chuck comment.

  • Hey Ronnie. Great write up!Have you guys taken into consideration different crowd atmospheres? Like playoff, hostile, dynamic attendance?

    • Ronnie Singh
      Ronnie Singh

      I addressed this a little earlier. The answer is yes. But I want to let our Presentation Insight (dropping within couple weeks) address this fully.

  • aarondorrell201

    ronnie i see on the nba2k facebook page it says XBOX LIVE, does that mean you will bringing downloadable content to the game in the later down the line

  • Ronnie,

    Just to confirm: Can we use the classic teams in Association mode? in several articles it only states quick game use.


    • Ronnie Singh
      Ronnie Singh

      The Association Insight will address this, I promise. Don’t want to take away from those as Dev gives major feedback as to why they did what they did.

  • Ronnie Singh
    Ronnie Singh
    Ronnie Singh

    Future, if I was a dinosaur, I would be a Velociraptor. Get together with my crew and PWN people.

    Speaking of Crews, I wanted to do a Crew tourney last year. Trust me, I’ll be harassing that point home again this year. That thing has so much upside, let’s see what happens.

  • I heard from a GameStop employee, that something like 80% of the reserves are in the Chicago land. I better get out and reserve this! Seeing how I’m in the Chicago land.

    • Ronnie Singh
      Ronnie Singh

      I think that’s a very safe idea. I am sure a lot of Chicagoans (and non, like me) will be saving one for a collector’s item.

  • that’s what i thought. no response so i can expect the game to be unplayable online again. thanx

    • Ronnie Singh
      Ronnie Singh

      Dude give me a couple seconds to get to the post :-) I am taking them in order. I answered.

  • What’s up Ronnie?! I couldn’t agree any more about The Reign Man. Here’s my big question, are Jordan’s signature dunks created from his real life movements/motions or is His charismatic flare added to his sig dunks?

    • Ronnie Singh
      Ronnie Singh

      Could you be a little more specific? We have the dunk from the free thrown line but we spent days working on trying to get him as matched to his real life moves as possible. That’s quite evident in capturing his touch on fadeaways but then the intricacy of his tongue and shrug. Pretty insane stuff as you can tell from the screens we’ve released on MJ –

  • FlightBrotha

    WOW you play on the PS3! I hope I get to play you online someday!

  • The only thing 2k should be worried about is making sure the online at least works on the release date. Last year didnt it take like 2 weeks before it even worked. Then 2k kicked me off there website because i was complaining about it. I sold the game the next day and havent played it since and i swore that i wouldnt buy it this year before renting it first. I advise everyone to do the same thing!!!

  • Thanks for the response Ronnie! That’s great great news!

  • Look’n real dope ya’ll on the Jordan Tip!!

  • FlightBrotha

    Cool! That’s my gamertag! Add Me! I play 2k10 as well of course!

  • @ Ronnie.. nice dinosaur choice! but for sure man.. im always down to get some crew games in.. I’m with you on the Crew Tourney having great potential to promote 2k.. possible cross country tourney where people advance to next city.. would be awesome could totally make it a reality show.. haha.. satellite tourneys determine crews that challenge the crews heading into town.. start in New York end in LA.. would be sick..

  • Oh! and Thanks for the PS3 support!

  • can you please tells us if you changed the dunk contest? because every year its the same, and do you have to get the NBA approval to use their rosters?

  • i like to use directional passing, will i still be able to compete using this feature or is it best to convert over by using icon passing?

  • Is the Jordan preorder jersey for girls as well as guys?

  • backbreaker65

    Next Year Move support Ronnie, please suggest this too your dev team. Using the drawing mechanic to create plays i.e. in timeouts or towards the end of the game.

  • Yeah it is insane stuff and I’m pumped. Let me ask you this question then, how many signature dunks (for Jordan only) were made?

  • Hey Ronnie are going to have any future DLCs for example Classics teams,shoes,sleeves,and Dunk packs etc…

    • Ronnie Singh
      Ronnie Singh

      I don’t know about post-release DLC at this time. It’s possible, but not sure.

  • Ronnie, I can’t wait to play this with my brother. I’m glad you guys are putting Jordan in this year.

  • please dont leave out custom soundtracks

  • Hey Ronnie,
    Great write-up. Will amare have his glasses? Thanks!

  • Hey Ronnie, first of all I commened the entire 2k team in what u all have accomplished this dev cycle. i got 2 questions:
    1 (something ive always had an issue with)… when u put created players/teams into an association or export your team from associations the faces often change to default. please tell me that will change with 2k11
    2 will Pc content be readily available on par with xbox/ps3. because i want to get 2k11 for all three systems but i might wait on pc if the content/patches isnt available till spring like 2k10

    • Ronnie Singh
      Ronnie Singh

      I know that was an issue last year Sync that the Dev team looked into. I will get them to officially address that in the Association insight.

      The PC is one of the best consoles to play it on in my opinion. But patches are different timings for the different consoles.

  • Are goggles and face masks accessories now, instead of being part of the player?

  • Will we be able to have 15 man rosters as a default for online leagues.. and will switching/saving playbooks and settings actually work this year?

  • So… will the platinum be possible to get this year? :)

    • Ronnie Singh
      Ronnie Singh

      It was possible last year, the Good Teammate Trophy had some weirdness for a couple people. We did quite a bit of testing there so pretty confident that shouldn’t be a problem.

  • This is going to be the BEST game, just make sure all the trophies work this year!!

  • How about the PS Home shirt of Jordan?

  • are you guys working on the online framerate? the difference between an online game and offline were huge. also, is 2kshare still in? and what improvements have been done to this great feature

    • Ronnie Singh
      Ronnie Singh

      2K Share is in there. That’ll be discussed in the Presentation Insight.

      Online will be discussed soon as well.

  • TornadoZadar

    Well, Ronnie, since you already mentioned the Reign Man, will it be possible to recreate the Lister Blister? :)
    I’m a little dissapointed that the classic 94/95 Rockets team isn’t in the game. It would sure be nice to harass David Robinson and the Spurs with Hakeem.

    In My Player, I would like to see not only the attribute caps (which is already mentioned in one of the Dev Insights), but also the height caps for every position. Every My Player center (and not only center) is about 7’5 tall. No wonder every Top 10 Crew has at least 3 all-99-overall giants.

  • Hey Ronnie my question is wheres the NBA 2K11 Jordan Edition/Collectors Edition

  • PriMeTiiMe27

    Ronnie, will 2k ever have a realistic progression system for association mode where progression is based on performance not just potential? And will there still be the same issue of people being too buff and the thickness of a person being based on the weight when creating players or will you have the ability to manually set the thickness of each body part like ncaa football?

  • GoingFurther


    Please, please answer this, for the OS community and 2k’ers alike, do you guys get rid of the silhouettes for drafted players in franchise?

    Nothing like having most of my team being ‘faceless’ by year four of association! lolol

    thanks ronnie


  • Ronnie
    please make 3point contest gamemode with move.
    Tell us if this is possible or not!

  • I have real concern, why is draft skill camp so lack luster, Does it still punish players for the AI cpu mistakes?, How about how when you pass the ball to a Ai player and it passes it away from the basket when there wide open to make the shot right in front of the basket..

    I also dislike how you couldnt call for the ball in critical times, with out penalty.. thats just dam stupid. Your trying to win the game as well. I understand ball hoggin ” yes thats cliche’.. But If the game on the line and its your team why cant you call for the dam ball if Ai is stuck in a trap.. Is this fixxed

    Also there need to be a defensive stance button this auto defensive is robbery . you cannot guard a slash type player , there’s no weak side help function, When you do try to stop them the cpu call blocking foul and touching foul 95% of the time, is this fixxed..

    I love the game but a few things need to be fixxed like draft camp and defensive stances. Thers no way to stop a slash type player , becuase theres no weak side help function. Then game critic you on how he dropped 23 pts on you when you dropped 10 pt 10 asst and 10 rbs in the lost..


  • Ronnie Singh
    Ronnie Singh
    Ronnie Singh

    You guys should check out the newest video provided by the fine people at Operation Sports. Should answer a lot of questions! –

  • I_am_rushin

    Can the PS Move be used online?

  • I have a HUGE idea that has never, ever been done in a basketball video game ever! It’s a very important part of the game that could and will change video game basketball games forever. I want to contact you personally so my idea won’t get stolen. I’m not on Twitter, but I am on Facebook and PSN (Delvo). I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Hey Ronnie,

    is there any way staples center can be fixed? midcourt line should be purple. Also, are the actual sounds of the arena going to be in the game (ex. staples center organs). I know 2k10 had some, but they were not real sounding like live 10 had. Thanks!

    • Ronnie Singh
      Ronnie Singh

      Audio has a lot of terrific stuff going on. We should have an Insight on that soon. From what I heard, the in-stadium sounds are totally buff this year.

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