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Sep 21

Sep 21

PlayStation Canada Wants to See You on October 5th!

Ashley Purdy's Avatar Posted by Public Relations Specialist for Sony Computer Entertainment Canada

Hi everyone! This is my first official PlayStation.Blog entry, and I’m here to invite all the Canadian PlayStation fans out to a great event…an annual event…an exclusive event…

PlayStation Holiday Preview Event Canada

Yes, unbelievably, it’s that time of year again and we are rapidly approaching what many PlayStation fans look forward to all year: the PlayStation Holiday Preview Event party!

This year’s event will take place on October 5 from 5pm to 9pm at the brand-new Sony Centre in downtown Toronto (formerly the old Hummingbird Centre). We’ll be the second event to open up the centre, and everyone is welcome.

What titles are you looking forward to playing? Killzone 3? Gran Turismo 5? SOCOM 4? What about LittleBigPlanet 2? Have a few titles in mind that aren’t first party? That works too, because we are giving you, our fans, exclusive access to all the hottest titles before they hit the retail shelves this holiday season.

Partying at our own ‘centre’ is great, but it wouldn’t be a party without some third party developers. Activision, Disney, Konami, EA, Namco, Ubisoft, Warner and many more will be on board to show you what games they’ve got up their sleeves.

While we can’t guarantee a Kevin Butler appearance like we had at E3, we will provide you with hands-on time with all your favourite titles, live DJs spinning, and delicious food. Because everyone knows that the way to a gamer’s heart is through the games they play and the food they eat!

October may not be cold enough for toques and mittens, but what you can bring are your friends, family members, and frenemies if you like. So if you’re not too busy on a Tuesday evening, come down to the Sony Centre and find out what we’re up to this year.

RSVP to the PlayStation Holiday Preview Event, and please visit our Facebook page for more information.

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Richlando said:

September 21st, 5:04 pm

Oh Canada..theres you some love.

BRIT-KO said:

September 21st, 5:06 pm

Hooray, They’ll be happy for all of 5 minutes lol.

Mucudadada said:

September 21st, 5:07 pm

Whaaaat! American never get anything…. *pout pout*


Glad to see that our Northern Brothers are getting some love from Sony, as well. You’ll have an awesome time, Canada. PlayStation knows how to throw a party!

Kchow23 said:

September 21st, 5:07 pm

Toronto… :( how about Vancouver for a change

riclucas said:

September 21st, 5:10 pm

Finally! I can’t wait… I’m going to have to ask for the day off but it will be worth it! Any plans for giveaways?

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 21st, 6:55 pm

    looking into it now. There are plans to have plans, you could say.

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Ashley Beaulac said:

    September 22nd, 11:26 am

    There will indeed be a few giveaways!

poodude said:

September 21st, 5:10 pm

You say RSVP, is there a limit to the amount of people allowed and a guest list to get in? Obviously there are fire regulations and such, but I just want to know if it will be limited to say, 50, 100, 500 people etc.

Only reason I ask is because I’m not sure if I can go yet, and I wouldn’t like to RSVP and take someone’s place who’s able to go.

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 21st, 6:56 pm

    We can fit a lot of people. RSVPs aren’t binding – we wouldn’t hold a space for someone who might not come.

Curtisio said:

September 21st, 5:10 pm

What about Mexico?… oh, nevermind, that’s Spanish!

poodude said:

September 21st, 5:14 pm

Oh yea, it’s also nice to see Sony showing us Canadians some love, it’s a really nice gesture and really makes me feel like an appreciated consumer. Let’s hope we can have more equality (feature and even wise) with our American brethern more often.

forzanerazzurri said:

September 21st, 5:23 pm

So glad that Sony Canada thinks that ALL 32 million of us live in Toronto. Not surprised though.

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 21st, 6:57 pm

    We were going to do this in Medicine Hat, but reconsidered.

    Seriously, that’s where our headquarters are, so isn’t it the most sensible choice?

LumarQQ said:

September 21st, 5:25 pm

Yay I’m going lol.

And Vancouver always has the better conventions and events compared to Toronto >_> We usually get shanked with half ass work.

I’m sure Sony will bust out an even better event in Vancity later in the year.

NotoriousGamer said:

September 21st, 5:25 pm

Sony Computer Entertainment Canada??? Never heard of it until just now!!

This is greatttt news. So any1 can just walk in or do ppl need a special access or invites to attend the show??

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 21st, 6:58 pm

    Any of you can just come, per the invitation.

MrsKrasinski said:

September 21st, 5:27 pm

Screw TO. Come to Vancouver. Then I’d be able to consider going.

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 21st, 6:58 pm

    But I was *just* in Vancouver! And I heard the poutine is better in Ontario.

    Tell John I said hi.

DarthMoose1986 said:

September 21st, 5:29 pm

Please give us access the the comics store, then us canadians be really happy.

Permafry_42 said:

September 21st, 5:31 pm

Please go to Vancouver as well! I can’t afford to go to the other side of Canada just for 1 event! There’s over 33 million of us, and fact is not all of us live in eastern Canada! If you don’t go to vancouver though, please at least record the highlights of the event for the blog :D!

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 21st, 6:59 pm

    You know, we were just in Seattle, a 2 hour drive away.

bbonds_007 said:

September 21st, 5:31 pm

Why’s Sony always hatting on us Yanks!Canada gets everythinggggggggggggg!!!!


Zarxce said:

September 21st, 5:39 pm

Sure Toronto is awesome, but if you REALLY want to party, you gotta come on over here to Vancouver.

Anyways, if you’re going to be in Ontario, you’re going to need to have Scott Pilgrim there as a special guest. What? He’s a real guy…right?

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 21st, 6:59 pm

    Save me some Envy Adams, kthx.

starBlinky01 said:

September 21st, 5:45 pm

WHAT!? No Vancouver!?

Stoffinator said:

September 21st, 5:46 pm

I sure as hell want to attend. Glad we finally get something on this neck of the woods

Stoffinator said:

September 21st, 5:52 pm

P.S Is this by invite only or you able to come in? Is it free or is there an admission price?

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 21st, 7:00 pm

    No charge, but if you’d like to bring me some syrup, I’ll gladly accept!

Marston43 said:

September 21st, 5:52 pm

Can you guys please come to montreal. PLEASE!!!!!

Destiny89 said:

September 21st, 6:01 pm

oh wow really nice, might go there

MLZ911 said:

September 21st, 6:12 pm

Sweet! finally some T.O. love

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 21st, 7:00 pm

    Actually, we rather dislike Terrell Owens here on the PlayStation Blog :/

scoobycool said:

September 21st, 6:16 pm

Gotta get my hands on inFamous 2 and Ratchet & Clank (If it’s there). Is this free or is there an admission price?

Free or not, I’m gonna be there :D

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 21st, 7:01 pm

    Asked and answered above. Leave your loonies and toonies at home.

Dice_for_Death_ said:

September 21st, 6:24 pm

Pity that I won’t be able to make it to this year’s event, but there’s always hope for next. Gotta save that vacation time for a trip to the States.

pieeater100 said:

September 21st, 6:30 pm

What about Montreal-_-… well there’s always next year ;)

taehyunnie said:

September 21st, 6:32 pm

It’s a free event, but for the past 2 years i’ve went, it’s at random studios and we had to RSVP through email as only the first 100-150 people can get in. So I’d also like to know how we can RSVP or is it just an opened event.

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 21st, 7:01 pm

    We’re in a much larger venue this year. Please read the post for the information.

sTaB_u_N_uR_i said:

September 21st, 6:41 pm

Count me in.

(if i could rsvp, which i cant seem to.)


Stoffinator said:

September 21st, 6:43 pm

I’m hoping Ashley Beaulac is still around to answer some questions? :-]

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Ashley Beaulac said:

    September 22nd, 11:28 am

    I’m always around for you guys and gals!

CapinChronic said:

September 21st, 6:56 pm

What no west coast PS love?? Don’t forget the west coast next year please thanks!

Axecution said:

September 21st, 6:58 pm

Wait can we just walk in and play stuff? for free? whenever we want? Im coincidentally in Toronto on that day for a concert, but i obviously wouldnt miss the concert lol.
Also do you need to be over 18 if you have a guardian that is over 18? D: Pleeease respond. :D

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Ashley Beaulac said:

    September 22nd, 11:30 am

    Just RSVP on the Facebook event page and you’re all set. You’ll receive a wristband at the door and unlimited access to the event. You don’t need to be 18 and over.

Zezzler said:

September 21st, 7:00 pm

FINALLY! I really hope to play some of the amazing AAA titles that sony is known for! I went to fan expo… but it was quite the disapointment (especially compared to last year having uncharted, GOW, and ratchet).
I will for sure RSVP! Thanks SCEC :D

SuperTiso said:

September 21st, 7:02 pm

Confused to see something about Canada on the United States PS Blog?

XxNo0b_H8rxX said:

September 21st, 7:03 pm

Wtf is the tiger thing in the pic?

Stoffinator said:

September 21st, 7:03 pm

Syrup eh? Does that mean you will be there Jeff? Be awesome to finally meet some of you guys from the blog.

Elvick_ said:

September 21st, 7:04 pm

I can’t go. If my boyfriend wasn’t going on business around that time I could go. Curse you and your choice of date. D:

remanutd5 said:

September 21st, 7:16 pm

at 32 thats Invizimals for the PSP

Kchow23 said:

September 21st, 7:19 pm

Well how about you guys make the 2 hour drive to Vancouver next time :) considering how big game development is in Vancouver… ahemm Blue Castle Games, EA Canada, UFG, Radical, Hothead, Big Sandwhich, etc

Kchow23 said:

September 21st, 7:22 pm

Btw Jeff.. did you get to try JapaDogs?

NotoriousGamer said:

September 21st, 7:23 pm

Can you please take a few minutes to explain what you mean by “RSVP to the PlayStation Holiday Preview Event”? Where do you do that and how? do you need facebook acc for it?

and what do you mean by the answer to my question “Any of you can just come, per the invitation.”

i have no idea of the correct details to attend the event guaranteed. i hate to just show up at 4pm there and be not allowed in with my friends.

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Ashley Beaulac said:

    September 22nd, 11:32 am

    Just click through to the link and register…you do need Facebook access. All the details are on the Facebook page. If you do show up at 4 p.m. with your friends, I will make sure you all get in.

Kchow23 said:

September 21st, 7:24 pm

oh and p.s I forgot Propaganda Games

David2Crazy said:

September 21st, 7:34 pm

For people complaining that this should be in Vancouver. Firstly, you are a very close drive to Seattle (where PAX takes place) and a lot closer to California than Ontario. And on top of that, BC consistently has more gaming events than Toronto does. It’s actually quite rare for anything like this to happen in Ontario, and with the huge videogame fanbase here it only makes sense to finally do something in Ontario that centres around videogames. Sony and MS do this only once a year, and its so under publicized that I rarely know its even going on.

As someone who is 24 and has been writing/covering games and been an active member of the greater videogame community since I was in high school, this will actually be the first videogame event that I’ll be attending. Which just goes to show that events like this so rarely happen here.

You will see me there and I’ll undoubtedly have some hands-on impressions of SOCOM 4 at and

A question for Jeff, have any invitations been sent out to websites like IGN, or is this strictly a community driven event?

Ahmed13 said:

September 21st, 7:34 pm

people shut up about the vancouver thing… im in mississauga an hour away from the party… im just happy we got something going on in canada… they’ll do it in vancouver next time… thanks jeff

RurouniSaiya-jin said:

September 21st, 7:42 pm

Great to see some Canadian lovin’. I can’t go because I live in Montreal but I hope everyone in the Toronto area has loads of fun at the event.

dlc74 said:

September 21st, 7:50 pm

How do people without facebook rsvp?

Zoomguy53 said:

September 21st, 7:57 pm

I read the title all happy and realized it was only in Toronto. :( And Saskatchewan is no where near Toronto.

Dragun619 said:

September 21st, 7:58 pm

Will there be any cool Announcements planned for this event, Jeff? :D

sanjo408jr said:

September 21st, 7:59 pm

do u have to be canadian

Permafry_42 said:

September 21st, 7:59 pm

@Jeff Rubenstein #13

but it’s not Vancouver… and that was back in april…

Anyways, there are so many game devs for playstation in vancouver. EA Canada, UFG, Radical, Hothead, Big Sandwhich, Blue Castle Games, etc etc. Vancouver seems like such a logical choice to me… Seattle just isn’t the same thing. not to mention we have to cross the border which is easier said than done (on a usual day about 20-45 min.)

Kirkpad said:

September 21st, 8:10 pm

For me it would take a lot longer to get to Seattle. I’d love to see you come to Vancouver myself, as an avid Canadian PS buyer.

krae_man said:

September 21st, 8:12 pm

Why did Ashley post and run while Jeff is replying to people?

Why is this the first Canadian Blog post in 9 months?

Why is the facebook page used for nothing other then spamming locations where the truck is going to be once a month?

Why is hardly ever touched?

Why does have a consistant rotation of different contests for US citizens but gets like one maybe two contests a year?

What does SCEC actually do? Because from over here it looks like you do nothing.

Are you new Ashley? If so please tell me you’re going to fix all these problems.

I caught Matt’s attention a few months ago and he said he would fix things but nothings happened yet :(

    Ashley Purdy's Avatar

    Ashley Beaulac said:

    September 22nd, 11:36 am

    Jeff is the main man for posting and running the blog, and he and I are actively replying to everyone.

    Yes, I am new, four months in now (almost five) and working hard on being more involved in the blog and the Canadian community! SCEC is a division of SCEA, and we do a heck of a lot here.

    Happy to hear you out krae_man – will I see you at the event?


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