Rock of Ages for PS3: Hilarious New Renaissance trailer

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In KT Tunstall’s new single, she bemoans the fact that she didn’t get to be several of the things she envisioned becoming, one of those things being a rock of ages. Well, fret no more, KT! We’ve got the cure for those incredibly specific blues right here! In our 2011 title, Rock of Ages, you will finally get to be a Rock of Ages. Sisyphus’s Rock of Ages, to be precise. (Maybe you two will grab a drink and reminisce sometime about that one time he was rolling you up a hill and then he slipped, and you rolled all the way back down…or the other time that happened.)

The guys at ACE Team have put together this wonderfully lighthearted, action-packed trailer that highlights the rush you’ll from careening into would-be obstacles at high speed. Sure, your opponent’s going to have some defenses set up, but fortune (and physics) generally favors the boulder. (We’re never going to run out of rock puns, folks. I could talc all day about them.)

Rock of Ages PS3

Rock of Ages PS3 Rock of Ages PS3

This trailer will also give you some glimpses at the new stylings of the Renaissance Era levels, a couple of the single-player bosses, some of the defensive units and our brand new logo (now with 100% more spinning cow!). After Rock of Ages debuted at this year’s E3, it quickly became one of the most talked-about games at the show, for both its distinct visual styles, and for its humor. After seeing this video, we think that you’ll be inclined to agree.

Look for it to roll out onto PlayStation Network in Spring 2011!

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6 Author Replies

  • its as if montypython made a game..

    • Clayton Chan
      Clayton Chan

      The folks at ACE Team are constantly citing Terry Gilliam’s animations as part of their inspiration for the game. Good eye. :)

  • lol that definitely got my attention.

  • Looks great!

  • Move?



    • Aram Jabbari

      Not planned at this time.

      Not planned at this time.

      No, Rock of Ages will also be available for Xbox 360 and PC.

  • KidCommando

    Giant sized Michelangelo’s David?

    OK, fine, I am interested.

    • Clayton Chan
      Clayton Chan

      And that’s only part of the wackiness. It’s only going to get more insane as development continues.

  • Sold.
    Terry Gilliam+Katamari.


  • KidCommando

    @ Clayton Chan

    Then consider it a sale!

  • Looks interesting, might give it a try. BTW Atlus,do you habe any plans on bringing Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner on the ps store?

    • Aram Jabbari


      There are currently no plans. At this point, if one of our legacy PSP games hasn’t come to PlayStation Store as a digital download yet, it is safe to assume there’s a specific reason why.


  • Insanely awesome.

    Mainly insane, but there’s some awesome in there. Another cool “ball rolling” concept.

    • Clayton Chan
      Clayton Chan

      That’s just the “offense” part of the game. You’re also going to need to put up a lot of defenses. It’s ball-rolling + RTS at its finest!

  • Definitely looking forward to this.
    Thanks Atlus!
    (PS: plz give us Persona 5 on PS3 next. Kthx)

  • Awesome. Huge Monty Python fan, love the artwork and animation, the sound effects are a definite throwback to the pythons. Oh joy !! Looks great, good job so far to the devs. cant wait to get my hands on some kind of demo.

  • The graphics actually look exceptional! How are the graphics of such a high quality? Yet the game is kept at at a stable frame rate at the 1080p resolution? I mean at least thats what the screen shot shows.

    • Aram Jabbari


      To be clear, I believe the game runs natively at 720p (which of course can be upscaled to 1080 based on your display). As to how the game looks so darn good and plays so darn well (and so early in development, to boot), I’ll put it this way: incredibly gifted developers (ACE Team), and absolutely fantastic art direction.

      The video is too brief to get this across, but one of the coolest, most unique aspects of the game is the fact that you travel through multiple distinct periods of classical art.

      What other game could make crushing your enemy’s castle and defenses look so classy and sophisticated? :)

  • Cyb3rfr34k-iso


  • This looks like a ton of fun. I had to watch the trailer a few times as it’s highly amusing. I can’t wait to play this!

  • PullusPardusUS

    i’m 12 years old and What is this?

    -notices its made by Atlus-


  • Jeeves_Tremor

    Reminds me of Katamari mixed with some Monkey Ball.

    Me likey.

  • JesseHaysFL

    I liked all of the E3 badges…..

  • bowling taken to a whole new outside level?! will need to see more action before i’m convinced.

    • Clayton Chan
      Clayton Chan

      It’s bowling taken to a whole new outside level in the same way that Street Fighter IV is simply Atari Boxing taken to a whole new outside level.

  • It’s like marble madness and katamari had a baby.

  • starBlinky01

    It needs to shoot up dust and smash the ground slightly when it falls from great heights. Just for visual effect, not changing gameplay. It looks weird seeing it fall and nothing happens to the ground as this huge boulder smashing against it.

    Looks like a very unusual and fun game. :)

  • lol you get to roll a ball around in a monty python world how quaint, cool, and exciting can’t wait for the psn release

  • ElektroDragon

    I don’t know what this is, but it looks awesome, creative, original, insta-buy!!! Just the type of high quality eclectic game I expect from PSN.

  • This looks awesome! Will there be a demo for this prior to release? I would love to test it out before deciding on a purchase. Also, just before I watched this trailer, I had finished watching the first LOTR.


  • VincentVendetta

    Dude. Mind. Blown.


  • oooo, the jewels to be smashed…

  • Street_Killaz

    for sure trying this game out!!

  • What about soundtrack?
    Do you have plans of having Def Leppard song in this game? :P

  • I really don’t understand what the game is about. is it just a boulder running over stuff? the trailer had little action in it

    • Clayton Chan
      Clayton Chan

      The first trailer we released last year at E3 has more gameplay in it. You can find that here:

      Very simply explained, Rock of Ages is part Marble Madness & Katamari and part Tower Defense/RTS. Your boulder takes a time to build. While it does, you spend money to purchase defenses to protect your gate. (Things like towers, giant elephants, bombs and giant windmills.) When your boulder builds, you roll it downhill at the enemy’s gate and try to navigate through the defenses that they set up.

  • cool, looks interesting and it looks good to. Will have my eye on it.

    To bad it is not PS3 exclusive…:(



  • I was waiting for some information on this title since it was announced. Looks just perfect for me, day one buy no matter how good or bad this will turn out to be.

  • Well instant buy from me, just because of the LOTR scene in the beginning:)

  • yep, I thought Monty Python right from the opening. Totally Terry Gilliam style. That is just awesome. The art style alone sells this game.

  • OMG LOL @14!

  • LOL Sold!

  • Nedley_Mandingo

    Don’t start hyping this game up only to delay it until summer or winter of 2011.

  • Hooligantuan

    If you’re going to censor classical art like the David, then don’t include it in the game in the first place.

    Find something that already functions within your ideals instead of misrepresenting another’s work in a fundamentally irreverant manner.

  • W T F lol this game looks like a hilarious, interesting version of marble madness, how delightfully strange.

  • This looks like it would make a great party game!

  • Lol looks interesting, but the graphics look great… too bad im still stuck with analogic TV -.-… Oh btw ATLUS, do you guys still not have any plans for Luminous Arc 3? D:

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