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Oct 04

Oct 04

Are you a NYC VIP? Attend our Move Event on Wednesday

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Here’s a typical exchange at an SCEA event planning meeting:

“We’re going to be holding a media event in New York.”
“Can we get some Blog readers in?”
“Yeah, sounds good.”

That’s how you get events like this and this and this.

And now this: We’re holding a PlayStation Move media event in NYC on Wednesday (October 6th), featuring Heroes on the Move, TV Superstars, The Shoot, SingStar Dance and the newest build of The Fight which nobody outside of PlayStation has yet played. It’s ass-kickingly good :)


While I wish I could bring all of you in to go hands-on with this next wave of PlayStation Move games, it’s being held at a venue with a capacity of less than 100 people. So instead of having the place fill up in 30 seconds and disappointing a lot of people who lined up for a long time, we’re going VIP style.

So if you’re in New York (the event will be in the Midtown area), available from 7-9pm, and crave playing things before you can buy them, please RSVP at

Please give us your first and last name, and indicate if you will be bringing a +1… if you don’t say so, we’re going to assume that you’re coming by yourself. No +2s or +3s or +50s, please. Also, this is a 21+ event; I did say VIP :) ID will be checked!

If you’re among the first to reply, we’ll notify you via email by tomorrow (Tuesday) at noon Pacific. We’ll also select some alternates to fill any spots vacated by no-shows, so fingers crossed.

Add Your Own

Shinogu126 said:

October 4th, 4:06 pm

I sent my RSVP, I hope I got in!

Mucudadada said:

October 4th, 4:11 pm

I betcha WrekGar goes. He’s straight up VIP by now :D

Dafreakzo said:

October 4th, 4:12 pm

E-mail sent, fingers crossed!

W0lf_MAN21 said:

October 4th, 4:12 pm

Ahhh I still have to wait till January to turn 21…
Watch as soon as I’m 21, none of these events will be back in NY.

Tell me there will be more Jeff!!

jayrockslife said:

October 4th, 4:12 pm

Why in the middle of the week??

CAMRON said:

October 4th, 4:13 pm

okay i sent it lets see if i get in

jameelinus said:

October 4th, 4:17 pm

Who doesn’t have a move yet?

polo155 said:

October 4th, 4:18 pm

sent mine in.

darknerd17 said:

October 4th, 4:19 pm

Seattle needs more Sony!

themadmen said:

October 4th, 4:19 pm

E-mail sent!!

rhcooper said:

October 4th, 4:23 pm

Here’s hoping. Would love to see how FIGHT has advanced. They get that game right and MOVE is an unavoidable purchase.

SolidPlisken said:

October 4th, 4:25 pm

can you do like a move tour, because all the events are always up north

Gump_ said:

October 4th, 4:29 pm

cross game chat please

Nikos said:

October 4th, 4:46 pm

Sent! Fingers crossed.

cullyisgully said:

October 4th, 5:29 pm

fingers crossed. i was in the top 100 in the tester casting call for season 2 of the tester……. hope i make the VIP event…..

cutthroat21 said:

October 4th, 5:32 pm

Sent hopefully will be in there definitely want to try out the fight

Curtisio said:

October 4th, 5:32 pm

I bought a Move, but love to come… too bad I’m in TX. I’m sure you’ll have a good time!

zekececil14 said:

October 4th, 5:40 pm

What happened to all the LittleBigPlanet 2 talk? Like 2-3 weeks ago they said “We will have more news on the North American beta SOON.” Then nothin’. What happened? I need something to hold me over. LBP 2 CE was my B-Day present for back in June. *SIGH* Time doesn’t move fast enough.

Thrasher20 said:

October 4th, 5:52 pm

Ah man, at least LA has the E3 PSB meetups :)

oG-ShAdY said:

October 4th, 6:04 pm

I want those power cords for my Move controllers. I could game “forever”… :)

Alpha6UFS said:

October 4th, 6:25 pm

Ok, just sent it. Hope to make this VIP event…ya.

WrekGar said:

October 4th, 6:34 pm

well Jeff looks like I’m dying here not living up to my name. Wont be able to make it out to Canada tomorrow but I sure enough will be hittin up anything you bring to the NYC!!

The Blog Stalker

Pirate43 said:

October 4th, 6:47 pm

you guys should come to albuquerque. it would be AMAZING :D

Pirate43 said:

October 4th, 6:47 pm

and i like the ghosting of the blue move controller

phinnv8 said:

October 4th, 7:27 pm

I’d get Move if the whole thing was budled for $60 like the Wiimote. As it is the entire Move Bundle + the extra nunchuck controller is $130, that’s the most expensive controller ever and way more for a group of people than Natal will be… No thanks.

NO_FEAR said:

October 4th, 7:46 pm

When are you coming back to Boston? :)

syk1288 said:

October 4th, 7:59 pm

Hey Jeff. Already sent in my reply. I went to the last NYC meetup at that hotel. Hope I get VIP’ed.

Question: Why can’t I sign in on anymore?

BlooodyCow said:

October 4th, 10:42 pm

” Heroes on the Move, TV Superstars, The Shoot, SingStar Dance and the newest build of The Fight”
That not a very strong showing of software. All the other meet up so far had Killzone, Motorstom, etc. Why only these average MOVE games.

towuzzi said:

October 5th, 12:31 am

hey guys when are you coming to africa especially ghana i’ve seen sony in ghana but not ps please come there are some serious gamers down here

UltimaMasherDigo said:

October 5th, 2:27 am

Good thing I turned 21 in September! Haha Well, here’s hoping I get in…Also, I’m damn glad we finally get something in NYC, we get shunned by like everyone for some reason. -_-

Dangeresque92 said:

October 5th, 7:12 am

I sent my email last night, and I’m hoping to get the VIP tag today. I came to the last Move event in NYC and had a blast, and look forward to meeting Zombie Blognack again!

BrianMcGuinness said:

October 5th, 8:15 am

Word. I’ll be there. Just got my confirm.

Chase167 said:

October 5th, 8:24 am

I sent my email last night

Rynxalenium said:

October 5th, 10:27 am

I sent my email last night as well. I’m hoping I get my confirm from my gmail account

Peppino7 said:

October 5th, 11:03 am

Sent mine in! Good luck to everyone.

Dangeresque92 said:

October 5th, 12:44 pm

No confirmation email for me, so I guess I’ll wait to see you next time your in NYC.

UltimaMasherDigo said:

October 5th, 1:26 pm

Aw man, no confirmation. Next time I guess… =/

syk1288 said:

October 5th, 2:16 pm

I still haven’t got the confirmation email. I’m guessing everyone who posted on here that replied yesterday should have a spot because the blog is what most people follow (unless they posted in the forums) and there about 10 to 15 people here that sent it. So if it’s just a little less than 100 VIP’s there has to be space for us bloggers.

Jeff I sent mines with two accounts but I sent it with my .me account by mistake. I was in a rush when I seen this. Then I noticed I don’t know how to work the Mac .me email system. So I sent it with my yahoo account right after. So I hope I still get the confirmation.

CAMRON said:

October 5th, 2:18 pm

yes i got in

Cassanovaplayer said:

October 5th, 2:50 pm

I hope I get to be an alternate. Otherwise I guess I’ll have to save it for next time.

Dafreakzo said:

October 5th, 3:24 pm

Got my invite!! I am pumped!

syk1288 said:

October 5th, 11:58 pm

Guess I’m not cool enough. Still haven’t gotten my confirmation.

CAMRON said:

October 6th, 8:19 pm

i had alot of fun today thanks jeff and the ps fam

Dafreakzo said:

October 6th, 11:10 pm

I had a blast as well! Thanks for all the great goodies and open bar! LBP2 was awesome and so was all that Patrrooonneee!!! Great party!

timothyjav said:

October 7th, 8:42 am

last night was awesome.. thanks for the PS EYE / MOVE :)

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