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Sep 15

Sep 15

The Last Guardian Coming to PS3 Holiday 2011, Watch the New Trailer

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Director, SIEA Social Media

A busy day for Team Ico at Tokyo Game Show! In addition to confirming Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection for PS3, Team Ico also showed off a brand-new trailer for The Last Guardian depicting a variety of real-time gameplay footage.

Also, we’ve uploaded new screens of The Last Guardian; click on them to see more.

The Last Guardian

The Last GuardianThe Last Guardian

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SirDaedalus said:

September 16th, 7:06 am

Really looking forward to it!

I hope it’ll be equally good than Shadow of the Colossus!

Champ78 said:

September 16th, 7:23 am


letherclad said:

September 16th, 7:24 am

I’m glad to finally have a release window, I was kinda disappointed that this game wasn’t mentioned at E3. I can’t wait, based on their past efforts on the PS2, what they do with the PS3 may become the best game ever made!

MadMeat001 said:

September 16th, 7:44 am

wow, i kinda preffered the first trailer.
sony tgs is over?
damn i taugh Sony would announce the new deal they got with independant asian dev and it turn out of nothing surprising, why is mgrising on microsoft conference then?

Incubuster said:

September 16th, 8:22 am

Absolutely stunning, can’t wait to get my hands on this!

SpiritThief said:

September 16th, 8:43 am

So much money will spent on Team ICO in 2011.

MarinoBrea said:

September 16th, 8:43 am


Shane_O said:

September 16th, 8:45 am

That’s a longer wait than I expected, but good things come to those who wait. This is already #1 on my wish list for next year.

ShaoranLi said:

September 16th, 9:08 am

GRUAAAH I wash hoping for this year since I got college next year by the time it’d be released! But good games comes in great waits so I’ll trust that this will be worth it. This is definitely THEE game I’m going to get next to Uncharted 3. I’m gonna start making monthly deposits/savings for this game so that way I’ll get this game from Day BRAAAP

nikrel said:

September 16th, 9:14 am

I just do not know what to think of this game…to buy or not to buy, Not saying it does not look interesting or anything just don’t know the story is all about.

Zampano said:

September 16th, 9:18 am

I could probably wax rhapsodic for a page or two, but I think “Sploosh” pretty well sums it up.

Cstrfrk said:

September 16th, 9:22 am

Cool to finally have an announced date. Over a year away or not! I have to just say though. Did we really need to see the creature taking a dump? I mean really LOL

TwinDad said:

September 16th, 9:31 am


Yea. All those 360 RPG titles must not count.

TwinDad said:

September 16th, 9:38 am


I look forward to this game it looks different in a profound way.

Will you have something to post for “project dark” from TGS?

koma1tose said:

September 16th, 9:47 am

Sid is thir game going to run 1080 and/or 60fps cuz if its not i ll be dissappointed we waited so long and it will tell me if i should take it off pre order and just buy it used?

Jvolel said:

September 16th, 10:25 am

Looking really nice!

Who’s a good egaledoggy? whoooo’s a good egaledoggy?

lofiweapwn said:

September 16th, 10:27 am


iTofuMan said:

September 16th, 10:42 am

I’m willing to wait i know this game is going to be great.

Also if anyone can tell me if the rumors are true about Ico/Shadow of Colossus collection coming to ps3. I never got to play Ico, but watching my cousin play SoC was great and i really enjoyed the game. So is it true cuz it would be a day 1 buy from me!

AAAChampions said:

September 16th, 10:55 am

purely amazing. love the art style and direction for the game. looks flawless. need to finish ico and start sotc soon

amjr72 said:

September 16th, 10:59 am

this, Team ICO collection and Project Black (the Demon’s Souls sequel-thing)were the highlight of Sony’s conference.

hopefully we can watch Project Black trailer soon.

cell989 said:

September 16th, 11:02 am

*sniff* that was beautiful awe inspiring

amjr72 said:

September 16th, 11:02 am

Oh, and “Ni No Kuni” looked great too, will Sony publish it? this begs for a localization, Sony has an exclusive product from multi-award winning Studio Ghibli for christ’s sake!!!

ok, i’ll stop now.

angelspawn77 said:

September 16th, 11:06 am

I want NAOW!

Zampano said:

September 16th, 11:29 am

Will the trailers for this and the Ico/SOTC collection be made available on the PSN?

Aspherex said:

September 16th, 11:34 am

Video not working grr

arakouftaian said:

September 16th, 11:35 am

Well i guess we got the confirmation of the 2011 GOTY i was hopping for KILLZONE 3 to win it but THE LAST GUARDIAN will be a marterpiece.

Airwalkinman17 said:

September 16th, 11:36 am

Simply Incredible.
Easily my most anticipated title of 2011.
If SONY continues to release such titles for the ps3 next year, it’s easily another victory for gamers. Next year Sony confirmed exclusives:
Resistance 3
Killzone 3
Infamous 2
Ratchet and Clank:A41
The Last Guardian
And so much more. I love my PS3

Aspherex said:

September 16th, 11:36 am

Oh nvm just needed to reload – awesome trailer btw.

BlindMango said:

September 16th, 11:54 am

Which Holiday? Christmas, this is very misleading… go ahead, say it… Christmas!!! I hate when people are so politically correct… At least say December 2011 if you’re so inclined…

RavageHeitaro said:

September 16th, 11:56 am

Team ICO ftw!

Lighting is phenomenal!

jimmyfoxhound said:

September 16th, 12:03 pm

that poor thing is gonna die at the end of the game I JUST KNOW IT!!!!!!!! Don’t do this to me Team Ico!!! ;_;

mcbuttz78 said:

September 16th, 12:24 pm

all i know is team ico is going to rich when this games drops .. im already buying stock in them.. im no fool//


maltyler84 said:

September 16th, 12:55 pm

I never had the pleasure of playing ICO but I absolutely loved SotC. Since I already know how this genre of game will play out because of SotC I know this game will be awesome. The trailer was kind of crappy though. To people who have no idea what this game is all it looks like is a Nintendogs for the PS3 with a giant flying dog monster.

Jeigh said:

September 16th, 12:56 pm

Damn… Why do you torture me so with a release date so very far away? Time to start working on that time machine again. Or fall into a year-long coma.

Jeigh said:

September 16th, 12:57 pm

Aw.. so cute.

lobotomies4free said:

September 16th, 1:25 pm

I want one!

MiszKratos said:

September 16th, 3:37 pm

Finally it has been dated !! Is it possible it was pushed back to rework it for the Move controllers ?

FireDragonGod said:

September 16th, 3:50 pm

I Wonder If There’s Any Fights Like The Ones In Shadow Of Colosuses, Probably Not But I No This Will B Epic

koma1tose said:

September 16th, 4:26 pm

the only news is that its coming out 2011 holiday . is that really it? no other info . you guys at sony suck, after waiting so long for this game and not no real info . i think you UEDA TO GET ON THIS BLOG AND ANSWER REAL QUESTIONS. AS EACH WEEK GOES BY I SEE LESS AND LESS REASONS TO SUPPORT SONY .ITS COOL ICO COLLECTION COMING OUT BUT DAMN DO A BETTER JOB IN GIVING INFO ON GAME PLAY AND RESOLUTION ON

BRIT-KO said:

September 16th, 4:41 pm

That looks amazing, the graphics, everything, the music too was brilliant, a helluva wait but geezzz doe it look like worth waiting for.

Destiny89 said:

September 16th, 4:54 pm

Epic news is epic. cant wait

wanethemane93 said:

September 16th, 5:20 pm

I said this on the ICO X SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS post, but I’ll say it again. Team Ico is one of the greatest developers and every game they create is a masterpiece. Never got a chance to play Ico, because I was a youngster when it came out and didn’t appreciate that type of game. But once Shadow came out, I was up to experience this studio’s amazing work. So, I can’t wait to play The Last Guardian.

Kchow23 said:

September 16th, 6:08 pm

2011 can’t come soon enough!!

Velzorn said:

September 17th, 4:58 am

I can’t wait for this! I hope that there is a special edition/collectors edition for this, even if there isn’t I’ll be getting it day one.

Elvick_ said:

September 17th, 1:07 pm

It’s going to be great! :D

Ramms said:

September 18th, 12:31 pm

finally !!! a must buy indeed !!!

Sialala said:

September 20th, 5:27 am

can’t wait

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