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Oct 07

Oct 07

Killzone 3 Beta Starts on October 25th: Here’s Your Chance to Get In!

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Editor, Killzone Community

Yes, the Killzone 3 Public Beta Trial really is coming! Just like its predecessor, the multiplayer mode for Killzone 3 will be put through rigorous testing at the hands of the toughest, most demanding critics in existence: you, the fans. The Trial starts on October 25th and access is limited to 5,000 U.S. Plus subscribers, so please read the following instructions carefully if you want to know how to secure a spot in the Public Beta:

  • Be(come) a Plus subscriber
  • With the exception of a handful of key media partners and selected PAX feedback participants, access to the Killzone 3 Public Beta Trial is limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers. If you’re not enjoying the many benefits of Plus membership yet, now’s the time to sign up!
  • Download the theme
  • On October 19th, an exclusive Killzone 3 XMB Theme will appear in the Plus section of the PlayStation Store. The first 10,000 Plus subscribers to download this theme (5,000 U.S. Plus subscribers and 5,000 European Plus subscribers) will receive access to the Public Beta Trial.
  • Check your email
  • After you’ve downloaded the Killzone 3 XMB Theme, you will receive an email on Oct. 25th containing the Public Beta Trial promotion code and further instructions through the address you registered as your PSN Sign-In ID. Make sure you’ve set your notification preferences to accept emails from SCE, or we won’t be able to contact you.

Those of you who make it into the Public Beta Trial are expected to provide honest gameplay feedback, report bugs and glitches, and help test our network code in real-world scenarios. In short, we’re counting on you to help us improve Killzone 3! In return you’ll get a good taste of the multiplayer mode, including its brand-new Operations game type, party system, and jetpack and exoskeleton vehicles.

And if that doesn’t convince you to take a shot at the Public Beta Trial, maybe this new trailer will:

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Sycophant said:

October 7th, 1:13 pm

PS+ wouldn’t be such an issue if you didn’t lose game purchases once your subscription stops. It’s basically a long-term rental service with a few bonuses =/
Sadly this means no KZ3 Beta for me.

guy209 said:

October 7th, 1:15 pm

i want offline split screen 4 player multiplayer. I want to play with my friends in d same room!

CubanRatMan said:

October 7th, 1:17 pm

ps + is pure scam, when you buy ps+ you are buying lottery ticket

bbonds_007 said:

October 7th, 1:18 pm


The US PSN store updates at the same time for everyone in the US, it does not matter what timezone you are in. Unless you mean east coast people go to bed at 8-9pm???

AmericanAce said:

October 7th, 1:21 pm

FINALLY! NOT A LET DOWN! Thank you, Playstation.

Boyskater7 said:

October 7th, 1:23 pm

oh wow what a scam to spend money when you could just buy when it comes out

Locster60 said:

October 7th, 1:24 pm

Hmmm, I am part of the “Game Advisory Panel” so if I am in that and in Plus I think that should make a difference.

Boyskater7 said:

October 7th, 1:24 pm

there should be multiplayer online

Boyskater7 said:

October 7th, 1:26 pm

how do you change your picture

SlackerTD said:

October 7th, 1:27 pm

I like the idea of how they are picking the people to join the beta… those who really want in can download that theme. I’m a Plus subscriber, but I have very little interest in any betas. At least this way, a beta access code won’t be wasted on someone like myself.

xXVyprstrykeXx said:

October 7th, 1:28 pm

I’m still iffy on doing PS+. I’m not a huge fan of the auto update feature at all. That and I will also be at work during the store update. But a KZ3 theme is a nice perk as it is so I can replace my current KZ2 one haha :) the free games have been pretty quality titles too so I might hop on this soon.

AG-WarFighter said:

October 7th, 1:37 pm

is this also for canadains plz say yes:D

DMARK08 said:

October 7th, 1:37 pm

Sweet kz3 Beta but do we really have to spend 30 bucks for some content and betas were not even going to use

Enigma777 said:

October 7th, 1:37 pm

Sweet! My PS+ subscription is finally worth something!

I will be eagerly refreshing the store on the 19th. :D

Stinvil93 said:

October 7th, 1:39 pm

CANT FREEAKING W8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL HAIL PS3!!!!

PhillyPhreak said:

October 7th, 1:41 pm

I’ve been a loyal PS3 user from day one and now I have to pay just to participate in betas? It’s a bunch of baloney. I was in the Warhawk, KZ2, SOCOM Confrontation, LBP, and Uncharted 2 betas…got in due to being a GAP member. PS+ is a complete waste; it’s not introducing new features that expand the PS3s functionality so I’m not wasting my money.

Still looking forward to KZ3 so I’ll wait until February to play it.

RicPo420 said:

October 7th, 1:53 pm

Absolutely loved killzone 2, one of my top favourite games of all time, I work from home, you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be refresing that store every 30 seconds, I’ll be in the beta, no doubt there.. thanks for the opportunity sony! i like when you do it this way, whoevers the most dedicated gets in!

Sarno1605 said:

October 7th, 1:53 pm

Hey PhillyPhreak….if your so LOYAL how come your not a PS+ member? Hmmmmmm? Sounds like someone is just a complainer! :)

ThreeLeggedFreak said:

October 7th, 1:53 pm

Aryeh Loeb that would actually be sweet because your avatar is more badass, is that up on PSN Store?

Trell148 said:

October 7th, 1:55 pm

Lol well guess I gotta stay up to download the theme I haven’t been accepted to one single beta yet maybe I will get a chance finally

thuginomix said:

October 7th, 1:55 pm

LOL@ everyone that already sounds defeated. better odds for me then! whowah!

mrdeadhead said:

October 7th, 1:56 pm

screw you guys for putting this on ps+.

TooTall19 said:

October 7th, 1:58 pm

Ya know what’s crazy? I predicted this on Tuesday in comment section for this weeks PS + update! Check it out. It’s comment 154!


letherclad said:

October 7th, 2:00 pm

Sweet! I hope I get in it, I’ll have to keep checking the store for that update!

Kinda wish all PS+ members got it though…

Default_cc said:

October 7th, 2:10 pm

Geez, gotta wonder why Sony even bothers with allowing comments on these blog posts.
Always the same people complaining about the most stupid things.

1) Plus members were promised access to betas.
2) If you’re not a Plus member but want access to betas, free games, themes, discounts, etc. – sign up.

Pretty simple.

PushinNshovinMe said:

October 7th, 2:15 pm

Yay, just got the Dead Space 2 Beta last night, through a PSN message of all things. It was surprisingly easy to get into and a lot of fun to play.

To all complainers:

This is already a limited Beta so it makes sense to offer it to Plus subscribers only, 5,000 NA users will get in, not very many Plus subscribers will get in anyhow.

Keep up the good work Sony, and get that Party Chat out so you can prove the worth of Plus even more.

zombie_56 said:

October 7th, 2:16 pm

damn it sony i purchased killzone2 day 1 you should let me participate and not playstation plus members who most probably never even played a killzone game

iTofuMan said:

October 7th, 2:16 pm

This is one of the reason why i will not get +.

I was under the impression when reading about the services for PS+ that all beta game will be available to PS+ NOT just a select few.

Whats the point of spending money if you MIGHT get into the beta? if you dont then that was a waste of money, but that’s only one reason i will not get +.

ATLRoAcH said:

October 7th, 2:18 pm


KZ2 had dedicated servers so you know 3 will. Live doesn’t use dedicated servers it’s all P2P. Maybe you mean something else when you say dedicated servers.

Also online and offline co-op have been mentioned in some magazines as being in the game. Co-op was the most requested feature for KZ2 so I’m sure it will be in KZ3. They’re going to save some announcements for closer to the games launch.

Delta_Canuckian said:

October 7th, 2:20 pm

@Aryeh Loeb: Let’s hope I’m one of the lucky ones. It’s funny because I decided to wear my KZ3 shirt from PAX today too lol. Good timing. :D

Lord_Ka1n said:

October 7th, 2:27 pm

im sure only GG is reading this and not anyone from sony. but will the US store actually update when its supposed to that day? the 19th is new vegas day and im not gonna sit around til 9 or ten waiting for a small chance at something my friend wants much more than i do.

ballagh said:

October 7th, 2:30 pm

Another great perk for being a plus member. Thank you!!!!!! Really looking foward to trying to get into this. Best exclusive series on any console period!

warezIbanez said:

October 7th, 2:31 pm

Hey, what about us KZ2 Beta testers? Don’t leave us out in the cold!

Type-F- said:

October 7th, 2:36 pm

MR.Killzone3 What time does the PSN store update on Eastern time so i can wait in line to download the theme? I am going to skip my Economics class for this if it’s within its time. Thank You.

KZ3 > Economics!

PhillyPhreak said:

October 7th, 2:38 pm

@Sarno1605 I’m loyal, not stupid. I know a good deal when I see one and PS+ isn’t that IMO. Heck, a lot of PS+ members are going to miss out on the beta.

JManuge said:

October 7th, 2:45 pm

I have PS+, I think they should just give it to all the members.

McNeelyJ said:

October 7th, 2:53 pm

This is just dumb, way to screw up a perfectly good thing Sony

MadMeat001 said:

October 7th, 3:08 pm

waaaw no way i am gonna get the psplus supscription.
will killzone 3 and 2 please go digital for the ps3?
because i decided to go digital for various reasons!

Jordan81 said:

October 7th, 3:11 pm

what about Canadian psn plus members? Do we get chance of beta too?

D-Squad3 said:

October 7th, 3:14 pm

This is great that PS+ members are starting to get better stuff! I hope this continues for Plus members. Thanks for the Dead Space 2 beta!

But how do we give feedback if we get into the KZ3 beta?

pandaSmore said:

October 7th, 3:23 pm

Okay I got a couple of questions for you Victor.

1. Do you know why Canadians won’t be able to get into the beta.

2. Don’t you think it’s unfair that the east will get a advantage since their Store will be updated before the west.

Eyes_Like_Ice said:

October 7th, 3:28 pm

AAAAHHHH why do I have to be a PS+ member! I love the Killzone series! I could go purchase the plus membership, but it doesn’t mean I will be one of the first people to download the theme when it goes live! It’s going to be mass hysteria that day!

BeerManMike said:

October 7th, 3:30 pm

“Those of you who make it into the Public Beta Trial are expected to provide honest gameplay feedback, report bugs and glitches..”

So if you pay money for PSN+ then you are automatically better at doing the above than those that don’t pay? Wow thanks Sony! And it looks like i won’t be buying KillZone 3 either (along with AC:B). Lost a customer.

Lord_Ka1n said:

October 7th, 3:34 pm


no, it updates at the same time everywhere. you don’t really know how time zones work do you? just because its 8 one place and 9 somewhere else, doesn’t mean they’ll get it first where its 8.

in reality its the same time everywhere in the world. when they update the store, it updates everywhere. these time zones are just something we made up to help keep track of things, time doesn’t work that way. where you are does not actually affect the time. we all have the same chance

Hoffy8807 said:

October 7th, 3:47 pm

LOL at all the people complaining about PS+, exclusive entry into betas is one of the perks, deal with it.

Balflearspgc said:

October 7th, 3:59 pm

For those Microsoft fans that don’t know… Killzone 2 had dedicated servers, it was Epic who learned from them :)

Unseen_Soul said:

October 7th, 4:06 pm

This is stupid, REALLY stupid. I shouldnt have to pay $50 so i can play a damn beta for a game that ive been waiting TWO FREAKIN YEARS FOR!!!! PS+ is really starting to look stupid with all the exclusives people get. It’s a beta, you want a large amount of people to test it but you only let 5000 people get it and of those 5000, they have to be PS+ subscribers. you realize that about 2000 of those people will get it and not even play it more then 3 hours cuz they dont like Killzone in the first place and only got it because they paid. This is beyond stupid

MAB196811 said:

October 7th, 4:11 pm

Good to see this offered to plus members only..to everyone moaning sorry folks that’s 1 of the things offered to pay a little extra for their PlayStation experience.

It would be nice for all plus members to get in but I respect that this is ultimately to TEST the multi player and not as some posters seem to think to DEMO the product.

So fingers crossed I get in as I have had a good deal of playtime on Killzone 2 online and can’t wait for the sequel

pandaSmore said:

October 7th, 4:13 pm


Okay, I was under the impression that there were separate servers for the East and the West, and that the updates were updated at the same time but in their respected time zones.

peditos said:

October 7th, 4:22 pm

Okay, so i put in $600 almost 4 years ago, and even paid $150 to get YLOD fixed 2 years ago, and don’t even mention all the games, and i can’t get into the beta just because i don’t want to pay $60 for a chance to get into a beta?

Hahaha… Sony probably thinks I’ll be buying a 3D TV soon also..

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be buying Killzone 3 the day it comes out, but Sony can’t expect me just to throw money out the window.

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