Gran Turismo 5 Release Update

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We can confirm that Gran Turismo 5 will not be available this November 2nd, but the game’s release will be coming this holiday season.

We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay, however, creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches.

We’ll have more information for you in the near future.

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  • I bought my ps3 just for GranTurismo 5 and has
    met with delay after delay thanks sony!
    Next Once I buy an xbox!

  • I have my own suspicions about this…
    I rekon that Sony are scared of losing A LOT of business to a little game coming out short after the original relase data of early Novemeber to a game called Call of Duty Black Ops. (you might have heard of it?)

    I think Black Ops will decimate any game released on or around the 9th Nov 2010.

    Fair play to Sony, they are playing it causious, hopefully it will be out in time for christmas, hopefully by then Black Ops will have lost its grip on the gaming community? I’m gonna buy both games, can’t promise that GT5 will get played as equally as COD, but we’ll see.

  • HungryMan22

    when they finally decide to release.. ADD ME, RACE ME, LOSE TO ME!

  • alexlam1996

    @walt8605 I guess you’re right. There is a lot of piracy going on in this world

  • Xxthedead89xX

    That sucks!!!!!!!! I’m getting a 360 and Forza!!!!!!!!!!

  • You will regret that as soon as GT comes out. We have all been waiting so long, what does another month or 2 make? It sucks yes, but such is life.

  • Rediculous, arrogant, unprofessional! This is Polyphony Digital/Sony lead by Yamauchi!

    It is rediculous to announce a game for 2007/2008 and then it will appaer in the end of 2010 or even 2011!
    Finally there has never been any game beeing “perfect” – so GT5 won´t be!

    It is arrogant to tell your customers: “It will be released ´soon´ – whenever you think…

    It is an absolutely unprofessional project-management!
    No timeline. Lots of new features that have probably not been written on the schedule have been implemented in the game during the years.
    1000 Cars – wow – but who needs up to 600 Cars from Japan only to be happy with the game???

    Lots of changes, nearly no concrete news – that´s not “perfect”!

    I am fed up with GT5! I think i will wait to buy it – IF i will buy it!

  • Wow. Sony does not seem to be learning from it’s mistakes. Pushing back an already delayed game will almost certainly destroy any potential Sony had of regaining their battered market share. I purchased a PS3 over an Xbox 360 because I enjoyed GT4 so much. I am almost regretting that decision. Surely these last few minor tweaks could’ve been delivered in a patch. Understandably, Sony have opted for quality over sales, and for this reason I remind myself that I am patient and can wait another few weeks for what will hopefully be a fine finished product.

  • 859th comment on a blog post..
    You better give us a new release date BEFORE christmas Sony.
    And better anounce it sooner than soon…
    as in: now.

    If not, Gran Turismo might be the only sony related item I’d ever buy in the future. No tv’s, no cell phones, no other games,…
    Gran Turismo is important Sony!

  • I can honestly say I am disappointed. With that in mind, I am also glad for the delay…they will be releasing a quality product that doesn’t require multiple patches over a 2 year spand to fix it (SOCOM Confrontation.) lol Lets hope that Dec 2, 2010 is the Holiday season as most people shop then to get gifts.

    CHristmas come early please!

  • yo forget this im going 2 xbox and getting forza and calling it a day

  • F#$k you SONY, you don’t car about you’re customers at all, i’m never buying a Playstaion again. I have been waiting for 3 years for this game that was meant to be “Coming Soon” when you launched the PS3. I will never buy a SONY product again.

    I have organised leave from work for the “confirmed release date of Nov 4, now what do i do sit at home and play Prolouge??

    You have done this time after time, i bet Christmas comes around and its still not out, EVERY year for the last 3 years you have asid its coming out this Q4.

    Why give us the lie of a release date of nov 4, Polyphony have said the game is ready to ship 8 weeks ago, and now suddenly its not ready any more, BULLS#$T you just want to sell more PS3’s in GT5 bundles for christmas!!

    You are a bunch of liying douch bags, When the next gen of consoles comes out everyone will remember how you treated us and we won’t be coming back for more lies.

  • This has been the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. Enough is enough – too much is too much. I WILL TAKE IT NO LONGER.

    I had pre-ordered the GT5 Signature Edition here in Australia – I have just returned home from cancelling said order. I will now no longer be picking it up whenever that magic, ever elusive release date is. You will no longer get the AU$300 that you otherwise would have. Yes, I am still incredibly keen to play it, but after four years of waiting and gut-wrenching delay after delay, I will now wait till it hits Platinum in a couple of years or so. Then, but it as a trade at EB Games. Will this make a difference to you? No, not in the slightest. However, if more people like myself make a stand on principle, well, you just may regret the marketing ploy that you have been using.

    Sony – REAL bad form.

  • I too have canceled my Signature edtion order as well, F#$K giving you w@nk3rs any more money, i’m going to get the standard edition now if it ever comes out, and i’m going to go buy a XBOX 360 this weekend and never buy a PS3 game other than GT5 again. I was going to buy Fallout and a bunch of other games on PS3 now i’ll be buying them on Xbox or PC. Hopefully more of you do the same out there, i wish they could be held responsible for their Lies somehow….

    This is going to hurt there long term business, i know i’m not the only one who has had enough lies in the last 2 years form PHsONY.

  • Jimmy_Cosmos

    lol October is now almost over and not a single word from PD or Sony on a new release date. Unbelievable. Actually it should be quite believable at this point!

  • KyleThibodeau

    I was reeeeally looking forward to this game, and of course it gets delayed, good thing black ops is in 13 days…

  • Minolta1989

    If its delayed again,im getting MPR.

  • Lets take a little walk down memory lane. Here’s an article from October 30th, 1008, almost exactly 2 years ago, in which Yamauchi laughs at a 2010 release date and says GT5 will be ready “sooner than we think.”

    Now, at the end of 2010, we don’t even have a solid release date. Words can’t describe how angry I am at Polyphony right now. I bought my PS3 nearly 4 years ago when GT5 was gonna be released any month now, and I pre-ordered the game and paid in full at the end of this September. My last thread of faith has been shredded, what a load of bull….

  • The amount of time it’s taken to get GT5 out, I do hope that when I play it it removes all need for a real car. i.e. this had better be something to shout about!

    I went out and bought a GT wheel in anticipation. Went and got NFS Shift (You can get it for around a tenner) due to the GT5 delay and WOW! what a great combination; arcady I know but anyone with a wheel and waiting for GT5 should invest £10 in NFS Shift.

  • bigmacbricky

    ok,thats it, im not buying it,dont care anymore,fed up waiting

  • I bought my ps3 for gt5 2-3 years ago

    ( gran turismo 5 ) never thought i would wait this long for it and gt should not release cheap version like gt prologe and just release the game

    Sony is all about delay

    example of delay the famous PlayStation home delay after delay to be perfect turn out it suck ( i think anyway )

    come on just release the game

  • TruthInLies

    Wow, I’m also glad I didn’t pre-order as I had logged in to do today. This is absolutely rediculous. I hope that GT5 staff is reading through these messages so that they know how very disappointed their game buyers are as we get yet another delayed release date for GT5.. very frustrating.

  • Ever since I owned a PlayStation Ive owned every GT game. In 2006, when i heard GT5 was soon going to be released I was every excited I was 16, now I’m 20 and I’m getting to that age where I’m losing interest in video games. If it wasn’t for the pre-order I made almost a year ago I probably would get this game anymore. It is disrespectful the die hard fans, to the production and to the vendors.
    But since I am getting this game, and hearing how Mr. Yamauchi has been delaying it because of “details”, I expect this game to be nothing less than, eye popping, jaw dropping, absolute PERFECTION!!!!!

  • CautionWetPaint7

    you’ll never release it will you Sony?

  • instudycorner

    Hey guys I think they changed the “at the end of the month” to “the near future” in regards to when they would notify us on the release date. I’m calling BS on a launch at all. I don’t think the game actually exists. This has been a monetary ploy, we bought gt5Prologue and that’s about all they have done. Well folks I hope you are all enjoying that need for speed hot pursuit demo! Game comes out Nov 18th For REAL! lol wow polyd/sony really hustled all of us.

  • tokiwartooth28

    I just hope they do a better job with the NASCAR side of the game than EA did with those abortions they came out with when they had the contract. Maybe we’ll see just where all this added time went.


    I heard that one guy got so mad that he threw his PS3 in the trash can!! All because he was pissed that GT5 pushed the release date back again!!! I mean everything, the games, the controllers, the headset, the chords, even the instruction he saved that went with it!! This is crazy man!! Im kinda pissed but not that pissed! What do you guys think?


    AGNT009 wrote this on a forum which I won’t give name:

    Sony was a no show for news at a convention we all had our hopes on.

    Whats starting to boil my blood now is the lack of ANY information. Would it kill them to just be honest with us? Release something saying they are still working on a hack solution, may have it solved by X date, we have burn time booked on Y or Z dates, and if we meet those windows, A or B will be possible release dates. If today they foresee that they wont make 2010, then just tell us. They are going to deal with an angry mob anyways, but why make it worse by saying nothing, and then we are celebrating New Years STILL without a game, or worse, no release date. Its unprofessional to the highest degree.

    And I’m going to take a shot at Kaz right now too. If he cared about us so much, he would make Sony allow him to keep us more updated on the progress of whats really going on. “Just wait longer” doesn’t cut it Kaz. And now that Oct came and went, and Sony lied to us again, SOMEONE needs to come out and start fessing up instead of leaving the LARGEST gamefan base ever in the dark. Sure we all say we want to cancel, yada yada, but…

    Read part 2 ( unable to paste full comment cuz too long )


    AGNT009 wrote this on a forum which I won’t give name:

    PART 2

    …thats fools talk. But that they seem to know that, and know they can STILL yank our chains, and that pisses me off. Kaz’s great work is being utterly tarnished with this mess. Its going to take several months of gameplay before the sourness of this leaves our minds. If someone finds a huge flaw in the game after all this mess, heaven help Kaz then. Is THAT what Kaz wanted the day he finally released his Mona Lisa? I think not. Step up Kaz! We CAN handle the truth. Its better than being kept in the dark. Maybe this delay is out of your control now, but this lack of honesty and no communication IS something you have control over if you throw your weight around at Sony.

    I was thinking, to make up for this mess, they should be releasing new info about the game daily. I know some people like a surprise, and seeing as how we still wouldnt have the game, maybe thats more torture. But, I want the info, something to keep my mind off this bullS*** caused by hackers, or so they say…

  • SkullCrsher1

    Ok hear is my comment after spending $ 600 to get the ps3 just for Gt5 and being lied to time after time again ! I will never buy any Sony game system ever again . Also I am so disapointed I just lost my butt getting 104 $ on trade in a Game Stop for my ps3 what a waist of money for broken promises and untrue release dates ! Sony your system is only good for one thing and thats watching blue rays . When I do buy a blue ray player in the future it will not be a Sony ! So long crappy Ps3 I like my 360 way better anyways!!!!!!

  • this is out of control don’t give us release dates untill it’s official …. this better be worth it like motor swaps an such…forza then came out with 3 ver so far that’s sad

  • Hehe Take your time Sony and Poly, Make it perfect and unmatched. Please Please PLEASE allow Custom Sountracks on EVERY part of the game PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Really lame how most of PS3’s Games don’t Support Custom Soundtracks.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Really Hoping we can have a Fully Custom Decals and patterns to our cars for Online play. Like maybe Clan logo’s that we can Fully make from scratch like Forza

  • I have been a sony fanboy all my life i bought the ps3 the very first day it was released and that had some delays on it but im starting to worry than sony your are losing the battle against xbox because of delays like this, i bought ps3 for its exclusive games i.e mgs (excellent game), ffxii(not exclusive anymore and rubbish), tekken(not exclusive anymore), gt5 (forever delayed). You win a console war with your exclusive content so you have to make sure you get it right. I will have to think hard when next gen consoles come out because it dont want enf up with sega saturn type console slowly dying in my hands. i love ps3 its quality, design and egeronomics are much better than the xbox but quality wont win out if you dont have the titles released. Make sure you get this early christmass our you will have a nail in the coffin of the ps4

  • I’m going to refund my reserve and get a years worth of iracing the real sim tired of waiting for GT5

  • Firewalkerrr

    What’s the point waiting for this game again with all the delays. Time to find a new racing franchise to follow. Maybe F1 or Need for Speed again. I’ll spend my money on something else. Tired of DELAY DELAY DELAY.

  • I guess this leaves little debate for if I buy COD:Black Ops or GT5… up until it was going to be GT5; now I’m just getting sick of it.

  • November 2…

    I should be enjoying my copy of GT5 right now…

    …and yet still no word of a release date.

  • Brewdog2001

    At this point because of the cost of ownership, and delays like this, I am contemplating selling my PS3 and finding another solution. I used to think Sony was top quality but it seems like they make a lot of money for sitting on their hands. With some of the smartest people in the world working for them, you would think they could execute on time and meet customer expectations. Remember Sony, your product will only make you money if you can actually get it into the consumer’s hand. Its all about execution and Sony like many other over-confident companies has failed. This is a bad mistake in a down economy, especially since Sony has announced that they are contracting out the manufacturing of their higher end LCD and LED TVs. Its a really bad sign when a TV maker can’t even manage that part of their business correctly……..Enough for now…just going to see what other B.S. reason they will give for the next delay.

  • Just came out of Gamestop feeling like a fool. Looks like my Porsche GTRS Racing Wheel with clubsport pedals that I bought just for GT5 is going to have to wait. Damnit! I even took the day off, ruined. When you say you’re going to do something do it!

  • E-mail from Amazon UK today says release date 01-12-10 and so does their website….how long before that date disappears?

  • WOW

    SONY, two things:

    1) learn to use patches and release your games already
    2) advertise your F***’n games! i want there to be more then just 100 ppl online. I haven’t seen anything outside the playstation network. the last trailer they made would be perfect for a commercial on a top gear episode.

  • Raistlin-2010

    It was my birthday at the end of October and I got a PS3 from my missus. I preordered the signature GT5 in September. Getting a Logitech G27 soon…

    As to the Delay… I dont mind, I think they are going to blow us all away with how good it is. I’d say it was delayed due to the new PS3 hack, they probably added some protection.

    I cant wait to play GT5.

    See you on the race track…

  • we the paying public have waited so long now that GT5 has become somewhat like the holy grail, 99% of us in the U.K have been faithfully waiting for this game (GRID can only keep us happy for a short time) this is not including the fact XboX designed and launched Forza 3 which was a GREAT driving sim. Don’t you NOW think you should do the right thing and just release it, as GT5 is already out in Japan. grrrrrrrrrrrrr, damn you, we the british public along with europe deserve that GT5 should be launched on the DATE YOU SAY THE FIRST TIME, NOT the second or third

  • This is seriously affecting the credibility. And there are several new high profile quality alternatives, NFS and F1, which I will just substitute for GT. Many many gamers are changing their purchasing decisions right now!! NFS new one is gonna be one massive fun ‘sim’. Well maybe not a sim, but nearly a sim. Might just wait till GT released, sold out, back in shops, cheaper on the net before I get it now. Feel sorry for those who have paid up front. You can cancel the order, though. Why don’t we ALL cancel our orders???? That would focus their minds….. NFS and F1 will give me 12 months of fun, at least!

  • We should start a pool to see if it will be released before x-mas.

    They did the same thing with GT4.


    Whatever! How many more delay’s and excuses are Sony going to fabricate to explain why they cant get GT5 to work properly. To be honest i think i am going to be dissapointed with the end product having waited so long i will be expecting gaming Nirvana and it wont happen. If my memory serves me well i think we were told about GT5’s developement back in 2004 and i think 6yrs to develope a game when you compare it to the channel tunnel which also took 6yrs to build is a bit of a poor show on Sony’s part. I only found out about the delay when i went to collect my pre-purchased copy.

  • SO you guys have Axl Rose ont he pay roll as well for this game? 15 years for new GNR album now we gona have to wait that long for the game?

  • black_light_77

    This has long become a bad joke…
    Tired of this. Moving on.

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