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Oct 14

Oct 14

Your Fallout: New Vegas PS3 Questions Answered: Hardcore Mode, Morality, Combat and More

Jason Bergman's Avatar Posted by Senior Producer, Fallout: New Vegas

Come next week, many of you will begin your adventures in Fallout: New Vegas – attempting to explore every nook, cranny, and Vault found within in and around Mojave Wasteland. Before your journey begins, we thought we’d answer some last-minute questions sent by you via Facebook and Twitter.

Fallout: New Vegas PS3

I’m afraid it’s going to feel like DLC. Are there enough changes to make New Vegas feel unique from Fallout 3? (thanks @acsguitar)

We certainly think so! While the gameplay is similar, the world itself is very, very different. And our main storyline plays out in a very different manner, with several very different paths to completion.

Can we expect the same wasteland experience as in Fallout 3? I’m kinda scared about playing in a city untouched by atomic bombs! (thanks @The_iCroco)

Yes and no. There are some areas that were hit directly, but for the most part, the destruction you’ll see in the Mojave Wasteland is due to neglect, not bombardment. Don’t expect sprawling, fully functioning cities, though. The New Vegas strip is self-contained and tightly managed directly by Mr. House, so everything in the city works perfectly. As you get farther away from the strip, you’ll see more and more ruins and abandoned buildings.

Would love to know how they will create that WOW factor that Fallout 3 had: the wasteland, the bomb at Megaton and so on. Tricky!? (thanks @bekblayton)

We think there are some similarly cool WOW moments in our game, and you should find one in each act of the main storyline.

How difficult will it be to take care of physical needs like hydration, sleep, and so on? Is it going to be overbearing?

Those features are only in Hardcore Mode, so they’re optional. If you find they’re getting to be too much of a hassle, you can always turn it off (although you won’t get the Hardcore trophy if you do).

What can you tell us about the new Hardcore Mode?

Hardcore Mode can be turned on or off at any time, although if you want the Hardcore trophy, you have to turn it on when initially prompted and leave it that way all the way to the end of the game. When it’s on, players will have to eat, sleep, and drink water every day. In addition, ammo has weight, companions can die, Stimpaks heal over time, and damaged limbs can only be healed with a Doctor’s Bag.

While you can fast travel in Hardcore Mode, you can’t if the time it would take to get you there would result in the player dying from dehydration/exhaustion/starvation.

Fallout: New Vegas PS3

Fallout: New Vegas for PS3Fallout: New Vegas PS3

Will the shooting feel better than it did in Fallout 3? (thanks @DYLANmmc)

Obsidian has tweaked the real-time combat quite a bit from Fallout 3 to make it feel more natural for people who don’t want to use VATS all the time.

What’s the story with the Aim Down the Sight mechanic? And is Fallout: New Vegas still support first-person and third-person viewing modes?

First- and third-person modes are in, and we’ve tweaked the third-person camera to be a bit more useful. In first-person mode, iron sights can be used with most weapons. The only exceptions are ones like the Grenade Machine Gun that are enormous and fire from the hip, and guns that have an actual sight on them (like sniper rifles and weapons modded with a physical sight). You just hold down the button and the camera zooms to show the weapon’s iron sight instead of a crosshair. It’s very useful for combat outside of VATS mode.

How big is Fallout: New Vegas compared to Fallout 3? (thanks @maialideth)

It’s about the same size. If you thought Fallout 3 was big, you’ll find Fallout: New Vegas to be equally big.

How much install data will be needed for Fallout: New Vegas?

Fallout: New Vegas is a 5 GB install on PS3 that runs when you first launch the game.

One of my favorite things to do in Fallout 3 was scavenging homes and office buildings. Will we see many rural and urban areas for that? (thanks @JaylLaf)

Just like Fallout 3, our wasteland is littered with abandoned (and not-so-abandoned) locations for you to explore.

Fallout: New Vegas PS3

Will there be any Vaults to explore in New Vegas? (thanks @LewJ1196)

Yes there are! We have five different Vaults in the game. They serve as unique dungeons, and depending on what path you follow through the main storyline, you may have to venture into one of them to retrieve something.

I’m interested to know more about the music score that will be piped through our Pip Boys for New Vegas. Will there be more variety? (thanks @Peligrie)

We have three separate radio stations in Fallout: New Vegas. There’s New Vegas Radio, which has the kind of songs you’ve come to expect from a Fallout game – hosted by Mr. New Vegas (voiced by Wayne Newton). Then there’s Black Mountain Radio, which is more classic country-focused. And finally there’s Mojave Music Radio, which is similar to NVR, only without the news stories from Mr. New Vegas.

Of course that’s just the radio. If you never turn on the radio at all, you’ll be treated to a new score by Inon Zur, featuring a string quartet, samples from past Fallout games, and some very cool location-specific themes.

Will New Vegas have a Good/Evil/Neutral decision path like Fallout 3? (thanks @Reumaut)

Karma still exists, and affects some things, but for the most part our decisions are determined more by the new reputation system, which tracks how the various factions in the game feel about you.

Will the Brotherhood of Steel be present in Fallout: New Vegas? I know in Fallout 3, the “original” BoS was based near California. (thanks @SCZ_PS3)

The Brotherhood of Steel is in Fallout: New Vegas, but not nearly as much as they were in Fallout 3. The west coast BoS was really hit hard following the events of Fallout 1 & 2, so they’re not nearly as important as the NCR is in the region.

Will there be any Fallout 2 characters make an appearance in Fallout: New Vegas? (thanks @Vi9)

Yes! We’ve already confirmed Marcus from Fallout 2 is coming back, and will again be voiced by Michael Dorn. As for anyone else, you’ll just have to wait for the game to see for yourself.

Can I still force materials inside the pants of enemies? If so, what explosive additions have you made? (thanks @Foxification)

Yep, you can still pickpocket grenades into people’s pockets. Even better is that now you can pickpocket plastic explosives into people’s pants! For some fun, drop some C4 into a few random people, equip the detonator, stand back and pull the trigger. It never gets old.

Will there any kind of transportation?

Aside from fast-travel, we do have a monorail that will take you directly to the strip from Camp McCarran (assuming you’re friendly with the NCR).

Fallout: New Vegas PS3

Can we continue playing after the main quest line ends?

No. Instead, Fallout: New Vegas has a real ending, that shows the results of your actions throughout the game and how they affected the different factions, locations and people you encountered.

Are you still able to make a female character?


Do you plan on including many DLC add-ons for Fallout: New Vegas, as Fallout 3 did? (thanks @VGNtertainment)

We’re not really going into specifics on DLC, but we have a plan, and we think it’s a good one. You should hear more about it soon.

What’s the initial level cap.. and will DLC be exclusive to one console or another for any amount of time? (thanks @keeponrunning)

The level cap for Fallout: New Vegas is 30. As mentioned previously, we’re not discussing the details of downloadable content right now. Stay tuned!

Will there be a demo to try Fallout: New Vegas? (thanks @RichLando)

There’s no demo planned for the game.. We wanted the focus to be completing the full game and making it the best game it could be.

Thanks again for all the great questions. We hope you enjoy your stay in the Mojave Wasteland!

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Quixote said:

October 19th, 5:42 am

I was very dissapointed that there were exclusive DLC for Fallout 3.
What dissapointed me more however was how questions were responded to when i contacted Bethesda about the DLC.

After the Fallout 3 DLC debacle, Bethesda games have been on my no-buy list.

The dodgy response in the Q&A here regarding the availability of DLC, and the fact that Peter Hines lauds Bethesda’s relationship with Microsoft and X-box gamers, but doesnt mention PS3 gamers at all has resulted in Bethesda being promoted to Never-Buy status.

As a consumer, this is only way to communicate to Companies that this type of stuff matters.

KongWen said:

October 19th, 6:14 am

Cancelled my preorder.

If they think PS3 gamers can wait for their content, then Bethesda can wait for PS3 gamers’ money.

Axworthy said:

October 19th, 11:43 am

yes having DLC only for one console is totally unfair to us.

CTB6187 said:

October 21st, 12:07 pm

I’m pretty bummed out that once you finish the main story line one has to START ALL over…. I liked in FA3 once you finish you get the briefing of what your character did. Now you just get a long talk and boom start a new game…. THAT’S lame we can’t even continue our wrath of destruction or homage. This is the only flaw I have in this game. I wanted to continue with other missions etc after Legate..

HeavenDenied said:

October 21st, 9:39 pm

Am I the only one that doesn’t give a [DELETED] about DLC? Or a few random glitches?

Fallout New Vegas and games alike (FO3) are GIFTS for $60. Just $60?! For potentially hundreds of hours of awesome entertainment and completely packed with content? I was born in America, but sometimes I just don’t feel proud when I see how many people are so spoiled. You feel so ripped off, but really you’re ripping yourselves off. You all need to give this company some credit and stop feeling like you’re so entitled to everything. Be happy for what you can get.

The DLC has nothing to do with the original gaming experience that you’ll be missing over your hurt pride that they are exclusive to Xbox. What a pity.

I’ve got the game in my PS3 and I’ve already put over 20 hours into it. It’s already worth what I paid for it.

Go get the game, it’s worth every penny.

deadahead said:

October 22nd, 12:03 pm

Have had this since the 19th and every day the freezing got worse. It is now so bad that I can’t even play the game for 30sec before it crashes every time!!!

Zorvan said:

October 24th, 6:12 pm

Hey, Heavendenied? I did get the game….on PC.

Oh, and didn’t even have to pay for it, used my buddy’s copy to install before he sold it on Craigslist. No money for Obsidian from me on this. And while it runs alot better on my PC than what I hear of its performance on PS3 and that *other* console, it’s still full of scripting errors, broken quests, dysfunctional AI, and just general bugs that even a month of QA would have solved.

So I don’t feel bad for not giving no money for it. Since I didn’t have to pay for it, I didn’t get ripped off, so I’m sure that will make you feel better that I’m not complaining about getting ripped off, right? LOL

ASSASIAN-3 said:

November 11th, 3:09 pm

New Vegas playing through systema on fire is something wrong with the game.

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