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Nov 01

Nov 01

HOARD on PSN Tomorrow, Learn How to Train Your Dragon Today

Tyler Sigman's Avatar Posted by Design Director, Big Sandwich Games


HOARD drops tomorrow on PSN, so it’s time you start thinking about tuning up your treasure-hunting skills! Here are a few tips to help you get started on your path to becoming a great dragon and racking up some impressive scores:

  • Preserve your score multiplier. You lose your score multiplier whenever you are wounded to zero health, and also whenever a thief finishes stealing from your hoard. If you want to earn Gold ratings on maps, you have to avoid losing your score multiplier too much. It’s better to fly home and heal before getting wounded all the way to zero. And always keep an eye out for those sneaky burglers.
  • Armor up for safety! The denizens of the realm are not friendly. Knights and archers make for challenging foes when they come in groups. While upgrading Speed and Fire Breath are sexy, improving your Armor can be key to good scores. If you find yourself constantly getting injured and sent back to your hoard, you probably need tougher scales! Having a few extra hit points means you can make mistakes and not get punished for it.
  • Tribute towns are safe points. When you terrorize a town enough without actually killing it, it will start to fear you and send you offering carts full of gold. But another great benefit is that the town’s archers will no longer attack you. If an opponent is chasing you down when you’re weak, go hide out near your tribute town and let the archers do the dirty work for you!
  • Don’t kill everything. As the kingdom becomes more populated with farms and houses, there will be much more valuable merchant wagons rolling around. More commerce means more treasure for the taking. If you kill everything and keep the kingdom in ruins, you’ll starve your own hoard! Don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg.
  • There’s a counter-strategy for that. To win at multiplayer, you’ll need to craft a strategy that takes into account all the factors: your own play style, the particular map, and the choices of your opponent. If your opponent is less skilled at fighting, make a fast dragon with powerful breath, and mercilessly hunt him down. If you’re weaker at the twitch stuff, upgrade armor—you’ll be able to take a beating and still get back to your hoard without getting defeated and having to drop your treasure. Keep an eye on what your opponent is upgrading (you can tell by how his dragon appearance changes during the game) so you know what you’re dealing with.

Ok, I promised five tips but we’re on a roll here so how about a sixth for free:

  • Gold bandwidth. Upgrading Carry increases how much gold you can pick up before having to return home to your hoard to unload. But another huge benefit is that it increases how quickly you drop off that gold into your hoard. The speeds can get pretty fast at higher Carry levels. Less time dropping gold means more time out pillaging the kingdom, which in turn means more gold for your hoard! And gold for your hoard is the whole point, innit?


And finally, as a super-special bonus, here’s the Trophy list:

HOARD Trophies

  1. Legendary Wyrm (GOLD): Achieve HOARD Rank 15
  2. Mythical Hoarder (GOLD): Earn 90% of Badges
  3. Youngling (BRONZE): Achieve Hoard Rank 2
  4. Basic Dragon (BRONZE): Achieve Hoard Rank 5
  5. Advanced Dragon (BRONZE): Achieve Hoard Rank 7
  6. Veteran Dragon (BRONZE): Achieve Hoard Rank 9
  7. Wyrm (BRONZE): Achieve Hoard Rank 11
  8. Great Wyrm (BRONZE): Achieve Hoard Rank 13
  9. Eager Hoarder (BRONZE): Earn 25% of Badges
  10. Hoarder (BRONZE): Earn 50% of Badges
  11. Tireless Hoarder (BRONZE): Earn 75% of Badges

Happy HOARDing—hope to see you online on Tuesday!

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gosox said:

November 1st, 2:31 pm

Looks interesting. Will there be a demo?


November 1st, 2:31 pm

Price? :]

Chriscanuck said:

November 1st, 2:40 pm

Price? welllll let me guessss

ya, this is a game that has more then a weeks worth of hype…

this gonna take $15 outta my wallet right?

no thanks… i pass

pasufarin said:

November 1st, 2:46 pm

I’ve been following this game since this summer and will be getting it tomorrow.

Thanks for the tips! I’ve enjoyed the previous videos as well.

    Tyler Sigman's Avatar

    Tyler Sigman said:

    November 1st, 4:18 pm

    Thanks, pasufarin! I remember seeing your name on a couple of the other comments in previous articles. We appreciate your support!

DJKim0701 said:

November 1st, 2:48 pm

what?? no silver trophy??

    Tyler Sigman's Avatar

    Tyler Sigman said:

    November 1st, 4:17 pm

    Hi DJ,

    PSN titles are limited to a set amount of trophies. We liked delivering 2 golds, and that only left room for a bunch of bronzes. Enjoy!

KidCommando said:

November 1st, 3:00 pm

Yay, tell me how to upgrade my dragon but don’t tell me the price of your game. woo-hoo!

Tyler Sigman's Avatar

Tyler Sigman said:

November 1st, 3:20 pm

Hi everyone,

The game will sell for $14.99 and deliver over 35 levels, 4 game modes, 107 badges to earn, and more!
Facebook: HOARD the Videogame


KidCommando said:

November 1st, 3:27 pm


x9248 said:

November 1st, 3:29 pm

Day 1, can’t wait!


November 1st, 3:31 pm

thanks tyler for the update.

not too happy about the 14.99 cost

I think 10.00 is the sweet spot

but ill defiantly check it out if it gets a demo

    Tyler Sigman's Avatar

    Tyler Sigman said:

    November 1st, 4:25 pm


    We understand the reluctance to pay $14.99 for some digital titles. With HOARD, we’ve tried to deliver a metric boat-load of content, replayability, and features (4-player co-op, combination online/offline multiplayer, etc.). We hope you’ll consider it!

Onvertic said:

November 1st, 3:34 pm

So any difference between this one and the PSP version?

madtyger said:

November 1st, 3:34 pm

Dragons and hoarding? Count me in.

ModernYorkster said:

November 1st, 3:41 pm

Will there be a demo/trial version tommarow?

    Tyler Sigman's Avatar

    Tyler Sigman said:

    November 1st, 4:29 pm

    Hi ModernYorkster,

    There won’t be a demo available on launch, but definitely keep your eye out for reviews and such! Hopefully they will entice you to give the game a try! ;)

K3ViNPwNz- said:

November 1st, 3:50 pm

Black ops on ps3 leaked already.WOW footage here

PuppetShoJustice said:

November 1st, 4:10 pm

You guys couldn’t think of your own game so you made a carbon copy of Age of Booty?

CF3esBestia said:

November 1st, 4:10 pm

When will we get more info about the PSP version? I really hope it has some type of online multi player, even if its coop. That will be a huge selling point on the PSP.

Tyler Sigman's Avatar

Tyler Sigman said:

November 1st, 4:28 pm

Hi CF3esBestia,

PSP HOARD is geared more towards the portable experience, so it does not feature multiplayer. But it is very well-suited to the spare 10 minutes here and there that you might have during the day, when you find a PSP in your pocket!

ZildjianKX said:

November 1st, 5:37 pm

When does the Mac version come out?

BeerManMike said:

November 1st, 5:45 pm

$15 and no demo?

Good luck guys!

CF3esBestia said:

November 1st, 5:55 pm

@ Tyler
Thanks for the info. I’m still buying it!!!! looks great.

BigBangBear said:

November 1st, 6:48 pm

Does the one download from PSN play on both PS3 and PSP or would I have to buy it for both systems?

    Tyler Sigman's Avatar

    Tyler Sigman said:

    November 2nd, 2:31 am

    Hi BigBangBear,

    They will be sold individually. We haven’t yet announced the price for PSP, but it won’t necessarily be the same. And the idea of doing a bundle isn’t out the question yet, but until we firm up our PSP release date (the team is finishing it up now!), we won’t know for sure.

jimmyfoxhound said:

November 1st, 6:50 pm

You guys would have a chance to get my money at 9.99 w/ no demo but to make me scour the internet to find out more info myself & a 15 dollar price tag… bah.. sorry guys. I know 15 is the new 10 on the PSN but it’s not winning me over.

King4Ransom said:

November 1st, 7:15 pm

Is the online co-op and multiplayer available on release or do we have to wait for an update?

    Tyler Sigman's Avatar

    Tyler Sigman said:

    November 2nd, 2:27 am

    Hi King4Ransom,

    Yup, all multiplayer modes are fully enabled from day 1. You can play any combination of local and online, up to 4 players total. Enjoy!

Go_Buddie_Go said:

November 1st, 8:07 pm

Can’t wait to download this, I’ve been following this game since it was announced. You got my money Big Sandwich Games, hope to see more great titles from you guys in the future.

    Tyler Sigman's Avatar

    Tyler Sigman said:

    November 2nd, 2:28 am

    Thanks for the support–it means a ton to us! We think you’ll love the game. ;)

Pontoffel_Pock said:

November 1st, 8:16 pm

I suppose $14.99 may seem a bit steep to some, but it looks as though these guys have put some solid work into this game. Nice twist on the typical theme. I’ll be getting it tomorrow!

    Tyler Sigman's Avatar

    Tyler Sigman said:

    November 2nd, 2:30 am

    Again, thanks for the support. We know $14.99 doesn’t work for all titles, but with all the game modes, maps, badges, multiplayer options, and so on, we have really tried to pack your money’s worth in there for HOARD! Let us know what you think, and become a fan over on Facebook (“HOARD the Videogame”).


November 1st, 10:35 pm

I have waited so long for this game. I cant wait to buy it first thing tomorrow or later today I should say.

Nahela said:

November 2nd, 5:57 am

The $15 is a pretty big turn off, especially without a demo :\

I really can’t support the $15 trend at all.

Maitre said:

November 2nd, 8:31 am

are there any trophy trophy that require online multiplaying

mclaren777 said:

November 2nd, 9:43 am

It looks interesting, but I’m unwilling to buy it without first playing a demo.

JonJonXD said:

November 2nd, 10:46 am

I’m tempted because the game looks awesome and I love dragons, but how much game play do we get out of it? How many hours you think just for single player?

FJ1100_rider said:

November 2nd, 11:41 am

looks good , I wish I had an extra $20 to buy it ( it’s going to be $17 with tax )
maybe we should get games priced at $13.49 so after tax they really would cost $15 ?

Jeo said:

November 2nd, 12:37 pm

There’s a good chance I’m going to pick this one up, but if I do it’s VERY reluctantly. As I hope the comments here have pointed out, people are not happy with this new pricing. I don’t want to take this out on you guys since it seems like you’ve made a good game, but at the same time, if this becomes the standard price(which it’s starting to look like it has) then I will stop buying PSN games entirely.

Craigenstein said:

November 2nd, 5:50 pm

Hmmm… the store hasn’t updated yet. Is this only for the US, I thought North America shared a store.

Jeo said:

November 2nd, 6:46 pm

The store as a whole still hasn’t updated. Sony really dropped the ball this week.

Craigenstein said:

November 2nd, 7:10 pm

I’m calling shenanigans on this whole operation. Get yer brooms.


November 2nd, 9:02 pm


Craigenstein said:

November 2nd, 9:35 pm

Cool game, shenanigans withdrawn.

Pontoffel_Pock said:

November 3rd, 12:33 pm

After playing the game, I can say it’s definitely worth $14.99. Love the graphics, very engaging gameplay, and a ton of badges to keep you challenged. Excellent work Big Sandwich Games!

Craigenstein said:

November 3rd, 12:44 pm

I completely agree, I only wish the maps had to be unlocked to simulate a kind of story or campaign mode. I think it would give the game a nice flow, but that’s just me, still a great game.

d4r14_3xpl0r4tr1 said:

November 3rd, 7:22 pm

Swysgreat said:

November 4th, 7:41 pm

Wondering whether to buy? Buy. The game is fun, fast, and deep. I was expecting a shooter, but although there are elements of dual stick action, there is a surprising amount of strategy involved. Whether 1 on 1, or free for all with 3 or 4 players, games change depending on how your opponents choose to play. Some matches end up as a race, everyone hoarding their own corner… Some end up as dogfights, with opponents harassing each other for every prize… Other matches develop as battles for territory and control. This game is great. Come play.

BlkPanther said:

November 6th, 4:48 pm

Well, It’s really an ok game, I wish there were some type of map creator as well. Storyline would have been a nice touch or as a unlocked kind of story or campaign mode. But I have yet to catch anyone online to play 3 or more players… or add other players in multiplayer options. ( AS a BlkPanther vs BlkPanther1??) It needs a load player account, plz.

rock_steady123 said:

November 8th, 6:45 pm

Wow, im just now hearing of Hoard, and I usually dont go for this kind of game, but I like the idea, and it really does sound fun. Im in. Im curious to see the mechanics of the multiplayer, It sounds somewhat reminiscent of Age of Booty, It looks fun though

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