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Oct 15

Oct 15

Follow Friday 2.0: The Ever Expanding PlayStation Universe

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Director, SIEA Social Media

Twitter users know that #FollowFriday is a cherished tradition — an opportunity to share the love by recommending your favorite personalities. We’re expanding that concept with a comprehensive list of PlayStation gaming personalities and organizations every month or two.

PlayStation.Blog: Follow Friday Header

Today, we’re expanding the internal PlayStation ecosystem while introducing a directory of PlayStation third-party publishers, game developers, and industry luminaries. Our goal is to create a definitive directory of the best sources of PlayStation news and discussion over time.

But we’ll need your help to make it truly complete. Got a recommendation for us to include? Leave your favorites in the comments, and we’ll take notes for the next column. Let us know what you think!


Developers, Publishing Partners, and Gaming Figures

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Axecution said:

October 15th, 6:38 pm

Hmmm this is cool. I never use my Twitter account, but following some Killzone 3 news could be groovy. …much better than trusting N4G for stuff xD
I shall do this.


October 15th, 6:41 pm

Follow @GamerFitNation we are big fans!

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    October 17th, 12:35 am

    Done and done. Thanks!

kassatsu said:

October 15th, 6:42 pm

@psnstores – only place i go for PSN game news

MUGEN02 said:

October 15th, 6:43 pm
GT-5 date chop chop!

kassatsu said:

October 15th, 6:52 pm

More PSN related twitter accounts:

@TrendyEnt – Dungeon Defenders
@SwordsnSoldiers – Swords & Soldiers
@Frozenbyte – Trine / Trine 2
@FuturLab – Coconut Dodge!
@Mediatonic – Who’s That Flying / Monsters Probably Stole My Princess
@CreatStudios – Wakeboarding HD / Sky Fighter
@TikCreat – Hamsterball
@SquareEnixDLG – SquareEnix PSN stuff
@hellogames – Jooooooooooooe Danger
@sidhenz – Shatter
@VooFoo – Hustle Kings
@Capybara_Games – Critter Crunch

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    October 17th, 12:33 am

    Nice, thanks!

judalation said:

October 15th, 7:04 pm

Where is sony san fransisco? developers of the Mark of kri series as well as sports champions???

KingDubin said:

October 15th, 7:08 pm

You forgot about the God of Racing Games himself: Kazunori Yamauchi!


October 15th, 7:12 pm

a reall good one is

remanutd5 said:

October 15th, 7:54 pm

its really nice sid , hope to see some facebook info too , listen it would be kool to have first party developers that are working on projects just to give us some vague info about upcoming games , i want to know everything about playstation lol , ohhh and please tell Erick Lempel that the next PSP better come out with a PSN FRIENDS LIST

Grouken said:

October 15th, 8:25 pm

@Relentless_SW – Buzz!
@VoodooChief – The Midway (Playstation Home)

starBlinky01 said:

October 15th, 8:26 pm

Sony can you please petition Team Meat to bring Meat Boy to the PSN. PLEASE!

I want this game very much so.


TUSTIN1 said:

October 15th, 9:49 pm

Can’t help but notice that Polyphony Digital isn’t on the love list…

JoeDuke4 said:

October 15th, 9:53 pm

You’re missing Fumito Ueda and David Jaffe!!!

VanilaGorila-x- said:

October 15th, 10:00 pm

Is it bad that I follow 95% of those already?


Philaroni said:

October 15th, 10:45 pm

“Today, we’re expanding the internal PlayStation ecosystem while introducing a directory of PlayStation third-party publishers, game developers, and industry luminaries. Our goal is to create a definitive directory of the best sources of PlayStation news and discussion over time.”

That is all fine and well, but you really need to start inter grading such things in the XMB more and native on the PS3. This is what your competitor does and it works very well. For all things PSblog wise we should have an app or something of the like one the XMB that displays such updates and information to the users so they are more or less forced to learn and are up to date on things. The Playstaion has a big issue with that currently.

wotta said:

October 15th, 10:47 pm

Follow @_wotta and @made_2_game for all your gaming news needs :)

Silverfalcon said:

October 15th, 11:57 pm

I get most of my gaming news from @gameinformer and @PlayStation

I also like how @Sony isn’t up there.. I find that interesting.

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    October 17th, 12:30 am

    No conspiracies, I just didn’t think to include it. Next time! :-)

Haskell420 said:

October 16th, 12:58 am

Nice ADD ON, I thank you for doing that, and for those specific companies to allow you to do that, much thanks to them as well. I have a feeling that within 5 minutes of posting this, each of those listed, probably had their systems crash because they got flooded with e-mails lol. I love that idea and it’s a great thing to see. it’s cool to see that you are giving us their information.


    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    October 17th, 12:32 am

    Our pleasure!

sheengrtr said:

October 16th, 1:25 am

you are clearly forgetting david jaffe:

and fumito ueda:

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    October 17th, 12:37 am

    Thanks much. Nice to see Ueda on Twitter.

Squanto666 said:

October 16th, 2:15 am

I can’t read it but still i know when the news is coming

y4x said:

October 16th, 6:43 am

If you like beta testing games its well worth following


to see what we are upto. forinstance just announced that we are helping out with crysis 2

vannesalover4 said:

October 16th, 7:25 am

Hey did you played Jak and daxter the lost frointer on psp

vannesalover4 said:

October 16th, 7:28 am

I hav a psp 3000 vr with kingdom hearts

Sev1512 said:

October 16th, 8:59 am

@PSLifestyle and @Sev_psls of course!

TooTall19 said:

October 16th, 9:35 am

Hey Sid are we going to get a scheduled time that the KZ3 theme will drop like the EU got? It would be very helpful =)

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    October 16th, 12:19 pm

    We’ll keep you up to date on Twitter, Facebook, and the Blog. :)

Dosx001 said:

October 16th, 10:35 am

yo i just wake up went 2 my PS3 n a had a new icon under PHOTO, MUSIC, and VIDEO and they belong 2 Microsoft WTF i thought u guys were enemies or something u no PS3 vs X-BOX360

JoeDuke4 said:

October 16th, 10:36 am

Also you need Dylan Jobe from Lightbox maker of Warhawk and hopefully Starhawk soon!

unspacy said:

October 16th, 12:12 pm

From Software makers of armored core & the japanese game series another century’s episodes which are awesome, bandai, media molecule if i spelled that right, the maker of gt5 Polyphony Digital

pitythefool852 said:

October 16th, 12:32 pm

Sorry to spam unrelated threads, Sid, but can you check something out for me, please.

It might be just me, but I’m having serious trouble viewing Blog, Blog Share and the PS Forum

Google Chrome: Can not log in to Blog or Blog Share, although forums work fine
IE9: Can log in, but the layout voting boxes on Blog Share is all messed up
PS3 Browser: Can’t log in to Blog or Blog Share, layout on share is messed up, and forum threads often get cut off after the first post

Is anyone else having the same issues as me?

The Google Chrome problems only started a few days ago, so I don’t know if it is Google’s, the Blog’s or my own problem

    Sid Shuman's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    October 17th, 12:29 am

    I use Chrome in Windows XP and everything’s hunky-dory. I’ll check into this, but yours is the only report I’ve heard.

Thrasher20 said:

October 16th, 12:57 pm

I used to use this but not anymore

KingDubin said:

October 16th, 1:18 pm


I’m having none of these problems, and I use both Google Chrome and the PS3 Browser.

KAPBAM said:

October 16th, 1:36 pm

@LBPGalaxy Your source for LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2 news, videos, PS3 themes, favorites and contests.

Hey we #FFed you ;) And besides we really do have a huge suite of LittleBigPlanet features!

amplwp said:

October 17th, 6:37 pm

Please follow: @PS3GamerGroup on twitter and PS3GamerGroup on facebook. We are a relatively new and small website dedicated to the PS3.


Spinout209 said:

October 18th, 1:44 am

Hey my twitter is @209films follow me please. Maybe even give me a shoutout

InternatlGamer1 said:

October 18th, 9:37 am

Hey I have a suggestion, would you please Publish “Final Fantasy Vs. XIII” for the PS3. That way you can keep ur PS3 exclusive. Please do this SCEI.

Jander said:

October 18th, 10:35 pm

Here are some entries of my follower list, that haven’t been mentioned yet (if I didn’t miss them):

@titanstudios (Fat Princess)
@Housemarque (Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation)
@popcap_games (Bejeweled 2, Zuma)
@Team17Software (Worms, Alien Breed)
@Blue_Toad (Relentless Software, Blue Toad Murder Files)
@HudsonEnt (Bomberman)

All related to DeathSpank ;-)
@grumpygamer (Ron Gilbert)
@HotheadGames (DeathSpank, DeathSpank Thongs of Virtue)
@DeathSpank (Game Character)
@SandyBravitor (Game Character)
@Eubrick_Retired (Game Character)
@lordvonprong (Game Character)
@StoopidChicken (Game “Character”)

And last but not least a personal recommendation:
@ps3heroes (private project dedicated to PS3 trophies, offering e.g. Twitter trophy-card background)

And if you like to follow me:
@JaNd3r (PS3 enthusiast :o) )

Play on…

StrongManOne said:

October 20th, 9:34 pm

it looks like it will be a great game

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