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Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Here at Codemasters we’re working hard on Operation Flashpoint Red River. In Red River players embark on a full expeditionary campaign set in the remote and beautiful country of Tajikistan, bordered by China and Afghanistan. A fictional conflict with contemporary geopolitical themes unfolding over three distinct acts, presenting unique challenges which can be experienced in both single player and co-operatively by up to four players online. Dispensing with corny heroics, corridor gun-play and unrealistic set pieces, players deploy real life tactics in a range of new scenarios and against new enemies.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Whether you enjoy sitting down and playing through a compelling storyline, or brutally pushing through the enemy insurgents in a bit of co-op, it’s always satisfying seeing that little popup that lets you know you’ve just unlocked a Trophy. Trophies are your badge of honour, given for performing your best, proof of just how good you are at any given game. So who better to give them a clever name than you, the players! We’d like to get the PlayStation community to put their thinking caps on and name one of our Trophies. The winner not only gets the bragging rights behind the name, but also wins an exclusive t-shirt and a copy of Operation Flashpoint Red River at launch.

Taking part is simple! First think of a cool name for the following Trophy:

Operation Flashpoint: Red River Trophy

“Destroy an enemy vehicle with the FIM-92 Anti Aircraft Weapon”

Then, just head over to the Red River Facebook page and leave a comment with your suggestions before the 17th November. Sion Lenton, Creative Director on Red River, will be sifting through your comments for the most imaginative names, so start thinking! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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3 Author Replies

  • Oh I meant Wrecked’em!

  • digitalman123

    Straight in the stinger!

    What a honey!


  • Ding her with a Stinger

  • they should worry less about trophy names and worry about good games. Did anyone even play Dragon Rising? I really wanted to like that game but it was just terrible

    • Ian Webster
      Ian Webster

      Sorry you didn’t like Dragon Rising, but hopefully Red River will be more to your tastes. By the end of November there will be plenty more info out there about the game that will give you more of an idea of what kind of game it will be.

      Oh, and just so you know this competition is being run entirely by our community team, the devs are purely focused on making the game! :)

  • My trophy name suggestion: “What’s A MANPAD?”

    Wikipedia it and an FIM 92 is considered a Man-Portable Air-Defense Systems weapon aka MANPAD :D

    Sounds funny too lol and everyone will learn something new!

  • “Point Bee”

  • RapidfireRay

    “you get a bee for effort”

  • Jeeps that stings!

  • easy, Buzzkiller

  • What goes up… MUST come down!


  • Do not buy this game! Dragon Rising was full of empty promises and glitchy game play.

  • My trophy name idea…

    ‘We tried to name this trophy via a contest, but the ideas were so good we couldn’t pick just one, and ended up with this instead’

    and for the record I would have to put my votes behind others on the blog who said things like ‘The BEES-KNEES’, or ‘MANPADS’ While I am very creative, even I have to admit those are great choices.

    Unless you want to name the trophy ‘Just like Kedaro taught me’, I would definitely settle for that.

  • @63 JoeDierte

    Please refrain from being disrespectful on these blogs, these guys are real devs and they actually return to read these, I understand if you’ve got an opinion and there is many places on the net to share them, but this is where gamers and devs come to actually ‘cross the divide’ so to speak, and some of us would like to keep it the way it is, instead of chasing potential dev commentors away, due to being possibly held accountable for liabilities in retorting comments like yours.

    I’m sorry you felt that way about FP-DR and I’m sure you’re not alone in your feelings, but maybe you guys should get together and start a club of FP-DR haters, seriously you could all rent a BUDGET truck and roam around spreading propaganda etc…

    FP-DR was awesome, and from a tactical/realism standpoint, obliterates most military games on the market.

  • Honey Delight
    Payback Time
    Sting Doesn’t It?
    Bee-Bear Complex

  • Valentino1822

    Sting Like A Bee

  • Bee Keeper

  • “Banana in the Tailpipe”

  • “Targeted the Stinger”

  • TheLastNinja-

    Karma’s a Bee-yotch



    Need Some Ointment For That Sting?

    Mess with the Bee-st, Get Stung Like the Rest

    The Bee-st in the West

    Stings, don’t it?

    Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo!

  • I really enjoyed the first game,
    Let’s see if this will be so much.

  • AmericanAce

    Death by Bees

    Oh, Be-Hive!

    The Gordon Matthew Summer Trophy of Excellence (Lead singer of Sting)

  • Trophy: “Someone Set Up Us The Bomb”

  • SWAT!

  • Dragon Rising
    Complete the campaign on any difficulty

  • Without Warning

  • Sting like a wasp

  • “Sting like a wasp.”

    Sting refering to the FIM-92 “stinger”
    and the wasp refering to the buzz of a helicopter with a nasty bite.

  • The trophy description is
    ‘caught by a stinker’

  • Busy Bee!


    Buzz Kill

  • Saber Beats SAM

  • AlienXX_Mutation

    Stinganator or STINGANATOR

    ( Sting you right out of the air ! )

  • AlienXX_Mutation


    ( You have been Stinganated ) like you have been terminated .

  • AlienXX_Mutation

    STINGINATOR (different spelling)

    VENOMNATOR ( You have been Venomnated )

  • AlienXX_Mutation

    AlienXX Venom

    Stinger Mutation

    AlienXX Stinger

    Venomous Mutation

    Alien Mutation

    Stinger Venom

    Venomous Stinger

    Auto Stinger

  • Dear Sirs,
    I am the CO-OP killer… you know me as OderusX (#8 world ranked CO-Op). I am going for the name “Death Bringer” due to the deadly sting of the U.S. Marine Corp. Fire Teams. Our elite brothers are the tip of the stinger, and without them, our objectives would not be so easily won.

    Thank You.


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