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Sep 08

Sep 08

Qore Episode 28 – Fallout: New Vegas, Dead Rising 2, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Qore Goes to Las Vegas

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Executive Producer, PlayStation Network

In the two years since the release of Bethesda Softworks’ critically acclaimed Fallout 3, the team has been hard at work creating their latest post-nuke romp, Fallout: New Vegas. If big guns, mutants, warring factions and gambling are your thing, check out Veronica’s visit with Senior Producer, Jason Bergman, for an in-depth preview of what’s next in the Fallout franchise. Also, don’t miss a Fallout-inspired slot machine mini-game that reveals some very cool wallpapers.

Developer Blue Castle Games, has taken mowing down zombies to a whole new level in Capcom’s, Dead Rising 2. This thriller is packed with enough parasite infested ghouls and innovative ways to take ‘em out to satisfy even the most discriminating survival horror fan. One of the sequel’s cool new features allows players to slip into a maintenance room and duct tape up their own crazy tools of destruction.

In Qore’s look at Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Veronica Belmont chats with Ninja Theory’s, “Chief Creative Ninja” for an under-the-hood look at the developer’s approach to story-telling and production design. Best known for their PS3 launch title, Heavenly Sword, Ninja Theory has created a lush vibrant universe for Enslaved along with a storyline centered on the symbiotic relationship between the game’s two main characters, Trip and Monkey. The concept art gallery included with the feature story is gorgeous.

In this month’s “On the Road with Qore”, the team’s off to Las Vegas where Veronica shows us how to do Sin City – ‘geek-style.’ From The Pinball Hall of Fame which boasts the world’s largest exhibit of playable pinball machines to The Gun Store to actually shoot the real weapons found in many an FPS, you won’t want to miss Veronica’s experience with full recoil from – THE SAW.

And finally, this month in the Download Center – Warhawk. In celebration of the PlayStation 15th anniversary, Qore annual subscribers can flash back to 1995 and pick up this first generation PS one hit. Also included in this month’s episode for everyone, by popular demand, Veronica Belmont now has her own PS3 theme. And, our friends at Subway have made it possible for you to be the first kid on the block to cruise around PlayStation Home with a virtual Subway Fiery Footlong sandwich.

Episode 28 is now live.

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FredNation said:

September 8th, 3:20 pm

Hey, I’m a fan of Qore and I do have the year subscription but is there going to be any beta’s towards the end of the year? Like will get invited to LBP 2 Beta and Killzone 3? Please reply, that would be great.

Thanks – FredNation (FN)

FredNation said:

September 8th, 3:22 pm

^First! And second!

Sorry typo **Like will we get invited to LBP 2 and Killzone 3?

^That’s better.^

Ok Thank’s again! And also have a great holiday weekend.

vcotson said:

September 8th, 3:32 pm

thanks Kevin! i was wondering have u guys fixed the email notifications? i never get updates in my email and I’m put the opt option not to miss stuff my email is my psn name u see at gmail..but i was curious just like frednation. are we going to get the killzone 3 beta and LBP2 or how about the ps+ users?….i heard this week LBP2 beta is getting sent out… but i was wondering have u guys fixed the email sending out to people bout the weekly updates from the store…. 1 more..are we getting a special gift tomorrow since its PlayStation birthday?

Xulap said:

September 8th, 3:37 pm

So, if I download this issue from PlayStation Plus I won’t get the Warhawk PS1 download?

vcotson said:

September 8th, 3:38 pm

nvm it says warhawk lol for the playstation celebration lol

vcotson said:

September 8th, 3:43 pm

@4 i guess not i just checked and there is nothing…

SunStreaker said:

September 8th, 4:01 pm

The Veronica theme was cool!
Will you be making an Audrey Cleo theme too? That would be awesome!

Thanks for a cool episode!

    Kevin Furuichi's Avatar

    Kevin Furuichi said:

    September 13th, 10:31 pm

    We’ve got an Audrey theme next month that goes with our special GT5 feature.

Tebeau23 said:

September 8th, 4:05 pm

WOW Warhawk for PS1! I wanted to get that for like ever but never got to it! Thanks qore! <3

Miadaskate said:

September 8th, 4:07 pm

Veronica Belmont <3

Love the theme!

Miadaskate said:

September 8th, 4:09 pm


Yes, I agree, an Audrey Cleo Theme would also be much appreciated as well! :)

Dragonzblaze said:

September 8th, 4:09 pm

happy birthday playstation u rock XD

danscloud9 said:

September 8th, 4:11 pm

I get Qore for free with PS Plus…..and I’m still not going to bother downloading it.
Crap in HD is still crap.

NoGodsOnlyMan said:

September 8th, 4:14 pm

Qore coverage on Fallout New Vegas was really good, Fallout
NV is looking great, keep up the good work!

Rezillo said:

September 8th, 4:18 pm

What the hell happened to the Tokyo segment of On The Road with Qore that was supposed to be this month? I wanted to see that toilet museum dammmit.

oycomics said:

September 8th, 4:36 pm

@Rezillo I was wondering the same thing. Color me disappointed.

I’ve actually been enjoying the Japan segments; last month it was the only thing that I even found interesting and was looking forward to seeing the Tokyo visit.

I understand the switch to Las Vegas due to the new Fallout, but here’s hoping it shows up in Episode 29.

Kirkpad said:

September 8th, 4:54 pm

I enjoyed this one. The slot machine wasn’t too time consuming, and Belmont shooting the guns were killer!

JAXX377 said:

September 8th, 5:05 pm

Last months issue of Qore in the store had a Kane & Lynch image over the icon and Qore had Kane and Lynch Content.

This month the Qore icon has a Helghan Soldier on the logo but no Killzone content. Was therer something omitted at the last minute or does the image over the logo mean nothing?

tuttman1234 said:

September 8th, 5:28 pm

I starting this download before leaving for work, so I can’t wait to watch it once I get home. I’m really excited to see the Dead Rising 2 coverage. I was so pumped when I heard this game was coming to PS3.

MadMeat001 said:

September 8th, 5:58 pm

fallout new vegas to enable ps move?

MadMeat001 said:

September 8th, 6:01 pm

it’s funny playstation started at 1995 just like me! happy that we noticed it!

devon55177 said:

September 8th, 7:23 pm

lol playstations 15, wow, cool, ah i love fallout 3 and i’m gona get new vagas, for sure, it looks so beast, also gona get cod black opps

krae_man said:

September 8th, 7:39 pm

I was wondering where this was.

Sorry Kevin I didn’t resubscribe. You lost my trust with that disgracefully bad second year, Providing a free game now is not going to win me back.

Sony’s in for a world of backlash if you continue down this offering Qore subscribers downloadable goodies Plus subscribers don’t get road. If I were in charge of plus I would throw Warhawk PSone up there pronto and immidiately phone the Qore people to prevent that from ever happening again.

Doesn’t matter if someone there is dumb enough to think they can get people to subscribe to both for the odd benefit here and there that doesn’t overlap or you’re just in your own silo and have no clue what everyone else is doing things like this cannot happen.

Still think the videos aren’t worth paying for. Without downloadable goodies Qore has nothing of value to offer.

GAM3R_16 said:

September 8th, 7:44 pm

Awesome Happy B-Day PlayStation!

CDubyahS said:

September 8th, 8:14 pm

kickass download center


forzanerazzurri said:

September 8th, 8:34 pm

MMMM Ms. Belmont.

ixnine said:

September 8th, 9:03 pm

Enos lives!

SpeedRacer1955 said:

September 8th, 9:08 pm

Be careful of the Legends of the Guardians Demo. It is locking up my system and I have re-downloaded and reinstalled it, it still locks up right after the display information notice. And it is a hard lock requiring a reboot of the system with the power button on the slim maybe the I/O button on the Phat’s…

EggySong85 said:

September 8th, 11:04 pm

Not entirely related, but I really want Fallout: NV to patch in move support at some point in the future…

Ekon said:

September 9th, 2:51 am

Hey. Awesome news. Simple question, if known, what camera are you guys using? Thanks!

    Kevin Furuichi's Avatar

    Kevin Furuichi said:

    September 13th, 10:35 pm

    Depands on the feature. Combination of 5D and EX3 and F3


September 9th, 3:30 am

I like the Veronica theme but it would be nicer to have Veronica, Audrey and Christina posing their cuteness in bathing suits. They are pretty hot.

tetsou9shima said:

September 9th, 6:37 am

I saw Veronica at a gas station in PA today……Okay…..not actually live in person. She was on a commercial on one of those T.V.’s above the pump. I think it was about some program that saves your work for you on your computer.

She’s gonna be a major star soon.

Northstar77 said:

September 9th, 11:14 am

OK so do Plus subscribers not get the warhawk download? I did not see it in download center. That would kind of suck sice we were told going into plus we were getting Qore for duration of subscription not Qore lite. Any and everything that comes with Qore should be available to Plus Subscribers since we were told that we would be getting Qore as part of the value…… a main reason I bought it. No one bought Qore for Plus so making the argument that you need to give something to them that plus subscribers do not is ridiculous. Give them a plus discount.

KongWen said:

September 9th, 11:20 am

I couldn’t find the free Warhawk download. Am I doing something wrong? I looked in the download centre and the theme for that woman was there, but no game.

KongWen said:

September 9th, 1:14 pm

Part of the reason I signed up for PS+ was for the Qore membership perks. I’m really hoping Warhawk not being on there (yet) is just an accident of the way they’ve decided to distribute Qore to PS+ members (via the monthly “lite” issue download) and not a deliberate screwing over of PS+ subscribers.

I guess they don’t want 1-3 month PS+ people getting all of the annual Qore perks, but at least give the yearly subscription to PS+ people who’ve bought the full 12 month package.

letherclad said:

September 9th, 8:43 pm

I think PS+ subscribers should get the annual qore subscription gifts, like this months PSone Warhawk

Northstar77 said:

September 10th, 5:40 am

I paid 50 to be a Plus member how the hell can Sony justify giving away something to people that paid less money? Plus is supposed to be the definitive premium playstattion experience.there should be no bonus or freebie we do not receive…this happens again I want my money back. Whay to screw us over sony. Give qore subscibers a plus vdiscount if you feel guilty about giving plus subscribers so much more not go back on your word about what plus is supposed to be. This better not happen to anything I actually care about or you can take this plus and shove it up your Qore.

extwenty3 said:

September 17th, 1:39 pm

Sweet issue! I really like the review for Enslaved. That game looks so interesting! Gotta get it when it comes out. Too bad poster contest is only for American subscribers. :(

Question: Does anyone know the electronic song that played during the Enslaved segment in this issue?

Tmicrochip said:

September 17th, 8:45 pm

I would like to know WHY I don’t have the option to download my free copy of Warhawk for the PS1. I already have a Annual subscription to Qore, and I signed for PS+ when it launched. Anyone have a answer? Is it something that’s being fixed or what!?

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