Killzone 3 Helghast Edition and Pre-order Bonuses Detailed

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On February 22, 2011, Killzone 3 will storm store shelves in more ways than one. Killzone 3 will be available in a limited Helghast Edition as well as the standard edition.

Killzone 3: Helghast Edition

The Killzone 3 Helghast Edition ($129.99) is a must-have for the fans. This one-of-a-kind set features a collectible replica of a Helghast Helmet containing an art book, Super Voucher (see below for contents) and the Killzone 3 game with bonus content. Also included is an exclusive Cloaking Helghast Marksman action figure created by DC Unlimited, that will not be sold anywhere else.


  • Authentic Helghast Helmet replica opens to reveal art book, Super Voucher and Killzone 3 game.
  • Exclusive Cloaking Helghast Marksman action figure is 6.5” tall with multiple articulation points and will not be sold at retail
  • Includes bonus video content giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the game.
  • Exclusive art book featuring imagery from the Killzone universe
  • Super Voucher includes
    • Killzone 3 soundtrack and PS3 Dynamic Theme
    • Retro Map Pack featuring two of the most popular multiplayer maps from Killzone 2
    • Double XP for the first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay
    • Full access to all weapons and abilities during the first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay

Download packs are also available separately if you’d rather pre-order the standard edition Killzone 3 at one of the proceeding retailers.

Guerrilla Pack (available by pre-ordering from GameStop)

Pre-order Killzone 3 and receive a GameStop Exclusive PSN code unlocking all multiplayer weapons and abilities for the first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay giving you a temporary edge in the online battlefield. Also includes the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack, featuring two of the most popular maps from Killzone 2.

Fast Starter Pack (available by pre-ordering from Best Buy)

Pre-order Killzone 3 and receive a Best Buy Exclusive PSN code allowing you to rank up faster, as you earn XP at double the normal rate for the first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay. Also includes the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack.

Unlock and Load Pack (available by pre-ordering from Amazon)

Pre-order Killzone 3 and receive an Exclusive PSN code and get instant access to 3 Unlock Points to use on the weapon or ability of your choice such as the Marksman’s Sniper Rifle and get the early edge in Killzone 3 Multiplayer. Also includes the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack.

Retro Map Pack (available by pre-ordering from other participating retailers)

Pre-order Killzone 3 and receive an exclusive PSN code giving you the Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack, featuring two of the most popular maps from Killzone 2. Also receive an exclusive PlayStation 3 Dynamic Theme.

Killzone 3 will be available in North America on February 22, 2011 for $59.99 and the Helghast Edition will be available on the same date for $129.99. Pre-order today!

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  • Arcadian_Rebel

    First. Can’t wait for this game. It’s a must-buy already! :)


    incredible gonna get myself a Helghast edition.
    currently really enjoying working out the kinks in the beta

  • wow, I could never justify spending that much money! But that sweet helmet makes it so tempting.

  • Just when I thought creative packaging of a collector’s edition peaked with GoW3…

  • Very Nice, kind of makes me wish i were a collector

  • dirtyoldman69

    Playin the beta right now and this is a first day buy for me !! Must buy this :)

  • Boss_Tycoon_

    Must…. buy…..


  • Will there be a mid-tier option for people that want the Super Voucher + game?

    • No, the only way to get that great bonus is to pick up the Helghast Edition!

  • YES! I was literally thinking about an hour ago about how I wanted to preorder KZ3 but I needed to wait for a collector’s edition, this is an absolute must have for me! Great extras, this is an incredible collector’s edition!

    This will be the king of all shooters!

  • Done.

  • I_OU_a-Beatn

    Definite buy for me. Killzone is by far my favorite franchise and I’ll be more than happy to shell out $130 for this. Great deal.

  • FormerPSfan

    The first two installments were utter garbage, passing on this one was the best decision I could make this year aside from not pre-ordering the fictitious Gran Turismo ForNever

  • Good stuff, I think i will go with amazon. Really enjoying the beta.

  • soooo tempting….LOL

  • IGlowInTheDark

    Question about the first 24 hours bonus:

    Is that the first 24 hours after the game is released (1 day only), or the first 24 hours the player spends in multiplayer (possibly over the course of several days/weeks)?


    • Good question.

      The first 24 hours of the multiplayer enhancements begins once the voucher is redeemed.

  • Looks like I will be changing my pre-order soon :)

  • CAN’T WAIT! Totally getting this!

  • dragonleader33

    I’m sold!

  • OMG!!! i want it

  • FormerPsfan, do you even own a PS3? All you EVER do is come here and whine like a child who is on timeout, every single day. Are you entertaining yourself? Because its a really pathetic display. Dont you have any obligations in your life?

  • I will be pre-ordering from Amazon. I pretty much do all of my game shopping there. Fortunately in this case it also happens to have the pre-order bonus that I find most appealing.

  • quick question
    The replica of a Helghast Helmet, how big is the model?

    @19 KwietStorm
    Just ignore the troll. Responding to him/her only make things worst.

    • The Helghast Helmet is 238mm tall. The Helghast insignia base is 300mm wide and 296.5mm deep.

  • Off topic question, Has the PS Rewards Emails gone out yet? Also the opt in for marketing, there are two options one just for SCEA and the other for 3rd party people. Do you have to have both or just the Sony one checked?

  • Never really got into the Killzone story but gameplay and graphics are jaw dropping. Now to decide where to preorder from

  • As soon as Amazon lists the Helghast Edition I will pre order the game.

    Also please makes sure Radec Academy doesn’t find it’s way into the Retro Pack. I want Salamun Market and Beach Head.

  • Hope the eyes can light up… that will be epic

  • So pricy, but so neat… I’m conflicted.

  • Helghast Edition FTW!

    Also, finally a dynamic theme for Killzone 3. Now there should be some avatars released for Killzone 3 as well.

  • loll might be a funny question but can we wear the helmet? XD

  • @28 -.-“

  • AG-WarFighter

    helghast edition or 3d tv? its my b day on the feb 28 sooo mabey killzone 3 and 3d tv! but cant get helghast edition :( too expensive.

  • loadstone007

    Awesome! Will get this if it will sell in England!!!

  • AG-WarFighter

    OH quesyion please answer this, it going to very hard to find answer for this only you guys no please!

    if i pre-order from Gamestop will i get the dynamic theme also?

  • I could do without the giant Helghast head, but I really want that Cloaking Marksman figure. Too bad I can’t buy that separately at retail. Or was that your master plan to get me to give you $130, Sony? If so, I think it worked. ::cries::

  • RurouniSaiya-jin

    I hope the retro map pack is offered here in Canada. I also hope Southern Hills is one of the maps ^,^

  • NissanFlyboy

    I NEED that! well…maybe I don’t “need” it but I definitely want it! Being a huge Killzone fan this would go great on me desk…or tv….or anywhere in my house…. I still wish I would have been able to get one of those STA-52 replicas!

  • x_NiiGHTMARE_x

    Very nice! Makes me even more excited for this game.

  • Nightmare142

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST buy now helghast edition

  • Victoryismine52

    Can I wear the mask? If so this is a MUST!

    • Haha, no you can’t wear the mask. But it’d make for a great decorative piece among your video game collection!

  • Victoryismine52

    If I can wear the mask I’ll be able to justify it to my wife as my holloween costume next year ;)

    • Tell her it’ll make a great topic of conversation when you have guests over to visit. That’s how I get these past my lady. ;)

  • Playstation 3 Halo Cat Helmet Edition.

    Will pick up once its on clearance and cheaper than the standard copy

  • Retro pack idea is awesome! Please tell me one of the two maps is Pyrus Rise (spelling?) I could never spell it but is in my top 5 favorite maps of all time for any game!

    When will you reveal what two maps come in this pack? Do the fans decide or something?

  • OMG!!! AWESOME!!! this had better be available in the UK I got screwed out of the God of War 3 UE :) want that Helghast helmet

  • The Helgast edition will be sold in Mexico?

  • Nightmare142

    Sorry about that i was freaking out… $129.99 not bad for what you get.

  • Now that is how you do a collector’s edition. Definitely going to get it from Amazon, the only place you should be buying your games. Makes me think about Uncharted 3 Collector’s edition………… Nathan Drake’s Head….. :o

  • TrueFFVIIFan


  • This had better be available in the UK

  • MoneyMaker110

    i really want the action figure. i’ll have to think about it.

  • what maps are gonna be in the Retro Maps? And why don’t you guys just include all the old maps from Killzone 2 anyways? More maps means people wont get sick of the game as fast. Jesus, use your heads people!

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