God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo Available Tomorrow

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Be sure to stay glued to the PlayStation Store tomorrow, Tuesday, September 28th, as the God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo will be included as part of the general PlayStation Store Update! With our November 2nd release date just around the corner, this is one Store update you won’t want to miss!

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Demo

For those still haven’t pre-ordered, be sure to keep a close eye on our weekly update of “Six Reasons to Pre-order God of War: Ghost of Sparta” as we provide PlayStation.Blog readers an in-depth look at each of the exclusive pre-order items from the ultimate bundle. Each update will include a behind-the-scenes look, including developer interviews and audio-video for reference with the best saved for last – highlights from God of War Live, our Game Directors roundtable discussion and a glimpse at the brand new Ghost of Sparta PS3 Dynamic Theme – both have yet be revealed so stay tuned.

Remember, for those planning to purchase the Ghost of Sparta UMD version or Entertainment Pack of God of War: Ghost of Sparta, you must pre-order the game before November 2nd, 2010 in order to take advantage of the six exclusive pre-order items for free. PSPgo owners will be able to take advantage of the pre-order exclusives by purchasing God of War: Ghost of Sparta from November 2nd, 2010 to November 9th, 2010

Every End, Must First Begin!

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  • Can’t wait! :D

  • Nice! :D

  • Looking forward to this.

  • jedi_webslinger

    Any news of bringing the pre-order bonuses in Canada?

  • BlindsideDork

    If I download it this time, will it actually work?

  • FireDragonGod

    Hellz Yeah

  • @4 They are in Canada if you didn’t know

  • I sincerely hope that this title is longer than it’s predecessor. I wasn’t happy with the scant few hours Chains of Olympus afforded. The graphics and gameplay were pretty good though, considering the PSP’s capabilities.

    Hey, the sooner this game comes out, the sooner it reaches the discount shelf. Yeah, I said it; I’m cheap! >D

  • Ken when are you previewing the dynamic theme? Thx

  • This demo is superb. New weapons give it a fresh feel and the stand-by Blades of Athena are fun as always. Get it, Yo!!

  • I agree with BlindSide Dork. My demo keeps shutting off my PSP, and when I mentioned it on in the forums, nobody from Sony would address the problem.

  • As a PlayStation Plus member, I’ve already had the pleasure of getting to play with this demo; however, I’m pretty alarmed by how often it crashed my PSPGo; is there any word on this? Other folks seem to have encountered this also.

  • Awesome!!

  • LOL i read ghost of SPARDA Demo, say WTF??? then i understood, so i cannot wait for this

  • If someone just can’t wait….



  • PhillyTheCat

    @KidCommando~nice of you to do that. @all~who wants the Angels & Demons movie code?

  • PhillyTheCat

    I have no use for it, it’s about 2gb. I’ll be back in 15 minutes to see if any1 says they want it.

  • APVangeliLHS

    I love this game based on the demo. Though, (if it’s still just because it’s a demo,) there is still screen tearing. Not as bad as it was on the E3 previews and such, but still kinda annoying.

    I will still buy it, hoping for this slight problem to be fixed…

  • angelspawn77


    ill take it if you’re giving one away :P

  • Is this the same demo that some people got a few weeks back?

  • THRILL_house187


  • PhillyTheCat

    @angelspawn~ are you here now?

  • toasty_hoodie


    If you want to get rid of the Angels & Demons code, I’ll be glad to take it off your hands.

    Thanks man

  • toasty_hoodie


    If he isn’t I’m here now, sitting on the Playstation Storefront

  • PhillyTheCat

    ok brb

  • PhillyTheCat

    whoever enters it 1st, enjoy: APHF-Q5BL-Q3GG

  • SyphonFilter-

    Ken, is there going to be more Kratos avatars or just one? There should be a lot considering this is one of Sony’s biggest franchises. I know it’s just one for the pre-order but what about just more in general? Maybe afterward?

  • it would be an even better update if you put some wallpapers up on the store

  • toasty_hoodie


    Someone got to it before me, but thanks anyway :)

  • PhillyTheCat

    it’s all good.

  • Even though I’ve enjoyed having it early I think this shouldn’t have been held back from everyone, this demo is amazing and I’m glad more people will experience it now!

  • Got another code for anyone:


  • War of God Sparta of Ghost! I’ll check it out

  • Here’s a code for someone:


  • digitalman123

    :0 No way! OMG GOW 11/2 4 PSP! Gonna love it!

  • Another code:


  • jac_richardson

    Great, I only had to wait 3 more weeks than plus members.

  • lanceurdehache

    @4 where ? i checked EBgames and and the pre order bonus are not there

  • lanceurdehache

    @7* where ? i checked EBgames and and the pre order bonus are not there

    oops i hit the 4 by accident

  • lol, already got the demo through PlayStation Plus

  • YES!!!

  • @Ken
    How are you?
    I really want this bundle and have some doubts! I have a Ps3 slim and a PsP 2k, don’t have a PsP Go and no way of getting this pre-order bundle by buying it in any of the stores, but I’m going to get this on PS Store in the very first day release, I want to know if I buy it through my Ps3 slim to transfer to my PsP 2k will I get the same pre-order offer? Thanks! Take care.

  • Good question it should be available to those who don’t want to buy the disc since it loads slower than downloading.

  • BigBangBear

    Pre-order in Canada?? Hopefully the demo will work for me this time.

  • StevenVlzqz3

    Already played it. Why are you guys releasing it anyways. :P


    I have a PSP Go and I would consider pre-ordering but when you guys offered a free game to anyone with a Go for logging into the store for a first time. I never ever got my game. I’ll buy this when it’s available for everyone. Maybe…. <.<

  • I found the demo boring. Too much same old rutt.

  • i plyed gow 3 not 2 and 1 or the frst for psp and it seemed like a decent good game so i think ill buy it but guess wat im freaking to young to buy and my bros r all like aaa ur to young jeez im 12


    proud ps plus member with junky 3/4 broken psp :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

  • I got this code eary since i’m a joined But I’m also experiencing problems with the demo. The first time I played it the demo restart my PSP2001. It stopped when I was fighting the snake creature… kinda looks like a hydra

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