Patapon 3 Q&A with Hiroyuki Kotani: More epic, more multiplayer

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In addition to Patapon 3’s better-known enhancements — the tough-as-nails Super Hero Patapons, approximately 80 levels, the Pata-text chat system — the topic of multiplayer gameplay remains something of a mystery.

So while at the Tokyo Game Show, I jumped at the chance to speak with Hiroyuki Kotani, better known as the director of the Patapon series, to touch upon more details for his upcoming PSP rhythm-action game. I was particularly interested in how the new online multiplayer-centric gameplay would impact the game, as well as what new challenges the Patapons will face in their strange new surroundings.

Patapon 3 logo

Sid Shuman: Patapon 3’s visual style looks more sophisticated, how have you evolved the art style?

Hiroyuki Kotani, Director, Patapon 3: Along with the more epic theme, we changed the graphical style not only for the Superhero Patapon, but also for the backgrounds. The backgrounds in the previous games looked more flat and two-dimensional. But now in Patapon 3 you can feel much more atmosphere — it’s both more fantastic and more realistic.

Patapon 3 for PSPPatapon 3

The Patapon 3 environments (left) look more dynamic and three dimensional compared to Patapon 2’s flatter, simpler backgrounds (right).

SS: How are the enemies different? Are they bigger? Do they have any new ways to attack your Patapons?

HK: The monsters from the original game have some tricky new actions that are not nice to the Patapons. There will be many more different types of monsters in the game, though details can’t yet be released.

SS: How has multiplayer been expanded and improved for Patapon 3?

HK: The multiplayer part of Patapon 3 is what the team has worked on the most! For Patapon 2, we only offered ad-hoc Wifi connection, but we’re adding infrastructure Wifi play so you’ll be able to play with more people together — eight at once in Patapon 3.

But the biggest evolution for multiplayer is probably opening up the multiplayer stages. Patapon 2’s multiplayer was really limited, but in Patapon 3 you can play on almost all of the stages in multiplayer. That’s one of the biggest improvements.

SS: Will Patapon 3 implement a clan system or buddy system for keeping friends organized in the multiplayer modes?

HK: Unfortunately, I cannot say everything regarding all these details. But there will be a clan feature called “Team.” There will be single-player, of course, and cooperative play, and competitive play as well. The play styles will practically be infinite! This part of the game is still being worked on.

Patapon 3 for PSP

Patapon 3 will offer many more options for character customization, especially for the powerful Super Hero Patapons. All told, expect to see approximately twice the Patapon types.

SS: How will character customization be different in Patapon 3, and will that tie into multiplayer in any way?

HK: How you develop your characters is totally different from the previous games. I can’t say the exact number, but there will be more than double the Patapon types. So now you can be what you want to be! Also, in Patapon 3, you can earn experience points to level up your characters with new skills and abilities. Depending on what kind of skills you acquire, your final performance and effectiveness will be very different.

SS: Does Patapon 3 have more a narrative focus than past Patapon games?

HK: If they played the E3 demo, I can see how users would think that Patapon 3 is different. Patapon 3 will be different from the previous Patapon games, and it will be more dramatic because you are the playing as a hero, the Super Hero Patapon. Players can get more into the game for this reason — it will be a far more epic game.

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11 Author Replies

  • Any MGS: Rising info for PS3? Looking forward to Patapon 3 for my PSP but still surprised you guys haven’t talked to Kojima Productions at all

    • Sid Shuman

      They’re on my hit list! (^_^) Rising is a ways off, so there’s plenty of time for us to do something with them. And we will!

  • I’ve had my copy reserved since August and I can’t wait to play it with my friends.

  • What are the chances of Patapon 3 getting a PsP bundle, ’cause I really need a new psp. My psp’s umd drive doesn’t work anymore, found out about it when I tried to play the latest metal gear, that sucks!

    • Sid Shuman

      We haven’t announced anything on this, but I agree it would be very cool.

  • Here is a question….

    When does PataPon 3 come out?

    Will it be delayed?

    Can you stop posting blogs, when there is no release dates?

    Can you give me the LBP 2 Beta since I am a Plus memeber?

  • Gamble_STARS

    Be nice if they had voice chat. Whats the point of having a PSP wit ha built-in mic, when only SF,SOCOM, and Kill Zone are the only games that utilize it.

    • Sid Shuman

      Yeah. I figure, for a rhythm game, latency/lag would be a major consideration. So that might be a factor (just guessing, though).

  • ForgiveMyAim

    I have a serious question,

    Pata Pata Pata Pon?

  • PS3 should be able to play PSP games bought from the PSstore :(

  • Exalted_Knight

    Hey can anyone pass this onto the Patapon team! Thanks

  • WWESuperstar

    :) Very funny #6 (question and response)

  • Gilgamesh247

    I would love tu see a spin-off Patapon for the PS3 through the PSN download anychsnce that could be possible or even all Patapons in one bluray with troph……found my idea blog share here i come!!

    Sid wat du think?

  • WWESuperstar

    Will this be available digitally only again or will it return to UMD?

    • Sid Shuman

      No idea — this is usually decided closer to launch. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Hey Sid! thanks for replying!(^_^)I heard you’re into tekken 6, (and japanese emoticons) which character(s) do you use? Just a random question, thanks

    • Sid Shuman

      I CRUSH with Sergei Dragunov, but I’m competent with most of the characters (except for weirdos like Craig Marduck or Steve Fox).

  • Love Patapon but when will you release a PS3 patapon in 1080P 3D (or Regular 1080P) Patapon on the PS3 will be geat for any Gamers Collection. Make my dreams come true make it for the PS3 please. XD

    • Sid Shuman

      Agree that it would be sweet, but nothing has been announced. Let’s dream together!

  • PhillyTheCat

    I gave the demo a go and I must say wow….i have no rhythm. I really wish I learned to play the drums when I was a kid, maybe then I would be whoopin some major @$$! nice game concept though ~,o

    • Sid Shuman

      Patapon takes a smidge of practice to master. I’d recommend using the subtle flashes at the edge of the screen to time your button presses.

  • this needs to come to PS3!!!

  • I had some serious question too (look @ #4), but didn’t get any answered! It looks like when Sony gets the tough question, they ignore you. Funny since I am a loyal Sony fan. Go figure….

  • GooDer_gAMe

    Cant wait, just got into patapon 2, and the game is amazing. Great to hear about more multiplayer options too, the MP is one of my favourite parts of patapon 2 so far.

    By the way, if you talk to Kojima productions, can you ask if they have any other PS3 games in the works? (hint hint rumoured exclusive that was rumoured to be announced at TGS).

  • Patapon 1 and 2 save data be used for this game?

  • Nice! Dragunov, hmm, haven’t had any Dragunov practice in a while, I used to play T6BR at SFSU Rack-N-Cue and The Metreonthey have an awesome arcade place there, I think they’re getting Super Street Fighter 4 when it’s available, Hey, maybe we could play tekken 6 on the next San Francisco meet-up! See you ’till then

    • Sid Shuman

      I’d love to! I have it on PSP (great port) and PS3, of course.

  • stinkycheese123

    @ banok I feel for you dude I love Peace walker and it sucks that not that many people got to play it

  • Too bad we will only always dream Sid Shuman Too bad. XD

    But as long as they keep coming out with these the PSP will do just fine. :)

  • At least port Patapon 1&2 to PS3. The decisions made by Sony execs are baffling sometimes. Some people are saying PSP games can be emulated and used with the PS3 jailbreak. One way to combat this is to release ports on PSN, Patapon, VC2 etc.

  • released date please

  • There needs to be a Patapon on the PS3. Please consider it.

    As for the demo i loved it but i was not a big fan of the heros new artstyle. I need to see more of the regular tribe patapon in action, from the pics they look more like their old selves.

  • Love these games. I hope I have a new PSP by the time this comes out.

  • Vincent_Kavaldra

    You know what would be really awesome? An HD patapon game for PS3, with a drum peripheral. A little set of 4 drums you sit on your lap and tap out the beats.

  • I agree with the above post. A PS3 Patapon could be a reality. If you are a fan of rhythm games then you most likely also own Rockband or Guitar Hero. Any news of a Patapon game that would utilize the drum sets that we have for those games? :)

  • Haven’t beat Patapon 2 yet. I gots the time yet.

    Hey, did you see that LBP2 BETA video of flOw
    I’m starting to think you could make any flash type game, perhaps even Patapon. Then I wouldn’t have to buy it, I’d just wait till someone else made it. J/K, I’d still buy it.

    I need Patapon Refrigerator Magnets, just seems like the perfect magnet collection.

  • ElektroDragon

    Enough PSP versions of this game! Why not make it a PS3 downloadable game with Trophies?!

  • I will be getting this day one but would love to see this come to the PS3! But…I am now a PS Moveaholic so idk how long it will take before I play anything non Move again..I love this glowing orb…

  • ursinhomalvado

    I have just a single question for Mr. Kotani: when they will release Patapon for Playstation 3?


    I am unable to sign in to Playstation network on my PS3 since the maintainence work on Wednesday 22 September, 2010. I am able to log in on the computer on not on the PS3. Help anyone.

  • PushinNshovinMe

    Maybe someone will make a Patapon LBP2 level . . . ?

  • jokerwild09

    Can you transfer Patapon 2 data to Patapon 3?

  • Is it possible to pre-order games with the psp go system???? if you can tell me thanks!

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