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Oct 13

Oct 13

Gran Turismo 5 Release Update

Taku Imasaki's Avatar Posted by Producer, SCEA

We can confirm that Gran Turismo 5 will not be available this November 2nd, but the game’s release will be coming this holiday season.

We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay, however, creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches.

We’ll have more information for you in the near future.

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toasty_hoodie said:

October 14th, 6:12 am

You guys are angry…over a video game…wow

Apharot said:

October 14th, 6:28 am

@688 Toasty_hoodie: We are mad because we paid for something that we were told would be available to us on Nov 2. We didn’t get that. It’s like ordering a car, told it’ll be here on a certain day, then it doesn’t show up and you’re told it’ll be three weeks so “We can build the best driving experience possible for you”

toasty_hoodie said:

October 14th, 6:51 am


I understand that, but to be so crushed, that it affects your daily life is pretty sad.

I think it sucks too, but am I gonna cancel my pre-order, no. I’m not gonna boycott Sony/PD. I’m not letting it affect my life.

Sure, it sucks, but there are much bigger things to worry about in the world than a video game.

They say it’ll be here before Christmas, so I’ll wait.

People that feel betrayed, it’s really sad that a video game makes you so upset.

You can’t compare ordering a real life car to a video game.

If I need a form of transportation in my life, and the car I ordered isn’t showing up, I’ll buy something else. I’m not going to sue the car manufacturer.

FlyingDutchee said:

October 14th, 7:10 am

I’m afraid that this ultimate racing experience will be so realistic that it also takes the skills and experience of a professional racer to actually play this ‘game’. Realism is nice but i’m afraid they are taking it too far.

This last delay is seriously rubbing me the wrong way. If I would miss deadlines and wouldn’t even give a proper explanation for it I would lose my clients or eventually my job, no matter how good my reputation from the past might be.

Kaz needs to become less of a perfectionist and more a realist. Stick to the date and get the job done. That is also considered part of a quality service! A lot of us get paid a whole lot less and do what is expected of us on a daily basis without excuses. They had more than enough time. This might cause them to lose credibility and the respect and patience of their fans. I also wonder what Sony shareholders think of this since I’m sure it will affect overall sales for Sony this season.

I know it’s only a game and exactly for that reason I just canceled my pre-order and ordered Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit instead. I rather spend my money on a slightly less realistic game that is more fun to play and actually available in time!

pyru420 said:

October 14th, 7:12 am

Polyphone Los odio a muerte chorro de kbrones van a seguir atrasando las ostia de juego PUÑETA!!!!!

SykoTech said:

October 14th, 7:48 am

I’m not really into sim racers, but I was really starting to warm up to this game. It looks completely amazing. And with LBP2 delayed to January, I was looking for another AAA PS3 game to play during my break from college. This kinda ruins things.

If you guys don’t get this out by early December, I’ll probably be sending more time with my Wii than PS3 this holiday.

SykoTech said:

October 14th, 7:49 am

*spending: lol, typos

RICO62363 said:

October 14th, 8:07 am

Ok, not sure how accurate this is, but went to GameStop site, and they have a ship date of 1/1/2011. Which, if it is true, this game isn’t coming out this year, nor 1st half of next year.
Article on CVG states – Apologising to fans over the slip this morning, Yamauchi-san said: “It’s because time and labor were spent ironing the kinks out of [the game’s] complex system. I’m really sorry. Everyone, it’s inexcusable… Wait a little longer.”

Yamauchu – we have waited years, no more. What the [DELETED] are you doing? You should have had the kinks out BEFORE you released a Nov 2 date!!!!

RICO62363 said:

October 14th, 8:09 am

system_fa1-ure said:

October 14th, 8:41 am

Couldn’t you have made LBP2 or any other fun family game wait, instead of GT5? Family games sell WAY more on holiday seasons than racing games. What’s the point in making your self look like fools?

TheAssassin-74 said:

October 14th, 8:44 am

XBox and NFS Hot Pursuit her I come, anyone want a used PS3 almost new. Shows how much they care when Sony cant even be bothered the remove the 3rd November release date from the GT5 website. Really shows professionalism there guys. The media is going to have a field day with this one, well done don’t let your shares hit you in the face on there way down.

sprayNpray said:

October 14th, 8:44 am




fiveall596 said:

October 14th, 8:46 am

yes and that game will be hot pursuit. It will be the best racing game on the market. because gt will never come out

Apharot said:

October 14th, 8:49 am

@690 Toasty_hoodie: Not all of us are crushed, your first statement made it seem like anyone upset was in the wrong. Will I cancel my pre-order? Most likely, since games I like are available are out there with a release date. Not to mention I was just given an Xbox360 Elite, and there are some games on there I’d like too.

And yes, you can compare this to ordering a car. In my example I was implying that you were ordering a new car, not that you didn’t have one at all. It’s no different than ordering anything and being told “Oh, we had to push it back for (bs reasoning here)”

Rude_Sparthan said:

October 14th, 9:49 am

I hope you realize that you’re a joke for the all industry

at least to respect your community and GT community, that already had enough patience, maybe it’s time to say something TRUE, and suddenly, not soon

Zilas said:

October 14th, 9:59 am

Don’t know if any of you are going to read this but here you go.

“Sony didn’t give much of an explanation when it announced Gran Turismo 5’s delay yesterday. For something a bit more solid (just a bit), we turn to series producer Kazunori Yamauchi himself.

Returning to Twitter for the first time since September 22, Yamauchi apologized to fans today and explained that the reason for the delay was that it was taking some time to finalize some of the game’s more complicated systems. Apologizing again (two apologies in the same Tweet!), he asked that players wait a bit more.

Yamauchi quickly followed up this apology with some good news for those worrying that this is actually a stealth delay to 2011. A follower pleaded with him to get the game out by the end of the year. “I believe we won’t keep you waiting until then,” replied Yamauchi.”


w_a_i_n said:

October 14th, 10:38 am

LOL! Kids spitting dummies out!

“I’m selling PS3/buying NFS”

I only buy driving games, played GT5 at Beta Rooms, it rocks!

In 2 yrs GT5 won’t be beat! With track creation/share, it’s the only version you’d need to buy! It has endless tracks!

A shame, a driving games topic – yet most ppl posting aren’t drivers! Compare NFS to GT! LOL! Sell ur PS3, miss the most genre-pushing title ever. Cut your nose off to spite your own face, ur thick!

Don’t buy a PS4, so!

GT5 won’t be hard, it has different physics to please casual ‘arcade’ fans + purists!

No need for DLC. 1.5yrs GT6 will land, having the stuff Kaz couldn’t fit in 5. New physics is done, full HD images exist for textures/cars, etc…

For PS4, we won’t see big delays. It’ll run in full HD, much material is sorted. It will just need programming and expanding. PS4 will run GT7 1080 with 30 cars at 60fps, using reference images from GT5 but in full HD.

For the ‘kids’

GT5 the only late game? No
Will it have ‘huge’ bugs like recent racers? No
Do any driving games run the same resolution! No
Will Kaz promise DLC, but lie? No
Will he add DLC but force you to buy a new game to get it? No

I hate babies, swap camps, who cares!

TUSTIN1 said:

October 14th, 10:46 am

@RICO62363 | October 14th, 2010 at 8:07 am
“Ok, not sure how accurate this is, but went to GameStop site, and they have a ship date of 1/1/2011. Which, if it is true, this game isn’t coming out this year, nor 1st half of next year.”

Um…not sure what calendar you’re using but on mine 1/1/2011 would be January 1st, 2011. Since when does January 1st not fall within the first half of the year? If history repeats, it should fall somewhere right near beginning…LOL

w_a_i_n said:

October 14th, 10:52 am

^^Don’t make the mistake others do, and believe all you read on the internet…

eagleman2 said:

October 14th, 10:53 am

Again and again and again!!!! this is beyond a joke!!
with only 20 day left, i mean surly you should be making mass copies of the game by now.
my understanding is that the game was supposed to of been released when the PS3 was released, that gives you an incite to how ridicules this is becoming!!!!!!
i too was counting down the days!!!!!!!!!!

CJ1983 said:

October 14th, 10:55 am

I typed a massive, well thought out argument, only to be told I exceeded the character limit.

Well to sum up
F you Sony.

CJ1983 said:

October 14th, 10:57 am

oh, and I won’t be buying it.

KoldStrejke said:

October 14th, 11:05 am

Well poly/Sony you need to release Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 2 for PSOne Classics to tide us over untill then. and why havent you released it yet those are the best classics.

KoldStrejke said:

October 14th, 11:07 am

Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 2 for PSOne Classics Please

ad12345678910111 said:

October 14th, 11:08 am

Hey guys I found out Gran Turismo 5 is coming out Jan 11,2o11 check out this are delay a lot maybe adding more cars.

KoldStrejke said:

October 14th, 11:08 am

Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 2 for PSOne Classics OK Please, I am waiting!!!

KoldStrejke said:

October 14th, 11:09 am

well gamestop can F a duck they meesed up on my GT5CE order. i will not buy from them again.

KoldStrejke said:

October 14th, 11:10 am

Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 2 for PSOne Classics…..



OK Please………

I am waiting!!!

bimmaguy said:

October 14th, 11:12 am

So, you walk into McDonalds and order yourself a Big Mac. You’re really craving one, and hungry as could be. You place your order, and the cashier tells you, “I’m afraid it will take 5 minutes for your burger.” You’re kind of in a hurry, but you’ve already paid, so you tell her that would be fine.
15 minutes later, you’re still standing there hungry, while staring at a large picture of a Big Mac. Angry now, you demand your food. The waitress says “We’re working hard to provide the best burger experience.” Who would stay?
Now imagine that every five minutes the waitress, NOT DOING ANYTHING ELSE (like PD), kept coming over and saying “We’ve improved our Big Mac, it now has bacon, cheese, and bigger patties, etc. I guarantee it wil be ready in a minute or two?” Never mind just going to Burger King,that kind of s**t would get people killed.
Pre-order of Collectors Edition cancelled.

Fallout: New Vegas coming October 19, 2010 (no lie)

FlashMaverick87 said:

October 14th, 11:20 am

Sony what are you looking for? GT5 not will be perfect! Bye bye pre-order!

KoldStrejke said:

October 14th, 11:26 am

ok poly/sony you say you try to give customers what they want well we want—>

Gran Turismo, Gran Turismo 2 for PSOne Classics

KoldStrejke said:

October 14th, 11:48 am


KoldStrejke said:

October 14th, 11:49 am

damn i should not have bought that second PS3.

KoldStrejke said:

October 14th, 11:49 am

darn? sorry for the D word.

ayanesan2183 said:

October 14th, 1:11 pm

Im a fan of gt5. delay??? i dont mind. i can wait.


Some gamers dont understand what is the meaning of:

“We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay, however, creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches.”

Yes for 80 million project. Im very sure the creator Kazunori Yamuchi will make the gt5 success as before.

Take ur time gt5 team. U guys are the only ones who know what to do…

Looking forward for ur latest info…

DaveFIX said:

October 14th, 1:12 pm

If my memory serves me right GT5 was announced as “in development” in 2005-06 which was around the time of the PS3 release. How can this game take so long to develop? I’m sorry but all those people who say “it’s only a game” or “it’ll be out by the end of the year, so just wait”, are all morons. GT5 was supposed to show the world what the PS3 could do, well if Fony oops I mean Sony want to show how not make a flagshop title then GT5 has set new a standard. How can this game meet the expectations of all those are waiting? Simple answer. It can’t. Sony have screwed up this gen & may never recover. PLAYSTATION R.I.P?

madeup6 said:

October 14th, 1:18 pm

I don’t belive it! This can’t be real.

SgtDewy said:

October 14th, 1:25 pm

I can honestly say that I’m not surprised, but oddly… I am disappointed.

sprayNpray said:

October 14th, 1:55 pm


MLEW85 said:

October 14th, 1:58 pm

It was a little bit ridiculous that GT5 actually had a real date for a while…all is back to normal now :(

reilly1875 said:

October 14th, 2:10 pm

I chose a PS3 instead of an xbox360 (3 years ago) simply because GT5 is exclusive to PS3… this is a good excuse to buy pishy forsa 3 and a 360. hint, hint, SONY.

utopianacht said:

October 14th, 2:11 pm

the first trophy that will pop up should be “thanks for waiting”

station3fever said:

October 14th, 2:18 pm

This has nothing to do with sony as they are also ticked off!. get your facts right people.
thank you :)

Jack1982cp said:

October 14th, 2:45 pm

Absolutely unbelievable. I’ve been waiting since the previously missed release date of “shortly after” March for the new November date, and now they can’t even meet that. These people treat their customers so badly I doubt I’ll even be able to enjoy this game if it ever does come out.


October 14th, 2:48 pm

Delayed again what a shocker. I for one am tired of this I passed on Forza for this game only to get disapointed. I can tell Sony and polyphony this, you probably just lost a sale for now. I will probably just go out and buy Forza.
Lets face it this game will not launch in 2010. That is why there is no release date in this blog. Sony will announce in December after things cool down that it will be pushed back to Jan 2011 then Feb 11 then March 11 then June then November 11 I will leave it at that. This game isnt ready after almost 4+ years then Sony has a major problem that is why the Xbox is winning because of garbage like this.
Even the Move launch was a disaster with almost no Move only games available Im a little sick of this and will start supporting the Xbox more then getting burned like this.

IceCold said:

October 14th, 3:02 pm

Yup, I just cancelled my amazon pre-order. The delays are out of hand.

Br1ckt0p said:

October 14th, 3:33 pm


EliteDave93 said:

October 14th, 4:32 pm

I knew it -.-

August51 said:

October 14th, 4:35 pm

Well, Although a primarily a pc gamer myself, i purchased a ps3 a year back just for GT5. Also bought a $600 racing frame with a G25. Just sold the whole package and canceled my Pre Order since there is no way i have the time to play this game anytime soon. I am a big WoW fan, and since they release the expansion Dec 7th it means game over for GT5.
Sony! i give you the middle finger salute :)


October 14th, 4:39 pm

Yes it is frustrating to have to wait AGAIN ! How do you think the Airlines feel on the multiple delays of the new Super liner from Boeing as millions of dollars are flying out the door.
Having experienced several driving games I feel Gt is the best.
I’m a retired Airline pilot and have flown some really great simulators. Play Stations goal is to develop (as real as possible) a racing simulator – not a game. Real road racing does not tolerate needless violence like deliberately ramming into someone or running them off the track ( like Need for Speed ). There are severe penalties for those actions. When you reach the highest level you should not be able to win each and every time. You will not only have to master the driving but also setup (just as important as driving skills) and knowledge of the track.
So I hope all of these facets are programed into the new GT5 and if it takes them more time to get it right its OK with me. Need for Speed Shift seemed to be just thrown together without thought or reason for creating a real experience. It actually rewards aggressive driving which totally counter to the racing community. It says if you can’t win with you skill –CHEAT!

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