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Sep 14

Sep 14

This Friday in SF: Experience PlayStation Move, Win Prizes and Lounge in Kevin Butler’s Office

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Sr. Social Media Manager

As you know, the PlayStation Move will be available this weekend, and to help give you a preview of the fun times ahead, we’ve set up “PlayStation HQ” locations in cities throughout the U.S. so you can get some hands-on time with the games before launch.

I haven’t had a chance to drop by and prop my feet on Kevin Butler’s desk, so I’m planning to rectify that this Friday. Why don’t you join me? I promise to bring along pizza, schwag, and even some PlayStation Move bundles and software to raffle off to those who visit.

San Francisco store front

The cool thing about these venues is, we’re granting hands-on time with some of these Move-enabled games that most people have never tried. Here’s the title list for Friday night’s meet-up:

Plan to arrive early, as we only have space for about 200 friends. You can RSVP here.

The details:

Friday, September 17
Location: 658 Market Street, San Francisco
Time: 6 – 9 pm
RSVP: on Facebook

What do you like on your pizza?
Hope to see you there!

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Chevy-913 said:

September 15th, 8:57 am

i want to be apart of sony so freakin bad!!!!!!!! lol

WrekGar said:

September 15th, 9:22 am

This is 1 event I wont be able to make majorly disappointed. But I will hunt down the headquarters that are gonna be here on the east coast I will be bringing some friends along as well to introduce them to what MOVE is all about.

HarlemKlown said:

September 15th, 10:18 am

What about NY…?

solace357 said:

September 15th, 10:42 am

NYC is closest thing on east coast?
Remember the love we showed you in Boston Jeff?!
If we got a month in NYC, maybe I’ll make the drive. What are the hours?

Kevjak19 said:

September 15th, 10:53 am

why don’t you ever do something like in Canada?

Thrasher20 said:

September 15th, 11:10 am

Aww man I can’t go. Well it’s cool I won a pass to E3 in the 2010 PSB meetup

Haskell420 said:

September 15th, 11:14 am

Good day Sir, how are you? I live on Long Island, and after reading this post, you say you wil be in S.Fran, and will have room for approx. 200 people and that there will be contests and giveaways.

Now my question is, since I live on Long Island, I did see the address you posted to the other NY PS member

September 13th through October 16th.
New York:
3 W 57th Street, New York, NY 10019

1. Will the NY location also have the contests and giveaways like your doing in San Fran?
Or, is this contests etc., JUST for Sn Fran?

I thank you for your time and I await your response.

Eddie H
PSN ID: Haskell420
Gamer Advisory Panel Member since 1999

Spyroluver88 said:

September 15th, 11:34 am

Could you please post the info for the HQ in Los Angeles? I would like to come down and join the fun!! And any chance of you doing a meet-up at the LA one, too? Thanks!!

renegadesquad said:

September 15th, 12:02 pm

i hopr that they can make a few more improvments before they get it onto store shelves. i wish that playstation would come to pennsylvania sometime. plz show some east coast love lol. ur still great playstation.

Edd said:

September 15th, 12:33 pm

Yeah I was kind of thinking about Aragorn’s Quest Jeff, but it seems to be aimed more at kids and I’m worried I won’t find it very challenging/stimulating if that makes sense, I’ve been hoping for some previews lately, do you have any input? Have you played it?

BalramRules said:

September 15th, 1:00 pm

watz a venue? =1
(dnt worry, i’ll just google it) =P

The1stMJC said:

September 15th, 3:00 pm

PlayStation HQ in Chicago


eRic0095 said:

September 16th, 12:12 am

Is Canada going to be gettin some love anytime soon? Vancouver in particular ;)

plaztiksyke said:

September 16th, 3:07 pm

I’m most excited to try echochrome ii, Flight Control HD, and Heavy Rain. I really hope that

Will we be able to get a flavor of the story in The Fight? The gritty look and gameplay has me intrigued, but I think I’ll get bored quickly if the story and characters aren’t deep enough.

cool_Pinoy2343 said:

September 16th, 7:07 pm

so is jeff dropping by in LA as well? like is there an event in LA or is there just a playstation HQ?

TheMarsZeppelin said:

September 17th, 1:51 am

what i don’t get is why none of this was offered in dc. All i read is how every event you guys have there is some prizes, amazing food, maybe even a guest appearance. All we got was a shirt, free alcohol, and some snacks. I loved the event i love the shirt i got thought the playstation move was very cool but i was disappointed i expected a lot more. Whats worse is that you said look at our past events so i did and that made the hype even worse for me because i really expected there to be a give away, contest, free bundles/games and it didn’t happen.

Mr_AzNDrEaMeR510 said:

September 17th, 10:34 pm

just came back from the event and it was pretty cool. it was cool seeing you there jeff. it was unfortunate that there wasnt more games like heavy rain, time crisis, or resident evil. but it was still fun nonetheless. hoping that sony does more stuff like this within the community. i read the blogs everyday so hopefully therell be more events like this. = )

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