Gran Turismo 5 to Team with Honda in Massive New York Times Square Event

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Gran Turismo fans! If you’re in New York this Thursday, we will be part of a major Honda event in the middle of Times Square to celebrate the launch of their CR-Z Sport Hybrid coupe. In addition to tons of displays, interactive elements, and on-stage entertainment (N.E.R.D.!), we will have a number of racing sleds available for consumers to come by and play the latest build of Gran Turismo 5 in glorious stereoscopic 3D, featuring the all-new CR-Z.

Gran Turismo 5 for PS3: Bern Market Street

Honda will have a huge 3D Spectacolor screen installed to show off their new “Eclipse” commercial in 3D (at 46th, between Broadway and 7th), and there will be a host of other 3D content that will be showcased at the event.

Some other items to keep an eye out for:

  • Exclusive musical performance by N.E.R.D. at the Honda Stage at 12:30pm located on Broadway between 42nd and 43rd Streets
  • Interactive CR-Z vehicle displays
  • Racing simulators for fans to play Gran Turismo 5 in 3D, featuring the CR-Z in-game
  • Maxim models on site to distribute copies of the first ever 3D issue which includes a CR-Z 3D ad
  • Polite in Public photo booths with 3D backdrops
  • Distribution of special screen-printed shirts on-site

Gran Turismo 5 for PS3: Gion, Kyoto

The event is this Thursday, September 23rd going from 10am to 6pm. Hope to see you there!

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  • gt5 will be awesome, too bad i dont live in NY

  • I will be in Time Square tomorrow during that time period. I might just check this out if I have the time.

  • GT 5 Demo, pretty please???

  • Exalted_Knight

    Wow, I thought it was the actual Honda CR-Z in the first photo… Great Work PD and Honda! Too bad I live near Atlanta, Im gonna have to wait until November 2nd to get the game and drive the Honda myself!!! Cant wait to see what trophies are gonna be unleashed!!

  • This will be my first PS event! I’m like 20 minutes away in the Bronx. I’ll definitely try to make this.

  • Nice to see SCEA going all out in a big way for GT5.

  • They’re really pushin that 3D lol. still… I cant wait for GT5!

  • you know, you guys should really warn us when you post pictures from GT5 here. i had to do a double take to make sure those weren’t pictures of real cars.

  • Skater_Ricky

    cant wait got mine preodered

  • WHAT??????????? NY you said ? hells YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will be there for sure !!!!!!!!!! got my G25 driving wheel , GT5 Collectors Edition pre ordered it already , cant freaking wait !!!!!

  • KierFranCis15

    gr5 is too good to be not good

  • It’s going to be a mob scene, especially in the middle of Time Square. You’ll have people who don’t even know what GT5 is lining up to play.

    That being said, I don’t think I can miss this. :o

  • Aw super sick! I wish I was in the east coast for once!

  • YESSSS I don’t have class tomorrow so I will definitely be there, Can’t wait!!!

  • GT5 Demo Please

  • Gibeon_da_Soulja

    Woah, I live in Roosevelt Island and this will be my 1st hands-on with the game. I cant wait. I bet you I will be there real early lol.

  • What’s PSN Beta?

    On topic: can’t wait to play this, might need to get a steering wheel!

  • lucky @$$ NY

  • Dammit I’ll only be passing through on the way to the airport

  • there it’s gonna be a gran turismo 5 bundle with a ps3??????

  • So is Jeff, Sid, or Rey going? I want some footage here on the blog after the show!!!

  • Ill be having the exact same event at my place too….

    Assuming everyone got the E-mail about the location changing to Texas.

  • sweet, but what’s the point o a giant 3d tv?? wouldn’t people have to have the glasses on? who wears those things outside the house??

  • Sony needs to advertise your other big exclusives like this!

  • Amazing! Great PR there sony!

  • Man… Nothing ever comes to Florida T_T

  • hi,any word on when the winner of the song contest will be announced??btw, saw a few pics of this game the other day and man i really love the alps track.looking forward to hear more about the game as launch time nears

  • Sony listen market the hell out of this game!!! you know you want to!!!!

  • @26 yes it do… Drunk collage kids. I’m fifteen minutes away from NY by Path Train.

  • @#27UsharemyFirstname:

    you mean the song contest? that was announced a couple of months ago.


  • I wish I could be there.

  • Only one response including “Honda” in it? No Honda love? :(

    In any case, this is going to be very schwing event. Can’t wait to see some Honda innovation inside GT5 come Thursday. Perfect way for Polyphony Digital to showcase their upcoming release. Go Honda and PD teams!

  • Hmm… I smell more GT5 gameplay videos!

  • You gotta be kidding… I work 5 blocks from there but I’ll be in NJ tomorrow :(

  • NotoriousGamer

    Please bring out a GT Home public space. that would be great. also a killzone space.

  • Maxim models? …Ooh La La

  • obiadekanobi1980

    im going…..just have to find 700 for a flight then a hotel….grrrr it pi/=- me off that we pay the most for our games in the UK and we never get any of these events come over here i mean they had killzone and playstation move tours around the us they get better stuff on playstation plus allwe ever get is the ass end of sony ideas whoppee £1.05p off lbp content, oh and wait we got fat princess avatars i mean WTF i didnt buy the game so i dont really want 20p avatars for free, awsome….not, shape up sony or im defecting….to books lol

  • Somebody shoot video and don’t forget the models! I’m not driving 85 miles for this. Traffic drives me nuts.

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