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Oct 27

Oct 27

Medal of Honor Gets Hot (Zone)!

Eduardo Vasconcellos's Avatar Posted by Community Manager, Bioware

Medal of Honor Hot Zone DLC

It’s been a few weeks since Medal of Honor launched, and thanks to our fantastic PlayStation fans, things have been a great success. Now that you’ve had time to get used to the game’s multiplayer offering on the PlayStation Network, I think it’s time we let you in on a little secret: there’s more. While you may already know that Clean Sweep is coming on November 2 (free for everyone who activated their Medal of Honor Online Pass), what we didn’t tell you is that a whole new mode dubbed Hot Zone is coming to the PSN on the same day.

Coming to the PlayStation Network for $9.99, Hot Zone is a king of the hill-type mode where two teams tussle over a single objective within a map. As long as you hold the Hot Zone, you gain points which go to your final score. Unlike other game modes, maintaining control on the Hot Zone is the only way to earn points, so while laying down suppressing fire and taking out enemies coming your way is certainly a good thing, these kills won’t earn you any extra points.

Medal of Honor Hot Zone DLC

The pacing and overall feel of the new mode is different as all players will be surrounding a single point on the map, making for some frantic and fun firefights in this new multiplayer mode. But what about the maps themselves? This is why the Hot Zone content pack also comes with four maps: two new maps, Hindukush Pass and Korengal Outpost will add a new flair to the proceedings, while redesigned versions of the Shahikot Valley and Helmand Valley maps will bring a fresh angle to some familiar environments.

If that’s not enough for you, we’ll be hosting a Game with Developers session on Sunday, November 7 from 1pm to 4pm PST where you’ll be able to chat with the Medal of Honor development team, ask questions and let us know what you think of the new modes. All you’ll need to do is send a friend request to any of the following PSN IDs and join our sessions in progress. We’ll be accepting any and all friend requests until we run out of room, so be sure to send your request early!


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GoD_BaByBeNz2 said:

November 1st, 11:20 pm

hell first year look at your smart phone just got the update for my hd2

ukd69 said:

November 3rd, 12:37 am

What Time (UK) are The DLC Available?

ukd69 said:

November 3rd, 5:25 am

UK DLC Release? Time?

SiR_GuiDO-Legend said:

November 3rd, 2:15 pm

this game is way to short and i already beat it on hard lv 15 on alll classes and platium trophy way to short in fact im sorry to say but im trading this game i love it but its TOO short i should be 49.99 needs more maps and more weapons black ops offers more more bang for your buck

tonwooo77 said:

November 6th, 9:30 pm

I agree with most on here. This is crazy that the game has been out for a month and yet none of the bugs have been fixed yet. But they did have time to come up with dlc to charge us for. I think its time we gamers start sticking together and show them where they can shove this. Don’t expect more money from us when you can’t even fix the multiplayer you have now. This game sold 1.5 million in the first five days they couldn’t do something to fix the laggy servers. That’s over 90 million dollars. I have always been a fan of the Bad company games. I still play both. But this is garbage, shoult’ve canned this with the NBA game. EA and Dice you’ve LOST a Customer for good.

killzone1056 said:

November 12th, 8:38 pm

i was wondering if medal of honor will be adding the playstation move to the game? i would buy MAG but i dont like the online play.

JadeDohc said:

November 14th, 5:18 pm

YEa I hate this game and would like to burn my copy of it

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