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Sep 20

Sep 20

PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Patrick Seybold's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

PlayStation Network will undergo maintenance tomorrow, September 21st. Maintenance is expected to start at just after 8 am Pacific and will last for several hours, until approximately 5 pm Pacific. During this time, users won’t be able to access the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Home or Account Management, and may encounter difficulty while signing in to PSN.

Because this maintenance window overlaps the normal PlayStation Store publish, we’ll be making new content available tonight. Grace Chen will post the store content as normal when the content is live.

Please stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for updates on tonight’s store publish and for a notice when PSN is fully back online.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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je29836 said:

September 20th, 3:12 pm

and we get firmware 3.5 bra

footballrule said:

September 20th, 3:13 pm

Awesome! Thanks for pushing the PSN Store update 1 day ahead for this week. This is great to hear! I hope the maintenance tomorrow is testing how a new firmware will act. :)

Spacerac said:

September 20th, 3:23 pm

Heh, I’ll be in school all day so it doesn’t affect me at all. Sweet.

AndyReidIsNotFat said:

September 20th, 3:30 pm

Why on earth do maintenance, during the day, on a TUESDAY when new games come out? Especially Multiplayer DLC for one of the hottest games right now, RDR? So i can download the DLC and then what? I cant play it tomorrow from 8-5, so glad i took the day off…..

Sony, sometimes people plan around games and game release dates……you should know that…..way to put customer #1


September 20th, 3:31 pm

@jlmc1978 you the only 1 hiding behind their screen. if we was face to face i wouldn’t hesitate to knock you out. lol you the only “kid’ here worrying about me . your pathetic , i can’t say it enough .i never claim to be a nerd even though im smarter than you by miles . you dont even reach my ankles . anytime you want to see me im at 95st 48 35th ave CORONA QUEENS NY . Sony wont even come to my block and they got more balls then you but not more than me i would smack them and you with my ps3 till the blu ray pops out . oh and i aint scared of jail cuz i know u a cop caller but im a man and take full responsibility for my actions with no remorse . you’re just a coward jlmc1978 . rant on fkn clown

ResoundingFate said:

September 20th, 3:34 pm


first of all, yes he is.

Second, how did you propose to “plan” around this game or your DLC? If the schedule was normal…the store wouldn’t update until tomorrow…sometime after 4pm Pacific time. So if you took tomorrow off, you wouldn’t be able to download and play it anyway. Nice troll attempt, too bad you failed.

Also who plans around for RDR dlc? Its extra content for a bad game. LOL!

JGfan24 said:

September 20th, 3:35 pm

is it true psn store update today monday

thanks grace

ResoundingFate said:

September 20th, 3:38 pm

Also, the update most likely won’t happen till late tonight. Expect it around midnight pacific time. So for us on the East Coast…probably 3am.

socomftbcool said:

September 20th, 3:54 pm

There’s a firmware update coming……….yaaaAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

hjason1 said:

September 20th, 4:09 pm

I have a few questions for you…
What are the extra features on the 3.50 fw update?
We were told that today the extra details would be released.

What is the maintenance for exactly?
And what the heck happened to the drop on sunday?
I know he was supposed to goto tgs, but it is over and should work from there.
He is technically at work while he is there..

That us all

hjason1 said:

September 20th, 4:09 pm

Edit: That is all… lol

CHRISRHODE2004 said:

September 20th, 4:52 pm

Just FYI – kudos for getting in the early update….but if you wait until late tonight to post the update it will be kind of pointless because im guessing some of those files are huge and the downloads might conflict with the maintence schedule so we will have to wait either way. Just saying.

VehicleDestroyr said:

September 20th, 4:57 pm

So, want to explain what ** is about?

Thrawn2034 said:

September 20th, 5:36 pm

If you have playstation plus, do you have access to the new dlc earlier than anybody else?

toasty_hoodie said:

September 20th, 5:48 pm

Rofl…as usual, nothing yet.

No word on the 3.50 update, and no PSN update yet.

Expect this to be a LATE night tonight.

NateDtail91 said:

September 20th, 6:34 pm

most likely going to update at 12 in the morning

austinite04 said:

September 20th, 6:52 pm

hey PSN… the store isn’t loading right now… it says not available in my country!!? I live in the USA..hmmm…

austinite04 said:

September 20th, 6:55 pm

that beta website destroyer talks about doesnt work on my end… wow… just wow.. $54.11 a year for PS+ and I can’t access a beta site??? hmmm…..

Dosx001 said:

September 20th, 7:14 pm

WHAT ABOUT PLAYSTATION PLUS!!! what r we getting man :(

Lestatdelioncort said:

September 20th, 7:15 pm

Anyone know if the Valkyria Chronicles II dlc comes out today too or is that next week

hardknock55 said:

September 20th, 7:20 pm

is it true this update is for fw 3.50 adding full 3D support and an import section for japanese games in the ps store?

etur0 said:

September 20th, 7:33 pm

dang it, it looks like it won’t be until like 2hours after I get home from college tomorrow and the store won’t be updated until after I have went to bed oh well what can you do complaining about it doesn’t change nothing they are doing their best to update the store has fast as possible

Zantagor said:

September 20th, 7:35 pm

the store update is supposedly scheduled for 9PM PST… meaning 12AM EST… that’s bull :/ As if only people on the pacific side matter. This is ridiculous. EST people won’t be able to get to the store until MUCH later than the rest in the end. Quite nice, very professional. What’s the point in updating “early” if in the end half of the country won’t be able to take advantage of it.

PhillyTheCat said:

September 20th, 7:36 pm

@hardknock55~oh it’s true. it may even have something else nice to go with that. @all of the anxious japanese imports fans~ are you ready for “Gaia Seed”…or how about “Cho Aniki” yeah I bet you are excited about that one…go on give it a google and see all of those muscles lmao!

riclucas said:

September 20th, 7:45 pm

12AM EST is too late… Oh well, the maintenance isn’t scheduled to begin before 11am EST so I’m going to bed now and will probably just get up earlier tomorrow so I can download everything before the maintenance begins.

P.S. I do hope the Heavy Rain PS Move update is added tonight… I can’t wait to replay it with new controls!

hardknock55 said:

September 20th, 8:13 pm

i think alot of stuff is being move patched with this update and the japanese import section is going to be a nice addition to psn

Seiven said:

September 20th, 9:16 pm

soooo…”the updates a lie”? I am heading to bed and will download my DLC tomorrow after the maintenance

KILLZONE79 said:

September 20th, 9:27 pm

@ 127

i agree with you its getting late its already 11:27pm centeral here. i have to get up early morning

cjhauserman said:

September 20th, 9:39 pm

What happened to getting the store content on Monday? It is 12:30AM EST Tuesday…

GreyPliskin said:

September 20th, 9:53 pm

What makes you lie SONY? you said the update would be out “tonight” if by tonight you meant 12am let me tell you that you cant tell time for ****.12am is considered TUESDAY NOT MONDAY.


September 20th, 10:15 pm



September 20th, 10:51 pm


Vensito said:

September 20th, 11:12 pm

No Valkenhayn on BBCS? Well that just ruins my night.

Bulleteddy said:

September 21st, 7:31 am

Interesting that on the day new items are supposed to be released, which I’d assume is the busiest weekday of PSN, that maintenance would be scheduled? Who plans these things man? lol.

FormerPSfan said:

September 21st, 8:39 am

A couple of hints from someone with some knowledge of both Electronics and Networking. Maintenance that happens suddenly with little of no notice is not “regular” or “Scheduled”. Such “maintenence” would be carried out in off peak hours which as you obviously haven’t heard is not all day on a weekday, it is in fact when the network is NOT being used the most!!

Anubis80 said:

September 21st, 10:23 am

Oh crap. I about wanted to kill someone! LOL I thought that my account got hacked! Should read the blogs more often than I do. Thanks for the heads up.

RichieAppel said:

September 21st, 11:53 am

Is it normal during maintenance, that my accounts are telling me my passwords or email is invalid, I can’t log in anywhere online that requuires PSN IDs, yet mysteriously I am signed in on the blog here. I hope this is part of maintenance and not something more serious going on.

neostardust said:

September 21st, 11:54 am

So this mean I can’t sign in is that right?

The_ripoff_art said:

September 21st, 12:16 pm

I can wait. I picked up the RDR DLC at 12 am.

Anubis80 said:

September 21st, 12:18 pm

@138 neostardust

No you cant right now. Its just maint so we cant log in but we still can play our games as long as its not an online game like MAG or something.


September 21st, 12:30 pm

Jeff this isn”t going to affect MLB.TV right? I wanna be able to see my phillies tonight and I’m on the east coast. 5pm on west coast is 8pm on east the phillies start at 705.

D-Pryde76 said:

September 21st, 3:47 pm

its 6:46 and i could sign on but i cant go in the PS STORE!!! :(

D-White_123 said:

September 21st, 4:15 pm

Yes only around 45 Mins left until they are done (=

linux731 said:

September 21st, 4:29 pm

Are we EVER getting something like opening someones gamer card directly from a game? For example, if I am playing MW2 and want to send a message to someone in my team, instead of having to open the XMB, scroll all the way to friends, let it load, then scroll to players met, let it load, then uneasily find who you are looking for, then send them a message. Instead, when we want to send a message, we simply open the game scoreboard and choose who you want to send a message to, then press some button that takes us directly to their gamecard. This is how it is on Xbox, this is how it should be on PS3. This would be SERIOUSLY cool. And cross game chat. And voice messages. And be able to report users directly from the PS3, without having to go to that outdated webpage that barely asks any information. And a new XMB. And… lots of stuff. These are the ones people want the most, not 3D, not some stupid little update. A BIG update, with all these features.

kenkraly2004 said:

September 21st, 5:30 pm

Is PSN still down is the mantanice update done yet? I keep getting a error message on my ps3 for PSN.

strider367 said:

September 21st, 5:32 pm

STILL CANT SIGN INTO HOME>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

kenkraly2004 said:

September 21st, 5:36 pm

Come on Playstation fix these maintenance errors for PSN please.

Knightwing09 said:

September 21st, 5:36 pm

Thank you!!!!!! I was getting really worry -_-‘. I just updated and was going to check out Blade Kitten and Sonic Adventure games when I saw the error message.

Arnold_NYC said:

September 21st, 5:42 pm

Thanks for the heads up playstation. Keep up the great work!

kenkraly2004 said:

September 21st, 5:43 pm

Are you going to fix the problem with the PSN error messages playstation? I keep trying to sign into psn and a get a error message 80023017.

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