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Oct 13

Oct 13

This Week in PlayStation Home: Heavy Ink, Time Crisis, Medal of Honor, Loco Roco & More!

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This Thursday, October 12th brings a wide variety of content into the ever-evolving world of PlayStation Home – from unlockable rewards from top PS3 games to stylish body art for your avatar to spooky Halloween items to help you get in the spirit of the season.

Our friends over at Heavy Water kick things off this week with their Heavy Ink line of body art. Choose from full-body, back and arm tattoos – including animated and glow-in-the-dark designs. Check out this video for a sneak peek at some of the wild tattoos releasing this Thursday in PlayStation Home.

The Heavy Ink line will be expanded in the future. The developers over at Heavy Water encourage you to reach out to them with any comments or suggestions: And if you have a specific tattoo design that you’d like to request, go ahead and give ‘em a shout at:

Lockwood brings even more Halloween content into PlayStation Home with the new Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom. Toss ingredients into the boiling pot and, if you manage to get the right mix, you’ll unlock some uber-exclusive rewards.

The newest additions to our line of Superhero costumes will be available this week from the Exclusives store. Check out this video for a sneak peek at these hot new costumes – including my personal favorite: the Fire Elemental.

Come this Thursday, you’ll be able to purchase a special Medal of Honor Tier 1 outfit from the Costumes store and celebrate this critically-acclaimed title properly. And if you pick up Namco Bandai’s Time Crisis: Razing Storm, you’ll be able to unlock special rewards in PlayStation Home. Here’s how:

  • Boot up Deadstorm Pirates from the Title Selection Screen and receive a DeadStorm Pirates t-shirt.
  • Boot up Time Crisis: Razing Storm from the Title Selection Screen and receive a Razing Storm shirt.
  • Boot up Time Crisis 4 from the Title Selection Screen and receive a Time Crisis 4 shirt.

Scion’s “Take on the Machine” activity returns to the Central Plaza this week. Log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday to join the challenge and unlock special rewards. Then head to for additional information on the all new Scion tC and to find a dealer near you.

Scion Take on the Machine in PlayStation Home

Finally, be sure to head to the Threads and Furniture stores to pick up the new LocoRoco clothing and furniture items – from Doonga Doonga hats to Loco Sofas for your personal space.

See you in Home!

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spiritanointed said:

October 14th, 8:42 am

*sigh* Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that you guys are rolling out with weekly and consistent content updates but how effective are these gonna be without ever addressing the major issues in Home?

One person asked if the item limit in personal spaces will ever be increased, valid point. With all these new items coming out every week, how are we supposed to enjoy our current stuff and get new stuff for our favorite personal space if we’ve already maxed out our apartments a while ago?

That’s just one issue. I’m sure you’re well aware of all the other issues people have been coming to you guys with… When is Home gonna get a client update???

lilmisskiller1 said:

October 14th, 9:26 am

ok why is my comment still awaiting moderation however i put it way before some thats been posted?and also fix the tattoo shirts ugh i stayed up just to log on and get them as well as many of my friends or either stayed up woke up earlier or logged on before work school etc just to buy these and we spend our money and they dont even show up in wardrobe this has happened to me before dont open home until it works right please :) thanks again o and hurry up and post my last post with a reply thanks :) goodnight.

Snipe4Life15 said:

October 14th, 10:05 am

So with all those tattoos, will there be a free one?

Elric_X said:

October 14th, 11:41 am

Tattoos…. sweet… maybe you could have a “trailer park” living space to match.

GenKillYou said:

October 14th, 11:56 am

Hello. This is my first time in the forums but i have been on home for around 8 months. I have spent a lot of money on home (around $1,000 as i bought every space) since i started but i stopped and I will tell you why. I can’t deal with the inventory structure anymore it’s clogged with the hundreds of items i have. It takes me 5 mins to find an item in my inventory. I also pick and choose what games i play so i don’t end up with more stuff i will never use. My other home friends are in the same situation. Please address this as soon as possible because you are losing money. We won’t buy any more paid stuff until this is fixed. An option to accept/refuse a home reward would REALLY help too. This would allow us to play the games but not clog up our inventory further with stuff we don’t want.

A bit off topic sorry but I believe this is very important for the future of home sales. Home may be free but it’s also a business that i am happy to support. Good job Home Team!

jsb72 said:

October 14th, 1:52 pm

If Sony opened Home to all developers like Apple has we might see some innovative content. Until then you will suffer with lameness.

lilmisskiller1 said:

October 14th, 9:37 pm

i agree about the inventory maybe a option were we can go through and delete some items and redownload at a later time if we want it back like the games from the psn store how you can redownload them 5 times if you need to it would be very useful i hate digging through stuff to change and maybe another option under clothing either give us another spot for new purchases or maybe put the new stuff weve bought at the top of the sections idk just some useful tips to better the home experience this is stuff ive heard several people mention.i also liked the idea of voting on a movie and having movie night i mean were spending lots of money on here give us some rewards besides t shirts :) thanks

TOY_BOXX said:

October 14th, 9:38 pm

Sweet update! Thanks Playstation!

FormerPSfan said:

October 15th, 9:21 am

Locust & glasswalls, like so many outright failures at SCE you both richly deserve to be fired forthright.

Home has gone from a promising online world to a silicon ghetto. Every week we see miserable “updates” with little or nothing of real value. Case in point this week is the $15 superhero outfits where we are expected to buy male & female versions in the same bundle knowing full well only one or the other will be used by 98% of the very few buyers.

On another note were are the bug fixes? Grief reporting occasionally works but that is not enough when the horde of perverts remains unabated. About all it does do is get the people reporting the harassment banned. Thats right Personally I’m now up to 6 friends banned in the past week & a half. None of them were stalkers or perverts. The worst was one woman banned for telling a pervert to get lost twice, at 2 different locations and she was handed a month ban for “spamming” yet nobody she contacted at SCE could tell her where, when, or who issued the ban. SCE’s sheer utter incompetance is astounding.

Feral_Dragon said:

October 15th, 4:03 pm

I`d like to see a full body werewolf costume, that stalks around when it walks. The EU Home dishes out these cool walking costumes like the cats, dogs, easter bunnies and Frankenstein, why can`t the US Home? Are they more technologically advanced?

LOVED the new Predator helmets, any chance of an alien queen costume? I still want that, lol. Guys are always getting exclusive creature costumes, this would be a nice one for the girls.

There also needs to be a patch made for Home. It freezes way too much, and a lot of people are getting error messages and are getting kicked off of Home repeatedly. I was booted 6 times in one day alone. And yes PLEASE do something about the perverts, cos we can`t. Every time we try to report a pervert we get banned instead.

Fly-boi_2009 said:

October 15th, 7:27 pm

The truth Hurts when I tell you this, Where is the new features. Home is nothing without what was promised. all you do is push out content every week. HOME NEED A CLIENT UPDATE, A HUGE ONE. this so call update is boring , next week will and the week after n so on. Give us what we requested like radios n tvs that play our cntent does that ring a Bell ????????? WE GIVE U our Hard earn Cash why not give us what the….%%& we want. ??

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