TGS 2010: Tour the PlayStation Booth

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Greetings from the future. The sun is slowing rising on what is sure to be a beautiful Saturday morning, here in Tokyo. It’s officially the third day of the Tokyo Game Show, and we haven’t missed a beat. PlayStation blew the roof off the Makuhari Messe convention center, with colossal announcements and tons of games. The PlayStation booth is sprawling with thousands of eager members of the press and gamers waiting to get their hands on the latest PS3 titles on PlayStation Move, and our favorite portable, the PSP.

With a video interview with devs on the new Devil May Cry, and a in-depth chat with The Last Guardian’s director and designer, Fumito Ueda — shot, captured and ready to edit. I ventured off on my next assignment — to capture our mammoth and most impressive showing at the Tokyo Game Show yet.

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4 Author Replies

  • <3. PlayStation Gaming 4 Life.

  • Nice montage

  • oh and i just got my move, ill try it soon

  • I have been blinded with too much awesomeness!

  • Awesome montage, and the music was great.

  • Is the interview with Devil May Cry devs coming later or did I miss it somewhere? I’m wondering if it’s a prequel or a total reboot.

    The TGS booths looked awesome by the way :)

  • did you kindly ask them to bring back the good ol Dante?

    • Rey Gutierrez
      Rey Gutierrez

      I politely asked them several things. Their answers were fascinating and insightful. Stay tuned!

  • sithlord489

    it’s a reboot and the new character looks sick as hell

  • @8 right…. whatever you consider sick as in the whole reboot was sickening and not in a good way

  • booth babes…rawr.

  • I’m sorry but the new dante looks like a vampire from twilight. I’d like capcom to bring the old Dante back :(

  • @8 do you have a link confirming this? because so far from just the trailer it could either way, Dante had white hair because he was 2,000 years old on the other games. It makes sense for him to have normal hair at a young age.

  • TrueFFVIIFan

    Can you please have Cox from Castlevania: LoS to do an interview with you? Also, to have him on this blog BEFORE the game is released??? PRETTY PLEASE?!?!? Thanx.

    • Jeff Rubenstein
      Jeff Rubenstein

      Konami just sent over a Castlevania LoS post to us today! Look for it early next week.

  • I like the song, and look at that long line of booth babes! I nearly fainted.

  • @12 yeah here in the blog… they said its a reboot i.e that is Ninja Theory’s vision of a better Dante

  • Just so you know you lost a Move sale here because you did not set up any Kiosk demos at my Best Buy, Target, or Walmart. No way in heck I am paying $130 without getting my hands on it first… Sony marketing FAIL!

  • Any new info on MGS Rising? and I cannot wait for Castlevania Lords of Shadow its gonna be awesome!

  • I wish I could have been there.. games and Japanese Chicks only E3 is better.

  • Nice…Tokyo+Playstation+Babes=Heaven

  • Thanks Rey

    @15 They said it’s a re-imagining, that doesn’t mean it’s a “story” reboot, Ninja Theory making it has nothing to do with that. That same post even says how the enemies are similar to enemies from the first game. I’m just confused about it all because some are reporting it as an early prequel, some are reporting it as a reboot, & then others are just not touching on said subject matter. I’ll just wait for that interview, but I think some people will be shocked when/if they see the tie-ins to the classic series.

  • The DMC trailer also briefly flashes to Dante with white hair, if you blink you miss it.

  • jimmyfoxhound

    I’ll take two cute japanese booth babes to go plz, thanks!

  • Dang they make em cute in Japan!

    I’m envious of you.

  • @21 it is a reboot why else would it be called DmC instead of DMC5? and its “re-imagining”. sure they kept some of his core backstory but changed a lot of stuff

  • whats the name of that song/artist?

  • what would make sense and I hope that they do this is that the guy that calls himself Dante is actually a psychotic person who thinks he is Dante but isn’t

  • Man, I have such a weakness for Japanese women :P

  • PushinNshovinMe

    hah, Japan is a playground.

  • the models over there surely knows how to look good.they surely know how to dress in style….nosebleed! lol

    seriouly now, it seems that you guys are really serious about your motion controls.hope that the support stays there for the long haul
    just for the sake of early adopters

  • i gotta move to japan….

  • It always irks me to see people play Gran Turismo.. invariably facing the wrong direction.

    Does no one know how to drive a real car?

  • japanese girls!

  • PhillyTheCat


  • Where can I get one of the black and red dresses for my wife? I really liked those!! Merchandise idea Sony!!!! Let me know!!

  • Japan released so many nice color for PSP!

    I would really like to buy those than just black in the US to replace my almost broken PSP1000.

  • Nice tour of the Playstation booth. Glad to see it when I couldn’t go to Japan.

  • midnightshade

    ahhhh…droool….JP Booth babes… army of them….

  • HustlnDeath76

    I really want to play Time Crisis™: Razing Storm™!!!!

  • anybody know the name of the song used in this video?!?!

  • Dear Playstation,

    If I wanted to wag a stick around in the air…. I woul have bought a Wii.
    I hope it works out for you… fyi.

  • Aren’t they just adorable? All of those Japanese cartoons tend to make the girls just a little too cute, but after looking at the girls at this show, the comparison’s pretty damn close.

    Not that my American girlfriend isn’t cute or adorable… >.>

  • Here’s an idea: how about holding the damn camera steady on a shot for more than a third of a second so that we can actually see something and absorb it?

    Here’s more: Move’s a gimmick that’ll gather dust faster than the PSP Go, and the PSP Go is dead. 4-paws-up. Deceased. Unwanted.

    You’re welcome.

  • Wooooah easy on the fast cuts! Can’t see what’s going on… would have been better to just use your phone and walk around the booth with it… or do it professionally you know.

  • <3. PlayStation Gaming 4 Life.

    NOW, MAKE SCEJ FIX Cross Game Voice Chat!

  • @niked LOL!

  • the montage is weird. pretend i didn’t wasted my 1 minute

  • awesome song. anyone got the name of it? :)

  • Gotta love the ladies! =}

  • Handige_Harry

    Can i have a Japanese PS BoothBabe?

  • i got my move yesterday and we all had a lot of fun my arms its the best thing that i have played

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