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Oct 25

Oct 25

Blacklight Tango Down Infiltrates PSN Tomorrow With New Features

Jared Gerritzen's Avatar Posted by

Project Lead and Game Designer, Zombie Studios

Hey everyone, in honor of Blacklight: Tango Down’s launch on the PlayStation Network tomorrow (10/26), we’re pumped to share with you a brand-new, exclusive gameplay video and a piece of never-before seen concept art.

Blacklight is a fast-paced, action-oriented, first-person shooter that takes place in 25 years in the future. In the game, players take control of an elite covert ops team that is sent after an American Colonel and his personal Blacklight team. As players progress through the ranks, they will unlock new items and attachments to add to their fully-customizable weapons, giving them literally trillions of weapons combos to play with and endless hours of combat.

While Blacklight has done really well over the summer, we’ve worked on some serious improvements and new features for the PlayStation Network version of the game. In addition to being fully-updated, the PlayStation Network version will include the brand-new ‘Join in Progress’ feature, that allows players to instantly join the online action without waiting for an intermission. Up until now, players had to wait until the end of a round, or start a new game. ‘Join in Progress’ has been our number-one most asked for addition to the game, and it makes the experience a lot more smooth.

But there’s more! We’re also adding a new map to the PSN version of Blacklight called ‘Crossover.’ This map, available only to PS3 gamers, will take them into the financial district right as it transforms into a war zone. We hope you enjoy the game and hope to see you in the combat!

Blacklight Tango Down

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PuppetShoJustice said:

October 25th, 2:01 pm

You can take your timed 360 exclusive and shove it.

    Jared Gerritzen's Avatar

    Jared Gerritzen said:

    October 26th, 11:55 am

    Hey Puppet, not that it seams to matter. But, Blacklight was never a timed 360 or PC exclusive. Once we finished one version of the game we started on the next (we dont have a 100+ person team its 25). the PC was finished a month before the XBOX. The PS3 sadly too us longer to finish. Were very sorry that the PS3 users feel “wronged” by us. For the record we develop on the PS3 first to make sure this wont happen again. I hope you and the others, can respect the fact that we learned from our mistakes.



October 25th, 2:06 pm

I understand adding a new map all but how long has it been since this came out for the guys and we still pay $14.99, give me a PSN Plus discount and I will consider it if not, sorry guys, good luck either way!!


October 25th, 2:08 pm


I understand adding a new map and all but how long has it been since this came out for the other guys and we still pay $14.99, give me a PSN Plus discount and I will consider it if not, sorry guys, good luck either way!!

Next time I’ll proof read.

MartB64 said:

October 25th, 2:12 pm

Is there going to be a demo for this game?

    Jared Gerritzen's Avatar

    Jared Gerritzen said:

    October 26th, 11:58 am

    There will be a trial version of the game. You will be able to play against owners of the game as well as others on the trial version. All stats gained in the trial will care over if you decide to buy the game.

Zezzler said:

October 25th, 2:13 pm

It looks pretty cool, is going to be a demo??

VanilaGorila-x- said:

October 25th, 2:14 pm

Too little, too late. 6 months ago it would have been a day one purchase, but now I have MoH and Black Ops that will occupy my time for the next 6 months.

Maybe I’ll give it a shot when it hits the bargain bin, assuming the servers are still up.


DeadCell34 said:

October 25th, 2:14 pm

Too little, too late. Shouldn’t have made it a 360 timed exclusive, now we know just how bad this game sucks.

DeadCell34 said:

October 25th, 2:15 pm

@6 LOL, sorry, I kinda stole your line there. I didn’t even read your message.

bigdaddykraven said:

October 25th, 2:16 pm

Might be fun but it takes a back seat to a bunch of other really fun games that just came out or are coming out soon. We’ll see if any of my friends get it and then I may get it seeing as how its coop.

Good luck on this release.

dragonleader33 said:

October 25th, 2:18 pm

You guys really dropped the ball on this one and I am sure you are aware of it. I hope you guys made your money back on the PC and Xbox version, you probably wont be seeing much return on the PS3. Medal Of Honor is already out and Black Ops is out in 2 weeks.

Better luck next time.

RapidfireRay said:

October 25th, 2:18 pm

Doom meets Quake.


thelookey6 said:

October 25th, 2:26 pm

do what number 1 said

Knight0011 said:

October 25th, 2:28 pm

No buy. timed exclusive.

iKakashiHatake said:

October 25th, 2:29 pm

This game came out months ago for 360 and my sister boyfriend says no one plays it i hope you guys can make the price at least 10$

FJ1100_rider said:

October 25th, 2:31 pm

I agree , if it had released on both systems simultaneously it would have been better
to keep it off psn and release it at the same time moh is available and black ops is soon available , not to mention rock band 3 …. well it’s not the best business model in my opinion

hope the extra cash microsoft paid for the timed exclusive makes up for psn sales losses .

Nedley_Mandingo said:

October 25th, 2:37 pm

LOL, umm….. no thanks.

ajprice1016 said:

October 25th, 2:38 pm

Are you serious??? First off, released exclusive on another platform and trying to pass it off 6 months later, does not fly here. Second, why would anyone waste $15 on a game right after MOH and two weeks before Black Ops. I think you need to fire your whole marketing and directions team as they really screwed you on this one. Good luck, I’m sure your see the money roll in on this one….lol

Mindplague said:

October 25th, 2:38 pm

Hardly any community following this title on the 360. And this comes out months after the 360 release and its still $15? Big time pass.

LightAce said:

October 25th, 2:40 pm

Looks like a generic shooter

rbanke said:

October 25th, 2:41 pm

Oooh, the game with all the in game advertising. No thanks.

MetalGearC11 said:

October 25th, 2:42 pm

Gameplay video?!?!?You are not even able to make a kill? So much fun trying to find someone to play this great game….uh?


snake4308 said:

October 25th, 2:44 pm

Well… it looks like you got those same 3 guys who kept complaining to get this game to shut up…..

but why did they want this?? it’s not even unique, it looks so generic…

Justp94 said:

October 25th, 2:54 pm

I’ll buy it when it goes $9.99
3+ Months late…. = Discount (Even with bonus content)
Smarten up fools.

stlcardinal9 said:

October 25th, 3:04 pm

what kind of a gameplay video was that? you showed a guy running around swapping weapons and not one kill???? ill pass thanks

x9248 said:

October 25th, 3:18 pm

lol tough crowd today XD

Gilgamesh247 said:

October 25th, 3:19 pm

y are u guys giving the devs heat blame ignition for the long eelay as they were the publishing it. Second of all wat makes this release different from 360’s folks pissed and moaned but bought it anyways and 3rd of all no ones forcing u to buy this game, but if it had a plat and supported dlc (like Alien Breed) you’d be singing a new tune.

gillettjoe said:

October 25th, 3:19 pm


gold5225 said:

October 25th, 3:26 pm

Horrible gameplay video, there were no kills and you had it compressed as possible. I would like to see a high res or HD version uploaded so I can see what the games actually like. All you showed was a player dying and not getting a single kill.

Nightmare142 said:

October 25th, 3:27 pm

Ouch at 00:51 of the video.


October 25th, 3:31 pm

where’s killzone 3 beta ?


October 25th, 3:45 pm

i would’ve considered buying this when it came out 3 months ago. but thanks for making me wait, i have enough cash for black ops now.

poodude said:

October 25th, 3:51 pm

I have two questions.

1) Is this multiplayer only, or is there a single player?

2) Is there anyway to remove the black shapes around the screen? I assume you’re trying to make it look like a helmet but having part of the screen cut off like that really bothers me.

    Jared Gerritzen's Avatar

    Jared Gerritzen said:

    October 26th, 12:04 pm

    1) there is a COOP mode that you and 4 others can play against AI.

    2) there is currently no way to turn it off, but its noted for future updates.

kenoetheboss said:

October 25th, 3:57 pm

where is my killzone 3 beta? its monday the 25th i was one of the first to download the theme cuz i sit there and refresh the page till it was updated there is no way i wasnt in the first 5,000 goodbye psn plus for me.

jarish said:

October 25th, 4:08 pm

All PSN games are required to have a demo/trial. So yes there is a trial for this.

awsome_robot said:

October 25th, 4:08 pm

as much as we waited for this, it’ll have to wait for you. I got RB3, Sims, force unleashed 2, hot pursuit 2 and cod black ops pre-ordered. Maybe next time pick a better release date… oh! and maybe, just maybe, do a simultaneous release on every console. Us ps3 owners don’t like that, so don’t expect many thank yous around here.

PullusPardusUS said:

October 25th, 4:09 pm

looks pretty old school , i like it, i miss that style.

omnilaw said:

October 25th, 4:11 pm

Yeah I have to agree with the rest making PS3 owners wait and ask us to consider the same price is a no no. No thanks!

jarish said:

October 25th, 4:22 pm

Think Mass Effect is going to be 1/2 price? Was Castle Crashers?

Go_Buddie_Go said:

October 25th, 4:25 pm

So this game is finally coming out on PSN, at a ridiculous price and with Black Ops release so close. I honestly have to say you guys screwed up BIG TIME. My money is going to ‘The Undead Nightmare’ DLC Pack for Red Dead and Possibly Superstars V8 Racing(If I’m not able to get it free through that Facebook thing they did).

BigRon3400 said:

October 25th, 4:30 pm

This game isn’t going to sell on PSN for 2 reasons.

1. Came to Xbox first.
2. Released too close to Black Ops launch.

It’s sad because I really wanted this game. But I know none of my friends are getting it. So basically it wouldn’t be any fun for me. I have to agree with Go_Buddie_Go, you guys screwed up big time. Sorry.

Stoffinator said:

October 25th, 4:32 pm

Game is not that great, nobody even plays it on the other system. little to late IMO.

Kotoso said:

October 25th, 4:36 pm

It looked great for $15… early summer. Now people know its not that great from the Xbox360 community, plus 2 weeks before Black Ops? Unless you convince all your friends to buy this, there will be nobody to play with. #1 said it best.

ncwolfcreek said:

October 25th, 4:44 pm

agree with all above comments….Developers should learn what not to do from Zombie Studios.

KidCommando said:

October 25th, 4:47 pm

wow, yeah right, good luck!

Street_Killaz said:

October 25th, 4:52 pm

wow u people are not buying this becouse it was a timed 360 exclusive!! lol oh well u are missing out!!There’s alote off timed 360 games that come to ps3!!

RyuuNoSekai said:

October 25th, 4:54 pm

go screw yourself, zombie studio. you deserve all this rage for so many reasons.

zomg, exclusive map. NOT. timed-exclusive. yea, people actually read forums.
yay, it finally comes out on PSN. NOT. you’re REALLY late for a retail game developer.
this looks fun! NOT! this has gained bad rep from the XBLA community, reviewers, and close friends which pretty much killed the purchase.
no other games coming out! NOT! ZHP bumps that thing way too the bottom of priority purchase; a portable game beat it.

station3fever said:

October 25th, 5:18 pm

This is to funny, wait is it APRIL FOOLS DAY? It’s a joke people its not coming to psn….. lol….some of us do have friends on the box side & the reports on this game are not great at all. All my friends and I have already pre-ordered black-ops so I just don’t see any room for u guys sorry. Not to mention GT5. But I will give u guys a great idea. Take this game, make some changes including the name & toss it out there next year and perhaps u may make a few bucks……

E_D_N_III_HAWK said:

October 25th, 5:56 pm

I think Blacklight Tango Down will be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E_D_N_III_HAWK said:

October 25th, 5:58 pm

R U GUYS READY 4 BLACK OPS???????????????????????????

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