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Sep 08

Sep 08

PlayStation’s 15th Anniversary Comes to Home, Hudson Shows the Love + New Community Theater Partner

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PlayStation Home Community Specialist

Firstly, to commemorate a very special moment in gaming history, we have a special video celebrating the 15-year anniversary of PlayStation up for you to enjoy in the Theater. It’s been a long time since we started, and I hope you’ll join us in celebrating our “birthday.” As a party favor, each person who checks out the video will get a commemorative ornament, nodding praise to the platform that started it all.

PlayStation virtual item in PlayStation Home (15-year anniversary)

Bomberman fans unite! Visit the new Hudson Gate game space when it is released in PlayStation Home this Thursday, September 9th. Explore the “discs” of this futuristic space and place your bets on the regular Dolphy races, unlock unique rewards, and even pick up Bomberman outfits. Purchase your own Dolphy Room Apartment, where you can raise your very own Dolphy to take part in races. Raise your Dolphy right and you’ll be rewarded as it streaks its way to victory!

Hudson Gate game space in PlayStation Home

Hudson Gate game space in PlayStation Home

Also this week, we have more MAG items including the RAVEN armor now available to further complete your collection. Lockwood’s sweet generosity is definitely not lacking this week either. This week, you’ll find the Lollipop collection of outfits or both male and female, a ton of new furniture and for the ladies, a luxury leather handbag delivering some serious bling in a diamond ring.

Finally, we have a new partnership in the Home Community Theater to announce — GamerIndepth!

GamerIndepth in PlayStation Home

As one of Home’s longest-running fan groups, it seemed only natural to further connect with them. I was able to get a burning question answered by several members of GamerIndepth.

GlassWalls: “I have a question for each of you. You’ve all been supporters of Home for a long time, and now we’re partnering up in the Community Theater. Where do you see the future for both of us heading?”

From Narde15: “Home is such a unique and cutting-edge application that I don’t know how to answer that question. What I can say is that as long as GamerIndepth is around it will keep its ear to the ground and continue to shine the spotlight on everyone making positive noise in PlayStation Home. That’s what we’ve always been about and with the support of the Home Team and the community, we’re not going to limit ourselves.”

From Hippe: “The future looks bright for ALL those that love Home. The future of both Home as an application and the community depends on the bonds we establish with each other. The Home of tomorrow will not be the Home of today. It continues to evolve daily and I hope GamerIndepth can be a part of that evolution every step of the way.”

From homeboy79: “The future of Home looks brighter everyday. The community’s involvement in Home is ultimately key to its success. This is where we come in. I’m confident that together we will continue to provide the highest quality of media and material that is for the community, by the community.”

From YowsahsItsMeesh: “Being an avid Home user soon after open beta was released it has truly been an experience to watch Home evolve into what it has become today….I can definitely see future partnerships such as ours, drawing in more gamers and non-gamers alike, and taking social gaming to an entirely new level.”

There you have it. Go check out their first video playing now in the Home Community Theater.

See you in Home!

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maverick34jjv said:

September 8th, 3:49 pm

Will PS Home always be “beta”? Also Bappy-H day!! and Home is sooo fun. I always thought of a thermometer that can control the environment around Users houses, or seasons? A little fun Idea.


September 8th, 3:53 pm

Super duper congrats to my friends at Gamer-Indepth! You guys work so hard and deserve every blessing that is comming to you. Hippe please breathe so that no one has to put thier mouth on you. HA! Good job guys.

hush404 said:

September 8th, 4:23 pm

kewl PS1 :) I may have to jump into home to nab it.

guy209 said:

September 8th, 4:33 pm

Will we get a trophy room and video sharing anytime soon?

dusek said:

September 8th, 5:11 pm

when will this event end?

MvSly14 said:

September 8th, 5:14 pm

im proud 2 b the same age as playstation,HAPPY BIRTHDAY. N ill definietly wont miss the theater 2morrw

retro25 said:

September 8th, 5:21 pm

HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY PLAYSTATION!!!!! Maybe you guys can create a Playstation Museum space that will be nice and I’ll be at the theater to checkout a special video and get the PSone item. Oh yeah, keep up the good work!!!!

lanis01 said:

September 8th, 5:32 pm

Decent enough update. I’ll care about Home again when the items cap in our personal spaces gets increased.

Gintoki-pyon said:

September 8th, 5:38 pm

Still can’t find the anniversary video in the Theatre…. When will it be up?

Elite_Shadow_FEC said:

September 8th, 6:03 pm

I just want to say Congratulations to all the GI Staff, you all worked very hard to make yourself shine, you guys have an awesome podacast, and you all add a very unique flavor to it. It’s refreshing to see a GI work so hard to spotlight all aspects of the home community and the users in it. I think it’s great you guys are partnering up, with pshome, you all deserve the sweet rewards that lie ahead, and i also want to give a few special shout outs… First of all to GlassWalls — you’re the best man for also taking notice to HOMEstlyle Magazine, along with the rest of the home media. HomeStyle also plans to bring alot of diversity to are readers, and we thank all our HOMEstyle readers for thier support. i also want to give a very special thanks to YowasahsItsmeesh, for being a great friend and my bestie on home, and always offering me 110% of her support. Keep up the great work Gi and Gk,also Director_On_Duty, keep up the good work! pstalent! woot!

HFarnsworth said:

September 8th, 6:06 pm

Oh my are those dolphins tuna safe? And huzzah for the PSONE. I’ve got a PS42 sitting in my basement running a program for cold fusion and Uncharted 12.

HoIlyWoodCeIeb said:

September 8th, 6:16 pm

oh wow dis reminds me of da time me and Dolph Lundgren has gone to sea world after we watched him in dat one movie where hes dat one guy and stuff happens. oh boi im is gettin flashbacks and im goin dere jus to see if dolph maybe gonna show up and flex his muscle hes buff u kno

vr6GOLFr32 said:

September 8th, 6:42 pm

Happy birthday Playstation!

I can still remember when I got my first Playstation. Sooo many “sick” days from school laying on the floor in front of the tv, playing Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy 7!

Soo many good memories and plenty more to come as Playstation has, and always will be my #1 console brand of choice.

Here is my virtual heart to you guys. <3

FxyMxy said:

September 8th, 7:24 pm

First off. Happy birthday :) Second, you made the right choice in partnering with GamerIndepth. They are some of the most dedicated and knowledgeable gamers I have ever met. Each of them have brought a unique personality and wit to their podcasts. Gamerknights and Replay with Doc included!

Goodluck :) and I will be around for the Home celebration!

hjason1 said:

September 8th, 7:31 pm

Hey GW, i beleive it has been the ps3 everyone was asking for..
Not the psone… Just saying


September 8th, 7:52 pm

OMG this is awesome cant wait to have a PS1 in my personal spaces.
see you at the theatre
b-b-b-b-bad b-b-b-b-bad bad to the bone LOL

SyphonFilter- said:

September 8th, 8:58 pm

nice prize,how long will the ps1 be available?


September 8th, 9:03 pm

quote: With the recent client updates we reduced load times significantly and streamlined the whole experience.

Mine still takes up to 15 minutes to load fully… Also how about fixing the lag in Central Plaza.

The psone is a nice touch but you folks should give away each of the consoles thus far. That would really be a nice treat. Playable too…with minis on ur tv in Home…


September 8th, 9:03 pm

Happy B Day playstation. Me love you long time.

ElektroDragon said:

September 8th, 10:14 pm

I wasted time looking for the anniversary video tonight. Sloppy job not to mention it won’t be available until tomorrow! And where will it be, the Community Theater? Sir, you are CLEAR AS MUD!

dogz24680 said:

September 8th, 10:42 pm

I wish the Virtual PS can be used virtually and be able to display content on a virtual TV so your friends can see what PS Game your playing off your HDD/Disc.

jason_rb said:

September 8th, 10:43 pm

How about an Item for the Jewish New Year… (Example an apple and a jar of honey to display on a table). (Wish i could design something for home..)

DaMiGiSan said:

September 8th, 11:09 pm

I went to the Community Theater tonight to get the ornament & the only video’s that I saw were from PSNation, no anniversary video & no ornament/reward, same as with the A&E Lawman vest reward a few months back, when everyone was told to show up at a certain time/day for a “Special preview” of Steven Segal’s Lawman to receive the reward (the Vest in question).So, another Big-Time FAIL!!

tao707 said:

September 8th, 11:30 pm

How is it a fail when any moron with a right mind knows that home never ever updated on Wednesday. It’s always Thursday. So u fail


September 9th, 2:12 am

PS is 15 and I am …

I’ve got a PS1 PS2 PS3 and a PSP and for me, this means that I am a big kid but a bit older as well. I was speaking with a female when the question of age came up. Well, the reply I got when I told her my age was ” YIKES “. I am single but play Little Big Planet with my daughter along with a few other games.

My question to Sony is:
What can you do to accomodate an older age group into a somewhat younger dominated Virtual Land? It is quite likely that in 20 years, those 20 something’s running around in Playstation Home, will be asking that very question. I wish the PS3 was around in the 80’s but I’m making up for lost time in any event.

Final Thought’s: How about making some cool shirts with the year you were born in for those who have the virtual guts to do so.


Create time dated places to do things from a given generation ?


A Hard Core Gamer 4 Life !

Carl-G said:

September 9th, 4:00 am

Happy Birthday PlayStation ;)

Best gaming brand in the WORLD!

juggulator said:

September 9th, 8:47 am

So instead of putting actual full-legnth movies in the theater you decide to put up the podcast of a bunch of fangirls who have no lives. Where’s the mp3 players to play XMB music, where’s the TV’s, where’s MySoti, where’s Steampunk? I don’t give two flips about GI, they know less about gaming than a newborn baby. Just give us the features that we know should already be in Home, but for some odd reason aren’t.

Haskell420 said:

September 9th, 9:51 am

Thanks for the fake PS1 to DISPLAY, it’s cool. BUT, what you NEED to do is make that PS1 ACCESSIBLE to actually PLAY PS1 GAMES!!

For years all we want is to access our PS3 Hard Drive, to be played in OUR Personal Home Space & Clubhouses.

3 main MUST HAVE issues STILL

1. The ability to PLAY the music we have stored on OUR hard drive!!
Were NOT selling it, it’s to be HEARD ONLY! Our HD cannot be accessed like Napster used to do. There is 0 copyright infrignement, it’s OUR PERSONAL SPACES! Then anyone can see or hear what we have stored.

This has yet to be done in any shape or form, and it’s one of the highest priorities for US!

2. The ability to PLAY games IN our Home spaces via, PS1, or a PS2.
Yes we can game launch certain games in Home,any Space and play their mini games, but letting us ACTUALLY access PS1, or PS2 games TO play IN HOME SPACE/CLUB HOUSE is a MUST HAVE FEATURE!

3. Also, the ability to PLAY any VIDEOS,etc, that we have STORED in our PS3’S H.D., that we can play,in our very OWN PERSONAL SPACES and/or Clubshouse!

Nice 2 get a REAL response TODAY. We’ve been asking for since Beta began, OVER 2 YEARS AGO!!

Eddie H aka Haskell420

osricenpatt said:

September 9th, 10:04 am

Wow… I miss having my PS1 and my PS2. I hope there are ornaments of PSone (slim), PS2 fat and slim and PS3s too soon. And just saying…BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY.

Kodaime said:

September 9th, 12:01 pm

Happy Birthday Playstation!!!

moochwooda said:

September 9th, 2:48 pm

i hope this is kooooool

FormerPSfan said:

September 10th, 10:05 am

Fixing the many bugs in home is long overdue. Stop with the minor and useless incremental updates. As it stands the report feature is unusable nearly all of this year and far back as last fall. Abstergo labs & gamer lounge are just two examples of how home has become an embarrassment.

More important is how home has become a well known stomping ground for both racists and perverts. Fixing this problem should be foremost on your teams efforts. But effort on this problem is non existant. Are you going to wait until some national news outlet picks up on that? or until one or more of the troublemakers commits a real crime?

Remember Home has been in beta for years now. It cannot go on that way forever. Sooner or later something must be done so you must ask yourselves this: would you rather see it fixed and go into full release or be scrapped? As it stands theres only one way it can go unless positive changes start NOW.

modchipz said:

September 10th, 10:55 am

Happy Birthday PlayStation!!!

Lucky13X said:

September 10th, 10:37 pm

The PS1 ornnament is a great first. Looking forward to the PS2 and PS3 versions to go along with my PSPGo and PS1.

Arnold_NYC said:

September 19th, 11:28 am

Thanks for gifting the PSOne and Happy 15th Aniiversay Playstation! You Rock!

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