New God of War: Ghost of Sparta Skins Exposed, Deimos for God of War III Unveiled

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Spartan Army! November 2nd is only a few short days away, and we thought it was only fair that we give our Spartan Army a sneak peek at all the various skins you get to experience within Ghost of Sparta, and also a first gameplay glimpse of Deimos within God of War III.

Here to walk you through each of the skins is the Game Director of God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Dana Jan.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Kratos skin


Just for comparison, I thought I would throw in Kratos in his standard gear for a direct comparison. Some interesting notes about the default model: We reworked it and improved a lot of things including better textures, specular shine on the metal (belt, shin guard, weapons), his goatee was fixed (Chains of Olympus didn’t have an alpha channel on it), his face I more expressive due to new facial rig, and subtle improvements like the red tattoo having a softened edge so it looks better up close. The blades were all remodeled to match the Blades of Athena as seen in God of War II as well.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Ghost of Sparta skin

Ghost of Sparta

Throughout the game, Kratos sees visions of his past. We came up with a ‘look’ or visual style for these sequences that helped clearly set them apart from what was happening in present time. Everything and everyone in these visions/flashbacks has a vapor-like effect emitting from them. We took almost all of the color out of the imagery making it fairly monochromatic with the exception of the color red which is associated with Deimos’ birthmark, the fires that burned Sparta the day his brother was taken, and also the blood that stains his memories. Choose the Ghost of Sparta costume and you will take twice the damage from enemies, but your rewarded by inflicting quadruple fire damage with Thera’s Bane. The Ghost costume is also able to regenerate the fire meter four times as fast as the default Kratos costume.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta - God Armor

God Armor

One of the first bonus costumes we decided to include with the game was the God Armor. Fans will recognize the armor from the beginning of God of War II where Kratos is wearing it in Rhodes as he battles the Colossus. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say that somewhere in Ghost of Sparta you will see Kratos in this armor. Another interesting bit of information about this armor is that Deimos’ armor features some striking similarities. Compare them and see for yourself. This costume decreases the amount of damage Kratos receives from enemies, doubles the damage he deals with Thera’s Bane, and increases the fire meter regen time. Finally, it also causes enemies to drop Red Orbs as Kratos hits them with attacks

God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Robotus skin


There has to be a funny costume in every God of War game. We had several on the comic-relief side in Chains of Olympus, but I don’t think any were as good as this. This has to be my favorite of all time. We went back and forth on what kind of robot we wanted to make for this costume. Finally, it seemed like the funniest looking version was robot costume made out of cardboard boxes, metal ventilation hose, and duct tape. Polish it off with some permanent markers to draw the details on the cardboard, and you get Robotos. I’m sure someone is making this costume to wear at a con as we speak. Robotos has the ability to generate massive combos by increasing the amount of time allowed between hits to increment the combo meter. His damage dealt with the Blades of Athena and Arms of Sparta have been decreased along with magic costing him twice as many Blue Orbs to use. He’s still my favorite costume in the game.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Deimos skin


When we designed Deimos, one of the biggest tasks was trying to create a character that looked like he could stand next to Kratos and be equally as strong and interesting. While they share the similar iconic “mark” as a story point, they needed to be very different people. The years of captivity in the Domain of Death drove Deimos to a very dark place. His birth mark now glows as the flesh sears with rage. When picking the attributes for this costume, we thought it would be cool to make him more proficient with the Arms of Sparta (spear and shield) since he trained with Kratos and is a Spartan after all. Additional adjustments include more damage taken by enemy attacks, and less damage done when using the Blades of Athena.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Legionnaire skin


(Pre-Order Bundle Exclusive)

This is one over-the-top set of armor, even for Kratos. The idea for this costume started after we learned about the God of War fans known as the Spartan Army. We thought it would be cool to do a costume that would go with the Arms of Sparta (spear and shield) and form a cohesive set of gear. The helmet design is loosely based on that of a Spartan soldier and the chest plate has elements like the Cerberus silhouettes found on Kratos armor from the God of War flashbacks. We also wanted to carry the crimson elements of Kratos’ tattoo and cloth skirt into this costume to keep his palette familiar. This costume gives you the ability to collect double Orbs of all types, and using magic will cost half the amount of Blue Orbs. If that weren’t good enough, the Legionnaire resists enemy damage four times as much as normal and deals double damage with the Arms of Sparta.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Deimos in God of War III

Deimos for God of War III

(Available only through purchase of God of War: Ghost of Sparta)

During the production of Ghost of Sparta, we discussed the idea of making Deimos an unlockable costume to be used in God of War 3 on the PS3. We wanted to give players who had both games (and systems) some content that crossed platforms. We provided the team at Sony Santa Monica Studio our assets used on the PSP, and we are really pleased with how Deimos looks in God of War 3. I’m particularly happy with the way his glowing “mark” looks on his body. I’m looking forward to playing through the game again and seeing Deimos tear through some of my favorite moments.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Deimos in God of War III God of War: Ghost of Sparta - Deimos in God of War III

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18 Author Replies

  • Nice…

  • Will Deimos be available to buy on the PlayStation Store for God of War III?

    • Ken Chan

      No, Deimos is exclusive to the purchase of GOW Ghost of Sparta

  • NoGodsOnlyMan

    Darn it KKen, you keep teasing us!!!!

    Release it already argh im going mad waiting this long

    That GoW3 skin looks BAD A$$

  • skins !=content

  • I never even opened my copy of GOW3. Time to start it up!

  • You know, all these outside bonuses are kinda amazing. The game alone warrants the $40 price tag, but all the extras(Pre-order and otherwise) just makes it that much easier to swallow.

  • Deimos in GOW3 is a great bonus.

  • Are trophies disabled when you use the Deimos skin on PS3?

  • It seems as thought the costumes all have good and bad points. The best one seems to be the Legionaire. I don’t remember the costumes having good and bad points. or did I just noot notice?

  • Rad…Already preordered =)

  • What if you purchase the downloadable title for your PSPgo? Are PSPgo owners screwed again?

    • Ken Chan

      The PO bundle + Deimos Skin will be available through the PS Store for a limited time. Keep your eyes glued to the PS Store on 11/2 @ 5pm PST

  • I’d imagine you’re covered on Go, they’ve made it a point to make sure lol

  • NoGodsOnlyMan

    I pre ordered on Amazon the PSP bundle, do i get ALL those goodies that you have been showing without having to do anything extra?

    • Ken Chan

      Yup, you will receive a voucher code for the PS Store through Amazon at the time or purchase

  • Ok, ok. I finally gave in and pre-ordered. That Deimos skin for God of War III is just too enticing. Looking forwad to the game, and now all of the pre-order bonuses as well.

  • the new skins look awesome! can’t wait, Nov. 2nd!

  • thank you RAD. At least for Ghost of Sparta we have more than just one skin like in Gow3(i luv the game but come on i had to trade it back in because of that). But now for the first time ive preordered a game and its ghost of sparta PLUS im gonna pick up gow3 again.Every end must first begin

  • kNoWlEdGe22

    Looking good Ready at Dawn… Looking damn good!

  • TheGuardianFID


  • Now that we’re talking about GoW skins… will the other GoW3 skins be available for purchase on the PSN store? I saw there’s one bundled with GoW and another one with GoW2 (for PS+ users, which I am, but I also already bought the Collection), my question is, like many others, will those skins be available separately?

    Thanks for your help, can’t wait for the next great entry in the GoW franchise!

    • Ken Chan

      Let’s just say it will be up there sooner than you think. More info to come shortly

  • Loved God of War 3, and I’m a God of War fan, but I really wish Sony Santa Monica could’ve provided some extra playable content via DLC in God of War 3. I don’t have a PSP and would like to get one mainly for MGS: Peace Walker and the God of War PSP games, but with all the PSP2 rumors popping up, I doubt I’ll get one…I just hope the PSP2 is backwards compatible with PSP games.

  • Deimos looks badass in GOW3 :) cant wait

  • jedi_webslinger

    Thanks again for bringing this to Canada. I bugged you alot with this but it is worth it. I can’T wait to get my hands on this.

  • I’d guess next Tuesday, when the games will hit PSN+ :P

    Glad to be a Plus member when things like this get announced :D

  • Holy crap November 2nd can’t come fast enough. God of War is the only franchise boasting a flawless record, imo.

  • angelspawn77

    WOW the Deimos skin for GOW3 looks absolutely AMAZING, this definitely warrants another playthrough even though I just played it a few weeks ago on Chaos. I also love the Robotos costume, it gave me a good laugh. Cant wait for this game, next tuesday! Just a few days!

  • And here we go again, while european fans are dying to hear about GoW:GoS and all the bonuses, you keep torturing us with all of these amazing screen… :( not fair!

  • can someone please fast forward the date to nov. 2? or just point me to the nearest time machine? ;-)

  • Does this finally mean we are getting some GOW3 DLC????

  • mknightstalkerx

    Can’t wait. I put a pre order in last week at gamestop. Do i get all the good stuff?

  • Can’t wait, I have my entertainment pack preordered!

    SUPPORT THESE GAMES WITH MORE DLC, the lack of support that GOW3 has gotten until now can only be described as criminal but hopefully the preorder pack is just the beginning to more content like skins, dynamic themes, avatars, home content, challenge levels, expansions, the possibilities are endless and I would buy them all.

  • love the skins i really want to play as robotos!

    Also quick question will there be future dlc?

  • I already have this game paid off, just waiting for the day!! :)

  • venomblade89

    on my 2nd playthrough, such a damn good game

  • I already preorder GOS on Amazon… Hopefully I will get it on release day.

    Question: Will the Deimos skin for GOW3 have the Deimos voice or will it be Kratos as Deimos?

  • EnigmaNemesis

    had mine pre-ordered since it hit Amazon!

    Very excited for it!

  • are the none pre-order costumes unlockable or do I have to buy them?

    • Ken Chan

      All costumes / skins are included within GOW Ghost of Sparta, with the exception of Legionnaire Kratos (pre-order exclusive), and Deimos for God of War III, which is a pack-in voucher. So basically, everything is FREE

  • Nader-Abudiix


  • digitalman123

    BOOYAH!! Does this mean more DLC for GOW 3?

  • theultimatenub

    this looks super awesome i cant wait just till Tuesday

  • chicag0riginal

    Yo Ken-

    I’ve already pre-ordered the madness ‘cuz when it’s good, it’s good!
    My question is this:
    I’ve read that the Deimos skin is on “specially marked boxes” which makes me think it’s not included in ALL pre-orders. Please tell me I am wrong, brudda!


    • Ken Chan

      As long as you pre-order, you’ll be fine. No guarantees if you wait for a few weeks.. Deimos is available for a limited time only :)

  • k4shmoney623

    What of the other skins that you get for preordering God of War III (i.e. Apollo, Phanton of Chaos, etc.), are those gonna be available too, or anytime soon??

  • BigBangBear

    Just got my pre-order done in store at EB Games since the pre-order isn’t on the site and you mentioned that is the outlet for Canadians. Looking forward to the game and all of the bonuses look great.

  • StealthReborn--

    Ken, I was just wondering about the Deimos skin for God of War III, is Deimos going to be using his own voice when speaking? Or will it switch over to Kratos in the cut-scenes like normal with Kratos’ voice? Perhaps no voice at all? I’m just wondering because it would be so amazing if Deimos would talk and say all the cool things that Kratos’ does.

    • Ken Chan

      His voice won’t change. Deimos however will have unique power-up abilities that would affect your gameplay experience

  • lordvader16

    I just placed my pre-order at GameStop today. Those skins look awesome and I cannot wait until next Tuesday!

  • Where is our DLC for 3 guys! Loved the game but way too short.

  • Havic_Davis

    My local store isnt getting the pre order bonuses even though im pre ordering, does that still mean i get the deimos skin????

  • I’ll wait till you’re not charging $40 for it on PSN.

  • Whats the effect of using Deimos in GOW3? You say what each skin does except for that one.

  • Oh yey… I’ll get to see myself in the documentary :} <3<3<3

  • Kratos is kind of jerk, but I do enjoy playing these games. I can’t wait for this.

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