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Oct 05

Oct 05

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood for PS3: The Beta is LIVE!

Gabriel Graziani's Avatar Posted by

Community Developer, Ubisoft

Hello again PlayStation Assassins! It’s Gabe Graziani, your Community Developer on Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, back this week to announce that the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Beta is in full swing! This Beta is exclusive to PlayStation 3 and available to PlayStation Plus members, as well as those who pre-ordered from participating retailers.

If you are playing in the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Beta, I invite you to submit your feedback on our forums.

The Brotherhood Diaries

Surely you have seen our series of developer diaries called Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Diaries. Well, we are planning on releasing another episode this week that you won’t want to miss. Entitled “The Perfect Nemesis,” this new instalment in the Brotherhood Diaries discusses the increasing hostilities between Ezio and Cesare Borgia. Powerful, ruthless and well-defended, Cesare Borgia wields tremendous might as the ersatz ruler of Rome. Cesare may even have swayed some of Ezio’s former allies to his side!

Fear not, dedicated Assassins, because Ezio has some new tricks up his sleeve as well!

You can check out all of the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Diaries here.

Multiplayer Character Reveals on Facebook

In case you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to head over to our Assassin’s Creed Facebook page for our fan-exclusive Multiplayer Character Reveals! All you have to do is click that little button called “Like” and you will get access to a special tab on our Facebook page set up to deliver exclusive content to our most dedicated fans!

So be sure to head over to our Facebook page and become a fan!

Developer Blog on Official Assassin’s Creed Website

We’ve been publishing a series of written developer blogs on our Official Assassin’s Creed Websites for a couple of weeks now… so, be sure to stop by and check them out! The initial entries are designed to catch you up on where we are in the story behind Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, but with that out of the way we are going to start digging into more specific game-related information about ACB.

These blogs are published in the News section of the site, so head on over and look at our latest offerings here.

See you in the Beta!

PSN ID: UbiGabe

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Berae said:

October 5th, 8:03 am

J’ai joué un peu hier et je dois dire que cest bien mais qu’il y a place à amélioration. Il manque quelque chose dans la jouabilité mais peut être c’est parce que je n’ai pas assez joué. Je vais attendre d’avoir plus d’expérience avant d’aller sur le site de feedback.

Viglin said:

October 5th, 8:04 am

Excellent, thank you…from another very pleased PsPlus member:)

Ibn_Elmeedan said:

October 5th, 8:04 am

I already pre ordered lbp2 collectors edition and black ops hardened edition. I dont think i can pre order brotherhood unless i cancel one of my pre orders :(

LeeJ55 said:

October 5th, 8:05 am

I just checked the Playstation Plus store and don’t see any updates. I assume this is for later?

djpenny1 said:

October 5th, 8:07 am

I’m a psn+ member and i do not get a key :(

Sqn_Ldr_Moaby said:

October 5th, 8:10 am

I tried redeeming my code on the PSN Store and all i get is ‘An errror has occurred’ :(

Chaosrunner said:

October 5th, 8:11 am

From what I had read originally, the beta was only going to be distributed to a limited group of PS+ members. Has that changed?

Voodoo_Lou said:

October 5th, 8:11 am

I pre-ordered it, registered for the beta, and am a PSN+ member and still don’t have the key.

BurntOrange32 said:

October 5th, 8:16 am

Another keyless Playstation Plus member…

So… umm….

DeviantBoi said:

October 5th, 8:18 am

Yet another PS+ member that didn’t get into the beta.


Melvins1 said:

October 5th, 8:19 am

I’m a plus subscriber and I still don’t have the key.

kenoetheboss said:

October 5th, 8:27 am

where is the beta live at? i see no key in email or on psn store ps+ member here

Rene_Led said:

October 5th, 8:29 am

Guys wait for the PStore to update! lol
Oh yeah the Beta is about 3gb plus a 120mb patch. So you better have good internet lol

Sindred said:

October 5th, 8:31 am

I absolutely adore how I spent 50 bucks on Plus and haven’t been invited to a single beta.

jfx said:

October 5th, 8:32 am

I’m assuming that it’ll be up with the update later today.

Rene_Led said:

October 5th, 8:33 am

@13 it would have been to test the service by first getting the 3month sub isntead of rushing to get the 1yr (because of the bait for 3 extra months) O_o!
I had gotten a 3month sub but after expiration last week..dont think ill rush to get another sub soon

NoGodsOnlyMan said:

October 5th, 8:36 am

PS Plus with no key

dont make it sound as if all PS plus members are getting in, that is an old lie

piqu1655 said:

October 5th, 8:40 am

I am a PS Plus member since the beginning and I am a usual shoo-in for most betas and I have not received a key or an invite either…………..

lifeinacoustic said:

October 5th, 8:43 am

I currently do not have a code for the demo and I am a PS+ member too. =\

Digital_Sorrow said:

October 5th, 8:45 am

where can i find this “key”?

subadictos said:

October 5th, 8:47 am

Two things. First, is this a PSN game by itself or you need AC2 for playing it? And if the option is the second one, it will be free or we should pay for it?

phishybongwaters said:

October 5th, 8:48 am

Add me to that list of Playstation Plus members getting royally screwed. Yes, as of right now the free games have almost paid for the price of the subscription. Almost every other deal was on stuff I already purchased. PSN store, stop gimping plus members, or even regular members, by offering a game for 14.99 waiting a week or so, then dropping the price. I will never purchase any PSN content until several weeks have passed as the second i purchase it the price goes down.

I purchased the Plus package because of access to betas. As of yet, ZIP. nothing. Nada. So right now, I’ve basically spent 50 bucks to get 1 or 2$ off a few games I don’t want, and 3 free games I was gonna buy eventually.

Unless they start making with the goodies, I won’t be renewing the sub next year as right now it’s a waste.

auto update is great, cept it only gets certain updates they push out, not all. AND you can only have 1 machine setup for auto download. I have 2, tagged to the same psn account, and with that, both are plus members, yet I can only have 1 turn on and auto update? That’s hardly worth 50$.

Shinmigami said:

October 5th, 8:49 am

I am guessing that it will be in the plus section of the psn store. So, I guess we all will have to wait.

Anti-Steven said:

October 5th, 8:49 am

Are there any fellow Americans here who have access to the beta now? Also, I just got a message on my PS3 that said I was in the Red Faction Battlegrounds beta. Are there any fellow Americans in both betas?

TheGuardianFID said:

October 5th, 8:58 am

I have the Collector’s Edition pre-ordered and I’m also a PS+ subscriber but I know Betas have a limited number, so If I get one thanks in advance, if I don’t it’s all good!!! 8)

jedi_webslinger said:

October 5th, 9:05 am

Lucky for me that i pre-ordered cause if i had to depend on Playstation Plus, i would be also keyless…

Bollix said:

October 5th, 9:06 am

I got my Code via e-mail yesterday. I preorderd the game and am also a PS+ Member.

Lovin’ it.

nikrel said:

October 5th, 9:09 am

I’m a PS+ member but I was not invited.

Jisatsu_Kiddo said:

October 5th, 9:10 am

PS+ does not say YOU WILL GET ALL INVITES, it just betters your chance.

SonsOfMonroe said:

October 5th, 9:12 am

I’m In The Dead Space 2 Mulltiplayer Beta.

Jeigh said:

October 5th, 9:16 am

My only hope is that Sony actually has a system in place to ensure that PS+ members invited to Betas aren’t the same people every time. That they didn’t have this worked out with developers beforehand to ensure that at least a small percentage of their paying customers were included in each and every Beta already is sad enough.

BlooodyCow said:

October 5th, 9:17 am

This is complete BS. All the European PlayStation PLUS members got into the AC2 beta a week ago. Why is it that all European members get in, while only selected few US members will get into the beta?

oWolfpacko said:

October 5th, 9:21 am

I’m not a Play station plus subscriber and i feel sad for the people that brought play station plus. It is a rip off what they’re doing

AmericanNinja1 said:

October 5th, 9:23 am

i’m a plus memeber. how can i tell if i got in the beta?

Sarno1605 said:

October 5th, 9:25 am

Another keyless PS+ member…..but it really doesn’t bother me since AC is a epic failure of a game! Both AC suck IMO! And so will this one!

zombieflanders said:

October 5th, 9:25 am

Jisatsu_Kiddo: “PS+ does not say YOU WILL GET ALL INVITES, it just betters your chance.”

WHAT?! That better not be true, because otherwise Sony and/or Ubisoft lied to us. The e-mail I got from Sony that inspired me to throw down $50 for a year’s subscription to Plus specifically says it GUARANTEES a beta code.

From the e-mail: “Buy the 12-month Playstation Plus package by October 3 and get a voucher code to participate in the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Beta.

The only way to guarantee your invite to the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Beta is to go to the Playstation Store and purchase a one-year subscription to Playstation Plus. It’s worth it.”

Anti-Steven said:

October 5th, 9:29 am

@33 I think they are trying to avoid giving details because they don’t want to repeat the fact that a lot of people aren’t getting into the beta. I know they never specifically told me I’d get into all the betas, but they did imply that. All in all, I feel deceived. To bad this and all the other complaints like it won’t get a reply to address concerns about what will happen with future betas.

FamousLastX said:

October 5th, 9:31 am

I wish they’d just confirm whether or not this will be available to all PS+ members later today or not.

The_Rick_14 said:

October 5th, 9:37 am

I’m sorry, I thought the url of the page I’m on right now says Note the ‘US’. I’m really hoping the beta comes to PS+ people later today, otherwise writing this post on the US blog is just a slap in the face and positively ridiculous.

esko said:

October 5th, 9:43 am

Where is my Code

toology01 said:

October 5th, 9:45 am

Yea how were the PS+ members selected? Ive been a member since day one, also have my platinum in Assassin’s creed 2 which showed I played the crap out of the game. Wouldnt I have been a good participant?

Richlando said:

October 5th, 9:52 am

Good job Gabe

CrapForce said:

October 5th, 9:58 am


x9248 said:

October 5th, 9:59 am

I’m so glad I only paid for 3 months of PSN+, now it’s gone and I don’t have to worry about nonsense like their early beta “access”.

Just a note, ALL of EU got in AC:B beta. Last week.

Have fun.

Asylum3395 said:

October 5th, 10:04 am

ive been playing the beta for about a week and a half already

WindedHero said:

October 5th, 10:10 am

I didn’t get this beta, but I did get a message from PS Plus for the Red Faction: Battlegrounds beta.

Uraizen said:

October 5th, 10:12 am

AC:B beta for PSN+ members? Awesome, now where’s the part where I get a key?

Kchow23 said:

October 5th, 10:13 am


flatliner718 said:

October 5th, 10:13 am

Yea (checks e-mail)….didn’t get in on the beta to this, and i’m PS+ Cool deal..

Tridon said:

October 5th, 10:15 am

Maybe it’s just me but it seriously seems like I received more beta invites BEFORE becoming a PS+ member. I never received a key for AC:B and I have yet to receive one for the new Red Faction title. What’s up with that?

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