Kevin Butler: A Message for Canada

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Fellow PlayStation Canucks – Today the beloved Kevin Butler has a special video message made especially for you!

The multi-titled Vice President of Everything shares his thoughts about the Video Delivery Service north of the border and about how the PS3 “Only Does Everything” for Canadians also.

Click below and enjoy…eh!

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  • Hire me Kevin!!

  • Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

  • And I am from Brazil, now what?!

  • As usual, KB doesn’t disappoint.

  • scOttiSh_dRifteR

    Nice for some Canadian love. lol.

  • lol what the hell is the metric system

  • Funny KB commercial again. Wonder how those canadians like this commercial tho??

  • This should have been done in an igloo riding on a moose!

    we don’t have a president… gotta love these commercials.

  • PatoJavier-1984


    #53: Read PS3 Software License Agreement.

    You’re the greatest

  • GamesPlayer

    big a** bite ! XD

  • I started laughing so hard the moment he said “G’day” I didn’t hear the rest of the commercial. Watching it again to see what I missed.

  • chaoszero14

    He should have touched on the canadians put milk in bags.

  • Arcadian_Rebel

    Kevin Butler in another awesome commercial, as usual. :)

  • Oh my gosh.. I’m Canadian and that commercial was just pure awesome.

    “And your PS3 will be the most important thing in your house next to your snow shovel.”

    Way he says this stuff too.

  • I loved the part with the Ferrari at night. When is that game coming out in Canada?

  • Charliesdad

    This just in: message board traffic sees serious drop off as Playstation Canada customers have one less thing to gripe about. ;)

  • Kevin Butler is my Idol :) He is downright hilarious!

  • whats next on list BK?

  • LOL That’s very funny commercial eh? and we’re glad we have video store at the Playstation Store right here at the great white north which is Canada.

  • @8 I am Canadian, and it’s an unwritten law that we know how to laugh at ourselves…so I loved it! Eh!

  • Hahaha great last line, and that was a huge bite of pancakes!

  • Umm….yeah…might have been relevant when the video store actually came to Canada….

    The ridiculous lateness makes it kinda…pointless…

  • ArcaneAltair

    Funny stuff. Keep it up.

  • Why does Jerry Lambert sound so nasaly? Was he sick when you shot this?

  • Clip was great.

    We got the Video store and this past September, Netflix (it’s got a ways to go to match Netflix in the US, but it’s a start).

    Any chance now for Hulu coming to Canada ?

  • kNoWlEdGe22

    I would have paid for KB to speak in French… I’m still willing to do so… and I aint even Canadian…

    @#6 – Seriously?

  • LOL!!! thats a fun list 2nd DEFEAT ZEUS
    I did that on Titan Mode got the platinum n everything

  • Kevin Butler makes everything better.

  • Now, we need a message from KB to your colonial masters. The British!

  • Anyhoo == lulz

    Was very weird watching an old episode of The West Wing and seeing KB in a small speaking role; (the episode was Dead Irish Writers and he is talking to the character Josh Lyman about a job on the presidential campaign for anyone who wants to look it up).

  • ahahahah i cant wait to see kevin butler with his #31 – ps3 tatoo

  • Metalmurphy

    What’s number 8. on the list Kevin?

  • Butler FTW.

  • *Reads #24 on list (Housetrain Ratchet) and sees it not checked*

    Great….and Ratchet will be in my Modnation Racers Kart tonight after the Store updates…

  • What happened to Butler’s next project back in the spring, what was that supposed to be again?

  • x1STP_KLOSRx

    Kevin Butler should run for the President of the United States. He’s got my vote!

  • I see KB Dynamic Theme. WANT.


    Dear Mr. Butler

    Are you doing a Gran Turismo 5 Trailer?

  • When Kevin eats those pancakes, he really eats those pancakes, doesn’t he?

  • mikemustillo

    Go HABS Go !

  • Awesome! That guy always makes me chuckle.

  • NorthernLitez

    Ahhhhh, you make all the -40C (oops -40F) days worth while Kevin. I’m gonna vote you in for VP of snow removal…thx for the great vid.

    BTW, your PS3 Video Store absolutely smokes the Netflix offering.

  • I want a Kevin Butler PSN avatar!

    and theme

  • I don’t really care too much about the movies. But this video was awesome. Kevin Butler. Great.

  • Cyb3rfr34k-iso


  • gilgamesh21

    Hilarious, one of the better ads! Funny stuff!


    WOW just WOW the first one of these commercial that;


    Yes I am Canadian and usually tolerant of American stupidity but this was just wrong.

  • KB FTW

  • Gtagentleman

    And I am from Argentina, now what?!

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