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Oct 07

Oct 07

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Beta Open to All PlayStation Plus Subscribers Today

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VP, PlayStation Network

Hi everyone,

In late September, we announced that select PlayStation Plus subscribers would be invited to participate in the PlayStation-exclusive Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood beta. Today, we are happy to announce that we have worked with Ubisoft to open this opportunity to all PlayStation Plus subscribers! Gamers interested in getting a first glimpse at the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood multiplayer mode can access the beta from the PlayStation Plus category on the PlayStation Store.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Beta Banner

We would also like to thank you for your continued feedback on PlayStation Plus. Your comments and submissions to PlayStation.Blog Share truly do get taken under consideration and help shape the offering as we move forward.

Be sure to visit Ubisoft’s forum page to submit feedback on the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood beta. Enjoy the beta!

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r3d-zombie- said:

October 13th, 8:13 am

hoping this comes back online soon. read that certain elements were being updated, maybe thats why its down..

Doddy666 said:

October 14th, 6:12 am

I no what u guys r on bout aswell….i saw it on the whats new section and purposely signed up 4 PSN+ just so i cud get it nd then it just disappeared :( not fair

steaprok27 said:

October 19th, 12:15 pm

Cmon guys where is it, been trying to download and cant get it!

BoxerLady said:

October 19th, 2:20 pm

Beta was….well, is that ALL?? you’re giving us? Geez…Yeah, I think you’re just trying to hype up PS Plus! Come on folks…if your gonna give us (PS Plus member’s)a first look Beta to try out…,why not give us the single player mode!!??? OK, sure, I’ve never played AC before…EVER..but, in order to get me interested in purchasing the need to give me more on a teaser Beta than…I mean…you can only assassinate the same person 3 times in the multi-player beta…and that is boooooring!!

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