PULSE 10/19 Edition is Available Today

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Time for another edition of PULSE, presented by the PlayStation Network. Join Christina Lee as we check out the new Medal of Honor which also includes Medal of Honor: Frontline, re-mastered exclusively for the PlayStation 3. MJ’s back! That’s Michael Jordan as a playable character in the new NBA 2K11. Plus, a look at the PlayStation Move titles The Shoot and TV Superstars.

We’ve also got the Top 10 downloads from recent weeks, and a look at “The Tester,” Season 2 trailer, which is available for download today (the Season Premiere is 11/2/10). From the Video Store, we preview Predators and the D.C. Comics anti-hero Jonah Hex.

Watch now above! Or download to your PS3 in full HD after today’s PlayStation Store publish.

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1 Author Reply

  • Nice PSN update.

  • Can’t wait for the tester.

  • poweredbyzen

    this looks good – thanks for the update!

  • Why does the video say Costume Quest available ? i looked in the store and nope it ain’t there. hope they’re are uploading the store now.

    • Kevin Furuichi
      Kevin Furuichi

      It should be available later today when PlayStation Store updates.

  • i know this is out of contexts but what is the difference when you get the harden version of a game ? like in black ops it’s $ 30.00 more!

  • MonkeyGibber

    Kevin can you give me a clue when the store will update later today….there’s something else going on today that I MUST get home to take part in!!!


    any word on a echochrome ii?

    release or demo?

    as the demo has been on the uk store for at least a month now

  • Is there a reason why the free movies aren’t available in Canada?

    Just wondering, because I’ve tried to get Dracula this weekend and figured out it was only free in the USA.


    you get the original zombie maps from W@W
    & a medal and a ps home outfit

    little over priced imo
    but not as over priced as the rc car or those night vision goggles

  • @5 Have you even read the details on Black Ops’ Harden edition at Gamestop?
    If not it includes 4 coop zombie maps from World at War, a PSHome suit, a COD Medal, and a steel case.

  • FormerPSfan

    Christina Lee should be in managment at SCE, shes the only one left who isnt a buffoon or intent on alienating the entire fanbase. She’ll do better than the current management, even if only because its impossible to do worse.

  • Just this once, can we know what time the store still update? It is imperative. Imperativo. Muy importante

  • What time will the PSN store update today?

  • i almost 4got all bout pulse this week, lool :P

  • I want to date Christina Lee

  • I have no understanding why The Tester holds such power over me. I really don’t care who dances or get’s yelled at by Mr Trump but for some reason THIS show compels me to watch it.

  • giga-lo-maniacs

    can we for once get a specific time to look for the store to update today?

  • Shouldn’t the store be update 1st then the video?

  • please start updating the store at a specific time every week..that would be really great

  • I can’t wait to watch this in HD on my PS3. She looks good!

  • legs time!

  • Hey playstation,Can you please make Backwards compatibly With ps3 and psp go?For ps3 PLaystation 2 Reader,For psp go umd reader like an extension that you need to buy for 50 bucks?An you put it on the back of your psp go?Cmon guys ill buy the psp go if you guys do this.Please respond.

  • off subject, shes hawt

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