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Oct 13

Oct 13

Gran Turismo 5 Release Update

Taku Imasaki's Avatar Posted by

Producer, SCEA

We can confirm that Gran Turismo 5 will not be available this November 2nd, but the game’s release will be coming this holiday season.

We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay, however, creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches.

We’ll have more information for you in the near future.

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RommOz said:

October 13th, 9:10 am

@everyone… gt is the ONLY franchise polyphony creates. The company demands absolute perfection, no one tells polyphony when a game has to come out, when the game is perfect we will get it and we will love it just like every other gt game. To think the delay is because of cod is stupid cod is the fps versionof madden (you know the same game with a yearly update). Valves games have some of the worst graphics on ps3 so you can’t compare them to gt5. If you want crashes then try burnout the reason gt never had crashes is because of vehicle licensing if porsche says you can use our cars but show no damage guess what you show no damage. People who have ps3s are not gonna gobuy an inferrior systemjust because halo 17 is out. Make it perfect polyphony take your time we will be upset because we have to wait a littlelonger, but we will NOT be. Disappointed because of the game quality.

Frejim said:

October 13th, 9:10 am

Bad news, bad news indeed!!

chrishjericho said:

October 13th, 9:10 am

On further inspection though, i think they want to avoid call of duty ;)

BsBUrtigao said:

October 13th, 9:11 am

Here are some ideas for the next GT franchise games for the next four years, before GT5 is released, of course:
GT5 “Almost there” edition,
GT5 Sucker Edition,
GT5 “Gimme more money” Edition,
GT5 “Oh, no, another edition” edition
GT5 “Are you still waiting?” edition

And finally, after exausting every penny from the poor loyal GT5 fans, GT6 is announced, and here we go again:

GT6 Prologue,
GT6 Prologue 2nd edition,
GT6 Yamauchi foundation donation edition
GT6 Delayed again edition
GT6 “Aprils fools” edition
GT6 “Got you again” edition
Someday, in a future far, far away, GT6 is released:
GT6 , only for Playstation 7.

Yamauchi, here is a message from your friend from NeverRealeaseGamesLand, Duke Nukem:
“What are you waiting for? Christmas?”

MiguelX69 said:

October 13th, 9:11 am

Am I the only one happy with this?

Well, I am a bit low on money… So I would have to get this game later… Now I have the oportunity to get it when it launches! Thanks Sony/PD!

(and no, I am not being sarcastic)

Conrad_Max said:

October 13th, 9:13 am

People complain about delays and they complain about games “being released too soon”. Whatever.

Thank you for the heads up. I am glad that they are taking the time to make sure that they release the perfect game. Though the wait has been long, it will be worth it.

ScorpionRedBlack said:

October 13th, 9:14 am

Che vergogna,avevo anche prenotato un’altra PS3 con GT5,che ridicoli che siete sovreste solo vergognarvi!!

mcbuttz78 said:

October 13th, 9:14 am

all the moan and groan.. I rather have grand t for xmas than for thanksgiving. SOny didnt deley it the gt producer did. he’s a perfectionist.. and he dont beilive in dlc to buy.. so stop the moaning and groaning like you got asre cancer..

Mcbuttz78-vp of psn legionaires

ken_kimura said:

October 13th, 9:16 am

I bet the delay is to work on useless features such as 3D. A lot of the stuff could come later as DLC such as the B-spec, track editor…
The japanese first party studios for Sony have been the ultimate disappointment this generation. Nothing original came out of japan and Gran Turismo and Trico have had a way too long development cycle.

jccanabal said:

October 13th, 9:17 am

After years of waiting are they really going to do this? I will be anticipating this game on the shelves the holiday season of 2020

trinigamer101 said:

October 13th, 9:17 am

I have been GT fan since GT2, and this news give to all the Gran Turismo fans around the world, man you guys got too come extremely very good or an explanation why it been push back, yes in a way is good that gamers want to buy it in holiday season of buying games between the months of October and November Pockets, but the down side is you tell us Nov. 5th the official release date, i just saying this in general, but it’s fact is love you guys at SCEA you make the best ever, but it may happened for a reason why it’s delay again, again, again, again…:)

marcbailey said:

October 13th, 9:18 am

Wow, I have this on pre-order and there it will remain. Upset to see it’s pushed but it will be worth it in the end, I hope. Maybe it will come out before the second coming of Christ? Regardless, remove the kart racing,Nascar,3D, and whatever Move may have to do with this. Thank you!

Also gimme some kind of release date, geez!

TripG said:

October 13th, 9:18 am

I’m not suprised and, at this point, I could care less about this game. There are simply too many other games out there that I’m focused on. I’ll delay picking this up until next year :)

snooker8th said:

October 13th, 9:18 am

i cannot believe this… absolutely ridiculous…

ChainClutch said:

October 13th, 9:20 am

are you freaking serious? LESS then a month away from release and they decide to delay it yet again!… this game is going to come out when sony debuts the PS4 then their going to delay it again to make GT5 for the PS4 then they will have technical issues because it isnt “perfect” … humans are not perfect, this Kazunori Yamauchi is not perfect and should come down to reality. Just give me Killzone 3 and i’ll be set, forget this GT5 crap

tom1388 said:

October 13th, 9:22 am

I don’t know if this is a joke, or true, and if I should believe it, but game stop still shows it coming out november 2nd..

Art_of_Ronin said:

October 13th, 9:23 am

Who is going to bet that Duke Nukem Forever will come out before Gran Turismo 5..LMAO!

Duke Nukem Forever with 17 years of delay and now is picked up by Gearbox Studio and looking great with the demo showing at PAX ’10.

Gran Turismo 5 with 5 years of delay and announce a Nov. 2nd, 2010 release date and now delay ’til Holiday season. Will it delay again by next year after Duke Nukem Forever release? Lets hope not. :P

hoklee said:

October 13th, 9:23 am

what’s wrong with PD ?! cmon release the game already urgh!

machete80 said:

October 13th, 9:25 am

I´m predicting the next date we´ll be getting is december 22nd 2012 :(

Pwnage_Monster56 said:

October 13th, 9:26 am

Why, man…why?! I’ve been hunting down all of the Gran Turismo games just for this one to complete my collection. Then I find out it gets delayed?! WAIT?! WHAT?! Come on!!!!! I know it isn’t Sony’s Fault because they just deal with the hardware. But Poly-D you guys better be on point with this game man. NO JOKE! PLEASE BE ON POINT! I’M SICK OF WAITING!


This dose mean I can cancel my Pre-Order for this and move all my money towards Fallout: New Vegas! :)

Skater_Ricky said:

October 13th, 9:26 am

I hope they get the Friend Invite System Just right to invite your Fellow PSN Friends into any Online Racing game with Ease.

Im tired of being Frustrated in Joining or Inviting my Friends when I have to spend like 10 minutes or less to Gather up a Rally of Friends into a game which should only take a few minutes to get everyone in the same room.

I Bet it has something to do with a Firmware update!

I hope thats the Reason. If so they can Polish up the game some more in the mean time.

I rather wait on a delayed game then a BUGGY game like some games that been pushed out the door.


Thank you for reading :D

KazeEternal said:

October 13th, 9:26 am

GT5 the new Duke Nukem Forever. What the hell is wrong with the game this time? A polygon out of place?

hardvibes said:

October 13th, 9:27 am



Do I need to say more????

pat727321 said:

October 13th, 9:27 am

took that week of [DELETED] [DELETED]

Neba said:

October 13th, 9:28 am

You guys better be joking and have it release like November 9th. to whomever is listening over at PoLATEphony Digital, I have over 3000USD invested in equipment just to play this game. While there is an understanding and respect from you fans that you want to get the game right, you are also causing great distress by continuously delaying GT5. PLEASE get it right, but get it done! If it is never completed…who cares how perfect it is?!

MarvelAssassin said:

October 13th, 9:29 am

This is ridiculous!

Devin916 said:

October 13th, 9:29 am

Sony, Polyphony Digital, Kazunori Yamauchi = Disgrace.

Luixkorrea said:

October 13th, 9:30 am

Do they know that this create more expectations?

BlingOnMyWrist said:

October 13th, 9:31 am

Are you [DELETED] kidding me?
I’m sure vulgar language is reason enough to get banned, but I am enraged.

It’s just a game… It’s just a game… It’s just a game…

SoulDestroyer25 said:

October 13th, 9:31 am

Please tell me this is a [DELETED] joke. All the time Ive done campaigning this game to my lamebox friends, and their comeback being that its just gonna be delayed. This better be some kind of joke. [DELETED] everyone around on gt4 for 2 years, I just hope gt5 is out before 2020…..I may seriously have to consider just not buying it.

piXL said:

October 13th, 9:33 am

What about a prologue-version? *lol*

judalation said:

October 13th, 9:39 am

Sony really Knows how to make people lose intrest in games…. I was so excited for games like LBP2 and GT5…. Now that they are delayed I wont even be picking them up anymore… There are TOO many games out to be doing this to FANS… I guess I will be using my 100 bucks and buy a 199 xbox and Halo reach… I am fed up with Ps3 ignoring their fans and not updating the xmb to chat with friends or send messages quicker… Sony needs to Hire more people and stop focusing on JAPANESE MARKET without fixing the problems that American fans have with XMB AND CROSS GAME CHAT!! I have become the laughing stock of my friends because I have been trying to tell them that the PS3 is a great system… But unfortunately the PEOPLE

TUSTIN1 said:

October 13th, 9:39 am

Talking about the game that never was…whatever happened to Gran Turismo 4: Online?

I beta tested that one and it NEVER came out…

w_a_i_n said:

October 13th, 9:40 am

It cracks me up when ppl talking about ‘jumping’ ship… what else is ever gonna beat Gran Turismo, apart from a future upgrade by the man who single-handed has done more for the genre than anyone! Freaks!

GT5 ensures the efforts delivered in ‘competition’ will always be gfx wise and feature wise 3 yrs behind!

Go play the low res ‘compromise’ seen elsewhere! You talk out of ur backsides. I say that seriously because I’m old enough to prob be ur Dad… grow a brain, a d1ck, then unplug ur keyboard if that’s what it takes to stop you talking crap…

I remember how driving games started, blocks of back/white moving one character at a time… and no, I own a PC, 360 and PS3…

You’ve got day2night, track creation, damage allowed after pressure from Kaz, rain, snow, Nascar, Rally, Karting, skidmarks, and the most realistic handling ever created and moan.

Thank fekk u don’t make up the majority, we’d still be playing Spy Hunter 2010 otherwise! Grow up/stick yer dummy back in…

Merry Reindeers everyone…

Kaz can we have trucks in GT6 pls! :)


killerpwnedxx said:

October 13th, 9:41 am

I cant believe this….Your gonna lose sales because of this lucky enough i still want the game and since i got it for $40 ill still get it. But wow sony and Polyphony Digital thanks for the big let down….again

judalation said:

October 13th, 9:42 am

In SCEAA ARE IMCOMPIDENT! YOU DONT ADVERTISE GAMES… YOU DONT UPGRADE ONLINE… and you downgrade every new PS3… CLEARLY YOU ARE BEING OUT MATCHED BY THE COMPETION… I think you just dont care about non japanese fans… because if you listened to us you would be selling more systems than Nintendo!

syk1288 said:

October 13th, 9:43 am

All I can say is wow.

I will be buying Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. I wanted both but I could only buy one. So I was going to buy GT5 instead of NFSHP. I guess this changed my plans.

Sorry but I’ll probably gamefly it now or maybe not even play it since I’ll be PUTTING HOURS INTO Need For Speed Hot Pursuit.

Wongster4321 said:

October 13th, 9:45 am

I certainly hope you guys are making tourist trophy 2 along with GT5.

BigBrunz said:

October 13th, 9:46 am

I just canceled my order. I have a really bad feeling now this game is just going to SUCK! PS guys cant do anything right anymore. I used to be the most dedicated PS guy out there, but this is just FREAKING OLD!

Time to finally break down and go buy a P.O.S MS wheel and play crappy FORZA

syk1288 said:

October 13th, 9:46 am

My friends that got rid of their 360 long ago to get a PS3 are now getting a 360 again because nothing this holiday was going to be more fun than GT5. (Personally I’ll be satisfied with Naruto)

You just made my friends buy a 360.

And for those who asked Jeff why he didn’t put a countdown of the game on here (PSBlog) it was because he must of knew that it was going to be delayed.

LOL. This is seriously a joke. Going to lose A LOT of sales.

Incubuster said:

October 13th, 9:48 am

Disappointed? Yes. Will I still be there day one? Yeah, most likely.

jedi_webslinger said:

October 13th, 9:48 am

I never would have thought that i would play Duke Nukem Forever before Gran Turismo 5 :-P

Chuckbait said:

October 13th, 9:49 am

Question: Why did you announce a release date in the first place then? (NOTE: feel free to apply this question to LBP 2 as well.)



October 13th, 9:49 am

Who said this is the first time GT5 got delayed in America? It was originally announced as a PS3 launch title. In fact that’s the reason I didn’t buy a PS3 at launch. Upon further thought though this could mean GT5 is being delayed because Sony is going to be a bit light on Holiday titles this year with LBP2 getting delayed as well. This allows polyphony to add a little polish to the game.

shystie1 said:

October 13th, 9:49 am

First LittleBigPlanet 2 and now GT5… I’m sad.

I want a guarantee for the KZ3 Beta since I’m going be out of town next Tuesday night so I won’t be able to get KZ3 Theme even tho I’m a PS+ subscriber.

lSINGHl said:

October 13th, 9:50 am

Omg I pre order collectors edition and find out it is delayed. Been waiting for this day. I had no school on that day. At least give a specific release instead of holiday season. We better get compensated.So When will we get a proper release date so I know when to pick up my collectors edition. ;(

pitythefool852 said:

October 13th, 9:50 am

I’m starting to think that Polyphony are running the biggest scam in the history of gaming.

GT5 has never existed, they have invested all the development money into margins and hedge funds, and all the ‘footage’ that we’ve been shown is just real cars driving through gorgeous rain.

:) Just kidding. Take your time, guys. Finish the game properly. Throw in a little bonus content… and don’t ask us to pay for DLC on day one :D

I mean, think about how many more copies ModNation Racers might have solved, and how much better the reviews would have been, if it had worked as well as it does now on day one.

pitythefool852 said:

October 13th, 9:52 am


“I never would have thought that i would play Duke Nukem Forever before Gran Turismo 5 :-P ”

That comment is so perfect I just had to repost it ;)

Anddo said:

October 13th, 9:54 am

I’m still getting the game.. but really, another delay? If it doesn’t come out before 2011, heads need to roll at Sony.. GT5 was their holiday AAA, was going to be what sold many on 3D. It has to come out this year. In know perfection can’t be rushed, but there has to be some kind of limitation on how many times a game can be delayed. If we’re not careful GT5 will move into Duke Nukem Forever territory, if we aren’t there already.


October 13th, 9:55 am

Ok, I guess its time that Sony take this away from Polyphany and hand it over to another developer. It may lose something in the translation, but it’d still be better to actually get a game one day. Polyphany and Kaz apparently can’t be bothered.

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