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Sep 14

Sep 14

Sports Champions Week: Archery

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

PlayStation Move is just days away from hitting store shelves, and for those of you picking it up, Sports Champions is your likely first destination. So what do you get with this game? And how does Sports Champions show off the power and precision of PlayStation Move?

For the rest of this week, we’ll be highlighting some of the half-dozen events featured in the game. Today, we get our Legolas on with Archery.

Any questions about archery? We’ll do our best to answer them here.

Tomorrow: Gladiator Duel

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Callahan09 said:

September 14th, 3:11 pm

Wow, this archery has a lot more to it than I thought. I thought it was just the normal target practice. All those other modes? That’s awesome!

X_Reaper said:

September 14th, 3:13 pm

Why no online? I mean….none of my friends have a ps3, so they’re certainly not going to spend $50-$100 to play multiplayer with me, and I’m certainly not going to drop another $100 for a total of $300 just to play with them…Guess I’ll never experience multiplayer move…

SupaGokuMan said:

September 14th, 3:17 pm

i cant wait to get the move Friday. i bought this game today.

Pirate43 said:

September 14th, 3:22 pm

I’m really wondering, how are you guys gonna handle character customization? will there even be any?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeremy Ray said:

    September 14th, 5:39 pm

    There are a cast of characters with more unlockable characters and outfits available as you progress.

KILLZONE79 said:

September 14th, 3:22 pm

i preordered the PlayStation Move sports champion bundle for $99

iNvidious01 said:

September 14th, 3:59 pm

looks a bit weird

BigPoppaB said:

September 14th, 4:02 pm

i hate to be that guy… i never am… but whens the store update coming? Normally I dont care, but FIFA 11 dude!!

futuristicos said:

September 14th, 4:51 pm

So we wont ever need SIXAXIS for anything…

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeremy Ray said:

    September 14th, 5:40 pm

    SC uses only the Move motion controller. No traditional controller or navigation controller is used.

chrizburnz said:

September 14th, 5:05 pm

The feedback from this has been more than expected, with great news as well. I’m strongly looking forward to this!

valley428 said:

September 14th, 5:16 pm

so if it takes the trajectory line out of bronze to silver, whats different about gold and silver?


September 14th, 6:01 pm

@50 yep….that and the fact that they haven’t supported remote play, PS Eye and are already changing the promises of PS+ mean I’m not laying out the cash for at least a year.

packy17 said:

September 14th, 7:44 pm

Pumped for Move. Got to play with it in DC (although it was sufficiently crazy there and my girl wanted to leave early) and loved it. My dad seems into it too, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting the 99$ bundle on Friday.

Probably no info on this, but do you guys know if there will be a midnight launch at retail, and who would be doing one?

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

September 14th, 7:46 pm

@10 Jeff Rubenstein, thanks for answering my question.

judalation said:

September 15th, 2:53 am

I went to a Move expo in NYC and the game that blew me away was Kung FU Live… This will be the next Fat princess for Psn.. Sony PLEASE buy Virtural Air Guitar company and lock up the tecnology before the Kinect Goonies get a hand on it! I repeat Buy This tec asap and market against Kinect… as a Plus suscriber and a stock holder I fear how the Kinect would use this tec to crush the move!

black26ss said:

September 15th, 6:23 am

i cant wait my pre order is going to be here friday they say i got the bundle and ex move too i think 2 is better thin 1 lol cant wait to get on the move!!!!

bdavid81 said:

September 15th, 1:56 pm

I paid in full at Best Buy today for the $99 bundle, technically free though as it was all games I had won on Twitter in recent months.

After watching the archery video, I’m pretty much set on purchasing a 2nd Move controller for the full experience.

sibbor said:

September 15th, 2:56 pm

@Jeremy Ray
Love the responses. Good job! This game looks like a (dare I say HELL?!) lot of fun! This will be my first Move compatible game I buy (except EyePet & Heavy Rain that I already own).

I already read all your replies, but STILL got a questions about the controls… Is there any way to play two persons in this game, sharing ONE motion controller? Say, Jeff goes first, aiming and shooting, and when he’s finished K. Butler takes the motion controller and finish his round..?

Player 1 = 1 motion controller
Player 2 = 1 motion controller
Ex 2.
Player 1 = 2 motion controllers
Player 2 = 1 motion controller”

Gosh, can’t my PlayStation Move arrive already?! My PlayStation Eye is already setup, ready for some action!

ballagh said:

September 15th, 3:09 pm

This game looks sick. I cant wait to pick up my 320 gig bundle and all the games and controllers tomorrow night. If you do ever get into DLC…..3D target archery would be sick on here. Along with different types of bows…ie compound, target, etc… Good job.

austinite04 said:

September 18th, 11:50 pm

I got the MOVE, and SC, and I have to say that I can live with one controller with Gladiator and Archery, but two wands are a must for the Hadrcore gamer in me… The analog controller adapter that you can get for better movement in FPS games isn’t needed until you get FPS games on the market that support Move.. Right now I just have a tech demo that cost me $100+ SONY, please make my investment pay off.. Please release non casual games that need the Move.. Socom 4 and Mag are gonna support it, but I want my current games like Warhawk and other Shooters to support it too…

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