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Sep 23

Sep 23

LittleBigPlanet 2 Now Launching January 18, 2011 in North America

Eric Levine's Avatar Posted by SCEA PR Manager

LittleBigPlanet 2 compilation

As you may have heard today, Media Molecule shared some news regarding the release date of LittleBigPlanet 2. Obviously this is a big blow to our LittleBigPlanet fans, but we’re sure you’ll understand our decision. As we focus on a 2011 release for our North American, Canadian, and Latin America consumers, we look forward to releasing LittleBigPlanet 2 on January 18th, 2011. Please keep an eye out for more game details and updates as we move closer to our launch.

Here is the statement from Media Molecule:

LittleBigPlanet 2 is a crazy dream, a dream to allow players to make whatever kind of game they want, but also to play though a great adventure of drama and excitement, power-ups, and cinematics. But like all of the most ambitious ideas, it can be a considerable challenge to turn these dreams in fun games. We’ve all been working like powered-up space ninjas and we’re almost there, but because we love what we’ve made, and we love our little sack-friends, and most of all we love all our fans out there, we couldn’t let you all get together until we knew we were giving you the best experience imaginable. Which is why we’ve taken the hard decision to delay the worldwide release of LittleBigPlanet 2, originally slated for later this year to January 2011.

We know this will come as disappointing news for all you LittleBigPlanet fans, and believe us, we are disappointed too. We are a tight-knit team and we take enormous pride in our work, so to raise the bar we’ve set with the original LittleBigPlanet, a game that has been so embraced by all, we’ve agreed to allow ourselves a bit more time to deliver the experience that our great fans and community deserve. We are truly sorry, but hope you understand that we have to build the best possible game, as it is the foundation of our community.

On the upside, we are going to find a way to give more of you a taste of LBP2 prior to launch, so stay tuned.

Thanks for your continued love and support, it won’t be long – we promise.

Lots of love from all at Mm

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Spyroluver88 said:

September 23rd, 10:46 am

Well, I can’t say I am happy that LBP2 got pushed back but I do want the game to be as perfect as you can possibly make it so I do understand. I am going to hate the wait though! I hope you ive us fans something good to hold us over!!

iTofuMan said:

September 23rd, 10:48 am

So whats the reason of the delay? what is it now going to require Move? it better not cuz i dont want to waste 100$ on an accessory im never going to use.

As long as we get a statement as to why its being delay so we know whats going on!

Finaldeath1689 said:

September 23rd, 10:51 am


At least i have Halo Reach to tide me over till then.

DonnyG said:

September 23rd, 10:56 am

I has a sad

les15snc said:

September 23rd, 10:58 am

Wow could this get any worse? Now i have to wait until January and have a 0.0000000000000000001% chance that i will get BETA even if i’ve played the hell out of this game Online and Offline. Some people that have gotten BETA don’t even know what they’re doing and posting videos before they were allowed . . . oh well :(

les15snc said:

September 23rd, 11:00 am

Btw what’s with all the XBOTS? No one cares what your playing on your xbox or what you want to play. . . Unless it’s PS3 related we don’t care!

vcotson said:

September 23rd, 11:06 am

beta soon??!?1 and please please don’t have it for “select” plus members but i can wait till jan…just as long the beta is longer:)

yazter said:

September 23rd, 11:09 am

Saves me money.

Jeigh said:

September 23rd, 11:10 am

Ready when it’s ready, right?

Don’t release an imperfect game. (Remember the state the original started in?) When I get MY hands on it, I want it to be what THEY wanted it to be.

Good call.

saab01 said:

September 23rd, 11:12 am

A sad day for little big planet fans

gillettjoe said:

September 23rd, 11:12 am

Good. I couldn’t have commit to such a deep game with all the other goodies coming out this year.


September 23rd, 11:14 am

Take you time MM, and Sony! I know you guys are going to make a great game. And there will other great games to play on the PS3 and PSP before Jan. I am a little bummed, but it’s all good! I know we are in good hands.

But since we don’t get the game this year. Will LBP 1 still get some holiday love? The last 2 years we had MGS, and PotC levels. Will we see the Disney Princes pack come to LBP 1? Also I would love to be in the Beta of LBP 2, and I think all Plus members should get it!

toology01 said:

September 23rd, 11:18 am

bummed to hear it, still have my preorder for the collector’s edition.

Quick Question? I know all the dlc from the 1st game will work with the sequel. But can the trophies from the earlier dlc like the Metal gear level pack be achieved using littlebigplanet 2 to play the dlc? Havent seen this question anywhere.

I no longer have the first LBP and I wanted to buy some of the level packs when I get LBP2 but I wasnt to make sure I can still get the trophies for the DLC using the LBP2 disc.

lyfestory said:

September 23rd, 11:26 am

take your time, Mm… i can wait… I will buy it, eventually…

df2506 said:

September 23rd, 11:27 am

Ugh. There goes my Christmas present. *sigh* I was so looking forward to this game in November. Man. :(

TheTwelve said:

September 23rd, 11:28 am

@36 Shut-up. Sony has catered to Canada on this blog way too often in the past week. Go get yours and scram.

As for this news, sorry, this sucks. My 2010 just took a turn for the lame.


zombie9 said:

September 23rd, 11:29 am

DELAYSTAION 3- Sad that it will not be released for another 4 months. But I’m still waiting on them to Delay GT5 I know it’s coming. Seems us Playstion 3 gamers have to wait ALOT. But I know it will be worth it. with no major patchs needed when it luanches in Jan:)

TorgoTime said:

September 23rd, 11:30 am

This makes me sad :'(

ZaZeeMan said:

September 23rd, 11:31 am

Crappy news, but there are many other games this holiday.

Xbots?? Serisouly, I hope you are 12 years old. Console neutral maybe? Not everything has to be about “picking a side”. Not every PS3 owner is a frothing-at-the-mouth fanboy (though many are…)

There are many good games for both systems this holiday, and most people don’t mind one of them being delayed. It’s too bad it’s LBP2 but I can wait. But seriously, if they delay GT5 again, I am trading in my PS3 for a copy of Halo 2.

FuzzyLumpkins101 said:

September 23rd, 11:33 am

DAMMIT! i was so pumped for it in November… and January is the WORST time possible to release a game for me (because dead space 2 is coming out) well atleast we’ll all be getting a better game.

please Mm… reassure the community that what you’re doing is really special by opening up the BETA to all public (like MAG beta) either that or have a Dead Space 2 costume pack :P (which will never freaking happen :(…..)

belle_77 said:

September 23rd, 11:33 am

this really sucks christmas is definatly ruined now. how are we all supposed to cope ?

Mucudadada said:

September 23rd, 11:35 am

Welp, there goes my gaming for this fall :(

Guess it will give me time to eliminate the backlog.

Xeerochild said:

September 23rd, 11:35 am

“As we focus on a 2011 release for our North American, Canadian, and Latin America consumers…”

Uh, Canadians are part of North America…

SPOOKULA209 said:

September 23rd, 11:35 am

I’m not mad at this, I’d rather a dev push a game back and make it right then try to push it out just for the sake of putting it out. Think of all the problems with the original LBP (online problems anyway) and think about how much more this game is going to offer. Great Job MM, I will still be getting this game in January on day 1, especially now. I don’t want a game with a million patches, plus there are a boat load of games coming out, this may be good for everyone all the way around. Peace

ToRllQue said:

September 23rd, 11:39 am

I’m fine with the game being delayed but what I’m not fine with is Sony denying all week that is was delayed and now today you turn around and say that it is delayed. I don’t understand this kind of thinking at all.

viper0831 said:

September 23rd, 11:39 am

Sad, Sad News. This is the one PS3 game I have been waiting for. I hope you will at least open up the pre-orders for the Collectors Edition again. Hopefully the extra time added will add even more to the game. Also maybe we will get an open beta.

Korbei83 said:

September 23rd, 11:44 am

Hard decisions are good decisions.

df2506 said:

September 23rd, 11:47 am

Well, I hope we get an open beta, but I’m still very disappointed about this. I’ve been seeing so much footage lately from the closed beta and it all looks so awesome. Not being in the beta now is awful, but I kept telling myself it was only a couple more months. And now its not coming till January. *sigh* Ya, I guess I’m whinning now. Sorry. I’m just disappointed. It was going to be my big Christmas gift. Not sure what to get now…

TUSTIN1 said:

September 23rd, 11:48 am

@64 TheTwelve – “Sony has catered to Canada on this blog way too often in the past week”?!?!?

What kind of ridiculous statement is this anyway? Since there is no Canadian blog, users from all over North America (that includes Canada btw, Eric) come here for their PlayStation news.

I hope the trend continues and we continue to see more on the blog relating to Canada as before this week there has been practically nothing.

WindedHero said:

September 23rd, 11:50 am

“The MediaMolecule that stole Christmas.”

Now instead of unwrapping it we’ll be spending our gift cards on it.

Destiny89 said:

September 23rd, 11:50 am

Sad news but i guess also good since you guys can take the time to improve it even more

TheTwelve said:

September 23rd, 11:51 am

@77 Just commenting on all the ways Canadians whine here. It’s funny.


kNoWlEdGe22 said:

September 23rd, 11:52 am

This is unfortunate… but understandable… At least I won’t have to peel myself away from Gran Turismo 5 now until January…

On another note… “Canadians” are already included when you say “North Americans”… just thought that someone should highlight that…

Kirkpad said:

September 23rd, 11:52 am

I guess they realized that people don’t like it when a company promises fixes and features for their game, only to focus on DLC because it is more profitable than supporting the actual community.

Where is the promised feature of being able to cut materials into the shape of stickers? Hmm? Because this was listed as a feature on the original Mm blog. It’s not there, because Mm makes DLC, not perfect games.

Darkedson said:

September 23rd, 11:53 am

i got to say this is a very smart move guys no need to compete with GT5, this christmas it should be all about GT5 and DC Universe Online.

GLiTcH2 said:

September 23rd, 11:54 am

Any reason why it was delayed, I mean I am not in the beta so maybe there are some bad bugs or something but from all the videos I have seen it looks ready, but I guess that’s not the case. Oh well I suppose I have waited this long so doing some more waiting wont kill me at least I hope it wont kill me cause watching those videos makes me want the game even more!!!

soulreaver182 said:

September 23rd, 11:54 am

Thankfully, I’m only looking forward to the Mortal Kombat: HD Arcade Kollection this fall.

XxNo0b_H8rxX said:

September 23rd, 11:59 am

a week before my birthday, PERFECT!!!

Justp94 said:

September 23rd, 12:00 pm

I’m crying right now… :( haha

SLMNA said:

September 23rd, 12:02 pm

Media Molecule Take your time we are with you all the way!!!

Much love for LPB & LBP 2 !!!

Take your time…

Sindred said:

September 23rd, 12:05 pm

I’d rather devote time to LBP in January than split time between it and GT and DC Universe, so I can wait. Besides, it will be for a good reason.

pecorre said:

September 23rd, 12:05 pm

I only wanted two games in the holiday season, this and GT5. Now I only want GT5, the rest is not interesting (NO, I don’t want Black Ops, Halo Reach, Castlevania, Rock Band 3….)

Now they release it at the same time as Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space 2. 3 games in two weeks, that’s not cool!

DarthLee28 said:

September 23rd, 12:08 pm

well this gives me more time to pay off my CE but I know a few people who are gonna be crushed. if it makes for a better game and not a rush job I’m all for it.

decimalator said:

September 23rd, 12:09 pm

@30 (rjejr)

SCEE wasn’t lying, they were just not commenting on the delay until it was officially announced. There is a big difference. And thus far the only official delays are for NA, Latin America and Canada. There is a definite lack of mention of European territories. SCEE may be trying to stick to the original release date for Europe, and are waiting to comment on a delay until they know they have to delay.

piratedrunk said:

September 23rd, 12:09 pm

Thank you for taking your time to make the game as amazing as possible. I wish more developers would do this.

BPatches701 said:

September 23rd, 12:12 pm

UGGGGG I probably can’t afford all the games I want that come out around that time now! Thanks a lot! I’m sure I’m not the only one that is about to be bombarded with releases around January and Feburary! PLEASE invite me and a bunch more people into BETA and give out some free initial DLC to make up for it. You upset a lot of people.

PhillyTheCat said:

September 23rd, 12:13 pm

@soulreaver182~ I’m playing legacy of kain: soul reaver. most recent game I bought from PSN. only game I still need is Defiance, even though I finished it, I never owned it. mk HD arcade kollection sounds? good to me.

BPatches701 said:

September 23rd, 12:14 pm

And what #92 said. Except GT5 all the games till January suck!

heatseeker said:

September 23rd, 12:17 pm

this is the worst piece of news since 9/11

Lowrent said:

September 23rd, 12:23 pm

2 years ago, my girlfriend gave birth just before LBP’s release and I spent my parental break (4 weeks) playing :)

She’s now pregnant with our second kid, planned for the end of february.

Can you push back the release a little bit more ?

Just kidding ;)
I’ll leave my copy in a locked drawer and wait for my break…

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