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Nov 02

Nov 02

‘The Tester 2,’ Season Premiere Today on PlayStation Network!

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Sr. Director, PlayStation Network

We introduced the new cast, including our first-ever nationwide online casting contest winner. The panelists are set. Will Powers is fired up. And the sneak peeks and ‘Download & Win’ sweepstakes have been revealed. So what else is left? Yup, you guessed it – it’s time to watch “The Tester!”

Later today, Episode 1 of PlayStation Network’s original competitive reality series, “The Tester 2” will premiere on PlayStation Store and in PlayStation Home.

The first season brought in more than 2.5 million downloads and produced a ton of excitement from the show’s fans and we think that excitement will continue into season 2. We went bigger and bolder for the production of “The Tester 2” with more “behind-the-scenes” with the cast, tougher challenges featuring games such as Medal of Honor and Gran Turismo 5, longer episodes, and even more surprises down the road!

Adrianne Curry and Brent Gocke will sit alongside guest panelists, like Stig Asmussen and Ted Price, to decide the fate of these 12 hardcore gamers competing to win a job as an official PlayStation game tester for SCEA’s Quality Assurance department in San Diego, Calif.

Be sure to check back this afternoon for the first episode of Season 2 (available for free download in both high-definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) formats) on the PlayStation Store or visit PlayStation Home to watch with your friends later this evening in Theater 6.

And don’t forget to download each episode during the season for a weekly chance to win great prizes from our ‘Download & Win’ sweepstakes. The sweepstakes kicks off today with a God of War III: Ultimate Edition and ‘The Tester’ limited edition PS3 system both autographed by guest panelist Stig Asmussen. See the official rules here.

You can also follow “The Tester” on Facebook with the show’s ‘tab’ on the PlayStation Facebook page. The Tester tab will allow fans to “Like” their favorite cast members and watch previews of each week’s new episode during the season.

We hope you enjoy season 2 and we look forward to your comments throughout the series run.

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Killa_Aaron said:

November 2nd, 9:03 am

Ahh great they get to play GT5 but i don’t oh man.

IAmNotJames said:

November 2nd, 9:04 am

Pretty nifty.

mos1wanted said:

November 2nd, 9:07 am

looking forward to Season 2, I think I can pretty much predict who might win.

Xanthene said:

November 2nd, 9:09 am

just what i wanted to see, other people playing gt5.

Conrad_Max said:

November 2nd, 9:12 am

Last season was great. This season will be even better.

letherclad said:

November 2nd, 9:13 am

I’m pretty excited about this, I enjoyed season 1. My girlfriend and I will be watching

ForgiveMyAim said:

November 2nd, 9:15 am

If we sacrifice all the Tester cast members to Sony, than will we get GT5?

xpapox said:

November 2nd, 9:16 am

question. Im A playstation plus and the episode was push to my system. Do i have to re-download each episodes again to win great prizes from our ‘Download & Win’ sweepstakes?

    Susan Panico's Avatar

    Kevin Furuichi said:

    November 2nd, 10:11 am

    Yes, because the Download & Win sweepstakes begins today when the episode is published on PlayStation Store.

Red_Wolf92 said:

November 2nd, 9:18 am

I’m not gonna lie. I somewhat enjoyed last season so I’ll watch this one as well.

However, I hate to be “that guy” but, it’d be nice if the cast…y’know…actually played games in their challenges.

TUSTIN1 said:

November 2nd, 9:22 am

Instead of a show with people playing GT5, how about a blog post with a release date for GT5…

Xero-Kool said:

November 2nd, 9:33 am

This was already downloaded on my PS3 when I turned it on Saturday morning (PS+). Will I be included in the sweepstakes since I didn’t manually download the episode?

RedGiant17 said:

November 2nd, 9:34 am

Follow up to Post 8: Will Plus users have all of the episodes pushed to our consoles?

EmicFate said:

November 2nd, 9:35 am

Was really good first episode. They need to continue with booting as many of the girls off asap. I was tired of the screaming with in the first 30 seconds of the show.

ForgetfuI said:

November 2nd, 9:36 am

I was gonna crack a joke, and say that the only thing that could make today any worse is if these fools got to play GT5, in front of us, on the day it was SUPPOSED TO BE RELEASED! I see that is actually part of the show. Fffffantastic.

Shame on everyone at SONY and PD.

xpapox said:

November 2nd, 9:37 am

@xero-kool… I ask that same question. But I re-download it and rated it to.(just in case lol )

FormerPSfan said:

November 2nd, 9:38 am

Instead of releasing games like LBP2 or GT5 ON TIME sony tosses this garbage at us. Way to fail SONY.

XxDeathDoctorxX said:

November 2nd, 9:39 am

off topic sony take two is up for grabs take and buy it so gta can be ps3 only again and red dead can be and bioshock can be dont mess up like yall did by not buyin cod ip like yall was offer few yrs back so buy take two

bigdaddy6703 said:

November 2nd, 9:40 am

I watched the episode this weekend and was kinda disappointed by the cast. I loved season 1 but so far didn’t get attached to anyone and i have no clear favorites yet.

ManaKnight said:

November 2nd, 9:45 am

The show was awesome when I saw it via PS+.

KAPADO said:

November 2nd, 9:47 am

I saw the show yesterday and it is still a great idea implemented badly,and the cast nerds are unbelivable specially the real nerdy ones its like they pay them to fist pump at everything . I’m still going to watch I enjoy watching them cry .May the Church of Sony bless the victorious one into the blu ray testing heavens

xpapox said:

November 2nd, 9:48 am

@RedGiant17 great question…….

xeno3d said:

November 2nd, 9:48 am

I want that PS3

Kirkpad said:

November 2nd, 9:53 am

These blog posters should know that they’re not allowed to mention GT5 at this point.

Fire_Crazed said:

November 2nd, 10:10 am

I watched it over the weekend as well, what really stood out for me was one of the cast doesn’t own a ps3, what in the world happened there… she admitted she doesn’t have one and all she did before she came into the house was “studying” on the system and games, yet the judges let her by this week.

perrandy said:

November 2nd, 10:23 am

going to start to download the show in a bit.but i have a question could you guys at sony compress the vids so it doesnt take alot to download? i’m asking because i only have a 1.5mbp connection and the high def vid is over 500 mb i believe while the standard def is about 300 mb…..

Mattsta001 said:

November 2nd, 10:27 am

Hey Susan, where is cross game chat?

You haven’t made a comment about it since announcing PS+ even though it is the number one requested feature on the share blog. Although I see something like only 1% of ideas on that blog are being worked on. As director of the network maybe you should focus your energy on adding worthwhile features that most gamers want instead of frivolous things that add no value like The Tester.

hardvibes said:

November 2nd, 10:28 am

We don’t care about this stuff. All we want is Gt5 release date….NOW. And the game, before christmas!!!
It was supposed to come out today!!!!!

scoobycool said:

November 2nd, 10:30 am

The first episode went on the PS Store (Here in Canada)a few hours ago… already watched it. Not lying, I could summarize the whole thing right now.

FfoegNosnibor said:

November 2nd, 10:32 am

Please do not push anymore of this to PS+.

thepatriots said:

November 2nd, 10:40 am

I bet you guys are sick of all the GT5 comments…

xpapox said:

November 2nd, 10:45 am

Thanks Kevin Furuichi. I did re-download it. hope i win 1 out 7 prizes….lol…

FenRir_D said:

November 2nd, 10:47 am

@30 I am.

krae_man said:

November 2nd, 10:55 am

Another contest Canadians can’t win, Awesome.

Sony, when are you gonna quit treating us Canadians like garbage and either make us eligible to win all SCEA contests or actually run a comparable number of Canada only contests?

MoneyMaker110 said:

November 2nd, 10:58 am

i liked the first season. i’ll download this first and watch as i wait for the rest of the store updates.

necroticart said:

November 2nd, 11:02 am

Well Sony as much as I like the tester great show. You really need to put out a statement saying GT5 will be shipping this holiday season before the 25th and here is the reason why?


TheTwelve said:

November 2nd, 11:13 am

I think I will start watching it just for that brunette girl with the glasses. She’s nerdy-sexy-cool.


PSWii2008 said:

November 2nd, 11:30 am

So, did I see correctly in the rules that you can download an episode as many times as you want, and get entered in the contest for each time you download it? If that’s the case, then I have no chance at winning anything!

VenomUK said:

November 2nd, 11:37 am

The Tester is only available to US PSN members. As an EU user, like many others, I used my US account to watch.

There are so few TV gamer programs yet there is such a potentially massive audience. The Tester is a great opportunity to promote the PlayStation brand so why not share it with PSN users around the world?

The programme is Sony owned so there should be no difficulty in making it available to other territories including the EU. 2 million viewing figures is good. Just imagine the increase in viewing figures if it was available in the PlayStation heartland of the UK and Europe.

zekececil14 said:

November 2nd, 11:52 am

What if im a sub-account, is the master entered?

ReximusMaximus said:

November 2nd, 12:10 pm

GT5 release date? No?


Mabus51 said:

November 2nd, 12:25 pm

Here is what I don’t understand. The GT5 demo is deemed playable enough to be available in stores to help sell more PS3’s, but it is not deemed playable enough to be put on the PSN store for those of us who already own a PS3. We were told a release date would be announced at the end of October. Yet no such news has occurred. Then you feel it’s ok to announce that we will see footage of the game on “The Tester” which I understand was filmed months ago. But at this point in time, the mere mention of this game with no release date followed by said game’s title should just be avoided.

Mythodix said:

November 2nd, 12:43 pm

It looks like you got some cute chicks this time Ill give a watch

Spinout209 said:

November 2nd, 12:45 pm

I have 3 people I want to win. If it’s a guy I want it to be Mo Chocolate cause he’s funny. If it’s a girl I want it to be Cheska cause she looks like the most confident in taking the position and she lives like 2 hours from me. The third I want to win is War Princess cause I’m not gonna lie, she is hot! haha

acepsycho said:

November 2nd, 1:07 pm

are we going to be getting shirts in home again this season

trappelsap said:

November 2nd, 1:07 pm

Is there a reason why i can’t download the tester from the Playstation store ?
Is it because i live in Belgium?
I also wanna see it !

ericscolon said:

November 2nd, 1:10 pm

i hope theres an idiot that talks a lot and says how hes better than someone like that fat loser from season 1 who cried like a little girl

Lugoves said:

November 2nd, 1:38 pm

Wait a minute, will PS + Members ALWAYS have to RE Download the “Pushed” ‘the tester’ episodes to be entered? or just the first one? Cause that seems kinda messed up.

Lugoves said:

November 2nd, 1:39 pm

PS Amazon told me the release date on my Pre-order GT5 is 12/31/2010 ….Don’t know how legit that is … IMO

RedGiant17 said:

November 2nd, 1:43 pm

Hey Kevin –

You do know that Plus subscribers got it like Sunday right?

BigBangBear said:

November 2nd, 2:13 pm

The fact it is pushed to my system and then I would have to re-download to get entered into the draw is ridiculous. Plus subscribers should be automatically entered if they are getting it pushed to them. Would suck to go over a download cap because of this.

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