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Sep 23

Sep 23

LittleBigPlanet 2 Now Launching January 18, 2011 in North America

Eric Levine's Avatar Posted by SCEA PR Manager

LittleBigPlanet 2 compilation

As you may have heard today, Media Molecule shared some news regarding the release date of LittleBigPlanet 2. Obviously this is a big blow to our LittleBigPlanet fans, but we’re sure you’ll understand our decision. As we focus on a 2011 release for our North American, Canadian, and Latin America consumers, we look forward to releasing LittleBigPlanet 2 on January 18th, 2011. Please keep an eye out for more game details and updates as we move closer to our launch.

Here is the statement from Media Molecule:

LittleBigPlanet 2 is a crazy dream, a dream to allow players to make whatever kind of game they want, but also to play though a great adventure of drama and excitement, power-ups, and cinematics. But like all of the most ambitious ideas, it can be a considerable challenge to turn these dreams in fun games. We’ve all been working like powered-up space ninjas and we’re almost there, but because we love what we’ve made, and we love our little sack-friends, and most of all we love all our fans out there, we couldn’t let you all get together until we knew we were giving you the best experience imaginable. Which is why we’ve taken the hard decision to delay the worldwide release of LittleBigPlanet 2, originally slated for later this year to January 2011.

We know this will come as disappointing news for all you LittleBigPlanet fans, and believe us, we are disappointed too. We are a tight-knit team and we take enormous pride in our work, so to raise the bar we’ve set with the original LittleBigPlanet, a game that has been so embraced by all, we’ve agreed to allow ourselves a bit more time to deliver the experience that our great fans and community deserve. We are truly sorry, but hope you understand that we have to build the best possible game, as it is the foundation of our community.

On the upside, we are going to find a way to give more of you a taste of LBP2 prior to launch, so stay tuned.

Thanks for your continued love and support, it won’t be long – we promise.

Lots of love from all at Mm

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Ninja_Gnome23 said:

September 24th, 12:55 am

Call me a noob or whatever you want, but I have a legitimate question. Does the fact that this has been pushed back til Jan. negate the pre-orders? I pre-ordered the collector’s edition back in August and would really love to know if that pre-order still stands or if I need to do it again. A response would be greatly appreciated.

Sycophant said:

September 24th, 3:17 am

@199 – Pre-order’s will still stand, just wherever you pre-ordered from will have to update the release date in their system, so no worries.

GyverX said:

September 24th, 3:51 am

I do have to say this is a HUGE disappointment. and completely runes my plans. Myself I really Like LBP but my son is all about LBP and I have preordered the Collectors Edition for his birthday at the end of November. I was even going to make a LBP cake (Half a planet that I found on the net). I fully understand why it has to be this way but you try to explain it to a 9 year old and then watch him fight back the tears, trying to be a big guy.

In any case I understand and only ask that you not be to choosy when handing out a beta or demo.


Uraizen said:

September 24th, 4:25 am

More time = more polished game

Bring it on!

TwilighT153 said:

September 24th, 4:48 am

omg… choked up over here…
(presses down on the D-Pad 3 times!!!)
Cheer up Sackboy, maybe MM wants to give you/me/everyone that luvs LBP, a Beta for XMas..?

neostardust said:

September 24th, 5:04 am

Well as much as I’m not liking the fact to wait for this awesome game, I can truly understand what they are doing, this just means that the whole wait period is just for me means a whole lot better gameplay for me, thanks you guys for taking the time to make this already great game even better.

P.S hopefully they’ll be an awesome beta for us PSN Plus users.

skylerpher said:

September 24th, 11:55 am

They’re shooting themselves in the sack foot. People buy video games before Christmas. Nobody buys video games in January. This could only mean the game sucks and they want to minimize their own embarrassment.

BalramRules said:

September 24th, 12:41 pm

at least i can get blak ops for christmas XD

ratchet5467 said:

September 24th, 2:32 pm

well this kinda sucks i was hoping for Nov. 16 but :( o well a lot more longer to wait means it will be better than it is im going to do a interview with the mrc games crew and place it on youtube look for the name mrcgames1 thank you sincerely-admin of

Aeolus426 said:

September 24th, 4:03 pm

wow thanks a lot i preordered the collectors edition first time doing so as well and now i have to wait till next year that’s bull crap i could have gotten other things with that $80 and got lbp2 later

cynel said:

September 24th, 5:47 pm

oh well it least its not another Song controversy

Jr_Gamer_ said:

September 24th, 10:37 pm

I had got the ce little big planet for $80 if I knew I would have waited and got black ops.

Ibn_Elmeedan said:

September 25th, 7:56 am

Oh come one! why do my comments keep on getting pulled into moderation! I mean this time i wrote how disappointed i was but since the delay was about 2 months the game should deserve at least a 9.75 (because it will be so awesome) and it still gets deleted. this happened to me before….. is there something I said…

Ibn_Elmeedan said:

September 25th, 7:58 am

never mind it came back..

kand2ts said:

September 25th, 8:22 am

Ok 1 im not very happy but i DO want it to rock. I was planning on getting this by November so i could play it durin the holidays, i even was planning a christmas level.

Also im not gonna go begging for the beta but i think its weird how i (a VERY active member of lbp, Sometimes playing with freinds, or just strangers.) don’t get a beta but some person who just signed up gets it. I don’t get it. Do you need to be an active level publisher? It takes time to make levels (Im working on an 16 level storyline).

JiiT305 said:

September 25th, 2:06 pm

AWW MAN I WANT That FOr christmas SUCKS D:

digitalman123 said:

September 25th, 4:57 pm

Oh well, now I got time for Sly Collection, Assassin’s Creed, and God of War! November is a little less cluttered now, so I can wait for a perfect LBP2.

dhfhs2 said:

September 26th, 7:56 am

I wasn’t even going to get this game for x-mas, But I wanted the game to be released AT LEAST before 2011.

Jamescretney said:

September 27th, 12:55 pm

Damn! I made up my birthday list, with lbp2 at the top priority! I hate it when game designers do this, but I’m still going to get it!!!
At least I’ll be able to make better videos on youtube now, and after that i’ll make lbp2 vids, sweeeeeeeeet. but then again that is really a kick to the balls

Leon_Badmartin said:

September 27th, 1:40 pm

I bet they arent even adding things….
They are just putting this game behind Black ops and Assassin’s creed. What would you rather get first? LBP 2 or Black ops and AC brotherhood? LBP 2 for me…. DON’T MAKE ME CUSS AT YOU SONY I WILL!

matthaten said:

September 27th, 5:51 pm

People stop aggraviting your selves lbp2 is awesome and will be amazing so stop going crazy and start getting ready

matthaten said:

September 28th, 4:14 pm

people alot of us will be in the beta

KillerRain13 said:

September 29th, 2:25 pm

I think waiting is better then nothing. i just can’t wait untill LBP2 comes out! ^_^ its gonna be better then any other game that comes out. its better for them to push back so they can fix it for us and make it perfect then rushing it like mw2… so Mm take ur time.

KillerRain13 said:

September 29th, 2:27 pm

I got sad when it was comeing out november 17th it was 2 days before my Birth Day T_T, so i guess im a get Medal of honor for my birthday and maybe next year i’ll get LBP2 =) but that mad me dispointed when it got delayed

dsatkins59 said:

September 29th, 6:08 pm

SOO excited about LBP2! im sure its gonna be great.

pandaBAKA said:

October 2nd, 12:40 am

Wow….um….I’m really on the fence with this one. I’m mad because I pre-ordered the damned thing three or four months ago and now the game is being put off even longer. I’m tempted to get my money back. At the same time, my inner fangirl is telling me to be patient….

Ruins my birthday, that’s for sure. Ruins Christmas for everyone else too. I won’t be surprised if this puts a dent in your sales.

Way to go Sony. :/

lforgot said:

October 10th, 1:29 pm

Soo… What things are you guys adding?

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