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Oct 04

Oct 04

10 Things You Don’t Know About Alien Breed: Impact for PS3

John Dennis's Avatar Posted by Head of Design, Team17 Software Ltd.

Hi everyone! With Alien Breed: Impact launching in the U.S. tomorrow, we’ve pulled together some (hopefully!) fascinating things you may not know about the game. First, though, you might want to see what Alien Breed: Impact looks like in action.

  1. Alien Breed: Impact is a re-imagining of the classic Amiga games. The original Alien Breed is remembered as one of the foremost games released on the Amiga. Launched in 1991 and developed and published by Team17, it proved to be a huge success, with the Special Edition version spending an incredible 33 unbroken weeks at the top of the UK sales charts. A sequel was released in 1993 (Alien Breed 2: The Horror Continues), followed by Alien Breed: Tower Assault and a couple of 3D editions, both of which also won numerous awards.
  2. “Heart of Darkness” helped inspire Alien Breed: Impact. The game’s main influences are obviously classic sci-fi, horror and action movies, as well as games and comics. But you might not know that hidden in the narrative of the game there are also numerous references to Joseph Conrad’s classic novella “Heart of Darkness” (which itself was the inspiration for the film “Apocalypse Now”). The name of the hero is Conrad, the name of the space ship is the Leopold (a reference to the steamer in Conrad’s novella), and most of the other character names have a “Heart of Darkness” connection.
  3. Alien Breed: Impact

  4. It looks stunning. With great visuals, atmospheric environments and cool special effects, our highly modified version of Epic GamesUnreal Engine 3 enables us to push the boundaries of what is visually possible for a downloadable game. We really hope you like the result!
  5. Alien Breed: Impact isn’t just a simplistic blaster. It presents numerous other tactical gameplay challenges to the player. Our general advice: conserve your ammo; work out quickly which weapons work best against which enemies; use the melee attack (it’s great for killing alien eggs and those little “burster” aliens); use health packs, items and grenades; and collect as many credits as you can scattered throughout the levels and spend them on various upgrades in the Intex shops.
  6. Alien Breed: Impact

  7. Cooperate or perish! Alien Breed: Impact isn’t just a single player title. It also features exciting and competitive two-player co-op action, local or online, with specific characters and storyline that run in parallel to the main story. Check it out — it’s my favorite way to play the game.
  8. There’s more to come. Alien Breed: Impact is the first of three games in the new Alien Breed universe, with Alien Breed 2: Assault and Alien Breed 3: Descent coming soon to PSN over the next few months.
  9. Alien Breed: Impact includes a Platinum Trophy. “The Completionist” is awarded when all other Trophies in the game have been collected. Good luck with that, guys. It’s pretty tough, so let us know how you get on!
  10. Try cranking the difficulty up a notch (or two). On the hardest difficulty level, we have found that the way people play the game changes, from gung-ho arcade blasting that you can do on the easier settings, to a much more tactical, thoughtful approach, more akin to survival horror gaming. Ammo is scarce and you really have to think about how to take down the slimy alien horde and complete Conrad’s missions.
  11. Alien Breed: Impact

  12. Alien Breed: Impact is created by Team17. Apparently we’re those ‘crazy’ UK guys behind the Worms games!
  13. Any similarities are entirely coincidental. Any rumours about the ugly, slimy, smelly, and disgusting alien enemies in the game being designed to specifically look like key members of Team17 are completely untrue! ;-)

We really hope you enjoy the game when it comes out tomorrow on PSN. All of us at Team17 would encourage you to ‘get up there and whoop E.T.’s butt’, as a wise man once said…..

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Vengeance1138 said:

October 4th, 12:10 pm

Does the game support Coop? If so, is it local or only online and how many players?

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 12:58 am

    Yes 2 Player Local and Online Co-Op over specially designed co-op levels.

poodude said:

October 4th, 12:13 pm

Looks fun, how much will it be?

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:02 am


Bug42 said:

October 4th, 12:14 pm

Isn’t this game free on Steam?

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 12:59 am

    You are getting confused with Alien Swarm which is a multiplayer game only. Alien Breed has a different feel to the game and we have a very strong single player narrative.

BloodiedWraith said:

October 4th, 12:14 pm

My wife and my wallet are going to kill me. I’ve been waiting on this game.

rx8579 said:

October 4th, 12:16 pm

Does this have multiplayer/coop? This looks would be awesome if it did.

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:00 am

    Yes 2 Player Co-op both local and online.

Atomika14 said:

October 4th, 12:18 pm

Looks interesting…

Frazz said:

October 4th, 12:18 pm

Platinum trophy you say consider me intrigued.O and the game looks pretty sweet too. BEYOND!!!

BeNeXuS said:

October 4th, 12:19 pm


People, read

“… It also features exciting and competitive two-player co-op action, local or online, with specific characters and storyline that run in parallel to the main story….”

Jeigh said:

October 4th, 12:21 pm

Okay… Just some thoughts….. um.. “Wow” comes to mind.

…I think this is one of those things where a $15 price-point would be justified…


DrApollo said:

October 4th, 12:21 pm

Looks great!…I’ll be picking this up.

koma1tose said:

October 4th, 12:29 pm

hello , how much is the game? i need to know that way i don’t waste what i have on my account today.

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:03 am

    Game will be $14.99

IrishHater said:

October 4th, 12:30 pm

@1 – WTF man read the post before you reply.

Great looking game, and I can’t wait to try it.

ChainClutch said:

October 4th, 12:30 pm

what the!.. that looks awesome, this is my first time hearing about this title.

JNYCE4u2 said:

October 4th, 12:32 pm

Looks Interesting. How much?

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:04 am


jeepdeep said:

October 4th, 12:33 pm

Sounds good, is there a demo though? The best way to sell me a game is by me trying it.

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:05 am

    Yes there is a demo.

JoeDierte said:

October 4th, 12:35 pm

I’m not waiting for Dead Nation anymore. I can’t wait! :D

Enforcer_X said:

October 4th, 12:37 pm

Online co-op = day 1!

Darkedson said:

October 4th, 12:38 pm

looks alot like alien swarm on steam but that’s a good thing. i just want to make a suggestion to the developers that you guys should expand the co-op to at least 4 players if possible.

plaztiksyke said:

October 4th, 12:40 pm

first-day purchase!

does it render in 1080p natively?

does it include 24-bit HD audio assets for the music and/or explosions?

does the Heart of Darkness influence go deeper? A good story about the emotional state of the characters would be great, like in the video game version of The Thing from a few years ago.

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:08 am

    It’s hard to reply to this without spoiling anything, but the story arcs over all 3 episodes and I believe that the characters grow on you over the entire game, one of the main protagonists doesn’t even get introduced properly until episode 2.

ESSI09 said:

October 4th, 12:48 pm

looks like another Marvel co-op game, even “Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light” looks like that too. but that’s not a bad thing. :)

Zoryu_of_Setsuna said:

October 4th, 12:54 pm

@3 Bug42

I think you are mistaking this for Alien Swarm, Alien Swarm is free on Steam.

Kluzot said:

October 4th, 12:58 pm

Looks good, but I hope the command buttons will be better than Lara Croft guardian of light.

gumi42 said:

October 4th, 1:02 pm

Sweet, this looks like it will hold me over till Dead Nation.
Kickin’ ET’s butt till the zombies come home.

Team 17 I have always loved your Worms games and this one looks like a blast too, keep cranking good games.

Will this title support Custom Music?

tyukol34 said:

October 4th, 1:02 pm

Yeah it looks good. So how much would it be? I`ve got 10 bucks in my wallet. Hmm, I don`t think 10 bucks will cover this game. ;)

adolson said:

October 4th, 1:06 pm

Price please. I… heard… the demo on the UK store was decent.

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:10 am

    Price will be $14.99

RafelContin said:

October 4th, 1:10 pm

Is ask too much for a 4 players co-op??

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:12 am

    Sorry, but the game has been designed as a 2 player co-op game.

angelspawn77 said:

October 4th, 1:32 pm

game looks great, but it looks almost EXACTLY like alien swarm on steam, which is free.

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:17 am

    There are lots of differences between Alien Swarm and Alien Breed, mostly due to the fact that Alien Breed has a very strong single player narrative. I suggest you try the demo. :)

Curtisio said:

October 4th, 1:34 pm

Looks nice, but from the talk I see here I’d like to know if multi-player is supported, too.

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:18 am

    2 player Co-op play both local and online.

Anddo said:

October 4th, 1:58 pm

Tell me more… Coming off of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. I’m definitely in the mood for this time of game.

However at $14.99, I’ll have to try before I buy. I don’t mind the price if the content is there, and the game is as enjoyable as a Lara Croft: GOL.

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:18 am

    There is a demo, so hopefully we can convince you that way. :)

bbonds_007 said:

October 4th, 1:58 pm

Is there a demo?

If its $10 I may give it a thought, but $15 is a deal-breaker.

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:19 am

    Yes there is a demo and we believe the game is worth $15.

BudgetMonkey82 said:

October 4th, 2:09 pm

I’d buy that for a dollar!

ESPKH4 said:

October 4th, 2:13 pm

it looks just like Alien Swarm…

Thrasher20 said:

October 4th, 2:36 pm

Oooo my goodness!!! I am so getting this this weekend!

Thrasher20 said:

October 4th, 2:37 pm

PS: I love Worms!

d10sfan said:

October 4th, 2:42 pm

@34: You mean Alien Swarm looks like Alien Breed: Impact. Alien Breed came first.

Anyways, looks good.

Moosehole said:

October 4th, 2:49 pm

Guys I grabbed this off of the Euro store a few weeks back and I can confirm it is a great game. Well worth the $15. I only need the two online co-op trophies for the platinum.

Can’t wait for the second and third entries!

Vu_Prime said:

October 4th, 2:51 pm

Lookin pretty nice.

MyHorror said:

October 4th, 2:56 pm

I don’t post much on here but this just pissed me off enough to actually write something. Does it dawn on some people to actually read the blog before asking stupid questions that were actually answered in the blog before posting on here? One of the first couple of questions asked was whether it had co-op/multiplayer and it was friggin answered smack dab in the middle at number 5.

stlthriot said:

October 4th, 3:33 pm

It is looking pretty awesome! What’s the price point on this one?
I’m assuming around $15-20 like Trine and Wipeout HD.

Einhander138 said:

October 4th, 3:38 pm

If this game were worth buying, it would be put on a disc.

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:21 am

    Well, the point is that here at Team17 we now self publish our games and it makes a lot more sense to do this digitally as the costs involved in getting a boxed product to market are very high. This way we can keep the prices at a decent level and still hopefully make a good profit.

JesseHaysFL said:

October 4th, 3:54 pm

Price? Custom Soundtracks?

Jimmy_Cosmos said:

October 4th, 3:54 pm

yeah, hopefully they can answer some of our questions like if the game will have online mulitplayer or not, if it will have a platinum trophy & who are the developers. I wish they’d give us more info!

RIC-DIAZ said:

October 4th, 3:58 pm

I played this game (demo) yesterday, by setting up a PS3 account on the european side the PSN and store, its fun, looking forward to playing this game and buying it.

AJC3317 said:

October 4th, 6:47 pm

would buy if i didn’t already have it on xbox. i reccomend it if u’ve never played it

Street_Killaz said:

October 4th, 6:58 pm

Getting this asap!!! I could get it for xbox360!! But dont trust it..Just like tomb raider!!

Street_Killaz said:

October 4th, 6:59 pm

PS what i mean i dont trust the hardware!! xbox red rings etc..I just have 360 for halo gears of war!! whatever!! Tomb Raider that game rocks..

maver1ck89 said:

October 4th, 7:02 pm

How is this not Alien Swarm?

    John Dennis's Avatar

    Greg Lanz said:

    October 5th, 1:23 am

    Alien Swarm is almost exclusively a multiplayer game whereas Alien Breed has a very strong single player element to it.

NoisyNieghbor said:

October 4th, 7:10 pm

We need more games with that camera view. Reminds me of the good ol’ days.

Cyb3rfr34k-iso said:

October 4th, 7:14 pm

9.99$ PLEASE! ;)

Meat_Waad said:

October 4th, 8:12 pm

I’ve been waiting for this game since the beginning of the summer (when it was supposed to release), and now I can’t get it because I don’t have the money. Maybe in a few months.

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