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Sep 09

Sep 09

PlayStation: 15 Years In The Making…

Rey Gutierrez's Avatar Posted by Senior Social Media Specialist

Today we celebrate 15 Years of PlayStation, the gaming industry and most importantly, the PlayStation fan. It is an honor to officially kick off our celebration on the PlayStation.Blog with a retrospective journey and history lesson 15 years in the making.

The PlayStation, the PlayStation 2, the PlayStation Portable, the PlayStation 3 — these aren’t just names to Sony gaming products — these are milestones in every gamers’ coming of age story. Twisted Metal, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Killzone and God of War, aren’t just clever titles to PlayStation classics — but defining moments in gaming history where PlayStation stands above the rest, delivering memorable experiences and jaw-dropping moments.

PlayStation 15: PlayStationPlayStation 15: PlayStation 2

Sitting at PlayStation and being part of this amazing journey as a gamer and now working with the PlayStation team, I can’t help but recollect my first encounter with Metal Gear Solid. Within moments of popping in my PlayStation Underground disc, and booting the MGS demo — I knew right there and then what I wanted to do with my life. I must have shredded through several layers of protective coating on the PlayStation disc, playing the MGS demo over and over, patiently waiting for Hideo Kojima’s classic. If I can define my favorite PlayStation moment in two words, it would be: Pyscho Mantis.

PlayStation 15: PlayStation PortablePlayStation 15: PlayStation 3

Where were you on September 9th, 1995?

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jvasq said:

September 9th, 6:53 pm

lol man i was about 8 when i got my first ps1…but man i was a baby!!! about it. i remember because it was when pizza hut had a demo disc out for crash bandicoot 3 and medievil. we went as a family to eat pizza and they gave us a free demo disc and i kept wishing i had one. well one day my mom asked me what i wanted for christmas and i kept crying about wanting a ps1. though, we were poor. i mean..like…we had a one bedroom apartment and 5 of us were living there. but thanks to my perfect and awesome mom she bought one for me and my brother. man i was soooooo thrilled. my first 2 games were jersey devil and Jurassic park 2. lol it was soo much fun. ever since then i have one bought and played sony games. so thank you so much sony for the past 14 years (yes im 22….) and honestly if i make it big in the gaming industry (i want to design games…i have an awesome idea if you guys ever want me to come into the studio and tell it to you….) i really owe it to sony…and most importantly my mom. but really thanks. i would die without my ps3 and psp…..happy birthday!!!

starBlinky01 said:

September 9th, 6:58 pm

Where’s giant enemy crab!?

Great video! ^ ^

MadDog3057 said:

September 9th, 6:58 pm

Excellent work on that video Rey. Glad to see your talents are being put to good use.

GoldenArm90 said:

September 9th, 7:01 pm

Where are the “monthly dynamic themes and premium avatars” we were promised on the 6/24 blog about PlayStation Plus? We got nothing in August and so far only 1 in September.

NAMEK said:

September 9th, 7:03 pm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PLAYSTATION!! I, like some didn’t get a PSONE at launch, still remember playing my first game on it though (Resident Evil). Good times I will never forget!

moduz said:

September 9th, 7:03 pm

I will always back you up even if you only release one game per console!!


September 9th, 7:04 pm

I love SONY

katsuo7171 said:

September 9th, 7:06 pm

September 9,1995 I was 3 years old and I vaguely remember anything. What I do remember was 4 years later in 1999 I saw my brother playing spyro the dragon on the PS1 and I had these amazing euphoric moment once he gave me the remote and I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, dying repeatedly, but what I do remember was that was probably the happiest time I’ve ever had. Since then I’ve never looked back and I don’t regreat.

Playstation: Innovator, Generator, Legend

erniemel24fan said:

September 9th, 7:07 pm

Man, I love Playstation. I remember when my dad bought a PS2 in 2004. I was born in ’96, so I wasn’t around for the PS1. I had an N64. But the day I first turned on the PS2 and put in Gran Turismo 3, my life as a gamer was forever changed. It was amazing. Now, the only consoles I play are Playstations. Playstation has always been supreme and always will be. VIVA LA PLAYSTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trinigamer101 said:

September 9th, 7:12 pm

Man, 15 years of gaming and counting, the first time i PlayStation 1 game was jetmoto, and then twisted metal 1 & 2 by my friends house, there after the Street Fighter Alpha 3 plus Tekken 3 and the best of all Gran Turismo 2, when i own my system it was games of games was Metal Gear Solid. Until this day i have PS2 5000 and a PSP 3000 model and the new Slim Line PS3, the gaming bring me and friends closer, cause we play games, talk trash, and have a good time, and make me go to another level of ownership, so i rise my PS3 controller and i say “thank you PlayStation for entertaining us for all these years” cake please…. :)

Destiny89 said:

September 9th, 7:13 pm

That was one pure awesomeness video. i really loved it

Bue2_222 said:

September 9th, 7:18 pm

Happy 15 Birthday PlayStation, here comes 15 more.

remanutd5 said:

September 9th, 7:28 pm

man , its been 15 years already ? surely doesnt feel like it , i have been a playstation fan since the very first day the console launched in NA , i still remember the first time i played Ridge Racer !!!! but the game that made me a playstation lover was Metal Gear Solid ( man what an experience that was ) , i have played some truly amazing games throughout all those years and i know for sure i will keep playing those gems ( i still have to play The Last Guardian this generation ) , looking forward to the next 15 years sony and please i want the next psp ( PSP2 ) to have full psn functionalities ( PSN friends list at all times )

retro25 said:

September 9th, 7:39 pm

This video makes me want to say…..

retro25 said:

September 9th, 7:44 pm

This video makes me want to say… Happy 15 Anniversary Playstation!!! I’m a huge Playstation fan and I have each of the systems already(original PS, PS@,PSP and PS3) and I’ll keep on playing them, ROCK ON SONY.

jstev said:

September 9th, 7:45 pm

Happy anniversary Playstation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a Playstation for life-er I love you Playstation. I’ve owned every system and Never turned Xbox I stayed true and faithful and will always!!! thank you for 15 great years and many more to come!! Love you PS.

retro25 said:

September 9th, 7:45 pm


rochha said:

September 9th, 7:53 pm

oh this feels like those propaganda films from World War 2 or Stormtroopers

D-Fase-Prop said:

September 9th, 7:54 pm

They all sound great, so I won’t talk about the 2 days sleep I lost playing Tenchu 2. Even before that when a buddy my cousin and myself left PS One on for days passing the sticks back and forward playing FFVII. As well as countless other times involving some PS console or PSP hand held unit and not sleeping. NO!! let me tell you about the time I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed my PS2. Long story short I get up play some WWE (WWF at the time) title or something, go to work. Come home rush in to my room and get dressed cause WE partying tonight. Rush out as fast as I can get to the front door, then my gamer brain kicks me very hard in the b@**s I run back thinking nooooo there’s no way. Sure enough there it is…….. NOTHING but the vertical stand that comes packaged inside. NO console, wires, controller NOTHING like I said but the stand, every game gone about 12 or so. My PS2 console was gone, stolen outta my house. Horns outside blowing for me to hurry up to get the night started, I sit on my bed crushed. I went with out for about 2 1/2 years until Madden 2004 came out and I couldn’t take it any more I had to have you back in my life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Playstation your the best.

mafecto said:

September 9th, 8:03 pm

Wow, 15 years already. I remember my buddy got a PS1 for christmas that year. He called me the next day and we spent the next 6 months playing Toshinden, Twisted Metal, Jumping Flash, Loaded!, Descent, NFL Gameday, and Warhawk. I got one the following christmas and never looked back. Remember how the games came in those huge cases at first? Awesome.

I’ll never forget how huge Playstation was when it came out. ‘ve been gaming since Atari 2600. Trust me, it changed everything and was just mind-blowing. The original Driver and Tony Hawk were two of my faves. And of course Squaresoft pretty much owned back in those days. I’m talking 3 – 4 titles a year. Anywho, I’ve been a die-hard since then, loved the PS2 (best system ever), and was one of those folks vehemently defending Sony on forums and comment sections all over the ‘net when the PS3 launched. Dark days. Glad to see they’re finally coming to an end.

Cheers, and thx 4 the memories.

wocyob said:

September 9th, 8:08 pm

i remember the first day i got my ps1 on christmas with a copy of Jurassic Park “think it was in 97”. i also remember i was kind of pissed since i didnt get the N64 i wanted but hell since i played FF7 and MGS i feel in love with the PS … yea later down the line i got my 64 but to me it didnt matter since so much awesome was coming for the ps1

well since from 97 i have always gotten PS systems first knowing i will get the games i loved

PS brand started my love for gaming and will always support PS for the amount of joy i get from there systems

heres to another 15s years of awesome

Happy birthday PS

Skater_Ricky said:

September 9th, 8:36 pm

Awesome Video Editing.. Touched the Heart really did ;)

Thank You Sony for all the Great Years and many more to come :D

snake4308 said:

September 9th, 8:53 pm

That video almost brought me to tears….ALMOST!

The only thing that successfully brought me to tears was the ending of MGS4…..

Shinra_Soilder said:

September 9th, 8:56 pm

I remember what year I got my first PlayStation console. It was on a vacation trip to California in 1997. I stopped at this game shop at a mall and asked my parents to buy me the PlayStation. They agreed and it felt magical. This was the very first console I got to pick. The first game was between Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Subzero. Mortal Kombat Trilogy won my vote and I was happy with it. The PlayStation brand made it’s mark on me and it’s been my favorite console since that day.
Happy 15 Year Anniversary PlayStation!

snake4308 said:

September 9th, 9:01 pm

Anyways, I’ve been loyal to the playstation brand for over 10 years and i’m proud of it and as look around my room anything i own that is game related is playstation and not a hint of microsoft or nintendo can be seen and if i could live it all over again i’d still pick the same team…my team…to playstation and may it prosper for many years to come…

Zoomguy53 said:

September 9th, 9:01 pm

I’ve been a PlayStation fan all my life, maybe it has to do something with being born in 1995. ;) PlayStation FTW!!!

HetZ_15 said:

September 9th, 9:07 pm

Remember getting my first ps when I was 5 with Battle Arena Toshinden.Awesome game. I’m still 5 back then,20 now,and I’m good to go until I see Playstation’s 30th anniversary,hopefully more :p
Point is Playstation defined me and I can’t live without PS brand.

Happy birthday Playstation and nice vid. lloking forward to download it.

Glacier928 said:

September 9th, 9:08 pm

That video was outstanding! i hope you guys release this on the PS Store, I’d love to download it…also, hearing the PS2 Startup Sound in the video brought back a lot of memories…can we get an option for our PS3 to customize our startup sound with previous Playstation startup sounds? :)

midnightshade said:

September 9th, 9:53 pm

I was partying it up back in 9-9-95… as i was in 11th grade in high school. I stopped gaming for a while after junior high.. PlayStation reinvigorated my love for gaming as an adult.. The moment I picked up my PS1 with dual shock controller and Resident Evil 1, FF7 , loaded, Suikoden 2, Decpeption, Hexen and Duke Nukem Time to kill, my jaw hit the floor and I was hooked!! I have been along for the ride ever since. And will forever be a loyal ps fan. Keep up the great work Sony and don’t stop bringing out the games and hardware!

i hit a gaming lull this decade too and the PSP reinvegerated me and it led me to buying a PS3 in 2008 right when 2 AAAA games launched (GTA4 and MGS4) – the hits haven’t stopped, since. I love the PS brand and its free online play and Japanese games and RPGS!

Thrasher20 said:

September 9th, 9:54 pm

PlayStation should be in the history books by now

FredNation said:

September 9th, 10:28 pm

I have used/had all of the originals.

DigitalWolf333 said:

September 9th, 11:25 pm

Oh now i’m getting all emotional <3

jdneul said:

September 9th, 11:32 pm

I remember the day I bought my first PlayStation when I was just a teenager, I had to work lots of hours to afford it as I was still young, and I bought it with Final Fantasy 7 with it, it was the best thing I ever bought.
Sony you have always brought innovation and quality and you always care about gaming, that is why I have bought a PS2, PS3 and a PS3 and as long as you never forget us, I will never forget you and support you always.
Finally I am getting the move soon and can’t wait to throw my move party, exciting times!!

BlazeKush420 said:

September 9th, 11:51 pm

Made me cry

OUT_LAW_009 said:

September 9th, 11:56 pm

Happy birthday playstation

linkinzpark88 said:

September 10th, 2:00 am

I have been there since the Playstation One. Thanks Sony, I not only buy your gaming software but your televisions and other electronics because it is the one name I can trust. Thank you for providing me with all the entertainment I can handle. I can’t wait to see what is up your sleeve in the coming years! Now, I just need a bigger room so I can play the Move! haha

Dark_Vincent said:

September 10th, 4:52 am

I still have my PSX, fat, grey and rocking on with all my PS1 discs.

I remember I was a SEGA fan back when the PSX was originally released and the SEGA Saturn was my dream console back then. I couldn’t get it though, since my parents had just divorced, but I would play it at a local store and a friend’s place everyday. At home I had my SEGA Genesis, playing Phantasy Star, Flashback and other classic stuff.

However, one day I walked into the store and the owner was playing this one beautiful game, the battle song really caught my attention. The character models were a lot more detailed than anything I had seen on the Saturn or the Genesis until then. Suddenly one of the characters, a dude with this huuge sword, emitted a glowing yellow/orange aura followed by this loud sound effect, jumped and hit the enemy with a vertical slash, blowing it up.

From that day, I went on to become a huge Final Fantasy fan and more than that, a PlayStation lover. I got my PSX a few months later when my sister went to US along with a copy of Final Fantasy VII :)

TheYell said:

September 10th, 5:16 am

Happy 15th anniversary PlayStation! My favorite brand of all time!

On 12/18/2010 it will be my 10th PlayStation (gaming that is) anniversary.

yaoi4eva said:

September 10th, 5:25 am

When the PS1 came out, I was estatic for a 5 yr old. I needed that badly. I can remember begging my mama for it forever… I finally got it in 1998 when she just so happen to see it in a pawn shop. My first game for it? Legend of Legaia. (LoL right..?) We had that until she needed money to buy groceries for the house. A few years past, and she died, leaving only my GameBoy color and Pokemon games in hand. (i’m not a traitor! i promise! that was the only handheld that was out/could afford/knew about.) In 2002/03 my uncle (guardian) bought us the fat PS2, b/c again, I needed it badly. I’ve had it ever since. I have over 50 games, 30+ just for PS2. Now I have the PS3 slim. And I plan on keeping it, even if I’m a bum on the street. I will never pawn my PS3. You know, unless there’s an emergency, but I’ll work hard to let it stay with me at all times. ^___^ BTW, I still have my Legend of Legaia game. I’m playing it now. Hopefully you all will release that on PSN. I don’t know how long my disc will last…

Gamble_STARS said:

September 10th, 6:52 am

Where was I
@ my cousins playing the demo disk the day it came out!!

ptpete said:

September 10th, 7:05 am

December 27th 1997 – PS with Fifa 98, Cool borders and Riiiiiiiidge Raaacerrrrrr Revo.

Best Christmas present surprise I ever had from my parents. They even made me wait til 2 days after Christmas day!

And today was momentous because I joined PSN+ at last. What great value that service is if you don’t own many/any of the titles on offer.

Korghano said:

September 10th, 7:22 am

Man, I miss Phil Harrison!

The video brought back so many memories, great stuff.

Hideo2007 said:

September 10th, 7:58 am

Happy 15th Birthday PlayStation!!! I got my first PlayStation on August 15, 1997 as my birthday gift. The game that I got addicted on is Metal Gear Solid 1, and the rest as they say is history.

LucasXX said:

September 10th, 8:02 am

Awsome Epic Video.
Congratulations on the 15th anniversary Playstation.
It’s an Honor and a joy to be a part of the PS story as a fan and a gamer.
Thank you for this amazing video and memories of joy and happinnes throughout these amazing years.

Long Live The King Of Game

Long Live The Playstation

LucasXX said:

September 10th, 8:06 am

From the Original Playstation to the Playstation 3 and beyond.
15 years of Awsomeness.
And may it be much more years to come.

kolobear said:

September 10th, 8:31 am

September 9, 1995 – I had just turned 15 and was working at a Skating Rink as a Floor Guard/DJ/Skate Room Attendee. None of my friends were even thinking of gaming at that time. I was still stuck playing my Sega Genesis and didn’t even know that the Playstation was coming out. Thankfully it wasn’t too long after that some friends got their Playstations and I got to experience some cool games. I didn’t purchase a Playstation until 1999 and it was a gift to my sister. It was over 1-year later when she moved out and left me the Playstation that I had one of my own. I got my Playstation 2 for Christmas in 2001, I bought my PSP in March 2004, and I purchased my Playstation 3 in July 2008.

Thanks for all the good times Sony!

drivatar said:

September 10th, 8:36 am

Best moment: Getting the original PlayStation at launch.

Worst moment: Removal of OtherOS.

FormerPSfan said:

September 10th, 9:44 am

the 14th anniversary was truly the last happy playstation birthday. This week marks a truly dismal event for far too many of us loyal playstation fans. Will this useless virtual item and seconds long second rate video gives back all that we’ve lost? how about OtherOS, SACD Playback, PS2 emulation, the whole whost of blog.share ideas that are wanted by thousands upon THOUSANDS of PS3 owners? what about them?


Anselmo22 said:

September 10th, 10:02 am

Happy B-Day Sony, one Question, Is there any way to download the Black Wallpaper of the PS3 Theme 15 Years Anniversary? Please >_<

Rene_Led said:

September 10th, 10:14 am

September 9, 1995
I was 4 years old and still playing the SNES lol
I got my PS1 until 1998 and I started out with Crash Bandicoot.
My first M game was Resident Evil 2 only because I was given a box of PS1 games for a birthday and I tried em all! Just like catchin Pokemon on Gboy and the TV at the time hahahaha! lol

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