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There are a crazy amount of games coming out over the next few weeks (and, well, months), so I’m feverishly trying to finish up my unbeaten campaigns. With any luck, I’ll finish up Mafia II today (loving the story and voice acting in that one) in between football watching and PSP sessions of Valkyria Chronicles II.

Rey will be by with the full list of upcoming PS3, PSP, and PSN games later this afternoon. What have you been playing this weekend?

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of September 20, 2010)

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17 Author Replies

  • Hey Jeff, good to hear from ya’,

    There seems to be a problem with the LBP post, 100+ people are having trouble even viewing it, let alone posting, etc. It’s gotta’ be something up with the youtube embed, because it freezes loading at second video, I’ve checked the source code, and I really can’t see the error, but maybe the problem is from alternate source.
    I can view it fine from any one of my ps3s but not from my laptop, and now I can’t from my pc either, I’m sure there are some people with a lot of positive feedback and criticisms that feel they need to be heard/shared with the devs/community, I for one have tons of comments and questions on that blog topic, I also believe it deserves a fair re-run from top of blog… bump that up, If you can, that would be awesome.

  • VofEscaflowne

    Hey look, another good Tumble review. +1 to making IGN look ridiculous with their score! :P Seriously, anyone with a Move needs to pick this up. It’s great and simple fun yet still offers a lot of complexity in the objectives later on.

    Tumble’s been keeping me busy all weekend, haha. Got stuck on a level for half an hour trying to get the gold medal. Also been playing some Resident Evil 5 but without my friend logging on, I’m just replaying the early chapters. I need someone to play with!

  • Tumble is awesome, soooo underrated. RE5 is wonderful with Move too, been playing both of those a lot recently.

  • better browser, please. :)

  • MotorStorm Trophy Support!

  • SyphonFilter-

    we need more Kratos avatars.

  • Jeff can you please tell me why I can’t earn trophies for RE5 Gold? I bought it same day I bought my Move and love it but for some reason I can’t get trophies for it!! Oh and I had some for the orignal version but since I started Gold no trophies!!!???


    i am a psn plus user and i am happy with the service but i can see why people are angry i hardly never bought and content on psn store but now i buy everything lol, but if i had already bought before plus i would angry to. My solution to this is sony should giving plus users 25% on any content on the store even psp games and movies, this should make every one happy, if you like this idea help spread the message even to our euro and aisa psn plus users hopeful some one in corporate will and do something about it lol


    i meant to say 25% once a month on entire store that would be nice and econimically do able for sony, and mybe 50% for the holidays if you like idea help spread the word,

  • @xsmileszx (#31)
    “BLAH BLAH BLAH all ya people b talkinq about is gamess Ughh get a Lifee”

    Says the level 3 with 64 trophies… I lol at you

    lol <- (that's it there)

  • Yo Jeff I been playing 3D Dot Game Heroes, Worms 2 Armageddon, MGS Peace Walker, and Red Dead Redemption!

  • iiiOSKBARBERiii

    Wassup guys u know I’m still waiting for (in game chat) and maybe u should come out with voice mails to. Come on guys I just wanna see y’all get better then X-BOX. I like love playstation but dawg I feel like every update is pushing me away. Is just like when I was a fan of Nintendo. When the 64 and the Game Cube came out I was so wipe about it, but all my hommies got the playstation1,2 and I felt left alone so I got me the playstation2 and from there I switched. My point is I don’t wanna go tru that again so do something.. I’m pretty sure I’m not thee only one felling like this there’s probably like twenty million peoples that are felling the same. All I ask is what y’all promise to us please make it soon b4 my plus membership run’s out.

  • Sheennshine7

    Black Ops seems so far away to wait.. Finding a game to play to pass the weeks aint easy. Just finished BIOSHOCK 2 cool game just started Call of Juarez not bad still getting into it. Well thats enough of me for now. Anyone want add me ur welcome am always on MW2..

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