Coming to PSN Tuesday: Sports Champions “Haunted” DLC

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Let me bring you back in time to E3 2009, where we debuted a little tech demo for a brand new motion control platform, later to become what we now all know and love as the PlayStation Move. In the tech demo you could sword fight with a skeleton (anyone remember tickling the skeleton’s chin with the sword blade?), use dual handed throwing stars, and shoot arrows at an endless parade of skeletons. Most of the mechanics in the demo were the basis of a title that was, at the time, only a work in progress, but would become Sports Champions.


Sports Champions Haunted Pack for PlayStation MoveSports Champions Haunted Pack for PlayStation Move

Well, our skeletons have finally been let out of the closet again with a brand new Sports Champions DLC pack called the Haunted Pack, available for sale through the PlayStation Store on Tuesday, October 5 for $4.99. The new content includes three new frightful characters that are playable in all six events, as well as new spooky equipment for each of the sports.

New Characters:


Sports Champions Haunted Pack: Specter


Sports Champions Haunted Pack: Deadmund


Sports Champions Haunted Pack: Numbskull

New Equipment:

Disc Golf – Phantom Disc Set
Bocce – Skull Bocce Set
Table Tennis – Phantom Paddle
Gladiator Duel – Skeleton Sword and Shield
Archery – Skull Bow
Beach Volleyball – Skull Ball

Sports Champions Haunted Pack for PlayStation Move

I dare you to play a round of Disc Golf with Specter and not laugh. Also, for those wanting the easy way out, there will be an Unlock All DLC added the same day as the Haunted Pack. Please be sure to watch for more Sports Champions DLC in the months to come. Enjoy!

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4 Author Replies

  • 1) Online
    2) Replays (Sometimes I make an incredible throw in Bocce but there’s no way to relive that moment – Also allow us to save them)

    Everything else can wait. Although I do like this DLC pack and I will be buying it. Thank you!

  • sethchilders

    It’d be interesting to shoot the skeleton targets trying to finish you off in Archery while wearing one of these costumes.

    I don’t know if I’d get it though; $4.99 is a pretty good deal of money for just a few costumes. It’s nice to see though that Sports Champions is still getting good support from its creators.

  • All i want is more Trophies.

  • I agree with a lot of people, after spending so much on the playstation MOVE setup a little customer appreciation would have been nice, could have been a free gift for arly adopters, or even discounted for us playstation PLUS members at the very least

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    I will buy this cause I love Sports Champions and different characters, but can you add some new hot babes in skimpy outfits? I’m 100% serious about this!

  • More courses for disc golf please!


    Now that I’ve got that out of my system:
    I really want these skins and the equipment, but I won’t pay $4.99 for them. Charging that for extra content for a pack-in game is absurd, especially when we all know that know that no extra work was involved for this pack.

  • As previously Stated Online would be Great! Is this content going to include Additional Halloween Inspired trophies?

  • willtheshake

    Horseshoes or Curling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TriangleOffense

    will not buy anything until an online patch is put in place

  • Maakasukage

    cool i’ll get it when i get a move

  • wouldn’t you know it. I have been planning on waiting till next year to pick up Move, now with this DLC I’m starting to think of getting it now. Skeletons are just way too cool. I’m still waiting for a Move title in the Fantasy genre (something more Sword & Sorcery than the upcoming “Sorcery”) but yeah skeletons are definitely cool.

  • MrSoggybottom

    Awesome!! However, ever since doing the SC update, my victory poses pics no longer post to Facebook, just a brief description.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    Quit whining about online dudes, this is not an online game.

    Also, please give the existing characters some new DLC outfits. Maybe even some free ones like in Pain.

  • I’m waiting for online to even buy this game, or the whole MOVE for that matter. I Live in Alberta, all my friends live all the way back in Ontario. Not being able to play this and other MOVE games with my friends, is.. well.. its not too fun at all now is it..
    Still. I have very high hopes for the MOVE and MOVE titles. Keep it up guys!

  • $4.99 for;

    Disc Golf – Phantom Disc Set
    Bocce – Skull Bocce Set
    Table Tennis – Phantom Paddle
    Gladiator Duel – Skeleton Sword and Shield
    Archery – Skull Bow
    Beach Volleyball – Skull Ball
    Character – Specter
    Character – Deadmund
    Character – Numbskull

    Thats alot for five but i’m not getting it because theres no point and I don’t like spooky things.

    I would have liked to see more equipment and stages or playing as my PS Home character. Just a thought-

  • Hmm, not too thrilled with this. Yet another revenue stream posing as a game.

  • shadysaiyanz

    I got this when i got the Move of course but i was pretty disappointed at the fact that it had no online multiplayer. Any news of maybe an online patch? sword fighting online would be amazing and probably a workout for the lazy hahaha but really fun.

  • Online play would be a plus but it’s no big deal. No need getting all upset about it.
    I hope they include more sports and/or more locations soon.

  • This should have been in the game when it RELEASED. Isn’t that why it cost us money to buy the FULL game in the first place? This should have been free…

  • $4.99 is not a big deal for this game. The game was only $39.99 I believe. That is alot better than $59.99. The DLC is cool. Online would be nice yes, but so would some other events on here. Horseshoes, Tailgate Toss, Washers, Crocket, maybe like a tailgate edition DLC of something.

    I would love to start a petition to have a KEVIN BUTLER VP OF EVERYTHING character on here. He should have been the poster boy for this game, just like the madden series :)

    Thanks, and keep the DLC coming.

  • PLEASE PLEASE release a patch that will allow us to play online. I want to kick some butt online!

  • 1 Online Multi-play
    2 Sony Franchise Characters
    3 More Sports

  • Sony, this is really sad. It is all too obvious to the users in this forum that this content was already done before the game came out, and you are just nickel and diming us into overpriced skins …

    … really? You’re not even trying anymore ….

  • Skater_Ricky

    I Would Like if I could Play Sports Champions Online with my Fellow PSN Buddies at Least 1 vs 1. It Can’t be that Hard to Put in some Online Play Into this game.. Leader boards will only do so much to a game like Sports Champions were this so much potential to have a fellow PSN Friend Join in on some Disc Golf, or Beach Volleyball.. and Gladiator Duel Online would be Killer.. I’d Rather See all the Game Types get Online Play to be Fair to the Gamer and would be more of a Reason to Pickup more DLC along the way.

  • Holy Toledo Batman! 5 bucks? That is even more ludicrous than PAIN pricing for what amounts to the same thing.

    No deal.

  • GIVE me online patch and new sport :)

  • pitythefool852

    @Jeremy Just read the article about the problems with multiplayer

    If you guys can do it well, even just for some of the sports, like the turn-based ones, then you should. If you can’t then the game is still good.

    In the absence of online multiplayer, my second biggest request is for viewable and shareable replays. We’ve been playing SC non-stop for the last few days, and some of the shots in bocce and disc golf have been crazy, but I can’t find an option anywhere even to review the shots that we’ve played.

    An instant replay would be amazing. If we could share those replays online it would be even better. Please consider :D

  • pitythefool852

    ^^sorry, badly written^^

    I meant that if there are serious problems with ‘online’ multiplayer then it’s better out than in. Offline multi is great as is.

  • Great game from you guys and a must buy if you havent already… ALSO… Will you be bringing the Mark of Kri series to the PS3??? SEEING THAT THE GAME ALREADY HAD PS3 GRAPHICS WOULD MEAN AN EASY PORT!!! please please please bring this series to the PS3! Any chance of this happening???

  • Yup. I’m going to have to agree with most everyone here and say this is overpriced and throw in my “online multiplayer” request as well. $5 for characters that have been around since the game was being developed is a bit much. They could have been included as a reward during the game, or given out as a seasonal gift on PSN for those that made the early jump into purchasing Move.

  • I love Sports Champions… but $4.99 for three new character skins?

    No f’ing way!

    I recommend people to boycot this pack so Sony gets the message and set the pricing at a decent level next time.


  • pitythefool852

    Don’t shoot me, fellow users, but I caved in and bought it.

    Why? I guess the ghouls in the pack fit my character more than the “pick a racial stereotype” characters in the original game :D

    The models are quite nice though, and I’ll be using these skins for the time being. Was it worth the money? Well, I had some spare dollars in my PSN wallet and couldn’t think of anything else to spend it on. It felt like less of a waste of money than Sonic Adventure which I got last week, and just haven’t been able to get into.

  • pitythefool852

    One question though, 100kb DLC downloads make me think that publishers are including DLC on disc, and activating it through PlayStation Store. If that is the case, can this be called DLC at all? Or should it be called add-on content.

    Not that on-disc DLC is a bad thing; on the contrary, this is a big advantage of the PS3 over the other system, as there’s enough space on the disc to pack in a bunch of add-on content.

    Of course, I could be wrong, and they could have compressed all that content into 100kb, pushed it to the system without telling us, or even included it with the 1.1 update. But I’m guessing it was already on the disc.

    I wonder if there’s anything else on there that we don’t know about. Santa? Nathan Drake? Kratos?

  • this would be cool for hollween party or somthing…it would be fun to play online too i got it thinking it was online and fond out it was not i was a lil upset but o well the game is fun ill give it 4 1/2 stars for the 1st game… i see eveyone want online so the next games should be online because who dont like to play online..just step your game up!!

  • To 133 – I use my spare change for DLC too.
    To 135 – I don’t play online games often.

  • Solid-Snake-Eyes

    I would like to purchase more new Sports Champions characters in the future but not be forced to get the whole pack. I want to pick and choose which I want, like with Pain. If I could buy Specter individually for $1 I’d be all over that, but I’m currently having second thoughts about buying the whole pack for $5 right now. Maybe after I unlock the extra characters that already come with the game.

  • PushinNshovinMe

    Meh, this stuff should be FREE.

    I will pay for new challenges, events, disc golf courses, etc.

    How about bringing back the animated skeletons to the Archery, not just board cutouts.

  • Yes, the game definitely needs an ONLINE MULTIPLAY support!

    Who cares about new characters or equipment.

    It’s very clear that everyone wants online multiplay and more sport events… tennis, bowling… anyone?

  • What is the unlock all DLC ???? Also 4.99 is much better than 14.99 (Like modern warfare 2 pack which had 6 maps.) I am going to get this sports champions DLC…


  • Ohh, an ONLINE MULTIPLAYER patch would be awesome. No doubt the sales will skyrocket after this (so expected) update.

    Online Table Tennis tournaments??? Count me in!!


  • DLC characters strike me as content that should have been on the disc in the first place – it’s a collection of minigames (being frank, it feels like half a game as it is), and you’re charging us for this? Pass, because it adds nothing worthwhile.

    This is how not to do DLC.

  • I can’t believe we’re being charged for this. And not to mentioned this was probably rushed out and didn’t have a lot of other modes that a regular game has. I feel like some of the games could have been a lot better.

  • dr_sasquatch

    This is a .99 cent addon… not $4.99. At this price it’s a total non-starter for me.

  • BruschiOnTap

    Please stop wasting your time to make “cute” DLC Add-Ons. Instead spend time making something that will actually be utilized by players, something like… more courses? If you guys would add 3 more disc golf courses, 1 more battle arenas, 3 more archery games, 1 more volleyball court, 2 more bocce courts, and a ping pong arena or 2. I would be more than happy to pay upwards of $10 for this.

    Hell if your gonna do some SPOOKY THEME, ADD COURSES with a SPOOKY theme. Disc golf, make a course where you gotta throw discs through a giant pumpkin, or into a scary house, for christmas, use the snow course, make it actually SNOW and throw santa claus flying reindeer in the horizon. Its not that easy, I should be making games for you guys. Hit me up if u need help!

  • Ramon_Barbara

    Guess what..I downloaded this content and it installed itself. But after starting SC I can’t find the new characters and equipment anywhere. I tried redownloading again, but the same problem…What’s up with that? Anyone else having this problem? Or do you have to unlock this stuff by reaching a goal?

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