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Sep 10

Sep 10

PlayStation Plus FAQ

Lex Scheuble's Avatar Posted by PSN Marketing Manager

We’ve received a lot of questions in regards to PlayStation Plus: How to use it, what content is available, and more. Today we’d like to present some answers to some of the common questions we’ve heard.

PlayStation Plus

Q: What is PlayStation Plus?

A: PlayStation Plus is a subscription service offered to enhance your experience on the already free PlayStation Network. It offers you, the user, exclusive services for added convenience:

  • Automatic downloads where select game demos and other content get delivered straight to your PS3 system, so you don’t have to think about it.
  • Full game trials which allow you to play up to 60 consecutive minutes of a game. When you purchase the full game (or when you insert the Blu-ray disc of that game), you will get the PSN trophies that you earned during the trial.
  • Special discounts on the PlayStation Store and exclusive opportunities like select betas and select early demos.

Our goal is to deliver a valuable enhancement to your gaming experience.

Currently, you can purchase a three-month subscription at $17.99 or an annual subscription at $49.99 with an additional three months free. Subscriptions can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store, or you can purchase PlayStation Network cards at a retailer near you now; dedicated PlayStation Plus cards are coming in October.

Q: How do I use PlayStation Plus?

A: After you purchase your three-month or one-year subscription, your account will be branded as a PlayStation Plus account with a Plus logo next to your PSN ID. There is a PlayStation Plus category in the PlayStation Store where you can see all the offerings available to you at that time, or you can peruse other parts of the PlayStation Store and you will be able to see discounts, exclusive content and games, themes and avatars that are available to you in each category.

Q: What is the PlayStation Plus release schedule?

A: PlayStation Plus has a monthly rotating schedule of content that we post on a bi-weekly basis or, to rephrase, we post new content every other Tuesday. We plan to feature PlayStation.Blog posts the following Wednesday so you will see what’s coming (and what’s being taken down) for the next PlayStation Plus update.

Some content that was posted will be removed from the Plus category but not from the PlayStation Store. As long as you have downloaded the content and are an active PlayStation Plus subscriber, you will be able to re-download your content, even if it is removed from the Plus rotation or if you have deleted the content.

Q: What happens when my PlayStation Plus subscription ends?

A: The content you have downloaded as part of your PlayStation Plus subscription at no charge is only accessible as long as you are an active subscriber. The exceptions are free themes and avatars, which you will continue to have access to, even if you are no longer a subscriber. Anything you have purchased (even if you purchased it at a discount) will remain available to you even if your subscription ends.

Q: My subscription expired, but I renewed it late. Will I get my content back?

A: Yes you will.

Q: What do I currently get with PlayStation Plus?

A: PlayStation Plus offers a variety of discounts, games and exclusive content. In general, you will have access to at least the following, which rotate monthly:

  • 1 PSN game or PSone Classic game
  • 2 minis
  • A monthly Qore single episode

Currently, there are categories from our partners at Midway and Tik-Creat Games that offer 20% off PSN games and free add-ons.

We will continue to regulaly update PlayStation Plus with XMB themes and avatars, exclusive items, select game demos and additional discounts. We will also offer exclusive opportunities only made available to PlayStation Plus members such as our current Hulu Plus Preview and the discounted two-year PlayStation Protection Plan.

Q: Is Qore included in PlayStation Plus?

A: Yes, the current monthly single episode is included in PlayStation Plus — the same episode found on the PlayStation Store (regular price $2.99 per episode). Annual Qore subscribers still receive their monthly subscription including their additional downloadable content.

Q: What about those exclusive game betas?

A: Betas have limited invites and based on selection criteria not every PlayStation Plus member will get access to every beta; however, we’re working with game developers to make qualified PlayStation Plus members the first to gain access.

Many game betas are done to test certain parts of a game or certain functionality (like previous game add-on integration) so that when the final version of the game launches, it’s the best it can be. Oftentimes, betas are extremely limited as well. We need to ensure that members of Plus meet that individual beta’s requirement to be issued an exclusive invite.

There are two betas for PlayStation Plus members coming up shortly and more details will be announced soon.

Q: Why did X country get this and we didn’t?

A: Different countries have different rights, release schedules and, as many of you know, have different things available in their PlayStation Store for this reason. We are constantly working to align our content globally, but to also ensure that our North American audience gets the content that is available to them as some games are released globally on different schedules.

Q: What about Cross-Game Chat (or other functionality)?

A: We are constantly working on new services and features to enhance your PlayStation experience; however, Cross-Game Chat was not announced as a part of PlayStation Plus’ features. We know that Cross-Game Chat is a functionality our fans are extremely interested in and we are always striving to improve the PlayStation Network experience and services.

We invite you to send us your feedback and suggestions using the PlayStation.Blog Share tool (located to the right of this post) and stay up to date on what we are doing by signing up for newsletters, our forums, and following us on the PlayStation.Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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JoeDierte said:

September 13th, 8:28 pm

I recently looked at Sony Corporations stock for the past year. I find it interesting to see the steady drop in value before the rumored announcement of PS Plus. lol

letherclad said:

September 13th, 10:19 pm

I think PS+ subscribers should get the annual qore content, it just makes sense.

estoc1 said:

September 14th, 12:09 pm

I’d consider getting a PSN Plus if they have all old school arcade (IE Sega, SNK) stuff on there just like Xbox 360 Live and the Wii Virtual Console. But since that won’t happen…no thanks. I’ll stick with the WII shop for my needs.

gamekoning said:

September 14th, 4:45 pm

ATM i think playstation plus sucks is should be more dynamich it should be worth be named playstation plus, ATM i dont think it’s worth 50 bucks or 17,99 you guys should have more exclusive things but you guys should not forget caring about your not playstation plus users and i think the ingame chat should be for everybody its something we asked about for along time. and you guys shouldnt be like microsoft they only think about money and not think about making their costumers happy. i hope u guys read this and respond peace

Mystakill2 said:

September 15th, 7:39 pm

What’s up with the disparity in PSN+ between the US & UK? PSN+ UK gamers have received several full-length free games such as Sam & Max, LBP, and Wipeout. Where’s ours? Also, they seem to be getting more content in general than we do; High Velocity Bowling Move update, Heavy Rain Move, and a host of other games which either still haven’t been seen over here, or are significantly delayed.

Tmicrochip said:

September 17th, 8:52 pm

My only wonder is you said that “Annual Qore subscribers still receive their monthly subscription including their additional downloadable content.” Well perhaps it’s a bug or something has changed… but I am a annual Qore subscribe as well as a PS+ Subscriber and when I downloaded Epidose 28 of Qore. The Free download of Warhawk for the PS1 wasn’t in the download center. Now, I understand that it’s a new service and like everything there are kinks to work out. I would just like to know if this problem is being handled cuase I’d like to think there will still be a reason for me to keep my Qore Subscription plus… I really want my PS1 Warhawk.

thrashed1984 said:

September 19th, 4:33 am

You guys should make DLCs for all games global and not with region locks. If subscribing to PSN Plus would give me that perk, I would definitely get it.

Suicide_Surfer said:

September 19th, 6:21 am


w_misfit said:

September 22nd, 5:49 pm

So far the Playstation Plus membership hasn’t been as bad as most people have said granted not many games on it were as good but still the service has been good to me.

My only question is that my subscription ends next month can i renew my subscription at any time?

Alkataz said:

September 23rd, 3:44 pm

I think most of the ranting about what the PSN+ is unfounded. So what if the games are over a year old before they are offered at a discount? I mean be realistic, how much of a discount can they offer you on a new game without losing money? I mean when is the last time Xbox Live offered you anything free no matter how old it is? For those of you who don’t know the answer , THEY DON’T!!! There is arcade games on Live right now that are way over a year old and still at full price and add-on content for games that are over 2 years old and is still not free. And almost all of Live’s Deal of the Week content is for games that have been out for a while as well and which if you are a “hardcore gamer” you have probably already purchased. PSN+ has some good deals on add-on content and they are adding more stuff all the time. Of course they are in it to make a profit, isn’t that why you sell a product in the first place?

Alkataz said:

September 23rd, 3:45 pm

As for cross game chat yes it is a big ticket item, but that kind of implementation is difficult. If my memory serves me correctly on the original Xbox there was multichat which would be the equal to cross chat in PSN’s case they removed it when the new Live and Xbox 360 launched and it took them over 2 years to effectively implement it again. Microsoft is a software company and if it took them that long to get it right I mean it is only fair that you give a primarily hardware oriented company like SONY some slack. You guys whining about it every other post is not going to make them move any quicker.

I think SONY is doing a great job trying to bring us content more and features. Some of us will be waiting patiently to see what you will bring us next. :)

Tmicrochip said:

September 23rd, 4:54 pm

I just want acess to my annual Qore subscription that I paid for. It’s crazy to think I paid for PS+ and I loose something I paid for.

DJ_Bunce said:

October 5th, 12:53 am

could you tell us what time the stores likely to get updated? Im on a british psn+ account in japan, so either GMT or GMT+8 is fine lol :)

lcsaint22 said:

October 5th, 6:08 pm

I’m a long time fan of all things PlayStation and I’ve been along for all 15 years of the ride as a consumer and I just recently started working for a studio that frequents Sony consoles. I have every reason in the world to stand up and defend SCE, but right now I’m on the fence.

I feel like the initial advertisements were misleading in regards to beta invites. Sure you never once said that ALL Plus members were GUARANTEED spots in ALL betas but surely you can see how the average person could make such a leap when reading statements like(I’m paraphrasing) “includes access to exclusive betas.”

I would be less disappointed about going 0 for 2 on beta invites so far if I had been told UPFRONT(not in a blog Q&A after the fact) that being a plus member only earns me a CHANCE at receiving invites, not a guarantee. Intentional or not, I can’t help but feel like I was lied to(lies of omission do count).

You need to put it out there(up front and in bright shinny letters) that being a plus member doesn’t guarantee beta invites. And not just in this blog (which even I don’t read on a regular basis). Not all PlayStation owners or even PlayStation Plus members read everything in this blog.

woody6243 said:

October 6th, 7:35 am

I could care less about the cross game chat. I don’t see that as a benefit. I would however like to comment on the free content available. I suggest that if you don’t like the content being offered for free, maybe mention what you would like instead of just complaining non-stop about it. I frequently check out the blog and FAQ sections for Plus and all I read is belly aching about the fact that you aren’t receive $50 worth of content every time the Store is updated.
I’ll admit that the chat maybe more important to others than it is to me, but be happy that you’re given content that is valued at much more than what you actually paid for it.

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