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Oct 07

Oct 07

Killzone 3 Beta Starts on October 25th: Here’s Your Chance to Get In!

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Editor, Killzone Community

Yes, the Killzone 3 Public Beta Trial really is coming! Just like its predecessor, the multiplayer mode for Killzone 3 will be put through rigorous testing at the hands of the toughest, most demanding critics in existence: you, the fans. The Trial starts on October 25th and access is limited to 5,000 U.S. Plus subscribers, so please read the following instructions carefully if you want to know how to secure a spot in the Public Beta:

  • Be(come) a Plus subscriber
  • With the exception of a handful of key media partners and selected PAX feedback participants, access to the Killzone 3 Public Beta Trial is limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers. If you’re not enjoying the many benefits of Plus membership yet, now’s the time to sign up!
  • Download the theme
  • On October 19th, an exclusive Killzone 3 XMB Theme will appear in the Plus section of the PlayStation Store. The first 10,000 Plus subscribers to download this theme (5,000 U.S. Plus subscribers and 5,000 European Plus subscribers) will receive access to the Public Beta Trial.
  • Check your email
  • After you’ve downloaded the Killzone 3 XMB Theme, you will receive an email on Oct. 25th containing the Public Beta Trial promotion code and further instructions through the address you registered as your PSN Sign-In ID. Make sure you’ve set your notification preferences to accept emails from SCE, or we won’t be able to contact you.

Those of you who make it into the Public Beta Trial are expected to provide honest gameplay feedback, report bugs and glitches, and help test our network code in real-world scenarios. In short, we’re counting on you to help us improve Killzone 3! In return you’ll get a good taste of the multiplayer mode, including its brand-new Operations game type, party system, and jetpack and exoskeleton vehicles.

And if that doesn’t convince you to take a shot at the Public Beta Trial, maybe this new trailer will:

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Elsa said:

October 7th, 11:56 am

… and what about us early adopters who are Qore annual subscribers… the only reason I subscribed was for the promise of “early beta access” – certainly not for the digital video magazine that usually has belated information of stuff I already know from the web.

At the very least Sony should have offered us Qore annual subscribers a reduced rate on Playstation Plus given that Playstation Plus includes the Qore magazine.

I feel ripped off… and I feel that even if I did subscribe to PS+, that shortly it would be left in the dust for a new and more expensive program.

I definitely want this beta… but I’m not subscribing to Qore AND Playstation Plus so I guess I’ll have to wait until my Qore subscription runs out… and then consider how ripped off I feel about not getting what I was promised with this program.

LightChaosGS said:

October 7th, 11:57 am

Awesome!!! I hope I get in this Beta. :D

SeanScythe said:

October 7th, 11:58 am

Wait are you people serious? Not Sony, you bunch on whinos. Waa I don’t have PS+ so you hate me..

Grow up it’s a beta not the full game. They are not telling you that you will never be able to play the game. What differance is it when Gamestop makes you preorder a game or buy a game to get the beta code?

You kids need to grow up and learn not all things in life is free and you do have to spend money to get what you want. Obama is going to give you everything no matter how much he says you deserve it.

I’ve been in tons of beta’s I got Qore and paid for games to get them. I’ve never had to whine and cry to get one. You want in then get PS+ otherwise Shut up.

KazeEternal said:

October 7th, 11:59 am

Gonna have to get some snacks to camp the PlayStation Store on the 19th O.O Play KZ Liberation while I wait.

Arayku said:

October 7th, 12:02 pm

I saw this coming a mile away, thats why I signed up day 1 with PS+ :)

Charles_Surge said:

October 7th, 12:07 pm

I’m not PS+, but I hope everyone that gets into the beta will do their best to provide helpful feedback. I look forward to buying that KZ3 theme if it is quality and eventually released to all. I anticipate the game’s release and want to give kudos to Guerrilla Games for their continued work and desire to improve the game through beta testing.

KazeEternal said:

October 7th, 12:10 pm

You people need to stop crying over PS+. They stated this was a benefit of PS+ from the very start. Honestly it isn’t as bum a deal as you people are making it out to be. I find it ironic that some of you complain about not having enough disposable income then swat down PS+. I’ve been a day one user of PS+ and have accumulated 90 dollars in savings. In other words it already paid for itself almost twice over. I can afford a second year with the amount of savings I’ve accumulated.

What’s worse is the additional benefits I’ve acquired as a result of being in PS+. One of those benefits is the ability to get first crack at those 5000 available Keys for KZ3. I’ve gotten specific Demos first. I also have access to downloadable BD’s with a one hour trial.

I laugh at those of you going on about the Hardcore Killzone Fans who don’t want to pay for PS+. I’m a hardcore KZ fan and after everything I just listed above if you don’t pay for PS+ then you must not be as hardcore as you think you are.

RyuuFox said:

October 7th, 12:10 pm


Jesus Christ hating on GG just because they didn’t answer your question? Go somewhere else you little fanboy >:O

rusty01 said:

October 7th, 12:10 pm

Ok, this will be awesome! & I love Plus, I have some issues with the content & being realistic, I’m sure devs cannot put every single person in a beta, so thats ok – I guess… Really hope to get in this one though!! As everyone else does! My concern is this, I live way on the East Coast, so the ppl on the West Coast will get the updated store before us guys/gals on the East Coast, am I correct? I’m not sure, just asking. So, the first 5,000 US downloads could easily all come from the West Coast? But, good luck to all my Plus gamers!!


Draicus said:

October 7th, 12:11 pm

Wow, some people get really mad when their questions aren’t answered.

Dear, GG

Can you please tell me everything about the game four months before launch? Don’t leave out any details. If you do not comply, I will question your integrity and insult your work ethic.

Sincerely, Snarly Gamer.


Looking forward to the 19th so I can attempt to get into the beta, just to find out a week later that I was slower than 5,000 other people. :D

    Victor Zuylen's Avatar

    Aryeh Loeb said:

    October 7th, 12:36 pm

    No I can’t. *integrity+workethic+1

cityhunter2K8 said:

October 7th, 12:12 pm

Congrats to GG to give some benefits for being a PS+ member. I am not a PS+ member but I think this move is one of the few things that makes PS+ worth it’s money.

GG I’ll get your game DAY 1. I really dig the KZ universe and gameplay. Now if only Resistance 3 could display the same graphics quality! 2011 is going to be an amazing year!!! KZ3 U3 R3 Dead Space 2 FTW!

SDNeaL said:

October 7th, 12:14 pm

I hope for SCEA is comes out at the same time… if not the east coast will get it first which will leave the west coast hanging.

zombie9 said:

October 7th, 12:17 pm

I wait and see how good the PS+ update is next week. Before I buy. It better be good and not just a BETA KEY.

darkwonders said:

October 7th, 12:19 pm


I hate people like you. Betas are not demoes. Sony aren’t giving people access to beta test just for your enjoyment. They want feedback on the game and any bugs. This isn’t just a freebie for you to play…

I hope you don’t get into this beta as you have a horrible mentality on what a beta is.

x-Kicks-x said:

October 7th, 12:21 pm

I don’t like the fact that I have to be one of the lucky first 5000 to download the theme in a PSN store that has an inconsistent update time. Why isn’t this for all PSN+ subscribers?

iBlind said:

October 7th, 12:22 pm

From the looks of it not many people commenting have PS+ so I guess it wouldnt be that hard to get in the first 5,000 even if o live on the east coast.

Sindred said:

October 7th, 12:23 pm

I haven’t received a single Beta invite and I joined Plus Day 1 :(

Sarno1605 said:

October 7th, 12:23 pm

Zombie9? So you already waited for a future update? Not sure how that’s possible? Wow! Some of your guys grammar is a joke! Seriously!

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

October 7th, 12:23 pm

Very funny Aryeh Loeb. Since you don’t wanna confirm or deny online/offline co op, tell me this, will Killzone 3 have DEDICATED servers? It’s a much needed feature and if Gears 3 got it, you guys should get it.

billygrante said:

October 7th, 12:24 pm

ps+ is not only about betas i’m looking forward to this one

Samus4145 said:

October 7th, 12:25 pm

What a load of crap. Why do I have to download a theme to get entered in? I already have Plus, just allow us into the beta. I go away on my honeymoon on the 19th, and get back just in time for the beta, but because I have to download a theme I will miss out.


Sypher9 said:

October 7th, 12:27 pm

Wow, beta is only available to Plus subscribers? Way to alienate the largest chunk of your userbase.


Jerel said:

October 7th, 12:28 pm

No Move support? That makes me a sad panda. :(

I’m still going to try to get in, but I hope you guys make the Move controls really good and tight. (I’m really liking the games I have now that support it.)

TheTwelve said:

October 7th, 12:30 pm

Christ has nothing to do with it Sypher9 so don’t say His Name!

Anyway, the 19th will be a MADHOUSE. Maybe I’ll get lucky….


ropa-to said:

October 7th, 12:32 pm

Please tell me what time will SCEE update the Playstation Store in GMT?

OutlawOcelot said:

October 7th, 12:34 pm

Honestly it should be 10,000 per SCEA/SCEE. 5,000 per country first off is a small number to take into account internet variables and is a smaller number for people to find bugs.

I’m def. cool with it being for PSN plus only members to justify their having it, but to only let 5,000 of them have a chance is a bit of a slap in their face. Most people who got PSN plus probably did it in hopes things like this would be offered to them, but now you are telling them their monetary investment is squandered due to having a life.

Epic fail.

napkin said:

October 7th, 12:34 pm

I don’t have PS+ but this is a good idea. I’ll just wait and see if a normal demo will come out though I don’t have 50 bucks to throw away right now, if I did i probably would get PS+ though for the beta.

I don’t get the people that are complaining. People are saying they won’t buy PS+ because it isn’t worth it. Then Sony tries to make it worth it by putting this beta on PS+ only, but then everyone gets mad at that. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Most beta’s are privileges you have to do something to get into them except for the public ones that come out before release which aren’t even beta’s they’re just demo’s.

baahas said:

October 7th, 12:36 pm

What Timezone? At midnight the theme will go live?

Nin10gamer said:

October 7th, 12:37 pm

haha! plus yea dont think so nice try though

iBlind said:

October 7th, 12:37 pm

Why are non-PS+ users mad that they aren’t getting the beta?

You thought that Playstation would just give you it for free?

vcotson said:

October 7th, 12:37 pm

sooooo what time does this come up in the psn store…. good luck everyone.. lets see if this beta is promsising like the other onez no one got….

SDNeaL said:

October 7th, 12:38 pm

Wow so many people crying… I paid for my PS+ account for a year the day it came out… already from discounts and free items… and special content i got all my money back ans more… quit looking for a reason to cry and try to have it not be for PS+ members. If everyone was able to get on the beta it would not play as well… and we know everyone would not leave feedback… my and all my co-workers who have PS+ account will be waiting for the theme to be released…

Zinacef said:

October 7th, 12:40 pm

Let’s hope when those eligible to download the theme on 10/19 begin to download it, the servers don’t get congested.


October 7th, 12:41 pm

to be honest…i could careless about the beta…don’t get me wrong i like killzone…it just that MOH will still be fresh and i know i’m not going to have time to play the beta because i’ll be to busy achieving trophy for MOH…Plus i have to pay 17 bucks for stupid plus…this is ridiculous. no thanks sony..i’m glad i cancel my membership.
sometime i wonder how many plus user does sony have?….

KwietStorm said:

October 7th, 12:42 pm

I don’t need a game of the year. These last 3 blog posts made my year for me.

SDNeaL said:

October 7th, 12:43 pm

MOH is going to be trash… the beta sucked… and COD BO is about to come out and BBC2:Viet as well

markdoncaster said:

October 7th, 12:44 pm

@159 A beta is the finshed game,a beta is testing for bugs,glitches etc,what you get in the beta is what you get in the finished game bar the bugs,glitches etc.
people arnt asking to see every map and every single player mission,just the basic info of a finished game now in beta.

Stop being a noob unless you own shares or something.

GG have shown KZ3 multiplayer vid and we havent forced them to keep the same game types,environment and even lower player count,i think people was expecting something new n actually to match R2 with 64 players as big maps with 24players feels empty(ever played KZ2 with only 12-16 players n it feels empty becuase the maps are big)

Gamers should have all basic info at this stage now with the beta coming and feb coming up fast.

maybe even take some tips from ZIPPER,256 players would be a blast,ok you probly not gonna go that far but come on, 32-64 players could work and have some MAG type objectives.

Victor Zuylen's Avatar

Aryeh Loeb said:

October 7th, 12:47 pm

I am logging off people! Thanks for all the somments. Good luck with the download.

Craftiii4 said:

October 7th, 12:47 pm

Noooooooo, killzone 2 is my fav game of all time, even beating halo reach, and now i need playstation plus of the KZ3 beta, i would upgrade, but i am not guaranteed to be part of it, as only the first 5000 are alowed access to it, :(. Is it worth upgrading to try and get in, or is there any other way? :(

beastbarbour said:

October 7th, 12:50 pm

I have one question to ask plz answer back, will the theme go on the store when the regular store updates or will it be on the store at 12am tuesday morning plz address this info will be real helpful for those who will be at wrk during regular store times

thank you for you time

Mosh_Pit said:

October 7th, 12:51 pm

Still not worth PS+ for me.

FfoegNosnibor said:

October 7th, 12:55 pm

I think that the PSN Store is going to crash on 10/19.

It is already ridiculously slow when it updates. The PS+ section crawls every other week with the downloads slowly appearing.

I cannot wait until every PS+ member is hitting refresh every 30 seconds starting around 6pm EST 10/19. I believe hilarity will ensue as not only will everyone be constantly refreshing but also trying to grab the same item (The Dynamic Theme). Way to think this one through Sony… I hope you have backup servers as this is going to be like a DDOS.

By the way, I am still waiting for my Beta Key for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

markdoncaster said:

October 7th, 1:00 pm

RyuuFox lol you go somewhere else you street fighter fanboy and get an education,people like you make me sick just brown nosing.

Being ignored and not getting question answered are 2 different things,instead of skipping questions about basic info like mine and answering people like you crying about ps+.
The beta should be for most active users of KZ2 not silly streetfighter fans boys like you who think the beta is just for fun instead of testing.

KwietStorm said:

October 7th, 1:01 pm

BabyStation once again. I’m ashamed to be a part of this community

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

October 7th, 1:04 pm

Aryeh Loeb you’re starting to get on my nerves. I demand answers to my questions or I’m changing my avatar!

    Victor Zuylen's Avatar

    Aryeh Loeb said:

    October 7th, 1:51 pm

    sry ThreeLeggedFreak. But if I could answer them I would. You can use my avatar!

Maakasukage said:

October 7th, 1:05 pm

dang, need to get my new membership updated, it ran out cause i was just testing it. but i meant to get the year sub before now…i guess i’ll just make do with 1 more 3month then get the year


October 7th, 1:06 pm

@193 shut up people have every right to complain.. I hate ball huggers get outta here…

RockToonz said:

October 7th, 1:06 pm

I will get PS+ and will get in… >:)
even if my eyes pops out…
i believe i can get in i promise…
(^.)-U U-(.^) cheers!! GG… ^^

kNoWlEdGe22 said:

October 7th, 1:09 pm

Is there no other way into the Beta? I was in the Killzone 2 beta and spent a lot of time conveying my thoughts. I’ve been in quite a few PS3 betas and I always take that very seriously. I think that offering the beta to just a large group doesn’t ensure that you will get actionable feedback. I think that it’s important to invite people to betas (in general) who will make sure to send you feedback and not just utilize the beta as a glorified demo…

ShadowOfEden said:

October 7th, 1:12 pm

No, a beta is not the final game. Sometimes they just want to test their network, but sometimes a lot of things change. I was in the first round of beta for Resistance 2 and the game changed a lot since then. Yes, it was still recognizable, but the menus, UI, and some minor gameplay element got some major changes. Betas are not only for bugs, but to test various elements of the game. Some elements are also still in development at the time the game goes in beta.

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