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Nov 02

Nov 02

Free, PS3-Exclusive DLC Launching with Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Today, our friends at Ubisoft shared with us details of Copernicus Conspiracy, a free, PS3-exclusive download for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: Copernicus Conspiracy

This additional content revolves around Renaissance astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus (see what I did there?), who will have extra assignments for Ezio, including courier, assassination and protection missions. The missions are part of a storyline involving a conspiracy against Copernicus and his heliocentric philosophy, which was revolutionary at the time.

The Copernicus Conspiracy content will be available for free download on November 16, 2010, which happens to be the day Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood launches for PlayStation 3.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

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gosox said:

November 2nd, 11:18 am

free is always good.

nino1911 said:

November 2nd, 11:19 am

did someone say free content?! count me in loved the beta

TheGuardianFID said:

November 2nd, 11:19 am

SWEET, I have the Collector’s Edition pre-ordered, thank you!!! 8)

TrueFFVIIFan said:

November 2nd, 11:20 am

That is awesome! Can’t wait to play this game… By the way, I know this is a long shot- but I am willing to give it a shot:

Assassin’s Creed III in 2012…? Come on, make that game already!!! :-p

Nintendo451 said:

November 2nd, 11:22 am

Will the DLC be free only for a limited time? I love the AC games and I plan on getting Brotherhood, just not around launch.

PuppetShoJustice said:

November 2nd, 11:22 am

How much did that set you back, Sony?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    November 2nd, 12:11 pm

    A couple of nice pastrami sandwiches and a Diet Coke or two.

gillettjoe said:

November 2nd, 11:23 am

Great news, the beta was good fun. SP storyline for assassins creed is always great too. Day 1!

Kchow23 said:

November 2nd, 11:30 am


Remeard said:

November 2nd, 11:31 am

NICE. Copernicus is one of my favorite scientists.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    November 2nd, 12:15 pm

    Major props to Jeff for including the heliocentric reference in his writeup. Somebody was awake during history class!

Castalia said:

November 2nd, 11:35 am

Hope it will be at least a bit longer than the previous AC2 dlc

WrekGar said:

November 2nd, 11:38 am

I did not get into the first CREED but I loved Assasins Creed 2. I know they have made many improvements to the game. So this is a DAY ! purchase for me especially since it launches the day after my birthday (hint, hint Jeff) lol. Keep the 3A games coming guys.

Ray AKA “WrekGar” AKA The “Blog Stalker’

Butters360 said:

November 2nd, 11:39 am


durden_gj said:

November 2nd, 11:39 am

Sweet it’ll be in my Download bucket with my Harlequin character. Can’t wait for this game so excited.

Samvb1998 said:

November 2nd, 11:40 am

Will the europeans also get this dlc free or is this only for the US

electronicpart said:

November 2nd, 11:59 am


rospondek said:

November 2nd, 12:00 pm

Thank You from Poland :D

nickschalau said:

November 2nd, 12:07 pm

were is it at i cant find it on the ps3

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Sid Shuman said:

    November 2nd, 12:12 pm

    Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood hits PS3 in North America on November 16th, so not long!

I3rand0 said:

November 2nd, 12:14 pm

RE: Publishers

Stop putting exclusive DLC on multiplatform games. You other commenters are obviously happy now, but are so quick to forget Dead Rising 2 and Fallout New Vegas. Enough of this trend already.

AmericanNinja1 said:

November 2nd, 12:31 pm

Pre-ordered Jeff!

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    November 2nd, 3:02 pm

    You shant regret it. I can’t wait for this.

hardvibes said:

November 2nd, 12:37 pm

We don’t care about this stuff. All we want is Gt5 release date….NOW. And the game, before christmas!!!
It was supposed to come out today!!!!!

Asane said:

November 2nd, 12:39 pm

Give us a GT5 date Sony!!! It was suppose to come out today! At least give us a firm date and not give the silent treatment.

nero677 said:

November 2nd, 12:40 pm

This game looks awesome. All I care about in the gaming world is a Gran Turismo 5 release date.

lonewolf1994 said:

November 2nd, 12:53 pm


i ordered the codex edition! AC BROTHERHOOD FTW

Nahela said:

November 2nd, 12:59 pm

The day 1 DLC stuff is ridiculous. Sure it’s great that it works out for PS3 owners, but what about everybody else? This and pre-order exclusives have become such a plague on gaming.

ArcaneAltair said:

November 2nd, 1:26 pm

All the more reason to buy it.

2 more weeks to go.


November 2nd, 1:28 pm

DLC right out of the gate!! No thanks. I’ll just wait a couple months and buy the “Game Of The Year” edition, and get all the DLC they plan to nickle and dime us for for free.

Man I’m getting sick to death of this kind of development. Revisitng a game later and adding something new that wasn’t available before is cool, but prepping stuff like this that is being developed at the same time as the rest of the game is just wrong. Especially when they could surely fit it onto the blueray disk without any trouble.


November 2nd, 1:38 pm

love the trend.
of exclusive dlc for the ps3.

perfect way to show respect to where your company got its start.

just dont get greedy like activision..

btw its nice that ea is recognizing the ps3 for far to long has the ps3 taken for granted in terms of multiplatorm games

Rambo_24 said:

November 2nd, 1:44 pm

Can’t wait to get the game, little retarded how we have to pay for a DLC for more story missions, a soon as the game comes out? Whats up with that?
But the game will still be amazing, GO ACB!!

xiked said:

November 2nd, 1:57 pm

Fantastic that SONY keep on getting EXCLUSIVE DLC for multiplattform games! Keep it up and you will get even more multiplat owner to buy PS3 games. that make me happy! Have collectors edition pre ordered! This will be awesome!

mew_frenger said:

November 2nd, 2:00 pm

this trend needs to go, stop right now!

sure its fun when ps3 gets it, but when xbox gets it everybody hates it.

sony, please tell publishers that they shouldnt do this,. if u rly want ppl to buy the game on ps3 make the graphics as good as the 360 version.

NEJI64 said:

November 2nd, 2:06 pm

@24Nahela I agree with you on the exclusive DLC is retarded. But Pre-order exclusive content no, when it comes to that you have nobody to blame but yourself. Its content that’s open to everybody before the game comes out, and if you want to wait for reviews or to hear how the game is before you buy it then its your lost.

EagleEyeSamurai said:

November 2nd, 2:20 pm

*points upwards to 29*

psssst….ignore him….

*giggles with delight*

Rene_Led said:

November 2nd, 2:25 pm

*Eagle dive asasinates @29* Requiscat en Pace Caja equis tres sesenta :P

Free DLC awesome! Getting collector’d Edition, getting the HArlequin and Hellequin (Uplay-40points) characters…can this game not get better? lol =D

Dosx001 said:

November 2nd, 2:43 pm

i just pick up God of War GOS pre-order Assassin Creed brotherhood on PS3 ;)

TheUndertaker85 said:

November 2nd, 3:01 pm

Nice. First PS3 users get the beta exclusive to them, now DLC? And with a free pricetag? Can’t get much better. Btw, the beta was AWESOME!

digitalman123 said:

November 2nd, 3:31 pm

Free is good. Free is great. PS3-exclusive free is fantastic. The beta was fantastic! This pre-order just gets better and better!

RAVEN81 said:

November 2nd, 4:12 pm

thank you sony

kNoWlEdGe22 said:

November 2nd, 5:20 pm

looking good Ubisoft Montreal… tres bien!!! Merci beaucoup!

Edd said:

November 2nd, 5:48 pm

Awesome, free content is always good :)

on another note, Where the heck is the Playstation Store update? It’s almost 6pm pacific time

iamlorddrift said:

November 2nd, 5:50 pm

is this only for day 1? like, it won’t be on the store the next day?

Solid-Snake-Eyes said:

November 2nd, 5:54 pm

Already pre-ordered this during E3.

Mobius_124 said:

November 2nd, 6:00 pm

awesome. enjoyed the beta, will get, Platinumed AC2 in like 3 weeks in January.

Dragon-Ultra said:

November 2nd, 6:15 pm

Take that 360 gamers!! >:O

Slaughter_007 said:

November 2nd, 7:42 pm

Jeff Rubenstein hats off to you sir for your history knowledge…. I love Assissin’s Creed was first game i baught when i purchased my PS3 and will not trade it in nor will let my fellow friend borrow any of my Assassin’s creed games He shall purchase n support the developers!! Again Can’t wait!!

igorrocks2 said:

November 2nd, 8:37 pm

Come on let’s make trophy support for first AC – as i was the hard core installment of whole franchise.. so far…. As a respect to developers I would buy every single as terrific as AC game…
@Jeff Rubenstein : The question I wanted to always know the answer: WILL AC HAVE 3D?! *because if it is, Hell I will melt down AMEX to the ground but I will have 3DTV $) jk I have it I just buy glasses

ElektroDragon said:

November 2nd, 8:39 pm

I really HATE console exclusive content for multi-platform games! Hate it with a passion! Please focus you efforts and energy on actual exclusive 1st party games instead!

MannyWood4Life said:

November 2nd, 9:18 pm

was there no store update today?

purplestream said:

November 2nd, 9:24 pm

@26 lol moded
anyway I can’t wait to get this game!!

TraceableX said:

November 2nd, 10:16 pm

Hellz yeah.

WashBros321 said:

November 3rd, 11:27 am

@24, 30, and 31
ITS FREE. Plus PS3s better so who cares if suck-box doesn’t get DLC?
sides if you really care that much GTFO the SONY website, i’m just sayin

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